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Friday 3 December 2021

Some Notes on Zen Meditation with Reference to the Founder of Quietism, Miguel Molinos.


From my new book. Coming very soon.


                                                      The journey into mystery.

Stage 0 I would say is when you first sit down to meditate. The mind is cluttered with thoughts and impulses initially, distractions appear in the mind once you try to meditate. You feel hungry, perhaps worry that you haven’t turned off a tap somewhere in the house, or that you would be better off doing this at another time. If you persist with focussing on nothing you will reach stage 1.


Stage 1 is when you start to feel a little more relaxed, the mind has calmed a little and there are no immediate pressing thoughts trying to dissuade you from meditating like this. If you continue to meditate you will reach stage 2.


The next stage signals a tangible inner focus, whereas before you were aware of the outside world you now are becoming aware of the inner world. The world outside is now taking second place to an increasingly widening inner world which your mind appears to be filling. Thoughts will be significantly reduced and it is easy not to engage with them or wish to act on them. There is a tangible sense of a decrease in mental activity as you can almost start to count the neurons in the brain firing off with stray thoughts and impulsions which are becoming increasingly dampened down.


This is fittingly described by Molinos:

“By the way of Nothing thou must come to lose thy self in God (which is the last degree of perfection) and happy wilt thou be, if thou canst so lose thy self; then thou wilt get thy self again, and find thy self most certainly. In this same Shop of Nothing, Simplicity is made; interior and infused recollection is possessed, quiet is obtained, and the heart is cleansed from all manner of imperfections.”


The third stage of transcendental meditation would be what I call, approaching the Abyss. What I term the abyss and perhaps more in common with Molinos and less so with Crowley, is the sense that the focus of the mind is now wholly engaged inward and a large empty darkness approaches the mind. A friend of mine I spoke to about meditation said this actually scared him and made him leave off meditation altogether.


Molinos notes:

“Know then that the streightest, most perfect and secure way of proficients, is the way of darkness: because in them the Lord placed his own Throne; And (Psalm 18.) He made darkness his secret place. By them the supernatural light which God infuses into the Soul, grow and increases. Amidst them wisdom and strong love are begotten, by darkness the soul is annihilated, and the species, which hinder the right view of the divine truth, are consumed. By this means God introduces the Soul by the inward way into the Prayer of Rest, and of perfect contemplation, which so few have the experience of. Finally; by darkness the Lord purgest the senses and sensibility, which hinder the mystical progress…See now if darkness be not to be esteemed and embraced.”


I would hasten to add that here I assume that Molinos is speaking of the literal darkness of the mind in meditation and not in terms of a sort of Luciferian allegory for the forces of darkness. 


This darkness seems to move closer to your mind and it is something tangible, not an absence perhaps but more a solid kind of emptiness. It moves closer and starts to fill the mind, like a rapidly incoming tide threatening to wash you, your mind and everything away into nothingness. Allow yourself to move into this darkness or it to move into you until it actually fills your whole mind, again Molinos has already been there and left a fitting description:


“O what infinite room is there in a Soul that is arrived at this divine Solitude! O what inward, what retired, what secret, what spacious, what vast distances are there within a happy Soul that is once come to be truly Solitary! There the Lord converses and communicates himself, inwardly with the Soul: there he fills it with himself, because it is empty; cloaths it with Light, and with his Love, because it is naked; lifts it up, because ‘tis low; and unites it with himself, and transforms it, because it is alone.”


Stage four is breaking through this darkness to the other side and what you thought was nothingness and negation and a total loss of the self turns out to be an infinite boundless space within yourself and total peace. Your mind has now left the physical world altogether and your mind is now operating wholly in, and exploring a higher realm of reality. Here you will feel interesting effects like a spinning around, as if your whole being is turning as if on a merry go round; this I believe is experiencing our electro-magnetic soul and its natural oscillation. You will also have a feeling of moving through this inner realm at great speed, as you explore this inner world which seems to be full of the whole universe and all past and present realities.


Some of these experiences Molinos describes thus:

“The fourth step, which is Illumination, is an infused knowledge, whereby the Soul contemplates sweetly the divine truth, rising still from one clearness to another, from one light to another, from knowledge to knowledge, begin guided by the Spirit Divine. The fifth is a Savoury Pleasure of the divine sweetness, issuing forth from the plentiful and precious fountain of the Holy Ghost. The sixth is a sweet and Admirable tranquillity, arising from the conquest of Fightings within, and frequent Prayer; and this, very, very few have Experience of. Here the abundance of Joy, and Peace is so great, that the soul seems to be in a sweet sleep, solacing and reposing it self in the Divine breast of Love. Many other steps of Contemplation there are, as Extasies, Raptures, Melting, Delinquium’s, Glee, Kisses, Embraces, Exultation, Union, Transformation, Expousing, and Matrimony, which I omit to explain, to give no occasion to Speculation…”


Aside from the inner peace and the exploration of what could be considered an antechamber to the Kingdom of Heaven one takes away many benefits from this kind of meditation into our daily lives in the physical realm. Such practise allows us to control the mind and emotions much better and remain calm and detached from events which would previously have had a negative impact on our mental well-being. We will also take this focus into our dreams which will become much more coherent and less chaotic as we will better be able to navigate and order the inner dreamscape.

