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Saturday, 15 January 2022

Mauri the Fake Grey Alien.

  New book now available on Amazon. Ebook and paperback now available.

 An investigation into the reality of the spirit world with reference to various published materials and the historical influence of the spirit-world within the European hermetic movement and secret societies.

Exploring the creation and the purpose of the Jesuits.

The secret of the Alumbrados. 

Decoding the Rosicrucians.

The TRUTH about UFO's.

Alchemy explained.

The Kabbalah exposed!



Something which isn’t part of the public record however is the life and experience of a former member of the Illuminati known as Mauri. These days with the mass censorship of the internet a great deal of knowledge is being lost since website such as hers no longer appear to be indexed in Google searches. In fact, it is not only conspiracy websites which no longer appear in Google searches but any website or forum which is not part of the mainstream media. The result is that anything you tend to search for now usually elicits a page full of mainstream sources quoting an identical chunk of text, usually farmed from Wikipedia. It goes without saying that this is Orwellian in the extreme but this is the natural result of media and big-tech companies working hand-in-hand with government agendas.

The mainstream media were dying: print sales and television viewing on decline, meanwhile governments have their nefarious agendas and the internet was previously a venue where the internet’s vox populi could lead the debate and challenge government lies and misinformation, forcing deep-state operatives like Hilary Clinton to repeatedly make shrill noises about conspiracy theories and declare ‘we are losing the info-war’. Well they were, and they were good times, but it is a war which through sheer muscle of money and perhaps too many newly arrived bovine internetizens who care more about make-up tutorials and Amazon’s Prime-Day sales, than sharing information, cheering a sheepish approval at denying free-speech and internet hosting services being denied to certain tactically positioned agent provocateurs like Andrew Anglin, then we are now refugees and guerrillas trying to find somewhere to hide from the conquering army of relentless censorship. Andrew Anglin, or Andre as he used to be known on the old David Icke forum, was a left-winger living in the far-east deploring ‘white people’ for all the problems of the world and extolling a mixing of the races.  

This information has long gone but it certainly ought to make us suspicious of Andrew Anglin’s 180 degree political heel-turn and if we consider perhaps that without his website and its deliberately and needlessly provocative articles cynically engineered to be as offensive as possible, then we might wonder whether he was the necessary ‘problem reaction solution’ agent required to instigate the avalanche of relentless internet censorship of which his de-platforming seemed to be the signal governments and the tech agencies had been waiting for.

So websites like linger like virtual phantoms, the only way to find them is by knowing they are there in the first place. Google these days certainly has no intention of taking you to them, even if you were to fill in exactly the relevant search terms you would still find yourself being directed to a mainstream news website or else a website specifically debunking and attacking what you had just typed in. So for instance typing the search terms ‘Illuminati, Nazi, UFO’s’ which in the past would have served up Mauri’s website on the first page or at worst the second page now gives you results from, Popular Mechanics, Ebay, the BBC, Wikipedia, NBC news, the Washington Post and even the CIA.  

Basically all of the media and information control outlets with the most money to field your query and refute it without you ever having had the chance to glimpse an honest response as used to be the case. The kind of responses we used to have for such a query might be a page from a discussion forum specifically dedicated to investigating the subject, or a website dedicated to researching the topic or an individual’s personal account of something similar or connected to the broad themes. Clearly this was a much better way to get to the bottom of subject, rather than to be presented a politically motivated and corporate sponsored refutation of the query terms. These kind of websites were always top in the search results over the mainstream media because the mainstream media were losing ground to the expert analysis which easy communication between interested parties and experts had made possible, as a result these websites and forums grew until they had thousands of members online and millions of views.

Mauri hasn’t published anything for eight years and I have twice attempted to contact her without success, asking for clarification about her experiences as a ‘grey alien’ which she goes into as being part of her duties as a member of a multi-generational Illuminati family.

“The grey alien is a creation of Nazi innovation. An alien being was needed to accompany the secret advanced flying machines made during WWII in Germany, which after the war developed into the Nazi UFO hoax in America. What was their secret formula in creating the grey aliens? Let’s start with the stocking mask. It turns out the nylon stocking was useful for more than just a gift to the ladies. The stocking contorts the face down to the bones and removes a person’s individual facial features. The ears become just two holes and the nose (on a child) becomes two nostrils instead. The mouth becomes a nonfunctional slit. And the eyes disappear altogether. Why it makes you look almost alien; except for the eyes. One could add a nice pair of WWII army surplus goggles to hide the lack of eyes. Oh wait; if one hides the elastic on the goggles, each lens (which is almond shaped) becomes an eye. Cool! If the stocking is wrapped around the head, covering the hair, the head becomes bigger and bald. Add a little white bath powder to blend it all together. And, oh did I mention that the Nazis liked to use children, specifically little girls. The Nazis were not only innovative; they were cheap. The little grey alien doesn’t even get clothes, but has to run around in the cold night air naked. Berrrrr.

