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Monday 29 January 2018

CS Lewis, Illuminati Schizophrenia, and the Macroscopic Control of Planet Earth.

I have done a moderate amount of research in previous books and articles which suggests that the Illuminati and ancient secret cults have specifically found methods to prompt changes in the mental condition of those within their group and also those they wish to recruit. Specifically it is my belief that schizophrenia represents the apotheosis of the secret society mystery school experience and at this point the mystae becomes directly connected to the true source of the secret organization and can receive instructions directly from whatever unseen forces and presences actually direct the group’s activity. These are the ‘hidden masters’ which Helena Blavatsky alludes to. My work in this field isn’t new and there’s one book in particular: That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis, which details, from what I presume must be a position of personal occult knowledge, the process of drawing the initiate into contact with the shadowy discarnate beings which seemed to be directly involved in the events of the story.

“He understood the whole business now. Frost was not trying to make him insane; at least not in the sense Mark had hitherto given to the word "insanity." Frost had meant what he said. To sit in the room was the first step towards what Frost called objectivity--the process whereby all specifically human reactions were killed in a man so that he might become fit for the fastidious society of the Macrobes. Higher degrees in the asceticism of anti-nature would doubtless follow: the eating of abominable food, the dabbling in dirt and blood, the ritual performances of calculated obscenities. They were, in a sense, playing quite fair with him--offering him the very same initiation through which they themselves had passed and which had divided them from humanity, distending and dissipating Wither into a shapeless ruin while it condensed and sharpened Frost into the hard, bright, little needle that he now was.”

The activities described by CS Lewis in his protagonist’s initiation into the inner circle of the N.I.C.E organization seem to evoke that kind of activities which Aleister Crowley became known for, such as coprophilia and bestiality. Lewis, through his character, correctly surmises that these activities are designed to remove the man from himself, from any value judgements of right or wrong, or even to have any personal considerations of what is good for themselves. This is very clearly a form of mental illness and one might presume that the final stage is total abdication of ones own will and personal wishes to be dominated by another consciousness, whether that consciousness is human or non-human. If the consciousness is human, then we can say that this person is mind controlled, if the consciousness is non-human and non-corporeal, then we can say that this person has become schizophrenic. Both such are extremely well represented within the Illuminati and its worldwide network of groups of all types, whose goal and methods are the same, this is what we can know broadly as ‘The Illuminati’. The Illuminati is not one group, it is a method and a goal, and any group which shares these, we can term part of the Illuminati.

The members of CS Lewis fictionalized version of the Illuminati are a mixed bunch who seem to operate at differing levels of mental illness and different levels of awareness of the group, its aims and its true masters. There is a lesbian sadist, known as the Fairy, who is responsible for the media outreach of the group and also policing and internal security. There is the high-flying sociopath Lord Feverstone whose work with the NICE is solely motivated by personal gain and literally doesn’t care that demonic creatures are trying to take over planet Earth as long as he gets paid. The human leader of the N.I.C.E is John Wither, he is in full astral and mental contact with the disembodied trans-dimensional Macrobes and consequently he isn’t really quite there at all as a normal functioning human being. The character rarely sleeps and seems to exist in a perpetual dream like state between two worlds. As a result of this the character is capable of projecting his presence anywhere he wishes like a ghostly image. Upon seeing the physical reappearance of Wither on the road outside the institute just as he was resolved to physically escape from the institute, Studdock is seized with such terror upon seeing Wither whom he was certain he had just left behind him at the institute some moments ago that his resolve to escape evaporates and powerlessness seizes him utterly.

The ongoing weakening of Mark Studdock’s personal will and personality is the key theme in the process of his developing inculcation into the inner workings of the group, ending with a final initiation where he is asked, in the fashion of the Templars who possibly were also under control of the Macrobes, to spit upon a cross. In a similar vein to reports of the Knights Templar, the characters of the inner circle of the NICE all worshipped a disembodied head. However they weren’t all quite worshipping the same thing since there were levels of awareness as to the ultimate signification of the talking head. The rationalist scientist Dr Filostrato, dedicated at all cost to human scientific development, believes that the head is being artificially sustained with science and that the head contains the resident consciousness of a murdered scientist from the French revolution. The truth known only to three people however is that the head is really a housing for the consciousness of the non-human Macrobes, and this illustration and indeed the whole organization of the N.I.C.E represents the strange crossing point of science with the Satanic occult, which we can have a suspicion about by examining the scientific work of the Nazis, or of the development of post war rocketry technology in United States which seemed to be a strange symbiosis of Nazi war criminals and Aleister Crowley’s OTO. The assumption might be that engaging in occult rituals to contact demonic beings may be a way for scientists to gain inspiration or even direct knowledge from this other realm. Lewis seems to have written That Hideous Strength to be more prescient even than George Orwell’s 1984 in his description of an ostensibly secular atheistic government institution which secretly is in league with demonic beings which are deeply antithetical to human life on Earth.