Tuesday 12 October 2021

"How do you know that you're not being deceived by demonic forces?" The Rosicrucians, UFO cults and the New-Age transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.



                                                             The journey into mystery.

The Martinist Order is an advanced ‘psychic’ society within the framework of Rosicrucianism. A great deal of material from the so called Traditional Martinist Order, based in San Jose California presumably part of AMORC, was leaked onto the internet some years ago. Interestingly the symbol for the Martinist organisation is two triangles, one black and one white, interlocked to form a what is commonly called the Seal of Solomon or Star of David. The following extract from this leaked material is from Associate Discourse number 14 and is interesting in that it shows that they acknowledge the changes in brain chemistry which higher initiates undergo and one must try to resist being drawn-in by the colourful new-age language employed to make some of the changes undergone seem generally beneficial and positive. For instance the phrase ‘astral images’ can be translated as ‘hallucinations’ seeing things which are not there, and a common symptom of advanced psychosis and schizoaffective disorders:


"A very interesting point worth mentioning at this time is that the circulation of the nervous force within man puts him in communication with the universe. In highly evolved mystics, there occurs what in occultism is sometimes called the circulation of astral images. These astral images generally appear to be coming from the back of the head. This is not altogether exact, but it will give an idea as to the nature of this phenomenon….This will be important when we study the actions of the invisible world so important to every Martinist."


Similarly the phrase ‘being put in communication with the universe’ sounds wonderfully exciting and like some jolly intergalactic adventure, but what it really implies is the hearing of voices and seeing beings which are not visible to other people, no different to the three ghostly forms at Barbara O Brien’s bedside telling her she was part of a secret experiment.


This psychic transformation is something which appears to be part of the UFO agenda. Vallee discover a group in Palo Alto California operating from the campus of Stanford University, which appeared to be a cross between new-age spirituality and UFO cult:


“They were seeking real truth. The text was signed by flying-saucer believers who called themselves H.I.M. or Human Individual Metamorphosis. The announcement continued: ‘...are attempting to completely rise above their human nature under the direction of individuals who are members of a kingdom above human who have come in at close range to the Earth to help.’ They compare this period of overcoming their human nature to the metamorphic process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.”


Vallee attends a talk by the group and a bearded man speals in terms of personal psychic transformation much like the Rosicrucian groups and possibly the kind of ‘transformations’ undergone by Evelyn Waugh and Barbara O Brien:


“They are now just finishing completing their own physical metamorphosis. Their bodies have almost completely changed over physically, chemically, biologically. They look just like you and I on the surface. Within a few months there will be a demonstration. When we have changed our bodies over through this process, we no longer have to endure disease or decay or death.”


Vallee reports that one person who joined the group in 1975 left the group after two months having some concerns:


“These two people are dangerous. It is not hypnosis. It is thought transplant."'

And when during one of the talks someone from the audience asked:

"How do you know that you're not being deceived by demonic forces?"

The unconvincing response which Vallee reports may lead one to rightly ask whether this is the reality behind much of the UFO phenomenon which cannot be explained by secret American post war technology. Vallee asks one of his friends who had attended a meeting of the Order of Melchizedek some questions about the order and its aims. His friend report on someone called Dr Grace from the Order of Melchizedek who delivered lectures:


"I asked her if she had ever seen a UFO. She had. She described to me what she had seen once in the eastern part of the United States, with her husband. It was a craft, only fifty feet or so away, and she felt that the beings on board were communicating directly to her, into her brain." 


If Dr Grace was telling the truth then it would appear that the people who were leading the UFO and New-Age cults of the 1970’s were doing so under the instructions of voices in their heads. We have seen how Barbara O Brien’s voices and hallucinations manages to create an extremely cogent continuum of reality, and at times there were even things which the voices told her which she herself could not have possibly known and which potentially helped save her from danger on several occasions.