The grey aliens were a part of a larger program of mind control, especially of cult-connected members (victims.) No one comes back from an abduction with anything good to say about grey aliens because they were a substitute in what used to be “Satan” programming, as in Satan is watching you, only now it’s the greys and they are inserting implants and watching you. Same difference. Both Satan and grey aliens also like animal mutilations, not to mention both are involved in the sexual creation of hybrids, Satan-human and alien-human. Who would like an alien that mimics Satan? Actually I consider that view unfair. When I was a grey alien I just stood there, cold and scared, ready to piss in my pants, if I had been allowed to wear them.

With the Earth going to hell as we speak, the Nazis have supplied us with an otherworld salvation, about which we have a choice. We can all form a One World Government to fight the alien invasion, or we can all form a One World Government to follow our alien overlords, it’s up to you.”

It is your prerogative whether you believe Mauri or not, but I think the people who listen to these stories of ritual Satanic Illuminati abuse and mind-control and quickly dismiss them are certainly at a disadvantage in this present age of endless deception. I also think that many of the former Illuminati insiders such as her and Svali, believed the Illuminati were a far-right Nazi organisation and that it controlled the world, but it has become obvious in recent years that Nazis, white people and the far-right have no role in world control and probably never did: the real operators have become exceedingly clear and it is only the willfully deluded, apathetically ignorant and cowardly souls who do not wish to accept this reality. It is likely that ‘The Illuminati’, like the Freemasons, is a sub-group which is used to control those non-Jews whose cooperation and servitude is essential for the continually unfolding of the Jewish agenda of world domination which is just about reaching its apotheosis. 

The amount of anti-white hatred which the media and politicians are willingly engaged in is only the first step of what I fear will eventually become acts of mass violence against white people. Such things are already taking place in the United States and we have seen how white-children are being sexually groomed and trafficked by Pakistani gangs, with a blind-eye being turned by the police and even the arrests of white girls who report their abuse to the police. It has already reached the point in the United States and to a lesser extent in the UK, where the media are inciting minorities against white people and when crimes are perpetrated against white people the police and courts will tend to side against them. 

There are so many examples but I don’t want to sully this book by getting into these most unpleasant events, suffice it to say, this is just the beginning of something which if it reaches its logical conclusion can only end in some kind of mass genocide or ethnic civil-war, or else some kind of sustained oppression of white people as permanent second-class citizens in education, employment and cultural and political representation. In many ways we have already reached this point in the United Kingdom and as to whether this obvious oppression can be sustained by the media, criminal justice system and politicians, remains to be seen.

Becoming better informed and having an open mind to conspiracies is now a matter of survival as many of those unfortunates who trustingly took the various Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ on offer might be discovering to their cost as they deal with a variety of long-term side-effects or even the death of their loved ones, but here again the media is in full control of the message, and will not tell you anything about these instances unless you already know where to look. I would say these big-tech censors and their ubiquitous agents along with those working for the mainstream media have blood on their hands and perhaps within their lifetimes they will have their complicity revealed to the world and will have to live with the consequences of ‘just following orders’ which apparently wasn’t a valid excuse during the Nuremberg trials and shouldn’t be now.



Saturday, 6 November 2021

The Source of the Flying Saucers..


                                                           The journey into mystery.

Henry Stevens' highly informative book Hitler’s Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War, is a thorough and systematic documentation of various Nazi secret aeronautical projects of the final stages of the Second World War. However, there are some parts of the book which deal with some of the more ‘hypothetical’ elements of the possible propulsion systems for some of these saucers and while some theories are quite plausible and convincing, others such as the ‘free energy’ Schappeller Device, are probably stretching credulity and it would have been better perhaps in this instance to have stuck to what is demonstrably known and documented rather than delving into more arcane and fringe areas of so called pseudo-science; if only to put Hitler’s flying saucer programme on a more historically sound and documented basis and remove it from the classification of ‘conspiracy theories’ which it seems relegated to, to this day.


In his book he refers to several documented newspaper reports marking the first reference in the press to the term: ‘flying saucers’. The first report referring to ‘flying saucers’ appeared in 1947 in the November 9th edition of the Denver Post, some months after several documented UFO sighting across America.


