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Friday 12 November 2021

The Secret Manipulators who Pull the Strings.....

 An extract from my coming book.


                                                           The journey into mystery.

In a biography of Swedenborg, I discovered a hint about what may have been one of the ‘Manipulators’ of his time. Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk was an 18th Century Kabbalist who narrowly avoided being burned at the stake in Westphalia after being charged with sorcery.  

In her research paper entitled: Dr. Samuel Jacob Falk: A Sabbatian Adventurer in the Masonic Underground, Marsha Schuchard provides us with some interesting information:

“Falk spent his early years in Podhayce and Fürth, centers of secret Sabbatianism, where he had access to the antinomian Kabbalism of Baruchia Russo, who advocated ‘holy sinning’--especially in sexual and ritual matters--in order to bring about a millenarial reversal of reality. Falk was said to be gifted in: “practical magic, hypnotic techniques, alchemical metallurgy, and folk medicine.” Furthermore:

“Falk boldly defended the Chewish religion, predicted a universal war, and an approaching messianic consummation.”

The online Blake Quarterly describes Falk as:

 “a Chewish alchemist and Cabalist, who became revered and feared as one of the “Unknown Superiors” of illuminist Masonry. Falk instructed Swedenborg in Cabalistic trance techniques and sexual magic, which they believed would usher in a spiritual and political millennium.”

The following incident involving, reported in Nesta Webster’s book, involving Falk and a hypnotised Swedenborg recalls the strange events of the Rosicrucian Grand Master Raymond Bernard and mysteriously falling into hypnotised unconsciousness in the company of the twelve men in white robes:

“According to a later Swedenborgian freemason, Swedenborg was in the company of some unnamed Chews when he went into a trance or ecstasis, and they allegedly stole his watch….Swedenborg defended 'these good Israelites', and he developed messianic fantasies of preaching in their synagogue about the return of regenerated Chews and Christians to Jerusalem.”

The latter is something we are now having to deal with and the messianic fantasies and fancies of people such as Swedenborg in their high-minded meddling have unleashed on our present age and we have seen that none of this seems in any way beneficial to anybody except the Chews who presently appear to be the very masters of the Earth: dictating American foreign policy, given a free-hand in Israel and using British and American armies to dispatch their enemies and also dictating an agenda of mass-immigration, censorship and demonisation of white identity.

In an article entitled: “Kabbalist or Charlatan? The Life and Times of Dr Samuel Falk The ‘Baal Shem of London’ on the Chewishhomela website Rabbi Pini Dunner gives us some insight into the mysterious Dr Falk which may explain his apparently mysterious rise to eminence:

“For a few years he struggled, and his faithful assistant records that his personal life was fraught with difficulties as he and his wife constantly argued about finances. Eventually things began to change for the better. People were surprised at his sudden change of fortune. How was it possible that someone who had been so insolvent that he was forced to pawn all his belongings had suddenly achieved such incredible material success? Rumors began to spread that he possessed mystical powers that he used to attain wealth. The truth was more mundane. Falk was an exceptionally charismatic individual and particularly attractive to the type of people who are drawn to enigmatic personalities. Two of those people were the affluent Chewish banker Aaron Goldsmid, and his son George.”

So it would appear that Falk, who went on to become one of the secret masters of Freemasonry, was bankrolled by Chewish bankers, according to Marsha Schuchard “He also met the bankers Tobias and Simon Boas who were both Scottish Rite Freemasons.”

There is oblique reference to some ‘peculiar rituals’ and such activity appeared to be common knowledge amongst the Chewish community in which Falk operated, also from Rabbi Dunner’s article:

“Remarkably, although he was not considered a scholar, this in no way detracted from his reputation as a Kabbalist, nor did the fact that he performed extremely peculiar rituals prevent senior community leaders – including Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff – from considering him their friend.”