Returning to O Brien’s account she is told by the Operators that some humans are actually almost fully possessed by the Operators. These were known as ‘Dummies’ a Dummy had apparently lost its personality and personal volition and was fully under the control of the Operators:


“I was horrified. Why would an Operator want to make a dummy out of a Thing? “Well, Operators use dummys as hatracks,” Nicky explained. “Most of the great comic entertainers are dummys. Bob Hope, for instance. When an entertainer like Hope is performing, he’s merely giving out what some Operator is stimulating him to do. There’s no latticework to interfere with the receiving of the stimuli. In certain situations, a dummy can be quite an asset to a clever Operator. It’s something like having a puppet on a string.”


Interestingly MRI scans have been conducted on the brains of those with psychopathic personality disorder. Many psychopathic murderers have historically attributed their sprees to some other agent operating through them, though of course their testimonies have been rejected as the ravings of madmen. But what if there were something to it. The research conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that the brain scans of psychopaths show extremely diminished activity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is the area which is linked to a person’s personality, the will to live, personal volition and decision making. This really is the area which is the focal point of most people’s lives and is in essence the part of the brain which makes them who they are, the decisions the make, the plans they have and how they act in social interactions.

Since the pre-frontal cortex is the decision making, will and personal focus area of the brain, then what we may be observing in the psychopathic personality is the person who is lacking a will and the ability to make their own decisions. So who or what is making those decisions for them?

Perhaps these people have acquiesced their will to the hidden masters, or ‘extra-terrestrial’ beings which those leading the UFO cults claimed to be in contact with. What are these beings? Extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional beings? Demons? Most people live their lives mentally driving through life in the front seat of their car but the psychopath appears to be sat in the front seat, but is not the one driving. Something else is directing the course. This may give an insight into the strange mystery that many of the people who had left the H.I.M. group:

“The people who left their group would just go home and, for several weeks, simply stare at the walls.”

Sunday 5 January 2014

Short story time....

On the threshold he held himself. The reassuring throb of the EM resonator droned on within. He wondered whether he could fully commit himself to the ultimate premise of a quantum universe, did the room and all it contained become ordered only when he opened the door and gazed at it? What was the state of the room now as he stood outside? In what form did the room and its contents exist? Was it like a detuned TV? all white noise and static which flew into familiar shapes and colours when his eyes ordered the cluttered light and chaotic streams flying within? It was all very odd. What a mystery existence is, even to a scientist. Particularly to a scientist,

Finally the door opened, the fluorescent lab lights flickered on. Dr Stapleton flew into the room like something borne on the wind; his white lab coat flapping like wings. He looked at the large metal turbine of the EM resonator with a nervous excitement. He walked over the white tiles to the centre of the room which had predictably settled to its usual quantum order of unwashed coffee cups, bread crusts and hand tissues, all somehow attempting to contradict the white tiles and tables tops of what was supposed to be a sterile environment.

Stapleton pondered again. He supposed it was his curse to be constantly looking at the obvious and mundane and seeking a way to make it much more complicated and inexplicable. This for him, was the key to knowledge, disconnecting from what one thought one already knew, by pretending not to know it. He peered over to the EM resonator and snuck a finger beneath his black rimmed glasses and rubbed his right eye in order to be sure of what he was seeing.

He was always prepared to see the unexpected, even though, he never did. His experiments had never yet broken the mould nor had he discovered anything which was not already common knowledge. His aim was to discover if the electromagnetic activity of an animal brain could somehow be amplified by sympathetic resonance, in order to create a standing wave of thought, or an idea. Which in turn could be used to remotely influence receptors to further augment the wave like a relay station.

Basically he wanted to know if psychic powers could be induced in laboratory conditions. In order to explore this hypothesis he had acquired several mice, and had created a situation where he could be fairly certain of what the mice were thinking, if ‘thinking’ was even the right word for what mice did inside their heads. So he had deprived three of his mice of food for several days, then set up a rather tantalising but scientifically necessary piece of equipment whereby the hungry mice could see and smell the food before them, but were prevented from reaching it by a titanium wire gauze which they could not bite through. He had the EMG scans in their present state in order to calibrate the mice’s hungry thoughts. If this same electroencephalogram scan, could be induced in another, well fed mouse in a separate cage, by means of the electro-magnetic resonator, his experiment would be a success and he would be able to publish his results and await the lucrative top-secret military projects which would no doubt be his next step in his research. He had tried to be ethical, but he was more interested in being very rich and more than a little tempted, by the idea of being a mad scientist bridging the gap between esoteria and hard science.

When most boys dreamed of scoring the winning goal in the world-cup final, Dr Michael Stapleton dreamed of the same football game, except that he was hidden in the crowd with a cunning machine which would incapacitate any opposition player at the touch of a button. A keen a football fan as any boy growing up in the north of England, but one for whom the problem of the England football team’s difficulty in dealing with penalty shoot-outs required solutions which perhaps most people had not considered possible.

