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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Hierarchy of One.

                                    I want to talk about The Hierarchy of One. So where are we now? Well we’re in the same old mess as ever, those of us who are genuinely well informed and more than aware of the true cause of the world’s problems and their possible solutions are chained to a huge burden which every day threatens to drag us down into the depths of destruction along with it.  This may seem trite will appear to be a banal truism but the key to the world’s problems is ignorance and the huge mass of the world’s population are as ignorant and rudderless as drifting ice-bergs and most of us have our fates tied to their deadly inertia, lack of intelligence and abject absolute cowardice.  

They seem to consume their life on Earth with all the passive bovinity of eating a McDonald's Happy Meal, but I want to try to explain why and how their weakness and lack of willingness to take charge of the world, may have a  biological and behavioural explanation. Something about the design of the human species seems to have precluded any strong desire of the majority of people to actually be able to control their own destinies, this may be some kind of throw-back to the kind of people who formed the first extended human societies, towns and cities.

 In a sense we have probably trained ourselves over the millennia to behave in this way, and the cumulative genetic memory of our ancestors who played their role in their communities, with their skills sets and abilities which they contributed to the greater social arena. In a sense we have become parts of a greater social machine, and this has meant that our individual roles would become increasingly limited. As a car or a computer has many different components, but none of those single components could do the work of the totality. A keyboard cannot display video images. A graphics card cannot be charged with electricity to power the laptop independently. But when the components are put together all of these tasks can be achieved

So as a result of our cumulative history of living within a clearly defined socio economic unit we have had to specialize in certain areas and abdicated any ability or prowess in others, which we have allotted to people who we considered better qualified to fulfil those roles.

I would suggest that within the context of a normal society, town or country, which was dedicated to its own well-being, this system would work perfectly, and seems to be the model which nature has chosen for any such  group of beings living together. And indeed, nature takes special pains to actually imprint distinct roles to animal members of an organized social group.

An interesting experiment was conducted on rats by Didier Dezier of the University of Nancy. I read about this several years ago in a book by the French author Bernard Werber entitled The Encyclopedia of relative and absolute knowledge, I do not know if an English version exists but it is actually a remarkable book which blends some interesting scientific discoveries with more esoteric knowledge and invites the reader to draw some conclusions from the apparently discrete and separate blocks of information he is presented with. There is a certain hint of mysticism possibly drawn from Kabbalism, and since Werber is ‘Jewish’ he may have some personal investment in this area and also some of what I would consider Masonic type of psychological secrets are presented such as techniques on how to unnerve someone using a handshake. There Thelema and Rabalais and one may suspect sympathies in this area, but regardless, one need not agree with Werber’s politics, just notice that he is presented some interesting information.

Rather than wasting time putting this in my own words, I’ll just read a direct translation, here it is:

An experiment was performed on rats. To study their aptitude to swim, a researcher from the behavioral biology faculty at Nancy university, Didier Desor, gathered six of them in a cage whose only exit ended in a swimming pool which they had to cross to reach a Food distributor. It was quickly found that the six rats would not go for food by all swimming together. Roles spontaneously appeared that they had thus distributed: two exploited swimmers, two non-swimmer exploiters, an independent swimmer and a non-swimmer scapegoat. The two exploited rats went for the food by swimming underwater. When they came back to the cage, the two exploiters attacked them and forced their heads under the water until they dropped the food. It was only after feeding the two exploiters that the two exploited subjects were then allowed to consume their own food.
The exploiters never swam, they just attacked the swimmers in order to be fed. The independent rat was a swimmer who was strong enough to bring back his food and defend himself against the exploiters. The scapegoat, finally, was unable to swim and unable to scare the exploited rats, so he was picking up the crumbs that fell during the fighting. The exact same social structure of-two exploited, two exploiters, an independent rat and a scapegoat was found in the twenty cages where the experiment was conducted. To better understand this mechanism of hierarchy, Didier Desor placed six exploiters together. They fought all night and in the morning, they had recreated the exact same roles. Two exploiters, two exploited, one scapegoat, one independent. And they  still got the same results by bringing together six exploited in the same cage, six autonomous, or six scapegoats.

