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Thursday 20 July 2023

Harassing Spirits and Demons....



By the end of the book, Barbara has rationalised away the existence of the ‘Operators’ as being part of her unconscious mind which had been brought in as an emergency remedy to help heal her mind. It is not entirely clear to me at least how the symptoms of mental illness can form part of its cure and I am not entirely convinced that these Operators were merely something conjured up by her own mind.

If for instance Barbara can admit that ‘Something’ guided her on the winning numbers for the Las Vegas roulette wheel; how upon deciding that she needed to find a job, how that same ‘Something’ led her to the precise street and building where an opportunity had just arisen, and furthermore, in one passage how one of the ‘Operators’ apparently advised her before leaving her mountain cabin to take a flashlight with her, it being early in the day Barbara herself could not understand the logic of the Operator’s demands but she took a flashlight with her all the same. It was only when she arrived in town to find that the bus-service she had intended to use to return to the cabin had been discontinued and that she had a three hour wait for a different service, by which time when she finally returned home it was not only dark, but she was apparently being tracked by a mountain lion, which with judicious application of the flashlight, she managed to scare off. There is no way Barbara herself could have foreseen any of these events and one is left with the conclusion that it must be some kind of all-seeing all-knowing force which exists beyond the human realm.

The great striking point here which splits and sends people to man their trenches and rally to their standards and fight with all their might is whatever they would give in answer to the ultimate question: Does God exist? Those who answer no, consider belief in God unscientific and wishful thinking; the belief in spirits and demons as delusion and superstition, and possibly consider those that do as intellectually challenged. For them, schizophrenia is solely a disease of the individual’s own mind and the delusions and the cast of voices show the astonishing power of the human brain.

Those that do however, see God as being present in the elements and experiences of life which science cannot answer. They consider spirits and demons as a possibility; the human body is only a vessel which the spirit temporarily occupies so could it not be that since consciousness continues after death in the spirit then it must logically follow, that spirits can exist independent of a physical form, without human bodies, or physical bodies at all. All religion and folk traditions have some commentary to make on the existence of these discarnate beings, and according to many of the descriptions of these creatures in many of the ancient holy books of the world’s religions the creatures which alternately persecuted and apparently aided Barbara, seem like a combination of the angels, demons and Djinns of the ancient faiths.

A very peculiar comment is made by the Operators about God which evokes something almost Biblical about the fall of man and the fallen state of the world:

“Operators, very early in the history of civilization, had surrounded the earth with an airfield of steel rays so powerful that even God couldn’t get through.”

An airfield of steel-rays is clearly just a metaphor for some other form of power and it reminds me of the work of CS Lewis whose remarkable science fiction trilogy, ending with That Hideous Strength, evokes this idea, less that God is banished from Earth but more that an evil principle known as Oyarsa: the bent one, has taken ownership of Earth, leading to a kind of spiritual quarantine of our planet by the spiritual forces of the solar system. The condition of this quarantine is that Earth’s Oyarsa cannot travel beyond the Moon’s orbit but nor are the other spiritual powers or Oyeresu allowed to come to Earth to intervene.

Another thing which makes me wonder whether the Operators might be a real phenomenon and that Barbara wasn’t hallucinating their existence but that due to the adrenochrome toxin in her blood, was able to perceive things which our consciousnesses usually filters out of our reality as being perhaps too strange and disturbing, is one of the dangers of being targeted by malicious Operators.

“At least, buy some nails and a hammer nail down the windows. Because that’s the way you’re going to go. Wait until you have twenty Operators from the council in here, working on your mind, telling you to jump. Believe me, you’ll jump. So far as the council is concerned, you’re a monstrosity and a source of danger, something that has to be put out of the way.” 

When one notices the same trends in different people’s experiences then one has to assume there might be some commonality at the root of those experiences. It is very common for those suffering from schizophrenia and hearing voices, to be driven to suicide by those voices. If these voices were part of our own subconscious mind, then why would it have any desire or interest in killing itself? It makes no sense, considering the natural imperative for survival which is supposedly one of the strongest instincts in man. This seems to go against nature and it would seem to make sense that only a maliciously inclined outside force which takes pleasure in human misfortunes would have any desire to drive a person to suicide.

In the book The Siren Call of the Hungry Ghosts, which deserves a full investigation all of its own and Youtuber ‘Zap Oracle’ has actually published an excellent two hour video which explains anything I could go into here; suffice it to say that it is an investigation into the world of channelling, ghosts and mediums which Joe Fisher, who at 22 set a record as England’s youngest ever editor in chief at the Staffordshire Advertiser and later went on to become one of Canada’s leading investigative reporters, becomes personally embroiled in discovering whether there is any truth to the existence of ghosts and spirits. His last words to his editor-in-chief at Paraview Books Patrick Huyghe shortly before he threw himself to his death from a limestone gorge at Elora Gorge in Ontario Canada, were that the spirits were still after him for having written his last book which was The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts.

