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The Double-Slit experiment, first performed in 1801 by Thomas Young is perhaps THE scientific experiment which represents the very beginning of the modern scientific era. A warm welcome and introduction to the present age of Light. It is the simplest and most incredible experiment carried out in science because it directly tries to analyse light and discovers a new universe with new-rules. This experiment really introduced the 4th dimension into classical 3d science, and it was not until 100 years later that Max Planck coined the term ‘quanta’ as a way to describe a quantity or discrete unit of light, and ever since science has been puzzling and scratching its head to try to figure out just what a quanta or light is anyway without much progress since this revelation at the dawn of the 20th century. 

The Double-Slit experiment is one of the simplest scientific experiments ever devised: it requires only two things: some light and an impermeable sheet with two slits in it. And that’s it. What the experiment lacks in complexity it has more than compensated for by the astonishing results which it has yielded. In fact, incredibly, the Double-Slit experiment itself, is in itself, a 4 dimensional experiment, that is mutable, it is an experiment which exists and is repeatable and stable in the scientific sense, but infinitely changeable and although devised with a certain hypothesis and outcome in mind, which it delivered, can also give different and contrasting results, depending on how the experiment is performed.

It is an experiment which has mutated and which can give DIFFERENT and contradictory results depending on the circumstances and details of the experiment. For instance, Thomas Young performed the experiment to analyse the nature of light which he suspected was a kind of wave. The supposed light ‘waves’ were duly produced by the ‘interference’ patterns produced when the light ‘waves’ went through the two slits, proving once and for all that light was indeed a ‘wave’.

However it was not until the invention of the cathode ray that single electrons could be fired through the double slits and would inexplicably lead to the same characteristic ‘wave’ diffraction patterns which Young had produced nearly a century before. So indeed it was the case with every particle they subsequently sent through the slits. Not only that but the dramatic conclusion reached was that a single particle somehow passes through both slits at once. As if it somehow transcends the limitations of time and space. A new universe had been discovered which seemed to obey a new set of rules. 

The ‘quanta’ of light, or ‘quantum’ physics is science’s way of saying we don’t know what it is because we can’t accurately measure it. It is not that light is a wave or a particle, it is because it has a 4 dimensional form which confuses us and leads us to fail to accurately quantify it. 

Quantum science is so called because it is looking for the ultimate 'quantum' of stuff, the quantity, the quality, its nature. What is it? What is a photon? They really don't know. Their 3d experiments resulting from 4d changes, endlessly confuse modern science as it seeks to quantify matter into 'colours' 'strings' 'fields' 'waves' and particles.

Our scientists are only seeing 3d results and only observing different aspects of the same ultimate reality, the unification of the field and the photon, simply, that the photon travels the whole distance of the universe instantaneously. It is every where at once and science merely observes its relative positions as 3d 'snapshots' of a multi-faceted 4d reality.

This is 4d. The photon behaves as a 4d particle by travelling through BOTH slits at once, and being in two different places in 3d at the same time, which being a 4d particle, it can do.

This also explains the mysterious nature of holograms as well. Again, we have light creating multiples, being in several places at the same time. When we divide the holographic film into smaller parts, every piece will show a reduced size 3d version of the full image, not a part of the image which is what happens if you cut 2 dimensional image, which seems counterintuitive to many, but this reveals the 4 dimensional nature of the photon.

In the holograms we have versions of the same image on infinite scales, because the photon is 4 dimensional and as a result, all it's sides are 3d. The 4d light photon interacts with the 2d film surface by creating multiple light patterns which when reactivated with more 4d photons produce 3d images. The photon imprints its 4d pattern on the film, namely that every side to a 4d shape is a 3d image and we see the 3d sides when we cut the 4d imprinted holographic film into pieces.

And so we get a multitude of 3d images. Like the 4d photon is OMNIPRESENT in 3d. It is everywhere at once (until we perceive it: quantum entanglement). Incidentally this also solves the mystery of God.

In quantum physics scientists have postulated string-theory and multiple dimensions apparently 'folded-into' minute sub-atomic strings. This theory actually makes sense on two levels. Both intuitively and pragmatically. First of all, on the intuitive level, if higher dimensions are accessed from only within the present geometry and not outside of it, then it makes sense that sub-atomic particles will open up new dimensions deep inside themselves. When these particles are destroyed then new 3d dimensional particles come into existence from within the inner 4d dimension which resolves into 3d particles, many of which exist for only short periods in 3d time-space.

Just as the higher dimension is within us, it is also locked within every electro-magnetic particle in the universe. Light itself for instance, travels in 4d (outside of time). Time does not exist from the perspective of the photon travelling at light speed. Time does not pass because there is no time. Everything is instantaneous for the photon. This is 4d reality.

We perceive the light travel at a certain speed and travelling a certain space within a certain time, because we are OUTSIDE of the eternity which the photon experiences. On the pragmatic level, to demonstrate how a higher dimension might be hidden in something small, think about a galaxy or a planet viewed from a certain distance.

From far far away a galaxy appears to be a flat round disk. So too would a planet viewed from afar. From far enough away it could be said to be a two dimensional object in space. However only when you move closer to the galaxy or planet in question do you start to notice it has 'depth' and isn't flat but has a thickness. The 2d circle viewed from afar on closer inspection is revealed to be a 3d sphere.

In a sense we are as 'far away' from sub-atomic strings as we are from a distant galaxy, so if we were to get closer to the physical centre of the universe (the string) its multi-dimensional 'depths' would reveal themselves. Hope this makes some sort of sense.

This also solves the problem of the apparent wave-particle duality of light revealed by the famous double-slit diffraction experiment. It is not that light is a wave or a particle, it is because it has a 4 dimensional form which confuses us and leads us to fail to accurately quantify light.

When the 4 dimensional shape is all of these things at once. Our scientists are only seeing 3d results and only observing different aspects of the same ultimate reality, the unification of the field and the photon, simply, that the photon travels the whole distance of the universe instantaneously. It is every where at once and science merely observes its relative positions as 3d 'snapshots' of a multi-faceted 4d reality.

The problem with science, among other things, is they only promote people who belong to their secret club. Scientists of the past have told the public. or demonstrated to them one thing, but have kept quiet about all the other things they're not allowed, or supposed to talk about.

The greatest inventors and scientists of our history have often been secret cabalists, alchemists, spiritualists, freemasons and more besides. The latest atheistic notions of modern science stem from the masonic 'mind control' which scientists either propagate because they are freemasons, or because they are told to from the freemasons who give them their grants and such like.

Also spirituality has also become a taboo subject on TV because many who work in the media have this fear of offending anyone. So noone talks about it.

All ultimately leading to the abnegation of God and higher possibilities, and leading to obedient tax-payers funding Satan's little helpers to run their world for them on behalf of their hidden masters, who few suspect even exists due to the materialistic nature of the science and media message.

Clever huh?

In a devious twisted way.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the double slit experiment is that it shows us a consiousness centred view of the universe. Refuting the materialist lie that matter makes consciousness, quantum physics is starting to show us that consciousness actually 'makes' or 'orders' matter. The particularly weird thing about the double-slit experiment and the collapse of the wave function is that it is NOT the measuring or recording device itself which collapses the wave-function but it is consciousness itself.

For instance, if an interferometer is introduced into the experiment to pinpoint the position of the 4d photon, then the interference pattern collapses and we see readings which would indicate that the photon was a particle after all. However if there was no 'access' to the information, and no readings were taken, then the wave-function would return and show the characteristic 4d wave-particle duality pattern. So if our minds can have an effect over one photon or electron then what more control can we have over the whole light based reality?

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