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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Report a paedophile in Scotland and prepare for the full power of the state to harass you, burgle your house, attempt to kill you, violently attack you, section you and steal your children.



The evil power of the Freemasons in Scotland and Ireland.

Report a paedophile in Scotland and you get threatened, harassed, attacked, burgled and your children taken into care.

This is the reality of British society these days a society ruled to all intents and purposes, by a secret gang of Freemasonic paedophiles.

We are indeed, living in Satan's Kingdom.

Only Freemasons have this level of coordinated power in the UK. Only they have such an interest in covering up for paedophile members and only they have the level of degenerate and consciousless evil to carry out such a conspiracy against decent people.

This harassment is actually ONGOING.

These are the email addresses for people to contact to put public pressure to resolve this case:

Chief Constable of Scottish police:

Nicola Sturgeon:

Taoiseach/prime minister of Ireland:

Justice Secretary of Ireland:

Head of Special Branch in Ireland:

Head of social services in Ireland:

UK COLUMN 19th August update.

IMC Complaint about Dr O’Malley

Polranny, Achill, County Mayo

Professional Standards
Medical Council
Kingram House
Kingram Place
Dublin 2
17th February 2015
Dear Medical Complaints,
Dr O’Malley conducted a mental health ‘assessment’ of me and my wife, in the loosest sense of the word, for Social Services, Castlebar. Our mental health had been called into question by social workers and police officers (extremely unqualified, though extremely agenda driven, to make these mental health assessments) back in Scotland about whom my wife and I had complained to the British and Scottish governments as being complicit in covering up paedophilia. We had reported our neighbour to the police after he offered me a large sum of cash for “access to” my son. Calling into question our mental health was nothing other than a smear to cover up for the real issue – that police and social services in Aberdeenshire were colluding with paedophiles (according to reports involving legal action this would not be for the first time) and they were desperate to brand us as mentally ill in order to discredit our claims.
In Scotland we reported to our landlord, a Viscount, that our neighbour had offered us £25,000 for “access to” our disabled son.
To our shock and disgust, the Viscount told me and my wife that this man was his close friend and should we report him to the police he would get social services onto our family. We reported his friend, the paedophile, to the police. Two weeks later, and as a direct result of reporting this man to the police, the police then reported my children (whom they had not seen) to social services in a totally fabricated concern report.
Just as the Viscount had threatened, a social work manager began to aggressively pursue my family. The outcome was clear. The intention was to remove our children into ‘care’ and put them directly at risk from the very people we were trying to protect them from.

On Wednesday the 28th of January 2015 Social Services, Castlebar seized our children and put them into foster care based entirely on information from Scotland and without listening to our explanation.
The social work manager and police officers whom we had complained about in Aberdeenshire were now liaising with social services and police in Castlebar. The report they had submitted to social work Castlebar was completely deceitful and tainted.
The day after our children were removed from our care, with a shocking disregard for the law, Social Services Castlebar arranged an appointment at lunchtime with Dr O’Malley. In anticipation of Dr O’Malley’s condemning report, Social Services Castlebar had already booked psychiatric services at Castlebar Hospital for thesame day.
We attended the hospital but due to strain and the lack of sleep the night after our four children were taken into care, I felt extreme fatigue and faint in the hospital. My wife and I waited an hour and a half for the hospital appointment before telling staff that we were going home due to feeling ill.
It was revealed in court that Social Services Castlebar had been priming medical staff in both the persons of the GP and the mental health staff at the hospital. The judge commented on this.
Perhaps therein lies the reason why Dr. O’Malley failed to show for court on Monday 2nd February. It seems very likely that Dr. O’Malley felt secure to condemn me and my wife, and therefore my children, because she had prior knowledge that another medical professional was to finish us off later that day – but when this appointment failed to go ahead she then felt on much less safer ground to put her name in court to a matter which was a disgrace and against the hypocratic oath – or any basic levels of decency.
My wife and I have subsequently been assessed by a Consultant Psychiatrist and he found, quite to the contrary to that of Dr. O’Malley, that my wife and I have a very healthy mental state and are not delusional .
Dr O’Malley had herself declared she was not a specialist and was only a general practitioner, however, that did not deter her from writing a damning report for court which she was not prepared to support by appearing in court.
The Judge ruled that our psychiatric assessment be done independently – yet social work Castlebar ignored this and have tried many times to find out from me and my wife the name of the psychiatrist, and when they failed to obtain this information, sent out a mental health nurse to offer a ‘free’ private consultation with consultant psychiatrist Dr Ciaran Smyth – the consultant who was going to ‘assess’ me and my wife on the day of Wednesday the 29thJanuary.
Sean Mangan drove all the way to Achill from Castlebar to offer us and inform us in person that we had won a free consultation with Dr Ciaran Smyth. How transparent!
This is serious professional misconduct.
Yours sincerely,

Brian Docherty                                                                  Janice Docherty

This is a complaint about Dr Brigid O’Malley, located at Castle Medical Centre in Castlebar, alleging serious professional misconduct, slander and attempt to pervert the course of justice.

