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Tuesday 28 December 2021

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 New book now available on Amazon. Ebook and paperback now available.

 An investigation into the reality of the spirit world with reference to various published materials and the historical influence of the spirit-world within the European hermetic movement and secret societies.

Exploring the creation and the purpose of the Jesuits.

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Saturday 27 January 2018

The Establishment Network of Paedophile Protectors.


The first degree of Satanism is the belief that there is no God. This disguise of the true purpose aim and origin serves extremely well to camouflage the real nature of Satanism. It goes without saying that few people would willingly enroll in a club which openly admitted that it served a demonic hierarchy which had been present on Earth since the very beginning of human history and was dedicated to the destruction of mankind by trapping him with his own sins. Instead Satanism is marketed as being an ironic statement of rejection of religion and all the attendant evils which the dogmatic institution of the church has no doubt been behind. In fact it goes on further than merely being a rejection of Churchianity but stretched to a rejection of all forms of what it considers, ‘harmful superstition’ superstitions which have doubtless held back humanity to the dim shadows of the cave before the guiding light of illuminating science and mastery of the material world revealed itself.

Dr Alfred Kinsey, an ethnic Jew, who was well known as being responsible for the Western sexual revolution, was a paedophile pervert who would sexually stimulate infants to observe their sexual response. Alfred Kinsey was an atheist, which makes sense when you consider he spent his life sexually molesting children, that probably wouldn’t sit comfortably with the idea that there is a God or a part of the cosmos which is observing your actions and will hold you accountable. I suspect this is the case with a lot of atheists. They simply live immoral, evil or selfish lives, or have something within them which will not suffer the idea of being observed or judged by any eye but their own, a dirty secret perhaps, the wish to hide and remain in shadow. And so they deny the existence of God because the idea would put a crimp on their lifestyle choices.

The promotion of perverts and paedophiles in the media fits in with the Godless agenda, and Hollywood seethes with paedophile movie directors and secret cliques of self-empowered cliques of celebrities who banish superstition and God and molest children and take drugs in orgies.

The film Kinsey 2004 directed by openly gay paedophile apologist Bill Condon who also directed the two Twilight Saga films. Liam Neeson played Alfred Kinsey in the film which tries to show Kinsey as champion of female emancipation by showing that women have strong sexual desires and responses just as men do. It is a deeply distasteful example of Hollywood taking a paedophile pervert and rebadging him as some kind of great hero of mankind but this is all in a day’s work for the perverts at Hollywood, it’s in their interests to work day and night to ensure that they do all they can to rehabilitate the reputations of fellow perverts lest the day comes when someone knocks on their door investigating them for child sex offenses, and to show anyone who would seek modesty and restraint, as ranting hateful extremists like the character of Kinsey’s father in the film, who was a devout Christian,  is shown as a hateful angry foil to Liam Neeson’s charming and empowering Kinsey.

The outer portico of Satanism, as expressed in the Satanic Bible, is all about having a good time, being accountable only to oneself, and consider organized religion with Christianity in particular, to be an oppressive force which wishes to curtail and impose limits on human expression.

Anton’s La Vey’s Satanic Bible is an atheistic document mired in despair and the threat of violence in the form of either justified revenge on someone, or the tolerance of sado-masochistic pleasure, as long as its consensual. Consent however is not the law and the law was made specifically to protect people from decisions which endangered them or from being exploited. A child for instance could easily surrender their consent to a paedophile since they are not informed enough to make a decision which would protect their own safety. A child could be induced with sweets, or even threatened, in order to give their consent. One expects within La Vey’s Satanic Bible that this would stand as a perfectly valid social transaction.

What one also notices about the Satanic Bible is that the enemies of Satanists are Christians, or more specifically that the enemies of Christians are Satanists. Christianity seems to be the sole preoccupation of the Satanic Bible, it has no philosophy or moral guidance of its own except that it opposes Christianity and every word in the Christian Bible is turned upside and down and deliberately contradicted. 

In fact Anton La Vey contradicts himself and fundamentally cannot sustain any logical approach. On the one hand he advocates the destruction of moral codes, but on the other hand he criticizes the church and its members for their hypocrisy in breaking the moral codes they claim to uphold. 

Anton La Vey was Jewish and the Bible is a Christian book. The Old Testament and the Pentateuch are no longer central to Judaism since the oral tradition of the Talmud has superseded it in authority. The Satanic Bible is a specifically anti-Christian book written by a Jew. It is a piece of propaganda designed to destabilize Christian morality and the Western world itself and as ridiculous as it is, it has been hugely successful.

Anton La Vey and the Satanic Bible, along with the OTO and Aleister Crowley, have been successfully and subtly marketed as icons of counter-culture. This approach results in great success in recruiting young people whose hearts are probably in the right place, but whose minds sadly have been mislaid somewhere. The deviousness about Satanism is that it claims to be a humanitarian religion, and vaunts itself as the only true religion whose ultimate authority and divine representative is man himself, since neither God, the angels or Satan himself really exist.

Satan itself, is merely a symbolic figurehead for the act of open rebellion against superstition and religious tyranny. The OTO works on a similar principle, except with much more focus on self fulfilment and hedonistic excess. In both organizations, in the early days of membership there is little or no suspicion that anything is being kept from the initiate, except that things soon start to occur in the initiate’s life, which, without anything being made explicit, will rapidly give them a new understanding, or at least, a three-quarters formed suspicion that things are not all they seem.

