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Light is Life.

Our home is the sun. 

The sun is alive. It is the origin of all life. It makes perfect sense  that what has the power to give life to us and this world must also  itself be alive.
Light itself, more specifically, photons are the vessels of  consciousness in this universe. Photons in fact are all uniform and of  the same nature, there are no anti photons or positively charged  photons.

Although an 'anti photon' has been postulated, but in fact this would be  the same as a normal photon, except it would be travelling backwards in  time.

The world we live in is in reality two worlds which are superimposed on  each other, but which have separate existences and can never truly  combine. Like oil and water. There is the cold darkness which contains  all of the matter in the universe, most of which is so devoid of light  as to actually be invisible. Matter is also the origin of gravity. Hence  a ‘grave’ is deep inside the earth. A grave voice or grave news has  nothing light about it, it is serious, it relates to a serious ‘matter’.  

Whereas light is so amazing that it creates buoyancy to our spirits, it makes them light!
It is these two worlds which are mixed together in this dimension, the  grave and the merry, the serious and the happy, the heavy and the light,  the dark and the light.

We are here ‘fallen’ to earth. The fallen angels are ourselves. The angels are ‘angles’ of light.
We are angles of light which have become trapped on this planet composed  of matter and which we are presently animated and populating with all  the conceits of our supposed intelligence.

The Illuminati and Satanists simply wish this world to be our ‘only’  world. They want us to forget our true home in the sun and focus solely  on this material world. The reason is because they KNOW that our true  spiritual home is the sun and that we belong there, but that they  personally do not want us to return because their minds and spirits have  been corrupted by the whispering darkness of the earthbound spirits who  have lost their connection to the sun and lurk deep within the  continuum of endless darkness. These spirits feed themselves by feeding  from the energy of the living, so the masons and witches who commune  with them feed them their soul energy, they also stage rituals and wars  in order to feed these beings who they have bound themselves to over  many centuries since the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians started  communicating with spirits in order to learn secrets of changing the  material for gain and power.

Metalurgy, stone masonry, even the discovery of fire, are all said to  have been learned from interested spirits (whom they called Gods). It  was often said that other spirits would punish those who traded with the  humans, but perhaps the reason was merely to allow the spirits to drain  the extra energy which had been first acquired from the humans.

It is for this reason in the old testament that we see often ‘God’ asks  people to sacrifice their sons and daughters to him. The Biblical story  of Abraham and Isaac is very typical, and reflects an expectation of a  father that his son would automatically be sacrificed to God if he  required an energy snack. However the miracle of the story of Isaac is  that his own good fortune meant that his son was safe since a goat was  found nearby, and these are the classic sacrificial beast of God.

This is why Satanists are obsessed with horns and the ‘devil’ apparently  has them. He was merely another God of sacrifice and people used to  dress themselves up the devil when taking part in sacrifices, mostly of  animals, but as in the instance of Canaan and Carthage, of children.  This is why Moloch was a bull god, it was a symbol of animal sacrifice.  The horns represent sacrifice of energy to feed the spirits, while the  meat energy is used to sustain humans.

The different planets are different bases for various levels of spirit  beings. They are extra terrestrials since they do not live on earth, but  they are children of the same sun. They are our planetary neighbours.  Often these beings materialise in some form and so rods and strange semi  existent UFO’s may appear.

The further from the light of the sun each planet is the closer to  darkness it is. This is why Saturn is identified as Satan as an  archetype of evil, while his partner, Jupiter, was identified by the  Romans as their God, the Greeks knew him as Zeus, and the Romans also  called him Jove. The leap from Jove to Jahweh or Jahovah is not a  suprising one, and so we see that these ancient people all revered the  same celestial body as their God.

The celestial body however is not merely dead lifeless matter. Light  strikes the surface of the planet and infuses the whole body, creating a  field of consciousness which is at once separate from God and yet  composed of the same stuff.

