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Friday 26 June 2015

The Illuminati finally unmasked....

The All-Seeing eye represent the psychic powers of the Illuminati
which they use to easily control and subvert the largely
non psychic world population. 
Existence of the worldwide Illuminati psychic network.

The Illuminati are NOT what you think or have been told they are. They are not a weird ritualistic secret society of people like David Rockerfeller and Mr Rothschild, confined to meeting in Masonic lodges, though these two are most certainly part of the Illuminati.

They are not only limited to people who went to Yale University, or solely people who are Jews and Freemasons. They are NOT only limited to millionaires, pop-stars and Angelina Jolie.

The Illuminati in reality is EVERYWHERE.

In your children's local school, in the local hospital. Perhaps your family doctor is part of the Illuminati. You wouldn't necessarily know it. This is the destruction of society from within, by those holding key positions within it.

The Illuminati are an invisible psychically connected hive-mind network which transcends time and space. The most pyschically powerful are in constant communication with each other and other entities which maybe they believe are aliens, or angels, demons, or even deceased relatives.

Some of them are fully psychic and can easily read your thoughts.

They are not limited to one nation or ethnic group. It isn't about Jews, or Germans, or this group or that group. Simply they're all over the world. But some groups have better organised their Illuminati bloodlines into political and cultural forces.

The Illuminati pyramid capstone symbol represents the hidden psychic elite who control the lives of the ordinary non psychic human population. The EYE is the psychic eye third eye which can read your thoughts and knows all about you just by reading your innate mental signal.

When George Orwell wrote in his book 1984: 'if there is hope... it lies with the proles’ this is what he was referring to because the working classes are largely non psychic and not part of this hive-mind network. This is what the book of Revelation was referring to where it says: "Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?" The Beast is invisible to our eyes and hides in the minds' of the Illuminati. We cannot fight it because we cannot access it, and once we come close to the Beast then we are possessed by it and cannot fight what is inside us. 

The upper middle-classes, and the elite are wholly dominated by fully psychic individuals and they have succeeded in keeping it very quiet until now. I count myself as one of the proles, though I do have bloodline inherited from the 6th Earl of Wentworth: William Thomas Spencer Wentworth-Fitzwilliam who was my great grandfather and my grandmother’s name of Butler was invented for her father who was indeed the illegitimate son of the 6th Earl, so he was given a new surname, or rather the surname that is commonly applied to. My dad and I both carry the Earl's name as a middle name and my great grandfather carried the William Spencer name. I have the documentation of his birth as obtained from the church at Wentworth in Yorkshire.

My great grandfather: William Spencer Butler, son of the 6th Earl of Wentworth.
As a matter of fact the actual 7th Earl who inherited the title was rumored not to be bloodline at all, and was brought into the family as what they called a 'changeling' because the bloodline was so cursed by epilepsy. Therefore it is my small boast that I carry the last remaining authentic bloodline from the Wentworth-Fitzwilliam family (well, me and my two great cousins and their offspring), and the name Fitzwilliam indicates that the family originated as a natural son of William the Conqueror. And I don't have eplilepsy either.

I don't know whether any of this stuff matters much. I suppose I have inherited 'something' from all this. Otherwise I don't suppose I'd be writing this in the first place.

My great great grandfather: William Thomas Spencer Wentworth-FitzWilliam, 6th Earl of Wentworth.

You can be Illuminati bloodline, but not be Illuminati. Such is my case. At least for the moment. I have no wish to be Illuminati and am presently resisting it with all my strength.

They perpetuate themselves through child abuse, simple genetic inheritance, and trauma based mind control. Certain types of military training can create an Illuminati mind, so too do many of the corporate, social and so called 'charity' training programmes presently offered in the UK and abroad. This is how the Illuminati reproduces and grows. When a Freemason pervert abuses a child he is doing what he is ordered to do. He is increasing the amount of Illuminati in the human population.

As for precise figures of how many of these psychic people there are I cannot give an accurate figure due to the inability of a non psychic individual to perceive their abilities, though occasionally they may reveal themselves subtly for some reason (of friendship for instance though this is rare) or more commonly for bullying purposes which sadly is more common.

As to the internal mental landscape of these people, information is readily available from the externalisation of their inner world which takes place in the media. Any of the vapid and morally destructive songs by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jenifer Lopez and any other of these psychic hypnotised people's products in the media which revolves around materialism and sex, that's all they're really capable of understanding or caring about. Or the horror and violence in movies which externalises the horror inside themselves. For them, these are not films but merely documentation of their own infernal internal landscapes.

They're really out there....