If we can allow ourselves to entertain the possibility that there might be a spiritual dimension with both ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ then there might be ways on Earth which have been developed to contact these beings. If you cannot for one second entertain that idea, then you will no doubt find a way to deny the plausibility of what I am about to describe, since you have decided that the laws of the universe are a certain way, then no evidence or even the actual manifestation of events to the contrary, will convince you otherwise. Such is your prerogative, but eventually your road will lead you to a high barren plateau and a sudden dead-end in the middle of nowhere and your only hope will be to retrace the steps of a life and find the point of origin where you first took the diversion into error. This may happen in this world if you are lucky, if however it happens in the next world then you might just be out of luck and I would imagine it unlikely to preserve your personality and sense of self in a cosmos which you have single handedly chosen to deprive of all meaning.

For Socrates, the meaning of philosophy as reported by Plato was ‘preparation for dying’ and one might say that the only danger of living life here in this world is that, for whatever reason, you failed to adequately prepare yourself for the next one.

“I will….. show that he who has lived as a true philosopher has reason to be of good cheer when he is about to die, and that after death he may hope to receive the greatest good in the other world.”

So if a belief in the existence of the next world and some presently unmeasurable mechanism which allows for the continued existence of human consciousness, which after all seems to be some kind of non material electromagnetic field, can be said to exist, and said by no less esteemed a philosopher than Socrates, then this avenue at least might bear some preliminary investigation and some enlightened conjecture, if only to give thanks to Socrates for epistemology and the Socratic method of reasoning. And if in the event our light illuminates nothing but a wardrobe full of delusions and wishful thinking then so be it but at least we will know what’s what.

One of the primary pieces of equipment we can use for measuring the unmeasurable is our own intelligence, providing it is unencumbered by things like emotively inspired prejudice or over-reliance on the thoughts of others. In the first instance someone might immediately reject any notion of spirituality and indeed, become quite angry at the mere suggestion, because they have had a personally traumatic experience with a Catholic priest. It is natural for the psyche to react to trauma with anger as a sure defence and hope that it won’t happen again but this emotive response bypasses the intellect and reason somehow that because Catholic priests and the Catholic church, has a strong tendency toward evil, that therefore all such spiritual matters must also be of the same evil tendency. It is a logical fallacy in the same way that someone who was once served a bad cup of tea might heretofore reject not only tea but all hot drinks for ever more. It is lazy emotive thinking, and the heart is not known as an organ where rational decisions can be best made, it is therefore best for such people to try to see beyond their own pain and accept that evil doesn’t discriminate in this world and will try to work any angle it can, to wreak havoc.

The church isn’t wholly evil, but evil has certainly entered the church and allowed itself to lie undisturbed for a very long time by people who should have known better. But as we have seen, the Roman church itself was formed in ignorance of the person and ministry of Christ, and perhaps it really is the mother of harlots as depicted in the Book of Revelations.

The second form of cognitive error which will likely lead to the inability to perceive and think clearly is that of trusting your betters and letting them do your thinking for you. We all have to work after all and when we come home we have to cook, clean the car, deal with our families. Who has time to think anymore? Besides, there are people on TV and who write books who are specially employed to think for us, indeed they make their living from thinking so we don’t have to. A TV scientist like Richard Dawkins is just another convenient lifestyle solution like a dish washer, he does all the work so you don’t have to. 