However it is not a source of light or life. And so no Jehovah did NOT  create the world. The light from the sun combined with rain and massive  photon charges through lightning created the life on this world as we  know it.

Scientists have managed to create amino acid chains in water by firing  lighting charges through it. And Nasa also managed to create amino acids  by simply exposing various gases to light.

Proof then that 'life' is something which migrates from light into matter.  



  1. I think of you often, James. You're one of God's solid gold gifts to this earth. You're the best writer out there, not just because of your abilities and talent, but because you have a heart of gold. The days ahead are going to become just as described in the Bible regarding the end times. The signs are all around us. I pray that God keeps you safe and gives you everything you need.

    All my love,


    1. Thanks so much....I'm going through a tough time right now and your kind words are precious to me.... but despite the obstacles I'm facing right now I have the ultimate secret weapon and refuge from evil and the daily horror, fear and uncertainty which is building up in the world: I know the light and can close my eyes and instantly feel the love of God.... I'm lucky to have found this.....but hopefully if people read my e-book(s) they might find it too. God is totally real and always present, the problem is most people don't recognise what is right in front of them...

      Please get in contact with me using the message form... it would be nice to talk to you.

  2. Your writing is good but yet a little twisted. So God created Adam of dirt and breathed life into him so how did God not create the human race? You contradict and throw things off course a bit of mystic science. You either serve God, Jesus or mammon there are two good and evil. And some will return back to the creator of the universe. The sun, moon, stars and planets belong to him and we also belong to him. How do we belong to the sun. This can be a long deep conversation, and no time. But I hope you are saved by Jesus Christ if not all your good on earth is about nought. May the love of God shine upon you.


    1. God is one thing, but Jahweh is something else. Knowing God and Jesus is also what helps me know that the God of the old Testament is not the same God which Jesus knew. In ancient times there was a whole pantheon of demonic beings and spiritual Earth bound entities masquerading as Gods.......Why would God need a tent? Something not quite right about that.

  3. Lots of truth yet deflect from the biblical story of creation. Jehova God did create man and breathed life into him, we were not created by the sun, but for the son! We are energy that is true. All that exists was created by Him and for Him and eventually we will reap who accept His Son who shed his blood for you and I. I have enjoyed your writings but not sure where you stand on the subject of salvation. God bless you for your great efforts and wish you would talk more about your salvation, scriptures and power of God. Science is limited, the Creator is not. There is a fine line between good and evil. I pray the light of God will shine within you, and you will be a shining light in the darkness.

    1. Thanks for you comments. For me, God is clearly something which is at the highest energy levels in this universe. God is also all loving, all giving, creates all life and also lives outside of time and space. The only thing in the universe which fulfills these criteria is light itself. God is in the light. Jesus knew this, this is why he talks so much about light. This is also the reason the sky went dark when he died. Because the light of God had withdrawn from the Earth on his death. Jahweh is a different being, entirely, in fact he IS a being and this is made clear in the Old Testament. God, the real God is not a being, but part of all being, the kingdom of heaven is within you, it is the light within your consciousness, Jahweh of the old Testament is a separate being to the self. There are so many obvious contradictions between the 'Father' Jesus describes and the capricious God of anger wrath and punishment in the OT. I hope you can understand my perspective. Regardless, I follow Jesus and I pray to Jesus, there is no requirement on me to worship Jahweh or follow the Old Testament to find my place in the light of heaven. I have the words of Jesus and these are the only words anyone needs.

    2. Thanks for your valued comments. Jehova is just a name and not one which Jesus ever used. Jesus' created a new religion which established a new conception and relationship with God. It cannot be denied that the nature of the God of the Old Testament and the nature of Jesus' Father are very different. Jesus' ministry reflects a new and better awareness of the true nature of God, and this is why he was killed.

      Also what we know about God is that it is eternal, all nurturing, all loving, the source of all life, and also it exists outside of time and space. The only thing which fulfills this criteria is LIGHT. God is in the Light. This is why Jesus spoke so much of the Light because he too knew this.


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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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