The role of hypnosis is a very important method of policing and controlling the perceptions of these psychic individuals and they can be led to believe almost anything about the nature of the world around them. I believe that a common delusion amongst these people is that they are cursed, and indeed their condition does seem like a curse. It may sound funky cool and futuristic to be part of some international worldwide elite psychic network called the Illuminati (and movies like X Men play into this) but the reality is sadly not cool and not funky. It is sad, cold and confused; a lost and loveless state.

This has been going on for a long time and the Bible is one of the books which documents these people and their experiences quite deeply though the Old Testament does seem to blame God for this which I’m not quite sure is fair, when it refers to:

“....he who pours contempt on nobles made them wander in a pathless waste.”

Referring in particular to the ‘royal’ bloodline element to this ‘condition’ and since those royals were so prolific in fathering children there are a lot of these people around today. And the phrase 'pathless waste' refers to the inner confusion and desolation which reigns inside them: nothing has any purpose, they feel empty and hollow. Life and death has little meaning for them and to some extent they are already dead inside. 

Though for me I don’t consider it God’s work making people into psychic schizophrenics anymore than it is God who sexually abuses children at an early age and thus either renders them schizophrenic and psychic at that point, or leaves it to activate at a later day during intense stress; it’s more a problem of human bio-psychology and early prehistoric experiments in mind control and the various techniques which I have outlined in World Control Through Psychemotional Manipulation; namely using terror and fear techniques to succeed in creating a permanent change of brain chemistry by converting adrenaline into adrenochrome and depleting serotonin. This is the cause of so many addictions, particularly drug addictions when the eating, drinking or drug abuse becomes the only way to farm serotonin (essentially the neurochemical which produces pleasure, happiness and comfort).

NOTE: The condition CAN be reversed. Dr Abram Hoffer and the Niacin Adrenonchrome hypothesis is key to this process. This goes for 'Illuminated' consciousness, shizophrenia, being 'on the level' or whatever you call it. If you want to be free then you can be. Contact me for more details otherwise research the vitamin B3 adrenochrome scavenging hypothesis.

The Illuminati presently must hide themselves because they are vastly outnumbered, however they are in all the positions necessary for full control of the people living in the world. If people were to become aware not only that the Illuminati controled them, exploited them and corrupted them, they probably wouldn’t mind too much as long as the football season continued uninterrupted and the price of a six pack didn’t rise too much, but if they knew that the people who controled their lives and for whom they worked or even their colleagues, were fully psychic and constantly reading their minds (they have no choice, they cannot turn off the signal) then likely some kind of epic battle or series of street by street massacres would take place. Like in the X Men movies.

This of course is totally undesirable, at least as far as I’m concerned.

This is THEIR way of doing things, this is their mindset and operating system and shouldn’t be ours. We have access to love, compassion, pity and forgiveness, none of which mean anything to them, since disconnecting consciousness from their heart centres and due to the various techniques already discussed elsewhere, they just cannot FEEL these emotions. These words mean nothing to them. Pity, for them is just a word and doesn’t evoke anything, indeed they probably consider it a weakness and just another way to control other people.

But all the same, they need all the pity, forgiveness and love we can give them because as children of the Light that is what we do and what God made us for, it is only they who have become corrupted and mutated from God’s original design for humanity.

This is why there are so many atheists out there now, well, there have always been atheists but in the past they had different names for it: Neo Platonism, Satanism, witchcraft, Enlightenment philosophy, humanism, but they existed on the fringes, hidden in groups or cults within cults. They disbelieve in God because they blame him for what happened to them, or indeed they ‘fear him’; they fear judgment for their thoughts and deeds, and often their thoughts and deeds are of a very destructive and negative nature due to being trapped in the psychic hive-mind which seems to resonate at a very negative base level of fear, control and the sorry and sordid attempt to attain sensual gratification.

With the loss of the heart centre so too does the sense of inner peace and love disappear, leaving a desperate need to find something to replace it. This also explains why our society has been on a downward slide to abject materialism these past 400 or so years, basically the time from which Freemasonry became empowered as an engine of society. ‘Is there no help for the widow’s son?’ A typically disempowered cry from the schizo-gnostic hive mind asking for pity which they will never understand but will gladly reap the benefits of.

The recent movie Gone Girl perfectly encapsulates the average state of mind of these people though admittedly she is an extreme example, most of the people would not go as far as to casually murder someone (sorry spoiler) but Gone Girl neglects the psychic factor, perhaps because the writer Gilian Flynn herself is not aware of it, or indeed, didn’t want to turn a serious study in psychopathy into what would be broadly perceived as fantasy. And that is just what this stuff will sound like to maybe 90 percent of you. The other 10 percent know exactly what I’m talking about...wink wink.

Once you see them, the stakes totally change. 