In his ‘lecture’ on The Principle of Satan in Thelema, Crowleytard Joshua Adam Sharp examines the meaning of Satan, and immediately launches into the spiel that Satan has been misrepresented by Christianity. This is somewhat ridiculous since Christianity and the Old Testament are the earliest sources of Satan, even the Talmud which Sharp uses as a support for his thesis, is much more recent than the Pentateuch. These Satanists and OTO Crowleyites often seem to have that same sharp and self righteous ranty way of speaking. This gentleman and another Crowleyite Mark Passio, exhibit this tone. They seem only one or two degrees away from shouting or abusing their audience.

Crowley discuss the Talmud and claims the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus was drawn from the Talmud, but the Talmud has no historical existence at this point, except perhaps as some unwritten oral tradition which is what is claimed of the Talmud in any case. Decorated British Major General, supporter of fascism and former disciple of Crowley JFC Fuller lists The Talmud as one of Crowley’s sources in his book Secret Wisdom of the Kabbalah. Joshua Sharp therefore turns to the Kabballah as his source. The Talmudic idea of Satan is that he is The Accuser of mankind, this fits in with the story of Job, that Satan is still an angel of heaven and that his work is to test humanity in order that God may punish and send to hell those that transgress his laws.

Now this is not a Christian view, this is a Judaic view. The God of hellfire and punishment is the Old Testament God from the Jewish tradition. The God of the Christians is the God which Jesus introduced mankind to, perhaps for the first time. A benign, all forgiving and loving God. A God which reaches out to sinners by sending his only son to save them from their own sin. It is not God which punishes man, it is sin which punishes man. Cause and effect. The mind of man remains in life and death, in order to retain individuality in death then one will take whatever is inside you with you. If one is full of evil, pain, resentment and guilt, then one will take this with you into death, unless your sin is expiated by turning to Jesus. As Jesus said: “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.”

Anyone who would take the Talmud as a source for the theology and morality of their new religion, which is what Crowley in fact created, is creating a religion where murder, the sexual abuse of infants, and criminality of all kinds, are all tolerated. The Talmud is what I consider, the birth place of modern Western Satanism and the Occult movement which infected Europe with the return from Palestine of the Knights Templar, through to the incubation of the secret societies which emerged into the public eye in the 17th century and from that point on became the driving force of human civilization in the West and later, with colonization, of the whole world as we know it.

Crowley equates Satan with the Sun. For Crowley the Sun is what the Christians call Satan. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding. I believe Crowley’s reasoning is that because the Egyptian word for the Sun God is On, and that the letter O in Hebrew is called Ain meaning EYE and N in Hebrew is Nacash or ‘Snake’ and the word used for Satan in the Garden of Eden. We can see this misrepresentation in the Freemasonic symbolism of the Eye in the sun which is their representation for God. This might seem like circular reasoning, and it may well be, however these symbols of O’s and eyes, and snakes are part of the secret hidden code which has always existed unsuspected by most, in the very letters and symbols of writing themselves.

Lon Milo Duquette, who is also known as Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford and is apparently an actual Jewish Rabbi, also styles himself as a Kabbalah Cult leader Zerubabbel Institute of Philosophical Youth and there is a picture of him with a bunch of children dressed like Harry Potter witches. Looks like a paedophile ring waiting to be busted if you ask me but this man is clearly and proudly showing the link between Kabbalah and what would develop into witchcraft and its acceptance within the skein of modern Jewry, despite of course the Old Testament warning to ‘Not to suffer a witch to live.’ I am no advocate of burning witches but I’m pretty sure that in all those mediaeval tales of wicked witches eating children there is no smoke without fire.

Those that call themselves Jews are secretly Canaanite Phoenicians who infiltrated Judaism in the classical period. The Phoenicians practiced rites of child sacrifice and Phoenician is where we get our word Purple from, and is the origin of Royal Purple. The Purple relates to the purple urine of the Canaanite Phoenician Vampire bloodline which secretly rules the word. This story goes beyond the word Jews. Judaism is a smokescreen for something far worse which the Talmud hints about.

The world is falling into deliberately engineered chaos and sometimes it almost takes me with it. Everyday I check the news and immediately the chaos and evil enters my world. I check on the conspiracy forums and websites and the sheer force of evil and injustice assails me. Everything in the media seems to be sullied and connected in some way to this engineered chaos and evil.

For instance I did a simple internet search to see what satirist Chris Morris was up to because I used to like some of his work. This man was known for his TV shows and works of satire, in particular an episode of his TV show Brass Eye entitled ‘Paedo-geddon’ which seemed to be mocking the victims of paedophilia and making out that media fears were exaggerated and unfounded. At the time it didn’t really register as untoward but with retrospect it seems perhaps that something sinister was going on, and perhaps Morris was working as a media gate-keeper to some extent. I was interested to find that he attended Stonyhurst Jesuit public school in Lancashire. I wondered about this institution which so many famous alumni had also attended including JRR Tolkien.

I discovered that the headmaster of one of the prep schools which serve as feeder schools for Stonyhurst, Rory O’Brien was convicted in January 2000 on countless acts of child abuse who at the time was labelled ‘a serial abuser’ at Preston Crown Court.  O’Brien who was suspended by the school and given early retirement was  sentenced to three years in prison and it is said he would wake the students up in the middle of the night by shining a torch in their eyes.