The tragedy is that the general public trust such people far too much and in their naivety they imagine that the country’s media and elite educational institutions have nothing up their sleeves and no hidden agenda, or that these individuals themselves have no hidden agenda. So perhaps people ought to stop to recalibrate their own minds a moment and consider that Richard Dawkins doesn’t see any harm with paedophilia. So perhaps, these TV thinkers are not all they seem to be. Perhaps we shouldn’t let such people do our thinking for us because perhaps such people are not actually on the same side of the chessboard as we are. Perhaps they are members of the N.I.C.E or whatever literal equivalent actually exists within the UK’s scientific elite, exhorting us that no spiritual realm or God, as a fundamental arbiter of right and wrong, even exists, therefore giving them a rather valuable monopoly on right and wrong and the ability to work on whatever unpleasant secret scientific abominations they care to, without hindrance or concern for morality, ethics, pain and suffering or even consequences. Science lives in a consequence free world because it has shut out God and ethics from its considerations it has also, by the same gesture of a suicidal woman locking herself in the bathroom with a bottle of paracetamols, made a concerted decision not to heed the pleadings from outside the door not to do anything rash or stupid.

So these are largely the reasons for the spread of atheism, or knowing the unknowable. If the price were your soul is it worth staking the bet on atheism? Well, also humans are very much herd animals, at least the lesser developed of us are. One fellow online, has this fanciful theory that the Illuminati are identifiable by a specific blood group. Unfortunately he doesn’t provide any evidence or make much of a case to support a potentially interesting avenue of research. Predictably the researcher himself doesn’t have the rhesus positive factor in his blood, which no doubt makes him special, or saved, or no doubt better than those with the rhesus positive factor in every way and also that he isn’t related to monkeys. It’s all rather silly. Some people even believe rhesus negative people are being especially tracked by the secret intelligence services and there are many such websites out there to feed these silly delusions and inevitably the more you read you soon find yourself drawn into nonsense about reptilians and DNA splicing aliens. One such article written by Kate Kaiser ticks all these boxes and cites the well known fraud James Casbolt (who was actually jailed for nine years in 2016 for stalking and attempting to blackmail his ex wife, MGTOW would have saved him a lot of trouble) as a reliable source.

James Casbolt, possibly under pressure from Mr Big or the screws, or perhaps under the inducement of a couple of snout and a reduction in his sentence, has started sending out letters to ‘researchers’ such as Miles Johnstone, whose dangerous bullshit we encountered in the Evelyn Waugh, electronic harassment chapter. In one letter read out by Miles Johnstone, Casbolt revisits the old theosophy fraud of Maitreya which was originally a strange New-Age cult with very few adherents, by the strange New-Age and almost certainly Freemasonic, Benjamin Crème. Crème was an obvious fraud to anyone with half a wit, yet this much wit appears to be lacking amongst many in the conspiracy movement, but there is a suspicion amongst these people that they opened their minds just a little too widely and allowed all their common sense, intelligence and discernment to fly out. 

There also seems to be the spectre of death over these people too, considering the mysterious death of Max Spiers and it all seems to recollect at least to my mind, the ill fated delusions of the group which grew around Uri Geller, as detailed by Clive Prince and Lyn Picknet in their classic expose of the New Age and aliens movement and its ties to the security services The Stargate Conspiracy. I do not know whether Max Spiers was murdered to silence him or that he discovered anything exceptional which might threaten national security. It is claimed that he was researching a paedophile ring in the US military but no further information is released and if he did have anything of substance, then with ‘friends’ like former media man Miles Johnstone who chides people who comment on his Youtube videos if they refer to BBC paedophiles, then it is unlikely we will discover anything since Johnstone is clearly an establishment gate-keeper. Max Spiers was believed to have had some problems with a heroin addiction which Miles Johnstone believes was caused by aliens. It’s only regrettable that anyone actually takes any notice of Johnstone and perhaps it is part of Spiers misfortune that he had anything to do with Johnstone.

Since he died while under the care of his apparent girlfriend in Poland then we can safely assume that  he wouldn’t have died had he not been with those people. We could take it one step further and say that if he was murdered, then he was probably murdered by those closest to him and with the most access. Moreover he may not have been murdered for any specific secrets he may have uncovered but simply murdered for a ritual sacrifice and the fact that he was there. I believe the Polish police are specifically investigating his girlfriend in connection with his death but whether we hear anything or the matter is quietly dropped remains to be seen.

What is more disturbing is the fact that his mother received a text message some days before his death saying that he was in trouble and if anything should happen to him she ought to investigate. Quite why he didn’t immediately get on the first plane out of Poland and return to the UK at this point we cannot know, but it was also said that he suffered from anxiety disorder and may have experienced a sort of paralysis and inability to act. But again, he was apparently ‘with friends’ in Poland, so why was he not safe with them? I believe he was sacrificed by the group he was with who are likely witches and members of the occult. The sacrifice of Max Spiers would be useful to them to create both a sense of fear amongst conspiracy researchers and flaneurs, since everybody now knows about Max’s death and it was extensively covered in the tabloid press. Additionally it can create a false aura of credibility to alien/UFO research and perhaps make people believe that it isn’t merely a scam of the intelligence services and military, particularly with fraudulent old spooks like Miles Johnstone maintaining the desired narrative story and plot-line.