My fundamental question here is do these ghosts, demons, spirits, djinns actually exist in some real spirit form which can interact with the human world to a limited extent and are there certain people in certain circumstances who find themselves in full contact with these beings?

If the answer is yes then it forces us to reconsider a great deal about what we think we know about the nature of humanity, its origins, the problems we face and in truth, it answers a lot of questions I think we all have and many of the mysteries which have plagued us for millennia can be solved by incorporating this shadowy world as a fundamental causative agent over much of the history of human activity. Perhaps even, a causative agent over some of our very thoughts.

Cross-referencing the ‘Operators’ of this book with the demons from CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters and Evelyn Waugh’s The Ordeal of Gilbert Penfold convinces me that there is some objective reality to these ghostly Operators since the same characters using the same kind of programme can be discovered in other people’s experiences.

The Screwtape Letters is a series of correspondences between a junior devil or ‘tempter’ Wormwood, and his ‘uncle’ Screwtape, where uncle Screwtape advises his nephew on how best to lead the human, described as ‘the patient’ he is tempting astray from God and the road to salvation and towards a petty-minded self-concerned cynical intellectual materialism, which CS Lewis satirically alludes suits the devil so well.

It’s not necessary for the temptee to do anything particularly evil to find himself drawn into the devil’s party, merely when the thought of eternity, heaven and salvation may come in the way, be distracted into forgetting all about them by thoughts of lunch, or the passage of the number five bus and the front page of the newspaper.

As Screwtape later says:

“The safest road to hell is the gradual one-the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, milestones, without signposts.” Conversely the road to heaven and the glimpse of the transcendental can be achieved in the most mundane of actions as Screwtape admonishes Wormwood and accuses him of allowing the patient to slip through his fingers when he allows him to read a book he really enjoyed, then compounded this by letting the man walk down to the old mill (a walk through country he really likes) and have tea there, alone. By allowing the patient two real pleasures his soul edges closer to God and out of the grip of hell.

Screwtape wants to eradicate any pleasure that is not actually a sin, such as a fondness for country cricket or collecting stamps or drinking cocoa because “there is a sort of innocence and humility and self-forgetfulness about them”.

CS Lewis’ demonic tempters bear a similarity to the Operators except that they have not revealed themselves to the ‘patient’ but exist, just as the Operators were said to exist to normal people, as a voice which most people assume to be the voice of their own thoughts and ideas. It is only at the end of the book when the ‘patient’ is killed during the war by a falling bomb that he finally glimpses these spirits which have guided him through life for better or worse:

“There was a sudden clearing of the eyes and he saw you for the first time, and recognised the part you had had in him and knew that you had it no longer. Just think (and let it be the beginning of your agony) what he felt at that moment; as if a scab had fallen from an old sore…”

For Lewis, death is where we glimpse these opposing factions continuously trying to direct and gently nudge the soul either to heaven or hell and the patient, finally breaking free from Wormwood and seeing his part in influencing his thoughts while alive, it is as if “he shuffled off for good and all, a defiled, wet clinging garment.”

From Lewis’ vision and the classical orthodoxy of demonic beings it is generally understood that they exist apart from the kingdom of God and are antagonistic to both it, and mankind which is an emanation of this kingdom since it is also generally considered within all of the literature of the world’s religions and metaphysics, that man has some divine spark, some small portion of the creator within himself. I always find this passage intensely moving and Lewis’ astonishing description of what might happen at the moment of death and passing to the next life seems itself to be so radiantly full of light and understanding that I am humbled by his eloquence and the beauty of his vision:

“As he saw you, he also saw Them. I know how it was. You reeled back dizzy and blinded, more hurt by them than he had ever been by bombs. The degradation of it!—that this thing of earth and slime could stand upright and converse with spirits before whom you, a spirit, could only cower. Perhaps you had hoped that the awe and strangeness of it would dash his joy. But that is the cursed thing; the gods are strange to mortal eyes, and yet they are not strange. He had no faintest conception till that very hour of how they would look, and even doubted their existence. But when he saw them, he knew that he had always known them and realised what part each one of them had played at many an hour in his life when he had supposed himself alone, so that now he could say to them, one by one, not ‘Who are you?’ but ‘So it was you all the time’. All that they were and said at this meeting woke memories. The dim consciousness of friends about him which had haunted his solitudes from infancy was now at last explained; that central music in every pure experience which had always just evaded memory was now at last recovered.”