However in May 2000 he was released on a technicality and had called on what appeared to be a whole pressure group of well-connected people to secure his release.
Amongst people called to his defence was a former mayor and Brendan O’Friel past governor at Strangeways prison during the time of the prison riots in the 90’s, which is oddly appropriate since he was defending a man with very strange-ways with children. John Travis, who was also a former headteacher said ‘I find it impossible to see how in any circumstances the allegations made could have any truth in them.’

The record of his offenses being quashed has only been recorded by the website and no other record of this, or the original source which appeared in the Birmingham Post & Mail, is available.

Apparently ‘supporters of the former head packed the courtroom burst into applause when Lord Justice Rose quashed the convictions. The defence’s case was that the allegations ‘emanated from a desire for revenge’. Lawyers acting for ‘O’Brien also said they would be pushing for compensation.’

Mr Justice Christopher Rose, Mr Justice Klevan and Mr Justice Jackson were the judges which presided over the acquittal.
Christopher Rose is a member of the privy council and was a critic of the 2003 Sex offences act which protected children from abuse by adults, he was also appointed Chief Surveillance Commissioner, which he held until 2015.

Justice Klevan who died in 2001, had also been briefed to defend Fred and Rosemary West and one wonders if, had they not committed suicide, would Klevan have managed to get them off? Klevan received a knighthood in 1998.
The High court judges refused a retrial on the grounds that it would be ‘oppressive’ for Mr O’Brien. So an alleged perpetrator of acts of sexual molestation against innocent children, has now become a victim?

To a lesser degree the same thing happened in 1998 when a Roman Catholic priest who was a maths teacher at Stonyhurst College was sentenced to five years in prison had his sentence reduced to three years.

I suspect this is the standard pattern for high profile or protected paedophiles, the machinery of the secret state unleashes its army of Queen’s Counsellors and paedos with Knighthoods, gallantly rushing down upon those who would dare tarnish the reputation of their betters whose unnatural abuses against children seem to some kind of feudal ‘droit de seigneur’ for the British elite.
In the closing paragraph of the article Rory O’Brien said, “These last 18 months have been horrific for me but I have come through thanks to the love and prayers of my family and friends.”  Well isn’t that a lovely end to this story. A happy ending for a predatory paedophile. What a fine country fit for heroes this is!

The television humourist and film maker Chris Morris was  a student at Saint Mary’s during a period in which these offenses occurred and was requested to make a statement but he refused. Perhaps he felt this wouldn’t be in keeping with his television work since his Paedo-geddon episode of Brass Eye clearly sought to depict public concerns about paedophilia as hysterical.

It seems to me that Chris Morris may have a reputation as a satirist and enemy of the establishment but the contrary seems to be the case, indeed that on the one hand he sought to trivialize and ridicule child sexual abuse and also when given a concrete opportunity to actually make a witness statement which might have actually brought justice to those sexual deviant Jesuits preying on small children, he chose not to.

One of his former classmates commented:
“It is inexplicable how Chris Morris could turn a blind eye by refusing to condemn what went on, and then go on to laugh at the most emotive subject he could find when he knows first-hand the trauma it causes.”

Could it be that despite his appearance of ‘anti-establishment’ old Chris Morris is just one of the boys? And that his Brass Eye programme and the ‘Paedogeddon’ episode in 2001 was specifically devised as a means of discrediting criminal investigations into paedophilia taking place at that very time with operation Whiting? The episode was initially planned to be broadcast on 5th July 2001 but the air date would have coincided with the disappearance and murder of Danielle Jones, a 15 year old who was murdered by Stuart James Campbell, a man with a history of indecency assaulting underage children. Yeah Chris, so what were you saying about media hysteria again?

Strangely Chris Morris seems to have had an extraordinary ability to reel in some of the highest profile names in media and politics and one wonder if this, like Robert O’Brien, the former headmaster cleared of sexual assault, he has the same instant reach to all levels of the establishment and can call in any number of highly placed people to intercede for his cause.

The media backlash to the show was immense and some 3,000 people phoned-in to complain about the show. In this instance the press were perfectly correct and perhaps they realized what Morris was inadvertently doing.

The unfortunately named Ros Coward of The Guardian, in its previous lifetime as a voice of reason, before the dark times of the present day when the raving looney left has emerged from its incubation pod, said:

“What’s so dishonest about Channel 4’s defence of Brass Eye as a satire of a media forms is the implication that they (and the liberal left in general) have a better truth than the tabloids. They don’t.”

The episode seems to have been made in response to the ‘moral panic’ surrounding the Sarah Payne case of an eight year old being raped and murdered.

On 6th February 2001 Ron Whiting was charged with the murder of Sarah Payne and paintings made by Sarah indicate that she has been present in a Masonic lodge at some point since she draws a picture of a man standing between two pillars, wearing some kind of apron while standing on a black and white chequerboard floor.
Is this some connection to the Jesuits themselves? Is this possibly some kind of indication of their place within the Illuminati Satanic family?

Well done Brother Chris. You paid your dues.

Similarly from a period just prior to the overturned conviction of Mr Rory O’Brien comes a rather revolting article in The Spectator by Simon Caldwell in which he goes at great lengths to protest the innocence of several Jesuit priests who had been investigated by Operation Whiting which took place in 1999, the biggest ever investigation conducted into a Catholic institution in the UK. Operation Whiting? And then in 2001 a man named Ron Whiting apparently murdered a young girl in some kind of Masonically connected murder? Isn’t that something of a creepy coincidence? I no longer believe in coincidences so I have to assume there is some strange and malevolent Masonic symbolism at work.