One of these peculiar rituals is referenced in Nesta Webster’s classic book:  Secret Societies and Subversive Movements and refers to a letter published in the September 1762 edition of The Gentleman. The editor relates that they are publishing the letter just as they received it, noting that several peculiarities of style indicate that the letter was written by a foreigner. What is fascinating indeed about this letter is that it gives us a first-hand account of somebody who was enthralled by a character we can strongly presume to be Samuel Falk, as the particular description of the man recently arriving from Germany align with the events in the life of Falk. Here we may see some of the mysteries of the Kabbalist and his practices exposed and seen clearly for what they really are.

The letter begins with a man going to a tavern where he encountered several people discussing the existence of witchcraft and whether it exists or not. One of the men, a man of reputation asserts that Cabbala and magic are ‘pretended arts’ and ‘contrivances of tricks and frauds, which pick the pockets of fools..and always end in bankruptcies’.

At which point the author of the letter recalls a story told to him three months ago, over a bottle of wine, by someone who experienced the same thing. The narrator recounts how, four years ago a gentlemen came from Germany with his numerous family, and claimed to be the greatest physician and cabalist. The man he said, was a Christened Chew and ‘the biggest rogue and villain in the world’ who has been imprisoned everywhere and banished out of Germany and at some time publicly whipped ‘that his back lost all the old skin and became new again’.

The rogue attempted to become acquainted with the man who describes himself as ‘enchanted’ and was no more master of his senses. The Cabalist told him that he had spent 16 months with three adepts and has learned all the mysteries and secrets of nature. He had sworn an oath to the adepts not to reveal any of the secrets for a certain length of time, but that time apparently was soon coming to an end. Naturally this made the man very curious as he says, and he forgot all precautions and fell in with all his proposals to the extent that he ended up buying several secrets from the Cabalist which amounted to more than a 1000 pounds, which in the 18th century was an extraordinary sum, and he declares that all the ‘said secrets were nothing but cheats and deceits’. The man grew angry at being cheated whereupon the Cabalist offered to teach him the secrets he had been taught by the adepts and of which the period of secrecy was soon coming to an end. The condition was that he must avoid all churches and public worship as ‘unclean’ for half a year, and the Cabalist said that for this reason he and his family had never once attended church since their arrival in England, in order that he always be ready to begin the so called ‘Godly mysteries’.

He also told the man to tell everyone in his house to swear an oath that they will speak nothing of what they witness. He then told the man that he must procure a Hebrew Bible stolen from a zealous protestant, whom the man duly robbed, the Cabalist then asked for a Bible in English, it happened that the man he robbed had a Bible in English and one in Hebrew and so he robbed him of all his personal effects by some kind of cunning ruse, leaving him destitute which the Cabalist demanded of him. He then asked the man to procure one pound of the blood of an honest protestant. He was in some consternation at this for he had the suspicion that the Cabalist was trying to incite him to murder. He then reasoned that he himself was an honest Protestant and so he bled himself and once he had roughly three quarters of a pound he gave this to the Cabalist. The Cabalist then demanded another 400 pounds which the man had to borrow, once he had procured the sum he paid it into his hands. The Cabalist then sent everyone out of the house except for themselves.

The next night at 11pm they went out into the man’s garden and the Cabalist then put a cross tainted with the man’s own blood at each corner of the house, and in the middle of the garden the Cabalist put a threefold circle made of paper, about three yards in diameter. In the first circle all the names of God in Hebrew; in the second all the names of the angels; and in the third the first chapter of the holy gospel of Saint John, again all written in blood.

The Cabalist laid both Bibles in the circle which created a protection which the devil could not enter. The Magician then brought a billy goat which he had prepared and led him backwards through the circles. The man noticed that the belly of the goat was extremely big and looked as if it would burst open, but the man reasoned that the Cabalist must have somehow filled the beast’s belly full of wind with some kind of blow pipe. He then covered the goat in crosses drawn in blood and tied his legs together and at that the wind came out of his belly in strange murmuring tunes. Then the Cabalist began to speak strange words and conjured the devil to appear and satisfy their desires and demands. Then the man began to hear strange sounds and voices coming from the region of the crosses in the corner of the garden, which he afterwards reasoned was performed by the conjurer’s children who had hidden themselves without his knowledge, but at that time he was feeling his hairs standing on end. The night was cloudy and suddenly lightning flashed and thunder roared and he lost his senses. Then the ground under his feet started to shake and his body trembled violently and he thought it was the last minute of his life and the devil would come and take him, the goat and the cabalist and break all their necks at once.