Sunday 16 July 2023

Hearing voices, demonic entities and gang-stalking.




Opening chapter from Demons of Eleusis.


It was the recommendation of an extraordinary book called Operators and Things which started me on the path of putting this work together. A strangely unrevelatory title at first glance which one might think was some kind of glossary of telephone switchboard terminology but it was anything but mundane. It is one of those books which reading forces you to reconsider your whole perception of reality itself and the events of the story, which are in fact autobiographical and the kind of story that you could probably only make-up after a 3 day LSD and magic-marker bender at Disneyland.

The book was written by Barbara O’Brien, a lady who apparently developed schizophrenia in the 1950’s as a result of a long and stressful period at work during which she was forced to observe the behaviour of various psychopathic personality types using underhanded means to displace good people from their jobs, and step into shoes they were wholly unfit and unable to fill. She then observes how the psychopaths turn on each other and even manage to undermine the whole foundation of the company with their self-serving pursuit of power and their employment of malicious lies and deceptions to reach their power goals. 

The author at her place of work seems to be one of the few people to notice these nefarious shenanigans and she, knowing the true nature of some of the people around her starts to live every moment in fear of them, what they can do, what they represent and perhaps how utterly unsuspecting and defenceless the company and other employees are when it comes up against such malign intelligence. But this is not a story about psychopaths, it is a story about a schizophrenic, and one morning after the mounting fear and terror of the psychopaths at work comes to some kind of head, Barbara awakes to find three ghostly forms at her bedside telling her that she is now part of a special secret experiment. The nature of the experiment is to reveal the secret ‘world of the Operators’ to one of the ‘Things’ and to see what happens.

A ‘Thing’ is the operator’s term for a human being and the Operators themselves are an organized non corporeal collective intelligence which apparently ‘buy’ operating rights or charters for human beings, and then they control them by directly dictating their thoughts and supposedly guide them through life. The aim of this is apparently to feed themselves as they seem to gain energy by causing reactions and emotional feelings in the ‘Things’ or humans they control and possibly they benefit human development in general, indeed one of the discarnate voices of the Operators speaking to Barbara makes the claim:

“If it weren’t for Operators, Things would still be wandering in and out of caves.”

A similar line of thought appears referenced in a Masonic compendium book from 1847 entitled The Golden Remains of Early Masonic Writers compiled by George Oliver:

“In the history of man, there is nothing more remarkable than that Masonry and civilisation, like twin sisters, have gone hand in hand. The Orders of Architecture mark their growth and progress. Dark, dreary, and comfortless were those days when Masonry had not laid her line, or extended her compass. The race of mankind, in full possession of wild and savage liberty, mutually afraid of, and offending each other, hid themselves in thickets of the wood, or in dens and caverns of the earth. In those poor recesses and gloomy solitudes, Masonry found them, and the Grand Geometrician of the Universe, pitying their forlorn situation, instructed them to build houses for their case, defence, and comfort. It is easy to conceive that in the early state of society, genius had expanded but little. The first efforts were small, and the structure simple and rude; no more than a number of trees leaning together at the top, in the form of a cone, interwoven with twigs, and plastered with mud to exclude the air and complete the work."

For much of the story this is what Barbara believes and is told, and she is repeatedly told that a rival gang of Operators are trying to drain her energy, or otherwise involve her in detailed and ultimately pointless delusions about her own imminent death; or that her life is under threat by members of the Operators guild who are apparently not happy that she has been made aware of the existence of the Operators and that the information she has learned could endanger all their operations. This leads her to travel apparently pointlessly across the country, while some kind of convoluted astral legal drama plays out in the background, with the voices telling her of court hearings, legal writs being sought on her behalf and various motions filed in order to protect her while her mind remains in the realm of the Operators.

She travels the country on Greyhound buses which are apparently full of ‘Flies’ or Operators who do not belong to the committee and apparently spend their time playing a game where the winner is the one who can put a thought into the head of the person and elicit the strongest emotional reaction.

At one point she rents a cabin in the mountains thinking it will put her out of reach of the Operators who have told her they are actually humans who were born with psychic ability who can project their consciousness into the minds of others, and that they have a limited field of operation, and that travelling beyond that range would leave them powerless to act. So she finds herself a cabin in the mountains but finds that the voices have followed her there, but when she spots other cabins nearby she rationalizes that they must also have rented out one of the cabins in order to maintain psychic contact with her. She falls ill with various maladies as one might expect in her nervous and distressed condition and ends up finally seeing an analyst in California where miraculously the voices finally disappear.