Father George Earl a former head of Saint Mary’s along with another former head Raymond Turner, and a priest  Father John Pearson were all charged with acts of gross indecency on a male under 14 and a girl of 9 years old.

The Spectator claims these charges of sexual abuse are motivated by ‘trawling’ or ‘begging bowl’ operations’, and ends with words which I daresay, future generations will view in quite the opposite manner to these imagined by paedophile apologist, Simon Caldwell:

“When future generation come to write our history, the epidemic of false allegations of child abuse against priests, teachers, social workers and doctors, is likely to emerge as a great scandal.”

May I suggest that what is more likely to emerge as a great scandal is the use of media operations like The Spectator, and indeed, what appears to be the whole instrument of the law, to do its utmost to defame victims and accuse them of lying about their abuse.
It is starting to appear that the words Catholic and ‘head teacher’ are a sure signaler of paedophilia. Catholic head teacher Peter Allott was jailed in 2016 for his stash of child porn described as ‘horrific’.

But what makes Jesuits and some Catholics this way? Well, we can assume that Catholic paedophiles are just like any paedophile in that they themselves were sexually abused at some point in their childhood. The psychology of how this repeating process works is a difficult area. Many homosexual men likewise reported sexual abuse at an early age and one can immediately state as self-evident that anyone who is an abuser of male children is automatically homosexual as well as being a paedophile of course. Incidents of child abuse involving men and minors statistically lean very heavily towards the abuse of male children, therefore we can technically include the majority of paedophile sexual abuse within the context of homosexuality.

This position becomes even clearer to me when we consider the work of homosexual lobbies themselves in trying to get the age of consent lowered. Peter Tatchell went infamously on record in 1997 in a letter to the Guardian stating that ‘several of my friends gay and straight, male and female had sex with adults from the ages of nine to thirteen. None of them feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.”

Of course, he went on to ‘clarify’ his comments on his own website, probably pursuant to an investigation by the vice squad and under legal advice, saying ‘I have never advocated the lowering of the age of consent.’  When in fact it was he who indeed succeeded in lowering the age of consent from 18 to the present 16.
According to website, Tatchell contrinuted to a chapter in a book entitled BOY or The Betrayal of Youth, compiled by PIE or the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organization which existed during the 70’s, likely some kind of strange fusion between Marxist subversion and 60’s ‘free love’ getting a bit carried away.

Tatchell wrote chapter 9 of the book entitled ‘Questioning ages of minority and ages of consent.’ Within the same book are chapters on incest and how to make paedophilia socially acceptable.
Several questions ought to immediately materialize in response to this. First of all why did Peter Tatchell as a child have so many friends who were having sex with adults? Did he perhaps, at an early age, move within the circle of paedophile rings? Was he, like his friends, all children or victims in common of some kind of network, the same type of which he would find himself involved in in later life. This somewhat makes me think of how Milo Yiannopoulos recounted to Joe Rogan that at the Hollywood parties he attended he would often see young children being given drugs and having sexual relations with older men. Yiannopoulos is a gay man, proudly so, yet if he as a gay man negotiating the gay scene can find himself rubbing shoulders with the drugging and abuse of young children then how close and how unsavoury bedfellows are homosexuals with paedophiles?

The second question which Tatchell’s letter ought to inspire, focusses on the phrase, ‘None of them feel they were abused.” These comments remind me of Yiannopoulos being ‘grateful’ to the Orthodox priest who abused him and apparently taught him how to give good blowjobs. These are two examples of rationalization. To a strong ego, nobody wants to feel that one had been a victim, or been abused, so one can just redefine the abuse and call it a formative homosexual experience and this seems to be more than a recurring trend, it seems to be the operating principles of homosexuality itself.

In 2016 Milo quite inexplicably took part in a pro-Trump art installation against globalization in which he bathed in a bathtub of pig’s blood. This is a pretty strange thing to want to do. Bathing in baked-beans for charity I can just about get my head around. It is the strangeness of using blood in art and protest which immediately assails most people as strange, unpleasant and no doubt extremely unhygienic. Milo has been on record claiming that he is ethnically Jewish. Lady Gaga also seems to have a penchant for blood as does Jewish Spirit Cooking artist Marina Abromovich. Abromovich is a common Ashkenazi Jewish surname since it a Patronym for Jewish people meaning ‘of Abraham’.  So we have Milo bathing in pig’s blood, Lady Gaga with her hotel bathtub full of blood and Marina Abromovich.

The Guardian has played a highly dubious role in giving paedophilia advocacy the oxygen of publicity and one might wonder why. Why is there an editorial policy at the Guardian to champion paedophilia as a kind of human rights issue? It is very disturbing and signals perhaps, the slow bursting open of the egg of Marxist socialism which was kept cool during the 80’s under the onslaught of Thatcher, the right-wing press and the shambolic state of the Labour party, only to slowly crack open during the warming political climate of the mid to late 90’s onwards when the Labour beast finally started to emerge. That beast would be no better personified that in the guise of a man like Peter Mandelsohn. A man who seems to bridge the gap and may help us solve the mystery of what lies between, or what connects the Labour party and paedophilia. It seems to me that the Labour party and the paedophilia and homosexual rights groups, are different facets of some submerged, hidden and unknown, ‘other’ organization. But what could that organization be? This is another question for another time. 