Obviously rats have been on Earth for a very long time, and one could say that they have developed their social structure over millions of years and presumably this is a social-order which is most beneficial for the rats to survive. It might not be too beneficial for rats to have too many independently minded members of the hierarchy for whatever reason, since rats tend to live communally and in a manner of speaking, they cooperate for their mutual survival. Werber posits a concept of some kind of implicit organizational grid for each species and this idea reminds me of Biochemist and parapsychologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of Morphic fields and Morphic resonance which alludes to a collective species memory in every living creature, from mice to amoebas, and to me this is self evident in any case because the evidence is apparent in a termite mound and the social hierarchy of the ant-colony.

But to return to my point about ignorance, this ignorance becomes developed within members of the society when they find that they can function normally in society, fulfilling their roles, feeding their families and going about their business without actually knowing anything about how their society operates and is managed. They only know what they need to know and furthermore they appear to have no desire or will to exceed the boundary of their expertise, whatever this expertise may be, whether it’s working in an office typing things into a computer, or cutting someone’s hair. This is all they need to know in order to survive in society, then they can go home once they have typed enough abstractions or cut enough hair, and spend time with their families and their hobbies, which again, are not activities which require any deeper investigation into their society, who controls it and how it operates.

The television manages to suppress any extraneous activity which might benefit them and their society, and reduces them to a state of couch bound dormancy. Almost as turning on the TV was turning the off switch of your own human agency and putting you into a kind of stasis trance where you can’t do any harm by having any sudden original thoughts or asking any important existential questions about who is running your world and to what end.

And so most people in the world have no interest in who rules their world because it is not essential for their survival for them to do so, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that we are reaching a point where our survival as individuals, a nation and even as a human civilization is becoming increasingly dependent on us becoming rapidly informed about those who are steering the course of our future and if possible, wrestling the control from their hands and steering us back onto a course which will allow for our continued survival.

In Didier Desor’s study, the rats brains were examined, it was found that the rat which showed the most oxidative stress damage to the brain was somewhat counter-intuitively, neither the victim rat, nor was it the exploited rats, but the rat which apparently suffered the most stress was the exploiter rat. This may be some comfort to those of us who long for justice and suffer with this awareness of how we are all exploited and the myriad crimes of our oppressors, but it would appear that it is they who are suffer the most as a result of their place at the top of the hierarchy. Perhaps it is a question of continual anxiety about preserving their position and the stratagems and mental labours they must undertake to maintain dominance and control. Perhaps also it is some knowledge of their own nature, that they are the exploiter and the continual fight against their own conscience possibly creates a state of perpetual nervous anxiety. I have previously written books and articles where I have specifically explored this link between anxiety, oxidative stress and actual changes in brain chemistry which manifest several important physiological changes which is something I have termed ‘Cain Consciousness’ and is the key mental outlook of what is termed The Illuminati.

Just like rats, I have no doubt that our leaders and rulers live in a similar state of perpetual anxiety and perhaps imagine that one day they will be found out and cast down by those they have oppressed.
In the rat’s social hierarchy the best place to be is outside of it completely, that is to be the independent rat. Since this rat is neither burdened with continually trying to maintain his role as an exploiter exploiter, nor is this one forced to devote most of ones labour to feeding the exploiter by being one of the exploited.

In order to be the independent rat however one needs the skills required to survive on ones own terms. The exploiter must adopt this role because they lack the skills they need to live independently and must exploit others in order to exist. The exploited in turn lack the skills required to exist within their own frame of reference so become involved in someone else’s. That is, in a manner of speaking, they are not able to imagine an alternative to living within the social hierarchy in the role of exploited. The independent rat has the skills to survive in the created environments such as swimming and is not intimidated by the exploiter rats and is unwilling to cooperate with them in their hierarchy.

But even if one were to fill a cage with 6 such independent rats one would find the same social hierarchy impose itself upon the rats, and presumably there must be some useful reason for this, perhaps a society full of independent rats would not be condusive to maintaining social cohesion. In fact if there were more independent rats then there would be no one to support the exploiter rats so in a sense the exploiters, although appearing to be on top of the hierarchy are really at the bottom because they are the most dependent, even the victim rat who can neither swim nor dominate the other rats manages to feed himself by scavenging leftovers. In a sense he still has some independence and does not have to continually be in fear of maintaining his place in the hierarchy.