Medical Complaint by Brian Docherty ‘Assessment’ by Dr. O’Malley on Wednesday 29th January 1.30pm at Castle Medical Centre.
From sitting in her consulting room she blasted my name to summon me to her office.
Dr O’Malley initially asked me some rudimentary questions before beginning what was essentially a continual attack for 20 minutes.
She asked me why I thought I was there.
I told her that Social Work Castlebar had asked me to attend for an assessment
She asked me my occupation.
I told her I was a teacher.
Her demeanour was far from pleasant but things were only warming up.
She then asked me, very rudely, and always by staring ahead at her report a handful of questions to which she paid little attention to my response. She was basing her opinion on a report she had been given from social work – a report I had not seen, written by people I had never met, full of despicable misinformation.
So it says here…. (was the way she began each sentence).
So it says here that you think your neighbour back in Scotland was a paedophile?
Why would you say that?
Because he offered me £25,000 to have access to my son?
Why would your neighbour do that?
I don’t know – why do sex offenders do these things?
“Well I think that’s fantastic in the proper sense of the word.” Do you think you are obsessed with paedophilia?
How can a person be obsessed with paedophilia. It is not like one gets up in the morning has breakfast and then says – you know what, I am going to think about paedophilia – it is such an awful issue.
She then said: it says here, and I think, you are “delusional”
I said, how can you say these things when you don’t know the facts.
She then said, well it says it here and social services are involved so there must be something wrong.
I said this is your subjective opinion but this is not based on any facts of independent assessment
She constantly referred to a report sent from Aberdeenshire social services to Castlebar social services (which in itself is a huge conflict of interest as I had complained about Social Work in Aberdeenshire to the British and Scottish Governments as far back as November and December of last year).
She then said something irrelevant and strangely out of the context of the conversation
“Do you intend to stand for parliament again?”
I could not see the relevance of this, nor how she knew that I had been a political candidate for national election
She then asked: how are you for money?
Why would Dr O’Malley be interested in my political strength and financial situation?
The only question which she asked which seemed to be relevant and independent was:
How do you see yourself five years from now?
I answered that I saw myself still happily married with my four wonderful children five years older, running my own business. She seemed disappointed but undeterred she asked me again why I was obsessed with paedophiles?
I was shocked by her lack of an independent ‘assessment’ process.
She told me again that she thought me delusional.
I repeated that this was not based on the facts.
She then actually said: I am no expert – this has been given to me purely to refer you on, but it is my opinion that you need medical help.
Judging from her attitude and manner, from her tone to her body language and her dismissive, rude and just downright unpleasant disposition it was clear that she entered this assessment with only one outcome in mind. Initially I just thought she was cold and rude, but there was more to this.
There was no diagnostic assessment; there was no formative assessment; there was no summative assessment. As a teacher of fifteen years it was obvious there was no evidence of any discernible assessment criteria. Her assessment involved repeating phrases from a tainted report with the loaded question: so what about that then?
It transpired in court that Mary Malee from Social Work, Castlebar had been ‘liaising’ with Dr O’Malley before our assessment and that she had been priming the doctor against us.
The doctor for her part was thoroughly unprofessional, exercised no independent judgement and condemned me and my wife in a litigious letter to be given in court.
Ominously, this letter was only presented to the court just before the hearing commenced and the judge wisely ruled that our solicitor should have the option of refusing it. This was all very underhand.
Moreover, according to Mary Malee of social work, Castlebar, Dr O’Malley was no-where to be found to testify in court on the day of the hearing (Monday 2nd February 2015)
It seemed evident to me and my wife that Dr O’Malley was prepared to write the desired report but possibly reflected that it was perhaps not prudent to stake her reputation on this by appearing in court as it would have been perfectly obvious to her that neither of us had mental health problems.
It was made clear in court that the problems faced by the Docherty family had only commenced since we had reported a paedophile to the police back in Scotland. Our children were returned to us despite the best efforts of police and social work who lied viciously, despite being under oath.
I wonder whether Dr O’Malley was just shockingly naïve and easily manipulated and duped by Mary Malee from Castlebar social work or whether there had been some kind of extra incentive? She was certainly not professional.