It was impossible for him to stay there any longer and he ran out of the garden and into his house and shut the door behind him. A short while later the Cabbalist came in too and the man asked him if he had been successful. The Cabalist answered no, but that he had seen the demon and it had a beautiful look, shining like glittering gold and diamonds, and the spirit told him that he had done everything correctly except that the blood was not of an honest protestant but of a rogue and a villain. At this the man lost his temper and he beat the magician and drove him out of his house. Therefore, the man was defrauded and he dared not prosecute the Cabalist because then everything would become known, so he had to remain silent and hide everything and not quarrel with that damned rogue. The man was utterly ruined and had to cheat his creditors.

The following description about Falk comes from the Chewishhomela website and one cannot help but notice the description of men in white robes, could these be of the same cult which Raymond Bernard would encounter 200 years later?

“On one occasion he withdrew into his home for six weeks, and allowed it to be known that he was not eating or sleeping for the entire period. After six weeks had passed, he sent for a group of ten men to join him – but only after they had immersed themselves in a mikvah. The men arrived at midnight and were asked to clothe themselves in white robes, and also to remove their shoes. With that they were invited into a large room lit only by flickering candlelight.

One of the ten men later wrote in a letter to his son that upon entering the room, “the saintly man was seated on his throne arrayed like an angel of heaven, diademed with a golden miter, a golden chain round his neck reaching to his waist, from which hung a great star, and holy names were engraved on the star. His face was covered with a star-shaped veil, and his headgear was marvellously fashioned out of parchment, with holy names written on it. A star of pure gold was fastened on each corner of his turban, and names were engraved on them. Who could possibly describe the beauty of the painting on the tapestries that were hung on the walls, with sacred figures, as on the heavenly throne in Ezekiel’s vision….

The letter describes the strange ‘throne room’ as having been divided into an inner section and an outer section delineated by silver chains. Falk instructed five men to sit within the chains, and the other five to sit outside of them, following which he took out an engraved shofar and an engraved trumpet, and presumably blew on them. The letter writer and his nine companions were overwhelmed by this melodramatic scene, and became Falk’s avid devotees.”

The description of being ‘overwhelmed’ and becoming ‘avid devotees’ suggests something of the techniques of cult mind control and a form of hypnosis. The whole performance was staged within the context of the Judaic rite of purification by taking a mikvah bath and also the blowing of the Shofar horn which is traditionally only blown at the start of the Chewish new-year, at the end of the holiest day of the Chewish year Yom Kippur. The ritual significance of the Shofar cannot be understated and goes back the Exodus of the Chews and was heard coming from the thick clouds on Mount Sinai and kept the Israelites rapt in awe.

It seems the whole performance was designed precisely to create the transformative effect and so instil the idea that Falk was more than just a man and the religious trappings were clearly intended to convey the idea that Falk was something like part of the line of Patriarchs and perhaps the latest incarnation of a leading figurehead for Chews in the world.

However the opinion that Falk was just a charlatan and a conman was one that was even held by certain Chewish Rabbis themselves. In a letter to a colleague, leading German Rabbi, Rabbi Yakov Emden who extolled Orthodox Judaism and was critical of the growing Sabbatean movement wrote of Falk:

“Some rich non-Chews also believed in him, thinking that he could discover treasure for them. Using trickery he succeeded in entrapping one wealthy non-Chewish captain, who spent his entire fortune on him and has now been reduced to poverty, and he is only able to survive as a result of Falk’s charity. Incredibly this captain continues to praise him among wealthy Christians, so that they give him a lot of money. In this way the Baal Shem is enabled to live as a man of wealth, and he uses his money to bribe his close followers so that they continue to spread his fame.”

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.