There is a very real sense that there is no actual story here except a series of opportunities which people like Miles Johnstone embroider to serve their purpose. As I mentioned before, even Spiers’ problem with drugs was marketed as part of the alien plot but the tragedy is there are people out there who really believe this stuff and Johnstone’s mock sincerity and emotive posturing are dragging more and more people into the dangerous web of delusion and drawing them closer to the type of dangerous new-age witchcraft cultists, who organize these UFO groups and may even have been responsible in one way or another for Spiers’ death.  

Be careful out there people.

Friday 7 August 2015

Awakening The Once and Future King....

Truth against the World: Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Byd
Engraved Welsh stone found in Caerleon.  
For many years the story of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and of the mythical, semi-magical town of Camelot have been relegated to myth and fantasy by the average historian, and metabolised into some kind of weird pagan dungeons and dragons cult by the average craft-store hippy into dragons and swords; or worse, into a vindication of an often confused and idealised mystical pagan-spiritual world view held by ladies who believe in the power of crystals and tarot cards.

Above all Arthur was a Christian, not just any Christian but an indigenous British Christian who exercised his faith without the corrupted baggage of the Roman church. The Romans vacated Britain in the year 383AD, leaving behind a constellation of highly civilised classical towns: Caerleon, Caerwent, Gobannium, Blestium and Moridunum, all contained within a 50 mile radius. Nowhere in the British Isles was so much Romano-Celt culture concentrated in such a densely defined geographical region. Of course, other cities such as Lincoln and York and London were bigger, but these cities were centralised way-markers, distant from one another by more than 50 miles. In Celtic South Wales, not Cornwall,  the story of King Arthur was born.

Reference to King Arthur at Caerleon in the Hanbury Arms.

It is the story of a great and noble King, ruling, not just by the power of men but by the power of God. The Divine Right of Kings is a term little understood by historians except as a sort of accessory to secular or temporal power. This goes back to the ancient Pharaohs and the Djed games where the Pharaoh or King had to prove that he still held God’s favour and still had the right to rule his people. That a king should be divinely ordained is now only given lip-service in a time when few people even understand what God even is anymore or even whether he really exists. A Queen these days has perhaps less understanding of God than her subjects and even less actual power over their own destiny and the destiny of the nation.

All of this in the name of equality, secularisation and materialism. In a materialistic world the man who wields metaphysical power or who concerns himself with the spiritual dimension can be deemed mentally insane and deprived of his liberty, merely because absolute materialism is the new religious dogma and any divergants better tread carefully and not draw attention to themselves. Also, the creed of Equality, being  a noble sound aim is not a reflection of the actual reality we live in. We are not equal. Is a hard working mother who struggles to support her family EQUAL in any way to  a child abusing politician? In what way are they equal? They are both human beings but in the latter instance even this is up for discussion as far as I’m concerned. So what do they mean by equality? What they really mean is no one is special and no one has any more value than the lowest and worst human being on the planet. Even paedophiles and mass murderers still retain their human rights after all, despite being so keen to deprive others of theirs. Does this make any sense? No. But this is all a plot to destroy what is great, good and actually worthwhile and positive in society and people in order to bring them down to a barbaric lowest common denominator so that they can be better controlled by the Elite who will not tolerate anyone better, smarter or more fit to rule than they.

Democracy has become a corruption of what it was meant to be. Democracy meant we were all supposed to co-rule as Kings, as in the example of ancient Greece where Democracy was about active personal engagement in the ruling and law making of the State. Democracy was never about a staged four-yearly pantomime where a work-sodden mass takes some brief respite from work concerns and walks into their local school to step into a booth and tick a box.  If you were to return to ancient Greece and tell them that democracy had mutated into a brief 5 minute activity taking place once every four years he would likely disabuse you of the notion that what you were describing was democracy at all.