This also explains the Gang Stalking phenomenon. Bands of psychic individuals, either members of secret societies or just local yobbos, banding together to try to either milk emotionally energy from those they harass with the eventual aim of making them the same as they are. Their numbers are growing because there are more of them around due to the terrible curse of child abuse which is constantly increasing throughout society. Some of these gang-stalking people are the product unfortunately. 

However we are all capable of becoming part of the Illuminati. It only takes the bio chemical serotonin-adrenochrome imbalance and we will find ourselves living in a parallel universe called Schizophrenia. And once we go there anything is possible. Not saying people with schizophrenia are all in the Illuminati, that would be insensitive and grossly inaccurate. However there is a certain psychic cross-over, and there is no doubt that if we actually started to listen to schizophrenics themselves and take seriously the things they are trying to tell us, then we might get closer to the mystery of the Illuminati and the de-facto demonic control of certain portions of astral reality and hence, people's minds.

When in a South coast town I met a group of homeless winos/schizophrenics who told me they were part of a nationwide street gang called The Arthurs. Basically they can read people's minds (so they told me) and if they see someone wandering about 'after dark' who has committed rape or child abuse or some other horrible crime they 'take care of them'. I've no reason to disbelieve what he told me.

So any child abusers better watch out because even they, no matter how high up they are in the OTO or Freemasons, someone always knows what they're up to, and are so disempowered and disenfranchised they simply have nothing to lose and a misguided sense of street justice. Weird, I think in their confused way they think they are doing good. And this is the Illuminati to a Tee. Even when they try to do something good, it turns out bad. They really can't help it, and some of them are not bad people at all, but everything they do just doesn't work out properly, and they blame God for this so they ascribe to Satanism, Goddess worship, Atheism worship, or any other discordant and confused system. They are sadly running the wrong bio-chemical cocktail, they have been plunged into the 4th dimension before they have even died or transcended. A human is not designed to operate simultaneously in the 3rd and 4th dimension. 

This information is dangerous, it could also be considered the ravings of a madman, but by now we should finally be waking up to the fact that something really IS going on out there. Also it  IS true and that’s all that counts right now. We don’t have time for anything else. Be careful out there and don't be frightened.

Being in the Illuminati involves:

  • Loss of mental focus. 
  • Prone to accidents. 
  • Unable to utilise free-will due to psychic self policing and actual policing by other Illuminati agents (there are lots, you probably know a few without knowing it) 
  • Loss of personal authority. 
  • Loss of personal power: NO Personal power due to induction into the HIVE MIND 
  • Acquiescence to government, rules, social norms. (They need Big Brother to look after and protect them) 
  • Development of  mind reading powers.
  • No escape from the thoughts of others. 
  • Dependence on others for protection: Freemasonry, religious fanatic, cult group, terror-group, multiple lovers, orgies, constant need for protection from random elements and outsiders. 
  • These people are ALWAYS prescribed rebels. 
  • They follow the suggestions of the fake sponsored rebellions such as Global Warming, Feminism, Satanism. 
  • Anything which has power behind it and authority. 
  • These people can only be told what to believe they cannot innovate or think for themselves due to the fear they constantly feel and the self policing. 
  • Disconnection from heart chakra reduces their ‘love’ power and God is love. They don't have any love inside them. 
  • These people are the ones who run (ruin) society, and they need protection from YOU so you either have to become LIKE THEM and become initiated OR they will legislate, litigate and persecute you out of existence. 

You need to strengthen your will and focus and learn Zen meditation FAST to protect yourself psychically. 

Speaking of Illuminati nutbags who speak to spirits of the dead, here's one: Zionist nutcase former British army Colonel Richard Kemp who wants Israel to kill more civilians.

Speaking to the dead
Kemp also reportedly told his Christians United For Israel (CUFI) audience that he had communicated with the dead. According to the Frontpage Mag report, he had “that morning, spoken to Orde Wingate … ‘I spoke to him this morning at Arlington [military cemetery]’.”

The late British officer infamously led the Special Night Squad, a militia used to crush Palestinian rebels who fought against the British occupation in the 1930s. According to one history of the British occupation of Palestine, Wingate had “a passionate pro-Zionism born of the religious tenets he had absorbed as a member of the Plymouth Brethren” – a conservative Evangelical denomination.

The squad was mostly populated by Zionists with the British “knowing that they were simultaneously members of Haganah,” the militia which would in 1948 play the leading role in ethnically cleansing 750,000 Palestinians. At the same time, “Arabs caught with arms were routinely prosecuted, and some hanged” while Haganah training and arming “had been winked at” (A. J. Sherman, Mandate Days, John Hopkins University Press: 1997, pp. 121, 151).

Kemp reportedly told his audience Wingate was “the greatest Christian Zionist in Britain.”

Illuminati Zionist Schizophrenics and politics really don't mix if you ask me.


I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.