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Kulturkampf in London! Weaponised satanic art recruiting for the OTO and ragged assed madhead occultists.

This caught my eye while doing my rounds in the city. 

I was going about my business one sunny London day in the merry merry month of May when my eye was caught by a sign in the street which invited people to come along and explore art, psychoanalysis and the occult, just round the corner from where I live in Old Street. 

So I went over and hung around a bit outside and asked a guy who was eating lunch from a Sainsbury's carrier bag who was sat on the the step outside what it was all about and whether I could come in. He said it was art stuff and he was one of the artists, his accent seemed to indicate that he may have been a German or something similar, and he waved me in.
The horse is pretty cool and according to my mate this is a good cafe, but my business was in the former warehouse cum 'art-space' next-door at the 'Candid Art Trust' no doubt funded by UK taxpayers and the National Lottery.

Somewhat self consciously I crept quietly in and hung around the periphery hoping not to be noticed and that none of these people's nostrils would flare in feral excitation at the smell of a fresh Christian. 

What I appeared to have walked into initially seemed to resemble some kind of seminar. There was what appeared to be a panel of three speakers, along with a chair or host. The audience seemed to be composed of  a sort of mix of alternative urban types blended with some kind of academic pretense. There was also a strong Nordic/Germanic element and many of the speakers and members of the audience were German, there were thick set German artists, there were also tall and gangly German men with big chins dressed up as women and apparently convincing the world at large that they were actually indeed female.  

Charlotte Rodgers weird road-kill 'art'.
As I stood on the edge I looked around and noticed that what passed for 'art' here was of a particular variety: there were visions of hell, of demons, of human sacrifice, and weird creatures composed of the dead bones of animals found dead in the road. 

Most of it resembled the kind of doodles that a 15 year old male might do in the back of their school book. Somehow and for some reason, this puerile rubbish had been given a platform.

When I arrived, there was a New Zealand based health care representative who was speaking about magic and people with mental illnesses. I found this interesting and wondered if this was a trend in the psychological field and whether, despite the skepticism of modern science and the psychological profession as a whole, that there we doctors and mental health professional who were also occultists and were involved with spirits. This I find slightly disturbing and it reminds me somewhat of the expression: 'Fox in the henhouse.'

After standing around for a bit and realising that I would neither be eaten alive there and then as fresh meat, or be shaken down for money to buy a ticket, I spotted an empty chair and sat down.

Then there was a talk delivered by a voodoo practitioner which was actually quite interesting, though rather disturbingly, it sought to make voodoo sound like nothing more but a harmless spiritualist cult which I'm pretty sure it isn't. In fact at the very end of the weekend there was a Voodoo ritual which all the participants took part in, including myself, where we were invited to allow ourselves to be possessed by our ancestors. I went through the motions and the chanting and stuff but If I'm honest I'd have to say my heart wasn't quite in it. 

In Voodoo each person apparently has a star of destiny which is the seat of your soul and higher self, but problems arise if one loses contact with your own star or indeed, if you become reborn to a different star, or if you have several stars at once. This is the Voodoo explanation for MPD. Souls can be directed or placed on a different star through rituals. People it is reported, have different personalities when their soul is placed on a different star.

In Voodoo initiation, one finds oneself lost in the general sea of souls, this results in loss of personality and loss of soul, if the initiation has a successful outcome then this is temporary and one is reconnected to ones star and hence one's soul. However if it is unsuccessful then once becomes one of the famed Voodoo zombies, losing their personality and soul and having no will, mind or volition of their own. The belief among Voodoo practitioners is that such a person deserves such a fate for not being more careful with their soul and this punishment of living as a zombie is seen as a judgement upon that person.

We were told that anyone having problems in their lives may be a victim of a curse and that the only way to end this curse was to appeal to spirits to help them.

The Voodoo ritual at then end was designed to draw spirit help into ourselves, and while we were apparently calling on our ancestors during this ritual, it is unlikely that it would be your kindly old nana and granddad showing up.  

Hey everyone let's all get up and do a jolly Voodoo ritual in Islington. 

The man took a special jug containing water and announced:

"The water is the water whose grandfather was ice, who met grandfather fire and became water. 

We dedicate this water to our ancestors." He then stamped his foot heavily on the floor three times. 

"We stand on the bones of our ancestors."

He then took some water in his mouth and noisily spat it into a bowl. I shuddered, I never liked seeing people spit, even if they are Voodoo priests doing a magickal ritual, it still looked scruffy.

He continued:

"Close your eyes and visualise the water, in your heart
In your stomach and your mind.

Look across the room and meet the eyes of the person opposite you, keep eye contact and breathe together, synchronising your breathing.

Now take the hands of the person next to you
Sing after me
We thank you ancestors for your song...
We thank you ancestors for your knowledge,
We thank you for your knowledge,
We thank you ancestors for your peace."

He passed a bottle of scented water along and told us to think of something we learned and were grateful for at the end of this weekend and to whisper it into the bottle.

The water was an embodiment of the ancestors or spirits, likely whichever spirits happened to be around at that time, like I say probably not your nan and granddad. By visualising the water inside you, you were effectively allowing yourself to be possessed by spirits.

Some talk all about gayness and more gayness. Seems to be important for those who think they're practising magic for some reason. Don't really see why it's an issue but apparently it is a major issue for these guys. They seemed obsessed with gay things, gender bendering things and blood. Grow up I say.

