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Wednesday 5 January 2022

Winston Churchill: the man who created Israel. From my new book.

 New book now available on Amazon. Ebook and paperback now available.

 Chew has replaced a word to describe another word.... I'm sure you can figure it out. It is not a word that Google likes to see too much of.

Among the owners of Bank of England stock was one Solomon de Medina, the first Chew to be knighted who had come to England with William of Orange as army contractor to William III. He too possessed an extensive intelligence network which was much better than the government’s. John Churchill, ancestor of Winston Churchill was said to be much in debt to Solomon’s intelligence network for his victories against the French King Louis XIV and his extensive campaigns in Europe, in addition to receiving funding for his campaigns and provisions for his troops from him. Like the Cromwell’s family ongoing relationship with international merchants and bankers the Churchill family, culminating of course in the life of Winston Churchill, effectively became servants of internationalist Zionist interests to the detriment of European and British interests.

The result of what historian David Irving calls ‘Churchill’s War’ was the loss of the British empire, the destruction of Europe and massive loss of life and the creation of the state of Israel. Hitler had sued for peace and promised he was committed to the continuance of the British Empire and would use his armies to defend it provided he would be given a free-hand in the East to deal with the international threat of Communism, but the war had been arranged by the very forces behind the creation of Communism and the timeline of revolution, the murder of Christian monarchs, the destruction of the Christian religion and the massacres of large numbers of Christian people under one pretext or the other.

William D Rubinstein in an article for the Chewish Historical Society of England describes Churchill as:

“..among the best friends the Chews ever had as a British political leader..” which is high praise since the bar of British leaders historically serving Chewish interests is pretty high indeed. He is further described as: “an absolutely consistent supporter of the Chews and of Zionism throughout his lengthy career.” Churchill’s father Lord Randolph Churchill was friends with the Rothschild banking dynasty and his son Winston was friends with James and Dorothy de Rothschild.

In his book Churchill and the Chews, Martin Gilbert quotes a popular clubland jibe of the time that Randolph Churchill only had Chewish friends and goes on to portray how closely intertwined the Churchill and Rothschild families had become: the young Churchill being classmates with the young Nathaniel Rothschild at Harrow school and it seemed that throughout his early life the Rothschild families were to be relied upon to help Winston and he wrote in a letter to his mother how he wished to work as a newspaper war-correspondent: ‘Lord Rothschild would be the person to arrange this for me’. His finances were also managed and investments made for him by another Chew, Sir Ernest Cassel at no charge. Throughout his early life Cassel continually made gifts to Churchill of money, shares and even a library for his London flat. It is clear from this relationship that Churchill even at this early stage in is life was a kept-man and totally dependent on Chews for his career and finances.

At 27 Churchill became MP for North West Manchester where he represented a constituency with a majority of Chews and campaigned vociferously and wrote a letter against a bill to prevent Chewish exiles coming from Tsarist Russia. The Sun newspaper at the time alleged that Churchill had been specifically instructed by his friend Lord Rothschild to write the letter. Major Williams Evans-Gordon, one of the Grand Committee members on the creation of the bill stated that Churchill: “was faithfully carrying out the instructions he had received for the party for which he was acting.”

Despite having a habit of losing elections, and moving from the Conservative to Liberal party and later, back again, in order to fuel his ambitions, Churchill found himself being shuffled into a safe Liberal seat and in 1910 was made home-secretary. There is something of the hidden hand moving the Winston Churchill chess-piece into ever higher positions of power despite having no qualifications or apparent aptitude for any of the roles except, and solely perhaps, his adoration and defence of the Chewish people along with his friendship with the Rothschilds.

Churchill’s conveniently positioned hand seemed to be present at every stage in the growing effort to establish a Chewish homeland in the Middle-East. For instance, he ensured that the arch-Zionist Theodor Herzl’s son Hans was naturalised a British citizen at the start of World War 1; Churchill had also signed the naturalisation papers of Chaim Weizmann, a Chewish chemist who was instrumental in the creation of the state of Israel by creating new techniques of agriculture and went on to become the first president of Israel and according to conventional history, it was he who convinced the United States to recognise the state of Israel. It is far more likely that this is just historical embroidery to add to his image since we can surmise that by this time, after world revolutions and two deliberately engineered world wars the creation of Israel was already a foregone conclusion, it only needed the tireless activity of bought and paid for agents like Churchill to make it happen.

Lenin was almost the only leader of the central committee to not be of explicitly Chewish origin although declassified KGB files revealed that Lenin’s maternal grandfather was Chewish. Martin Gilbert does not shy away from the prominent part the Chews had played in the rise of Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution and quotes Churchill stating ‘Bolshevism is a Chewish movement’ and Gilbert writes “he knew the significant part individual Chews had played in establishing and maintain the Bolshevik regime.” Churchill also wrote in a 1920 article for British newspaper The Illustrated Sunday Herald entitled: Zionism versus Bolshevism, a Struggle for the Soul of the Chewish People, that Chews held a prominent role in the Soviet machinery and listed the Chews who held real power and the names of those non-Chews whom they presided over and that the ‘prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combatting Counter-Revolution (the CHEKA) has been taken by Chews, and in some notable cases, by Chewesses.’ Although Felix Dzerkinsky, the head of the CHEKA and one of the architects of the Red Terror, was only half Chewish through his father, although like so many of the primary Soviets like Stalin, his wife Zofia was Chewish.  