In the ancient world power was held in harmony with the spirit of the world  and the Divine right was demonstrated by the King’s ability to perform certain wonders, whether of divination or manipulation of Earthly and spiritual forces in order to demonstrate that he was in harmony with the spirit of the world and thus in harmony with God. These things are commonly today known as ‘White Magic’ and sadly, very few White Magicians are actually worthy of the name Magician and are more likely to be paedophiles or merely hypnotists and conmen. Those women who pass for White Magicians these days are usually under the thrall of spirits and so easily led into confusion and error that they are less powerful and less reliable than mere Muggles.

In fact this spirit is so powerful and our present world rulers are so far from accessing that power  that as soon as one starts to engage in ‘off-the-road’ metaphysical activity and exploration, then the light reaches out to you and begs you to play king and showers you with gifts. This is why alternative researchers in the Truth Community often have ‘I am Jesus’ moments.  From David Icke, David Shayler to the recently deceased John Harris and Rik Clay. 

Indeed, either apparent ‘madness’ or suicide seems to be a common result of the unwary activist/researcher straying to close to the light of truth and knowledge. The light will give you the truth of what you really are will make kings of the universe out of Men but it is something that someone living in a terraced house eating egg and chips for tea every Wednesday and having fish on Thursday, just after the 6 O’clock news might find very hard to accept and digest. Indeed, often these people cannot accept the truth and reality the light is showing them and they lose their sanity under the weight of the revelation; dressing themselves up in women’s clothing or thinking that they have strayed into some kind of fake fantasy reality somehow and that following the cues from several Hollywood movies, the only way to ‘wake-up’ from the fictional simulation is to throw themselves from a building (this being the most common means of suicide amongst those termed schizophrenic).

When one finds oneself in this position of metaphysical awakening, it is essential to resist the mainstream indoctrination that ‘this is all there is’ and that we ought to be content with egg and chips and Eastenders and indeed that we deserve no better and should conceive of no higher possibilities. When in fact, we are beings of infinite power and possibility who have been tricked into surrendering their power to materialism and prime-ministers; the example Jesus encouraged anyone who would follow him to emulate when he promised that ‘the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works that these shall he do..." was sadly a unique and remarkable event on planet Earth which noone seems to have been able to emulate in two thousand years. This is because of humanity's slide into the lower frequency range of pure materialism which truly began when the nascent materialism of the Pharisees answered his anomalous magic by murdering him. They were not divinely inspired and as such had no access to the gifts which Jesus was showered with by a God desperate for a genuine representative on Earth. The Pharisees and murderers of God were the privileged elite and those born not into a political network but into a religious one.

And so it was that in the case of Jesus the Light gave him validation by allowing him to perform miracles, so too these days, though the miracles are of slightly different nature and usually involve extremely odd and unlikely coincidences which are often so frequent as to become profoundly disturbing. The Light is giving them validation and signs and begging them to do something to kick out the foreign usurpers sat on thrones working for malign foreign interests, or the puppet politicians ‘suits full of bugger-all’ as Ben Elton once wittily remarked, who are literally men of straw, there’s nothing to them at all except for a job title and Secret-Services protection, they are place-men who find themselves in power on the basis of an accident of birth, an old family connection, the right education, or inherited wealth, but they in themselves have nothing intrinsically powerful or worthy about them.

And so it was no doubt with King Arthur and his royal court. A king who inherited his crown from a goddess in a lake is no doubt some kind of metaphor for the showering of diving gifts which the Light gives to its chosen human representatives on Earth. His magician Merlin assuring his defence against the dark-arts and his enemy and angry deranged son Mordred, the unreconstructed pagan beast man denying the light of truth in Christianity and continuing like a Pharisee, in the error of his politicised religion. King Arthur's material defence came not from Freemasonic secret service spooks using paedophilia to blackmail threats to the state, but from the Knights of the Round Table themselves, Knights who so embodied nobility and virtue that was only when the leader of their number fell into vice and corruption that the whole kingdom fell.

Pendragon... Pen Draig meaning Head Dragon. A title applied to the traditional kings of the Britons.

Perfect virtue needs less protection than corruption and when I lived in Cairo I marvelled at the incredible and as it turns out, well founded fears of corrupt oligarch Hosni Muburak, who only ever travelled around Egypt in a cavalcade of at least 30 cars, the number of cars reducing the possibility of a would be assassin choosing the correct one which contained the hidden-hand agent in the Muslim world. Of course his corrupt reign came to an end, as does all corruption, the greater the corruption the more short-lived the rule. One need only examine the example of the Soviet system of government and now in these days, their agents in the Moslem world in countries such as the aforementioned Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and others. All countries which were easily brought from the frying pan of British and French overt colonisation to the fire of covert Soviet rule by Russian agents proselytising  Pharisee Jewish Socialism in order to impoverish those nations not strengthen them, in order to further an anti-human genocide agenda which is coming to a head in our times.