I was sat behind Charlotte Rodgers. She seems to have a fondness for dead animals and making art out of menstrual blood. Each to their own, but is this art or is it just femwitch bullshit?

Literally not sure if this speaker is a man or a woman, these Satanist people seem to revel in this concept of attacking the very concept of gender.  Any man who thinks they're a woman is at best confused and at worst, a possible Satanist nut cracker.

Weird bald  Satanic German filmmaker.

Charlotte Rodgers appears to be a little camera shy.

The oddest and by far the most disturbing talk was that delivered by Charlotte Rodgers. She is an 'artist' and 'writer' who apparently uses road kill and various bodily fluids in her 'art'. Part of her agenda inlcuded "the necessary embracing of the body, tattoos, piercings and scalpels. Deliberately imprinting scars on my own body in a depressive debilitative loop and the use of blood, sexual flood and breast milk."

She also said that she in her roadkill 'art' she would:
"Channel intent into roadkill using menstrual blood and various women's fluids."

Dude, what has happened to women these days?

She is one of the women who have the narcissism to turn a negative trait or a weakness into a strength, this in itself I consider an art form. She said:
"I have no artistic education which means I have no indoctrination." Are you sure that's all it might mean? Might it not also mean you have no ability or talent too? She then went on to say that she does:
"Ritualised work and move into a trance like state," and she mentions drawing pictures from her own menstrual blood.

One of the other participants, a dancer who like Charlotte, seemed obsessed with her own body and spoke endlessly about her own obsession while of course, dressing it all up as art and magic when none of it was either. Just puerile second division Crowley capers and an ego as scarred as and the size of Pluto's moon Charon.

"Body is the mother of language, to dance is to initiate the body's mysteries." She then went on about Byzantine liturgical dance and declared that the "Female body was demonised in the West."

Much of this is fallacious and anyone with a dim awareness of Christian art and its depiction of the virgin Mary ought to be aware that on the contrary the female body was almost deified, and this of course goes back to the pagan roots of the Roman church.

She later declared proudly: "I am a crisis individual, I am ill, I have what western medicine calls 'bipolar disorder', from family trauma." She also said, somewhat paradoxically:
"Through pain and trauma you open gateways and potential for transformation and healing.."

Such poor logic and bald assertions were ten a penny amongst the participants of the weekend: "Anything which is not transgressive is repressive" and "Everything must revolt against everything."

There was also a talk entitled 'The necessity of Evil' whereby the speaker by using a very poor sophistical trick tried, and probably convinced the audience, that goodness contains within itself its own opposite and as a result goodness creates evil. And he went on similarly to explain that freedom creates oppression. 

It was all very tedious and surprising that anyone would give time, attention and a stage for this inanity, but there was also free wine which was a slightly mitigating circumstance.

Goat head on front cover, blood rites.....are we weird and evil enough yet? Oh, I forgot, it's ART.

Charlotte Rodgers is a non denominational magickal practitioner and an animist, and The Bloody Sacrifice is the story of her work with blood. It chronicles her use of road kill and blood in art, ritualised scarification and tattoo work, and the use of venous and menstrual blood in magick. Also included are Charlotte’s interviews with tattoo artists; priests from belief systems which utilise blood sacrifice; artists who use their own HIV positive blood as a medium; and those who use mortifications and body modification to effect changes in consciousness and self.
All here share a common bond of talent combined with an ability to articulate their beliefs. For example Louis Martinie, a priest in the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. Martinie has integrated his Tibetan Buddhist beliefs into his Voodoo practice and in doing so shows how personal spiritual evolution can effect change within a syncretic religion. As a blood related illness affected various parts of Charlotte’s life, she was given a chance to explore blood ritual in a very different way. Documenting this part of her journey gives an understanding of AIDS, HIV and HCV, and its effect on spirituality and contemporary blood rites.
Blood Ritual, with all its history, baggage and dangers holds a power to create change. Whether this power is held within blood and how much impact is created merely by our perception is for the reader to decide. The Bloody Sacrifice is an honest, modern and thought provoking personal insight into an ancient aspect of our spirituality and creativity.
Visit Charlotte Rodgers Website

In a image slideshow which accompanied Charlotte Rodgers' talk at the even there were disturbing images of dead bodies including those of dead children. This isn't art, it's evil.

Creepy. This is what happens when women go wrong.

One of my sculptures, now living in a tree in my garden. Image by Gerard Hutton.
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Creatures,Creations and Recalibrations. The Art of Charlotte Rodgers mixed media with snake ribs and vertebrae, apothyllite eyes, glass beads and rubber.

Creatures,Creations and Recalibrations. The Art of Charlotte Rodgers Careful what you like Andrew Dixon, it may well influence what you get as a wedding present! That aside, the crow makes a nice witch bottle bearer, he carries the bottle as his body and can transport it to various realms.I've put some basics in it, but left the opening unstoppered so that the final owner can put more in and seal it.

Charlotte Rodgers, caught on camera.

Bored audience. They paid a surprisingly large amount of money to sit through this. I didn't, I just crashed it.

Is this art or should some call the poleece?

Hey, Satanists, leave Jesus out of this will ya?

A demon having sex with a severed head. How did Da Vinci miss out classy stuff like this?

Old Norse bullshit.

Occult bookstore, creepy evil books 70% off.
Art and psychoanalysis people love Crowley apparently.

Weird scenes inside the Spooky Indian sex Temple....

Some old crone doing the Tarot in the background.....but WHY? Is it rock'n'roll, is it art? Or is it just more Satanic claptrap?