Churchill also noted that Chewish businesses and places of worship had been exempted from the fury the Bolsheviks had meted out to Christian Russians and noted that there was a danger that people may begin to associate Chews with the crimes of Bolshevism. Churchill was strongly under the impression that there were ‘good Chews and bad Chews’ and indeed, this was one of the subheadings of his article; he didn’t see, or chose not to see, that all of their activities were actually part of one continuous all-encompassing world agenda. Had this not been the case then perhaps the Soviet Union would not have been the first country to officially recognise the state of Israel.

In 1922 the Liberal Party lost the general election and Churchill lost his hitherto safe Liberal seat at Dundee and was reduced to scrabbling around trying to make himself relevant again and finding a way back into the House of Commons. At this time, he had acquired the well-earned reputation that during the war he had done the bidding of rich Chews for nefarious purposes. Lord Alfred Douglas accused Churchill of being involved in a scam to misrepresent the results of the Battle of Jutland in 1916 in order to drive down the stock market and purchase stock; Churchill then delivered a second message representing the outcome of the battle in much more positive terms, driving up the price of the stocks which had lately been driven down and purchased by Churchill’s Chewish conspirators and then sold for enormous profit.

Churchill was saved from total political eclipse by his Chewish owners when vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Chews and chairman of British Shell, Robert Waley Cohen chose him to act as an intermediary with the government between the merger of two oil companies, one of which was owned by the British government (indeed it was Churchill who had ten years previously negotiated its purchase): the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.

No doubt everybody got kickbacks and was happy and Churchill found himself back in favour and after losing yet another election, was gifted the safe Conservative seat of Epping and was promptly made Chancellor of the Exchequer. One can now understand what might have qualified Winston Churchill, and perhaps any Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, to this high-office: a close and intimate friendship with the Rothschilds. Former Chancellor George Osborne had a close friendship with Nat Rothschild, so too did Peter Mendelsohn, the Minister without portfolio under Tony Blair’s Labour administration who, like Churchill with his repeated failures and scandals, was somehow always placed back on the politics chessboard despite being universally unpopular and even suspected of some of the worst possible crimes against children.

There was a period during the first term of Blair’s New Labour government during which there was said to have been a paedophile minister in the Blair government but all subsequent reporting had been hit with a government D notice making it a matter of national security that the story be squashed. Incidentally Mendelsohn was also close friends with disgraced Chewish paedophile and blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein.

Norman Lamont before becoming Chancellor under John Major’s Conservative premiership had worked for NM Rothschild bank in London and became director of Rothschild Asset Management. It seems clear to me that the role of Chancellor of Exchequer is to serve as a medium between the Rothschilds and the British government and to ensure that Chewish money continues to flow into the Bank of England. Prior to this, and the earliest Chancellor I remember from my lifetime was Nigel Lawson, himself born to a wealthy Chewish family heavily involved in world finance with his father the owner of a London commodity trading firm and his mother from a family of stockbrokers. Perhaps this might be the easiest way to convince people of the Chewish domination of the British economy, have them spend a cursory couple of minutes researching the background and career of the average British Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who in 1815 said:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” because of course he knew that if he had control of the nation’s money supply he could use this power to dictate its laws since the threat of removing the money supply from a country would lead to a complete social and economic breakdown and who knows what kind of promises and favours and agendas are even now being secretly followed in order to ensure that the Chewish bankers continue to supply the countries with the sustenance they need to effectively maintain social continuity and not lapse into chaos and anarchy.

Prime-ministers must effectively appeal to the Chancellor to approve their spending plans, and although Chancellors do tend to be financially wealthy themselves, it is not their money which they are spending, it is money which must be approved by the Bank of England which means we return to the realm of mysterious and unknown stockholders, if we recall, many of whom were Chewish at the time of the Bank’s creation.

This relationship was exposed in an investigation into David Cameron potentially illegally lobbying current Chancellor Rishi Sunak to provide loans to bail-out a failing investment company Greensill Capital which Cameron worked for as an ‘advisor’.

The text message revealed the workings of the UK economy and how indeed the Chancellor of the Exchequer is an agent for the Bank of England and presumably can only make spending and loan requests to them for approval:

Mr Sunak’s second reply to David Cameron dated 23 April:

"Hi David, apologies for the delay. I think the proposals in the end did require a change to the Market Notice but I have pushed the team to explore an alternative with the Bank that might work. No guarantees, but the Bank are currently looking at it and Charles should be in touch. Best, Rishi."

In 1929 the Conservatives lost the election to Labour and Churchill was out on his ear again but he devoted the next three months to a propaganda tour of America and Canada trying to drum up support for a Chewish national home in Palestine, through speeches, lunch engagements, newspaper and magazine articles.

Churchill worked tirelessly for the creation of the state of Israel and appealed to the House of Commons to reverse a decision by the House of Lords not to pursue the Balfour declaration as a matter of government policy: the Balfour Declaration had been enshrined in a white paper which Churchill himself had drawn up and submitted to the League of Nations. Martin Gilbert summarises the importance of Churchill’s central role in the creation of the state of Israel:

“With Churchill’s active and persistent support, the establishment of a Chewish national home in Palestine had become a reality.”


I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.