The article is entitled ‘Spies Bid for Franco’s Weapons’ with a subtitle which reads ‘Agents Ascribe ‘Flying Saucers’ the New Rocket’ and reports a potentially fascinating story about an unnamed ‘European spy organisation’ successfully smuggling blueprints for advanced weapons out of Spain which had been designed by three unnamed German scientists. One of the weapons is described as ‘an electromagnetic rocket’ which, it is claimed, is “responsible for the ‘flying saucers’ seen over the North American continent last summer..”


Another article he refers to is an edition of the Los Angeles newspaper The Mirror dated March 24 1950 quoting Italian engineer, Professor Guiseppe Belluzzo who makes a matter-of-fact report about the development of flying discs. Belluzzo who was formerly Minister of National Economy and later, Education Minister in Mussolini’s government was quoted after a spate of sightings in the continental United States:

“There is nothing supernatural or Martian about flying discs…but they are simply rational application of recent technique.” He also said:

“Some great power is launching discs to study them.”


At this time there was growing curiosity following the Roswell and Aztec retrievals of crashed saucers and the release in 1950 of the first American feature film to feature flying saucers. What is interesting is that film does not try to make out that the saucers come from space but that the saucer is an invention of an American scientist. The plot revolves around a race against the Russians to be able to gain this technology while a communist turn-coat attempts to sell the saucer to the Soviets.


It is interesting that at the earliest stage in the UFO controversy there were independent attempts to get the truth out, however one can assume that, as the arms-race against the Russians heated up it became necessary to be more guarded about the nature of the development of American aeronautical technology and for this reason the cover of ‘aliens from space’ what created by various sponsored science fiction writers and Hollywood producers who were deployed in this propaganda effort to sell the possibility of visitors from space to the American public.


The article, apparently quoting Belluzo from an article from Italy’s Giornale d’Italia, whom the article credits with the building of the first steam turbine in Italy in 1905, states quite plainly:


“..types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942.”

He was also interviewed for the March 30 edition of Der Spiegel in 1950 where he said that in the early 1940’s, flying saucers were produced in the BMW factory Prague where scientists such as Klaus Habermohl, himself and Walter Miete, who was also part of the V2 project, worked on flying disc projects following Schriever’s work.

"… Rudolph Schriever, who says engineers throughout the world experimented in the early 1940s with flying saucers, is willing to build one for the United States in six to nine months. The 40-year-old Prague University graduate said he made blueprints for such a machine, which he calls a flying top, before Germany’s collapse and that the blueprints were stolen from his laboratory. He says the machine would be capable of 2,600mph with a radius of 4,000 miles, Schriever is a US Army driver at Bremerhaven."


According to the Henry Steven’s book the earliest designs for flying saucers in World War 2 are by aeronautical engineer Rudolf Schriever who was mentioned in the 1950 Der Speigel article, and these designs were dated to 1941 and first flown and tested in 1942. Schriever developed a flying saucer which used a jet-engine, a technology which had been in existence since Frank Whittle built the first jet-engine in England in April 1937.  Two years later in Germany Erich Warstiz piloted the world’s first jet aircraft the Heinkel He 178, which was limited to speeds of 372 miles per hour, somewhat slower than the Messerschmitt 109, and had a combat time of little more than 10 minutes. For these reasons it was not a success, however in 1944 the Germans built the Messerschmitt Me 262 which was effectively the world’s first jet-fighter.


A few years later, on page 148 of an edition of Popular Science magazine from October 1955 in an article entitled: “Giant Pie Cooked Up by Frenchman is Latest Flying Saucer” French aircraft engineer Rene Couzinet is shown standing aside the Couzinet RC-360: a flying saucer shaped aircraft 27 feet in diameter, resting on three landing stuts. The article describes him as ‘making a bid for the flying saucer trade’ which is an interesting thing to say and seems to infer that there might be a commercial interest in designing saucers, presumably for secret government and covert military programmes.


The article quotes Couzinet on the method of propulsion: “The engines will spin the upper and lower discs in opposite directions and whirl the craft on its way.” Perhaps it was a secret which he was supposed to have kept because tragically, on 16th December 1956, he and his wife Gilberte apparently committed suicide in Paris barely a year later.


What is noteworthy here, apart from the fact that Couzinet was apparently trying to break into the potentially lucrative ‘saucer business’ as inferred in the article, or the suspicious double suicide not long after the publication of this article, is the spinning element of the flying saucer Couzinet designed. This is something which had been observed and reported in many UFO phenomena subsequently.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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