But to be independent one has to learn the skills necessary to survive within the environment without depending on anyone either in an exploitative sense or by being exploited. This means you have to understand your environment, and how to use it to achieve maximum personal well being.

Most people do not choose this option because it requires a certain amount of effort which must come from the self and for the benefit of the self. It takes no personal effort of the will to be told what to do under duress and do it, because one feels that one has no choice in the matter because fear directs you, but to break free of this fear and to refuse to follow orders and to work on making your own life and being in a hierarchy of one is surely the most personally useful and healthy ways to spend ones time on Earth.

But being in a hierarchy of one necessarily means you have to as complete and understanding of the environment around you as possible, it is no use relying on TV news or politicians to tell you about your environment because you are immediately entering a knowledge hierarchy with the presupposition that they know something you don’t. Often in fact the knowledge hierarchy must create information of no relevance in order to draw people into a hierarchical dependence relationship, this is the purpose of television and film entertainment. There is nothing natural or normal about watching a two hour presentation of fictional reality and the origins of film and theatre originate in the strange secret cults of the ancient world where watching the enactment of a classical myth, likely while under the influence of various psychoticants, in order to further help the suspension of disbelief, where Gods and Godesses enact their various roles in the classical legends, provoking a transformative experience in the mind of the oberserver or what Aristotle termed ‘Catharsis’.

Television and entertainment exist to draw people into something like the league of the exploited within a dominance hierarchy, giving their attention to soap opera story lines, awaiting the critical delivery of banal information and stories involving non existent characters with little to no moral value or intrinsic worth.

It is much better to dedicate at much of your time to completing your knowledge of the world, but in almost all cases, none of this actual information will come from the media or even the official historical record which is mostly a catalogue of lies and inscribed propaganda deceptions for the purpose of propaganda, among which we can cite the Moon landings, the JFK assassination, a the real causes and geo-political purpose behind the two World Wars.

We see that once we make the mistake of accepting certain historical claims as fact, then one finds themselves trapped in an ongoing continuum of deception, for instance if one believes in the 1969 Moon landings, then the further deceptions such as the talk of landings on Mars will probably be accepted at face value, rather than what they are in reality, namely just further propaganda to shore up and support the NASA propaganda stream.

The latest propaganda stream which is currently having all waters diverted to its course is the Islamic terror bogeyman and this has allowed the US government to fight several wars on Israel’s behalf and presently we seem to be on the verge of a third world war, because of the media’s craven enslavement to those same secret forces which are pushing for a new world war. As to the nature of this enslavement and why so many agents from government and media, who should be protecting our safety are precisely neglecting their task so egregiously we can only guess, but such total control can only come from such nefarious tools as blackmail, and in my opinion, it is for such a reason that child abuse seems to be something which in endemic and institutional, yet investigations are repeatedly dropped and dossiers mysteriously ‘lost’, D notices deployed, victims and whistle blowers harassed by the full machinery of the media and the state, and even imprisoned, the because it is the primary means that the secret elite use to control every agency of power in the country and in the west as a whole.

But these people could achieve nothing without the tacit support of the UK population, and that means people buying newspapers, watching television and engaging with the media dialectic about their world. Not to say that this makes the broad mass of population complicit, but without the credulous acceptance and continued subscription into the media’s reality continuum, the status quo would not be able to continue with any claim of being a democratic system which is supported by the people. The word ‘media’ suggests a medium between the people and elite secret power behind world events, and by being part of the ‘transaction’ and a passive  recipient of the media message, then anyone watching television and believing and investing their world view with the media’s invented propaganda stream, are ultimately allowing the horrors of the past present and future to unfold. Watching TV and engaging in the media dialectic is like being on a passive subscription plan to your own destruction, because the people behind events have some very special 'eradication' plans for you people, 

And the world will never be free, as long as people still watch TV. So our only hope lies, in maintaining as much of our personal freedom as possible, in joining the hierarchy of one.

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