I visited Caerleon with my parents and sister, little suspecting that I was actually about to discover the mythical land of Camelot itself. The seperate peices of the puzzle had been rattling around in my head for some time: the mythical Christian connection, the Holy Grail as a British legend NOT an English one, the civilising Roman influence and the foundation of military discipline and civilised courtly living, along with, as a final ‘wake up to the facts, the rather remarkable collection and work of Dr Russell Rhys as kindly explained to me by Katherine who owns one of the shops which plays host to his life's work as an artist, currator and local historian.

Longtime activist for recognition of Caerleon as Camelot: Dr Russell Rhys.
Entrance to the Russell Rhys collection at Caerleon.

The town of Caerleon is a veritable paradise for the history buff containing arguably the most remarkable Roman remains in England outside of Hadrian’s Wall and thermae at Bath in the shape of the striking and relatively well preserved amphitheatre, along with part of a soldier’s bathing complex and stone remains of the soldiers barracks (this is incidentally where the majority of the Roman occupying force was housed in the UK) as such it’s relatively secluded location just  across the river Severn and easy access to any part of the country striking up from South Wales into the heart of the Isles, or crossing the Severn for an easy trek to pacify the Southern tribes. 

A rather beautiful village has grown up over the years around the old Roman remains and contains building dating to the Norman epoch but most of the buildings are tudor. Indeed, Alfred Lord Tennyson visited the Hanbury Arms pub in 1850 by which time the coaching inn was already described as ancient. The pub itself appears to be off Tudor construction and has stone gothic upper windows frames which may have been part of the original Norman riverside fortress of which only a crumbing stone tower remains which is attached to the present building.

The Hanbury Arms. Ancient even in Tennyson's time.
The Hanbury Arms stands by the river Usk and in ancient times the many  water courses coming down from the Welsh hills and the Brecon Beacons would have created a very secure set of islands which would be fairly easy to defend with the natural barriers of the fast flowing tidal rivers.

Writers such as CS Lewis have been aware of the Arthurian legend and its link to Christianity. CS Lewis was no mere writer of fiction, he was a writer of Christian allegory, however as a former occult practitioner he learned that spirituality and religion isn’t just something for a Sunday to be consumed before the trip to the pub and Sunday lunch, but that it is an ongoing hidden reality being played out on a daily basis through the theatre of human life and activity. It was apparently JRR Tolkien who brought the metaphysical adventurer Lewis into the safe haven of Christian belief and he too, would imbue his work with metaphysical Christian allegory, all apparently derived from ancient tales and the so called ‘myths’ of the British Isles and Anglo-Saxon tales. 

Tolkien depicts the land of middle Earth as the battle ground between the dark forces of Anglo-Saxon paganism and Nordic Nazi atheism against the light of the magician Gandalf and the British magical tradition, and his chosen company made up of those member of various races with the most moral courage and will to serve good. The Dwarves and Hobbits for instance are frequently derided as a race by Gandalf, yet its finest representatives are not. The ‘race of men’ is often depicted as the weakest link in the struggle between good and evil on planet Earth, being most open to corruption and the least set in their goals, yet despite this, with magical help and divine assistance, a King comes forth from the race of men and eventually rules the Earth as a divinely ordained King. It is clear again that The Lord of the Rings is a retelling of the story of King Arthur and his magician Merlin and we are seeing an iteration in modern literary and film culture of the story of King Arthur.

The key to success in the story being the displaying of all of the traditional moral virtues of fidelity, honesty, courage, hope and perhaps, as a key Christian theme, resisting temptation in the shape of the Ring itself when it presents itself at various times to the different characters in the story and offers them the opportunity to wield its ‘power’. The virtue of abstinence and resisting temptation apparently being key in the successful transmutation of the experience, while falling to temptation as in the case of the human Boromir result in what is traditionally considered to be the wages of sin: Death. The ring perhaps represent unnatural dominance over others, forged not by the hand of God but by the hand of Sauron (or Satan) all the same, the ring is a political ‘bond’ between different people, presided over by the Satanic power represented by the black magician Sauron. Perhaps this isn’t so very different from out present reality here on Earth.