Truly atrocious singer, even a half decent bass and guitar player couldn't save this night. Satan doesn't always have all the best tunes.

Why a weird horned head? Just WHY? Is Satan a patron of the Arts Council now or something? Inquiring minds want to know.

Event Programme.

Beyond the Blood: Magick after Menopause

Interview with Diane Narraway by Charlotte Rodgers for the revised/enlarged, ‘The Bloody Sacrifice’.

I met Diane several times at Dolmen Grove gatherings and was impressed by this honest and powerful woman who possesses such a strong spirituality; a spirituality which is both archaic and very, very contemporary.
Diane is the same age as myself, and also went through menopause early. Her experience and intelligence, combined with having children and a strong family ethos meant that Diane was in a position to bring new perspectives to my research on changes in a woman’s spiritual approach and ability in different phases of her cycle...and beyond!
‘I was born in London and brought up in Dorset with my brother. My mother was a science teacher and my father a part time salesman and a full time alcoholic. Having been born with the scientific enquiring mind of my mother and the hedonistic streak of my father I guess the only available option was a magickal path; besides there were other members of my family who had practised magick and divination.
I worked with natural magick as a child using a variety of ingredients that grew around the garden as well as reading symbolism as a childlike form of divination. As I evolved so too did my magick and these days I take a more ritualistic, esoteric approach. It is easy to label or categorise me…I am a witch. Categorising my magick is more difficult. As a witch I will utilise whatever I need to and whichever form of magick will best serve my needs.
I have had 5 children one of which passed away due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (aged 9 weeks) when I was 25 years old and on the 7th January 2013 my eldest died tragically in a caravan fire. So these days I am a mother of three girls, a full time mother to my granddaughter who is currently 6 years old and my youngest child is pregnant and due very soon. There will be three generations living in my house!!! I also edit the Dolmen Grove magazine as well as writing for it and myself. I have a partner but life is a little too hectic to live together.
On the magickal side I tend not to wear a hierarchical hat but I do practice ritual magick and as a member of the Dolmen Grove I co - write and facilitate several of the rituals within the Dolmen Grove; I am sure if people gave me a title it would be priestess!!
Diane, tell me about your attitude towards blood in your spiritual and magical practice?
 Blood is the life force. Using blood in magick and bringing that life giving force into a ritual giving it and subsequent thought forms life. The use of venous blood in bonding rites adds the essence of self whether as a mixing of bloods as a bond between priest and priestess, handfastings (my life force is joined to their life force etc.) or added to ink for spell casting where the concept would be control over the ritual.  Either way it is my sacrifice to ensure an outcome or seal a bond on a deeper ritual level.  Menstrual blood I would consider preferable to use where the intention is sexually or fertility driven, be it to attract or repel. Menstrual blood although entirely feminine is blood which has being rejected by the body and unlike venous blood is no longer ‘alive’.  The living blood which flows through our bodies provides a more vital energy and although I would consider it often to be the ‘greater sacrifice’ can at times be fraught with some of our darker energies more often than we would choose to admit, with menstrual blood often being the safer option for feeding spirit houses etc, especially in our wilder teenage years.

As you no longer are able to work with your menstrual blood magickally, what adjustments have you needed to make to your practice?
Anything that required menstrual blood I find can be replaced by mixing venous blood with sexual fluids. This relies on a tantric understanding of oneself which comes purely with age, and the ability to use it cautiously because it is often far more powerful than the menstrual blood of my ‘Earth Mother’ years.

Have you noticed a difference in the way your spirituality operated during your menstruating years, pregnancy, childrearing and now menopause?

Although it wasn’t obvious at the time, now when I look back I can see that my spiritual path reflected the stage of life I was at. As a small child I practised a more nature based form of magic and because, like most children the great outdoors was a wonderland, I longed to experience the garden at night.  I remember looking out of the bedroom window at the dark moonlit garden and seeing it as this beautifully magickal place with its own set of rules and inhabitants.  I grew up opposite an incredibly old church and graveyard and there was something curiously comfortable about the graveyard by moonlight.  By eight years old I owned my first book on Cornish witchcraft which gave me simplistic structured spells to follow.  As a teenager my spiritual beliefs were as rebellious as every other aspect.  Like most teenagers my brain cells were replaced with hormones and a challenging somewhat chaotic attitude towards everything and everyone.  I did not, like many of my peers, ‘fall in love on a weekly basis’;  still preferring to have control over my emotions.  I tried marijuana and of course alcohol.  As I had epilepsy as a child I was never tempted to try anything stronger. Looking back that was definitely a blessing in disguise.  My spiritual beliefs revolved around the concept of, if the Christians were right then God (as they knew him) was really an old dope smoking hippy with a really warped sense of humour…hence the platypus and the bible. My polytheistic beliefs were not so much celebrated as they were in my infancy but had become somehow closer and more human.  I explained my polytheism using analogies such as, if I wanted to buy knickers in a department store I didn’t ask the owner just the lady on the knickers counter!!!! Throughout my teenage years magick was replaced by teenage angst and punk rock.  The louder and more offensive the better! Funnily enough it was at the end of my teenage years and prior to having children that I discovered I could read tarot cards. As a mother I returned to my spiritual path finding a spiritualist medium that sneakily did spells on the side.  She was the epitome of the archetypal medieval wise woman.  From her I honed my skills of Tarot reading, clairvoyance and psychometry.  When my son died I was only 25 years old and a deeper understanding and knowledge help me to understand not only why he had died but to appreciate and seize all that life has to offer. Nowadays my path has brought me to a greater understanding of ritual magick and the importance of channelled information and life experience.