One thing that is eye-opening about the book is how after reading about the inner world of the schizophrenic, the term ‘hearing voices’ which we have always been told is the classic symptom of schizo-affective disorder doesn’t fully explain how convincing in their way the delusions can be. It is not merely hearing voices, but it is the insinuation and the ‘reasoned’ if that is the correct word to use here, acquiescence to the ‘logic’ of the voices. They are telling you things no-one else knows, but they are real, they are trying to help you; the Greyhound bus-driver secretly works as an Operator cop which means he has the power to protect a Thing from other Operators as long as the owner Operator of the ‘Thing’ posts their charter with him.

And as Barbara says herself:

“It forces me to live in a double world. It’s like having a magic mirror through which I’m observing what’s happening on the moon while I’m going about the business of living on the earth.”

One of the strange things about schizophrenics is that they are extremely sensitive to human emotions: at the beginning of part one Barbara tells the reader how she ‘read’ psychoanalyst, Dr Donner, “Uneasiness hung around the room like a thick mist. He’s walking up and down, I thought, spraying worry around. The room is filled with worry.”

Throughout the interview with her analyst she seems perfectly able, despite her apparent mental illness, to be fully able to read the emotions and even the thoughts of her analyst whom it seems has personal moral scruples about referring his patient Barbara to the hospital for shock treatment, and the personal wrestling with his own feelings on the matter conflicting with the then perceived medical wisdom of the efficacy of shock therapy.

In this first chapter Barbara is able to perceive that something is troubling the analysist and she writes that she ‘leaned forwards to study his face’ however this action was not entirely her own as we are then told that one of the Operators, Hinton, was apparently studying the analyst through her eyes. Hinton, as a classic ‘voice in her head’ then gives her instructions on what she should say to best get out of being forced to undergo shock treatment.

This theme of the schizophrenic seeming to be extra-sensitive to emotions and people’s thoughts is something which is later revealed to even more interesting and thought-provoking degrees as it is suggested that the schizophrenic, through whatever new sub-conscious faculties are brought to light as a result of their illness, apparently develop the ability to read people’s deepest thoughts and motivations. Barbara states:

“Many psychiatrists had noted, among the patients who did talk, an odd ability to throw the doctor off balance by a feat which might have been called mind reading except that the psychiatrists described it as ‘the schizophrenics uncanny sensitivity to unverbalized and only partially conscious feelings in the psychiatrist.’”

Barbara’s belief is that some innate power of the unconscious mind which she calls ‘Something’ and this faculty, which during the early phases of her recovery from schizophrenia, performs astounding feats which defy reason and logic. One time the ‘Something’ urges her to go to Las Vegas; she only has five dollars but the ‘Something’ urges her to go to a specific roulette wheel and then that ‘Something’ tells her which numbers to put her money on:

“Something kept me rooted at one wheel and Something urged me violently to play a certain number at a certain time. I played a dollar chip and won. I waited, rooted, got another strong urge, played, won again. I played six times, won six times, and found myself with a purse full of money. Something stopped giving me numbers. I stopped playing and came home.”

Another time the Something helped her to find a job, specifically directing her to be in the right place at the right time:

“As my money was running low, I decided that I would try to find a job whose chores were not too demanding. As I started out, Something urged me to walk in the opposite direction from the bus line, toward a large building a few blocks away. Something urged me so violently to enter the building that it would have been impossible, almost, not to have gone in. I went to the building’s personnel department and found the employment manager not at all surprised to see me. She had phoned an agency that morning for a receptionist. She hired me.”

According to Barbara, the ‘mind reading’ ability which some psychiatrists have apparently observed in schizophrenics is part of the Something of the unconscious mind.

“Something can extend into the unconscious minds of others. Nevertheless, it was nice to know that other schizophrenics had demonstrated a similar talent. It made the business more normal, at least for us schizophrenics. Anyway, it wasn’t witchcraft.”

This is something for which I have long sought an explanation as during my travels around the world and the continued attempts to recruit me into what, for convenience’ sake I will call ‘the Illuminati’ despite that name evoking an automatic response of derision. The people I had contact with were Freemasons, but to say they attempted to recruit me into Freemasonry seems to fall short of the truth, since these people were of an elite branch of Freemasonry, it might therefore be more accurate to describe them as Illuminated Freemasonry. My personal conception of what these people represent is something I would call ‘The Family’ since there seems to be a genetic component connecting all of these people and this is what has been generally referred to by such researchers as Fritz Springmeier as The Illuminati Bloodline.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.