Medical Complaint – by Janice McLaren ‘Assessment’ by Dr O’Malley on Wednesday 29th January 1.50pm at Castle Medical Centre
I was asked the same rudimentary questions to begin with, verifying my name and DOB.
Dr O’Malley asked why have you not had your children vaccinated?
I answered that our oldest child Alexandra had had all her vaccinations but that our son, Sebastian, was given a double dosage of the swine flu vaccine when he was 9 months old and immediately after his behaviour changed and it was obviously the cause of his autism.
Dr O’Malley challenged my knowledge of this.
I said I had researched this subject in great detail and there is a huge amount of information available, written by medical experts, that reveal vaccinations to be not only ineffective in preventing disease but actually dangerous.
Dr O’Malley did not dispute this. She merely asked: isn’t it compulsory?
No, it is not.
Dr O’Malley said that in America vaccinations are compulsory in order for children to attend school and that our children would not be able to attend school in America.
This seemed quite a ludicrous thing to say as we do not live in the US and our children do not go to school in the US.
I just shrugged my shoulders as a retort to this seemed pointless.
She then brought up the subject of religion.
Dr O’Malley asked if my children and I were Christian?
I replied that I had converted to Catholicism, our daughter Alexandra had chosen to be Catholic and the younger children were all baptised Catholic.
I failed to see the relevance of this but it seemed highly unlikely that Dr O’Malley approved of Christianity. She seemed to be suggesting that being Christian made me in need of a mental health assessment.
What about Brian’s father?
What about him. He’s dead?
It says here you reported him for sexually abusing Alexandra
I was shocked to hear such a despicable lie and gave a repeated and emphatic No!
Dr O’Malley’s lack of reaction to my shocked response suggests to me that she knew it to be untrue.
When my husband and I discussed what a disgrace Dr O’Malley’s ‘assessment’ was I remarked that it was interesting Dr O’Malley mentioned this dreadful lie about my father in law to me and not to him.
I felt this question was an attempt to set us against each other.
Every time I answered a question Dr O’Malley did not have a response and moved on to another attack.
When she brought up the subject of us reporting a paedophile to the police I asked her what she thought about it.
She said: I think it is fantastic, in the proper sense of the word.
She used this phrase with both me and my husband and we surmised that she had probably heard it at a conference and thought that it sounded educated and intelligent. We discovered later that she had also used this exact phrase to Mary Malee, social worker extraordinare. Finally she managed to impress someone.
I asked: what aspect of this do you find fantastic?
That a neighbour would offer you money for your son.
I pointed out that paedophilia was a subject that had been constantly in the press for a long time now.
Every old DJ seems to be being accused of paedophilia with many being convicted and sent to prison.
Scotland, England and Ireland have all set up historical sex abuse enquiries because so many crimes were not investigated at the time (plus ca change).
The Catholic Church is constantly being accused of paedophilia.
And there was the recent disgraceful scandal of the police in Rotherham covering up child sex abuse for many years.
I said that someone offering us money was not unbelievable, it was just jolly bad luck. If we had known our children were going to be taken away from us we would not have reported this but we did the right thing. These things should not be covered up.
At this point Dr O’Malley stared at me in silence, tapping her pen against her lower lip for about ten seconds.
Then she said: how are you for money?
“We’re fine”
I could not see the relevance to this personal and offensive question which has nothing to do with our mental health but is something the police and social services and now Dr O’Malley are all extremely interested in.
She then said: As I have already said to your husband, I am going to be referring you both for a psychiatric assessment… She tapered off as we both stood up and left the room.
Given her unprofessional manner, obnoxious attitude and shocking rudeness I knew this was a foregone conclusion but believe that at the end Dr O’Malley realised that what she was doing was wrong.
There were too many questions which did not makes sense in relation to a mental health assessment and betrayed a prearranged agenda such as questions to my husband about politics and to both of us about money which suggested she was trying to establish if we had money or connections. If that was so, on whose behalf was she acting?
She was either greatly deceived and duped by social worker Mary Malee with whom (it was revealed in court) she had been liaising before our ‘assessment’ or she was offered some incentive to destroy our reputation by the very person who has the most to lose from our exposing the truth.

Brian Docherty                  Janice McLaren

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.