How are you finding menopause? I’ve been post menopausal three or so years now, starting the process in my thirties and I must admit (dodgy physical manifestations aside) I feel the most integrated and centred that I have ever been
I went through the menopause quite early and have not menstruated for the last eight years and I have found that like you I am more centred and much more focused. I have a much greater understanding of how magick has worked for me throughout life including the years I seemed to step back from it.  One of the things about the inner wisdom of the witch is the importance of knowing when not to do rituals,as much as knowing when to do them.

Diane you have talked about the changes in your inner and outer worlds post menopause; have there also been changes in your relationship with spirits, deities or God forms?
As a child my magic was more intuitive and natural…the simplicity of childhood reflected in magick and I remember being about 7 when I came to the conclusion that I must be Pagan as the Greco Roman polytheistic belief system made more sense than the mainstream monotheistic beliefs of the community. Given that I lived in a village with two C of E churches this was quite a radical decision. Having made that decision I was drawn to Venus and Jupiter; the all - powerful father god and his daughter, the goddess of love and beauty. There may have been an element of my coming from a single parent family but it more likely is that this God/Goddess combination eased my transition from monotheism to Paganism. Later, as a teenager I was more drawn to the fiery energy of Mars and the dark energies of Pluto/Hades and the energy of the hunt associated with Diana/Artemis, while as a mother I felt closer to the softer energies of Venus/Aphrodite and Pan the God of fertility and lust.
Although I have aged and my life taken many turns, there remains a pattern to my existence as now I can see that even without any awareness or knowledge of Diana, Lucifer, Hecate and Cerridwen their energies have always been present. I see Cerridwen more with age as I experience more of life and see more of death; through these I understand rebirth. Hecate in her most ancient of guises has been there at all the crossroads and now she calls to the darkness within me just as Lucifer has always been there showing the way towards enlightenment.
How about changes in your relationship to the environment? 
I suppose there are many contributing factors but having passed the years of needing babysitters, I became free to pursue my magick in a way that connected me more to the surrounding environment.
Initially this took the form of running a witchcraft shop which included teaching witchcraft and tarot, bringing me out of my closet and into the pagan community. It was this that brought me into contact with the Dolmen Grove, eventually leading me to my role within the Grove now.
These days my magick is centred mostly on raising the consciousness of those within the surrounding circle initially, and hopefully beyond, and I suspect the deities I work with now facilitate this concept.
In some non Western cultures post menopausal women are afforded higher status and initiation into areas previously barred to them and in Tantra the power of magick is said to move from a women’s genitals and womb to her heart. Do you think that post menopausal women in the western magickal community are given enough resources, respect and recognition? Do you think that the mythos around ‘the crone’ covers all the bases?
The short answer has to be Hell No!!!! The mythos around the ‘Crone’ falls very short of covering all the bases, but at least it tries to cover some of them.  While I understand the concept of the tantric idea that the magick moves from the genitals and womb to the heart, my own understanding and experience is that post-menopausal women have a greater understanding of using all of these areas and how to incorporate them into their tantric rituals.   By allowing the magick to be present and flow freely through the genitals, womb and heart the effect of tantric rituals will be much greater.  It is probably fairer to assume only the crone has the freedom and maturity to incorporate all aspects of love and creation without the ego getting in the way.
Whilst it is certainly true that many other cultures have more reverence for age, there are also many other cultures that don’t although I suspect it is only in Western countries that the beauty of youth is celebrated above the wisdom of the elder.   With age comes life experience and a deeper understanding and I find that people respect me for that and perhaps over the years I have learned how to gain respect.  The resources available to all those practising magick are much easier to attain since the internet.   Whether it be obscure herbs, magickal tools or simply the need to chat with like - minded individuals it is all there on a plate….and of course solitude is a rare luxury but when it turns to necessity it is attainable.
As a child I lacked the experience, as a teenager I lacked the focus and as a mother I lacked the time, but now …K’ching!!! Now I have all of these and I find that I know have the serenity for my understanding to eventually become wisdom.
Diane, how would like to see an evolution or change of attitudes towards post menopausal women develop within the magickal community? Any thoughts for actions that would positively shake up a stagnant status quo and be of benefit to the community AND to the women concerned?
In order for any change to be of long term effect it needs to begin by educating the younger members of the community, this sadly extends to the community as a whole. We have reached a stage in mankind’s evolution, particularly in the western world where a strengthening of family values is not just important but essential. I feel sadly that it is my generation who have failed to see the wisdom of their elders, seeing them more often than not as a burden. By the same token the innocence of youth is all too often seen as something to be conquered rather than nurtured. In my house three generations live side by side comfortably.
As I watch my youngest daughter look forward to the birth of her first child I become aware as to how little our children are prepared for the experience of motherhood, and she is grateful for the chance to learn how to be a Mum from someone who has not only been through it but within a safe and loving environment. I know a few others in three generation households all of which are Pagan.
I hope this trend continues as I see my mother being respected for her compassion and knowledge by her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I hope I too earn that love and respect.
That said they will only learn respect for their elders, if their elders earn that respect.

With age we attain wisdom and learn how to accept and use the darkness that lives inside us instead of fearing it …or worse still fighting it!!

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.