Arthur and Mordred locked in deadly battle, a sculpture from the Dr Russel Rhys collection at Caerleon.

So what do we actually know about King Arthur? Well he must have existed at a point in the past earlier that 594 AD because it is at this point that the first written evidence of his existence exists, recorded in the Welsh poem Y Gododdin by Aneurin.

And it was reported to me by a Katherine, the owner of one of the shops in Carleon clustered around the Dr Rhys collection, in what is said the be the old Roman stable yard, that Arthur specifically held his court at the Roman amphitheatre. I don’t know what she based her theory on but it is an appealing and romantic in its manner of connecting the Christian Roman world with the civilized Athurian court.

Support for the Welsh location of Camelot:

The earliest reference to King Arthur date to the 6th century proving that Arthur’s court could not have been at  Glastonbury as supposed since it was not founded until the 9th century.

The Roman barracks at Caerleon which gave the town its name of 'City of the Legion'.

Caerleon was the largest Roman settlement in the UK and continued to be inhabited long after other Roman towns in the UK had been overrun by Anglo-Saxons and other barbarians. As a Christian roman settlement in a world of growing barbarism which had already overtaken England, it would  certainly fit the historical context of the Arthurian legend.

The name Caerleon most likely means ‘City of the Legion’ and this is amply demonstrated by the barracks ruins and bathing facilities for the 2nd Augustan Legion which invaded Britain in 43AD and which became stationed here for 200 years, this therefore was the principal military camp during the Roman occupation of Britain.

The river Usk, the river which protected the city of Caerleon.

Both Thomas Mallory’s definitive Arthurian romance and Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae both firmly site the location of Arthur’s court at Caerleon, both matching in name ‘The City of the Legion’ and by geographical descriptions: 
"Situated as it is in Glamorganshire, on the River Usk, not far from the Severn Sea, in a most pleasant position, and being richer in material wealth than any other townships, this city was eminently suitable for such a ceremony."

Alfred Lord Tennyson stayed at Caerleon at the Hanbury Arms to write his Arthurian Romance Idylls of the King, clearly Tennyson believed by staying at Caerleon he was retracing the steps of the ancient British King and likely was in the area researching his poem, as often this is the best way to obtain direct authentic information.

King Arthur was renowned as an excellent warrior and swordsman, killing up to 90 men in a single battle. Is it not likely that such a man would have arisen within a town with a strong military ethos. This ties in with other accounts that Arthur was actually a possible Roman legion, and this idea was developed into a film: The Last Legion (which was based on Mallory’s La Morte D’Arthur).
Was the Roman Ampitheatre at Caerleon the seat of King Arthur and the home of the Knights of the Round Table? According to local lore, it was.

There are such vaults and hollow caves,
Such walls and conduits deep,
Made all like pipes of earthen pots
Wherein a child may creep..
Ten thousand men may lodge them there unseen
In treble dykes that guard the fortress well,
And yet amid the fort a goodly green
Where that a power and mighty camp may dwell
In spite of world, if soldiers victuals have.
The hill so stands, if bird but wing do wave
Or man or beast but once stir up the head
A bow above with shaft shall strike it dead.
Caerleon was especially noted for "Arthur's Table", a huge grass-covered raised oval hollow around which King Arthur and his knights often sat.

As a final comment, I think the whole story of King Arthur is still being played out today. A good book which depicts this contrast in the UK between barbarity and civilisation which seems to be one of the great mysteries of our culture these days, is CS Lewis' That Hideous Strength, a part sci-fi, part mystical metaphysical tale which pits the old British mysticism against modern English scientism, and the result is a cataclysm as the powers and principles of ancient good are opposed against the creeping evil which seems to be dominating the UK these days. 

Is it time for The Once and Future King to return and save the UK from the degrading folly of barbarians?

An end to the paedophile politicians blackmailed by foreign powers into destroying this fine nation! And end to the deliberate destruction of centuries of British culture and the errosion of the principles of freedom of speech and expression! And end to the persecution of real culture and freedom and its replacement with a degraded worthless culture of sluts and thugs teaching our little girls how to be pole-dancers.

We need an army of King Arthurs to ride through this country striking down the barbarian horde and rousting the corruptors from their little secret hiding places, and we need an army of Merlins bending reality itself to create a more positive healthy vision for a new and better world.

Where are you true born Britons? We need you now more than ever to take back these islands before they are forever lost to the deepening mists of darkness.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.