Dr Stapleton was of the mind that anything was possible in the universe and there were no limits to what could be achieved; indeed that the laws of the universe and scientific dogma were only products of the time like the movable goal posts of an afternoon playground kick-around. The only thing was to visualise the end result and find a way of getting there. And so, although Dr Stapleton’s priority was no longer ensuring that England win the world cup after finally progressing through a semi-final penalty shoot-out, he was close to being in a position where he could finally make such things a reality.

Stapleton looked at the clock. It was one minute to midnight, but time meant little under the fluorescent lab lights and since the computers never showed any inclination to retire to bed so nor did Stapleton. If he ever felt tired he would always remark at the indefatigable nature of his computer and electrical equipment: always aglow and buzzing with the static of enthusiasm . Electricity never sleeps. He sometimes cursed his human weakness that after only half a day of activity his thought processes would become muddled and slow. After nearly a day of work without sleep he noticed he would start to see things out of the corners of his eyes which weren’t really there but which managed to significantly distract him enough to cease working, after all, if you can no longer trust the empirical evidence of your own eyes then whatever conditions exist at the present time can no longer be considered scientific.

He wondered what was it about the nature of the world he lived in that so taxed the body and the spirit as to require it to shut down every few hours or so. Like a hot cup of tea rapidly cooling on a cool winter morning, something seemed to be drained from him during a day of work. What was this element that the environment sucked from him and required him to recharge during sleep in order to return, piping hot ready for another day? Another experiment for another time he mused.

Though time meant very little in the abstract sense but the quantifiable seconds and minutes of recorded activity and the search for developing patterns of progress from the harvested data were essential. Yet the daily human routines of morning afternoon and night time held little relevance. In fact Stapleton worked better during the hours of night: there was much less superfluous activity taking place in the world around to distract him and also perhaps, in the best traditions of his hero the mad Konrad Dippel, he savoured the hours of darkness as being somehow more conducive to breaking the orthodoxy of the established laws of nature. Though he had more scruples about dissecting animals and doubted Dippel’s claim that it was possible to transmit souls between bodies by using a funnel.

He scrutinized the wavelengths before him, the mice’s hunger appeared to resonate at a frenzied 40 HZ as a Beta wave but the frequency was not matched in the well fed and generally contented fat-mouse. Perhaps the whole experiment was a silly waste-of time. Wishful thinking. Even though thoughts are frequency waves, electrical oscillations of firing neurons what reason did he have to think that another brain would be receptive to them?

As the timeless fluorescent evening wore on into morning he grew tired of testing and retesting the hungry mice and watching the brain scans of the fat mouse. He made himself a large pot of filter coffee in order to keep up with his computer and he started to question whether esoteric phenomenon could even be reproduced in laboratory conditions. This has always been the problem. Despite thousands of years of first hand stories and documented evidence of phenomena which seemed to circumvent the known laws of nature, there was still no place for any of it within the rational materialistic scientific canon of reality. None of it seemed to be available to be produced on demand.

Somehow, the fact of attempting to narrowly observe a subtle phenomenon sent the phenomenon scuttling to subtler dimensions and not being available to post results and produce pie-charts. Stapleton thought of Uri Geller and his remarkable watch stopping antics, which he himself, as a boy watching the BBC experienced first hand during one of Geller’s incredible mass-participation psychic experiments. There was no doubt about it whatsoever, Uri Geller had stopped little Mikey’s Terrahawks watch. At that time he was amazed but not surprised, after all, if miracles are real then most likely they will happen on TV. But later in life he had followed sought to follow Geller’s career and been dismayed at his failure on the James Randi show where a cigarette smoking Randi had produced steel locks and bolts of incredulity which finally scuppered Geller’s access to scientific acceptance. He had the evidence of his own experience and that was still as real as any science bigot's sneering skepticism.

In a fit of pique at a lack of useful results and partly stirred to some kind of rebellion by visions of a fag-bound James Randi’s scorning a superman he decided he had to fight back. In his pique he removed the titanium gauze separating his famished mice from their food. What was he trying to do anyway? Torturing small animals for science? Besides, if he didn’t feed the mice sooner or later they would die and he would need more mice and he may have been a scientist but he was not a heartless man. He would not drive small animals to their very deaths just so he had a complete set of data. Though, as his starving mice were ravenously and joyfully (as their brain scans showed) enjoying their celebratory iftar meal, he wondered if perhaps if he HAD driven them to the edge of death would something of their final desperation have given him the esoteric extra-sensory element he was searching for? Too bad. He wasn’t yet mad or desperate enough to go all-in to the death with small rodents. He would take sensible measurements within reasonable limits, after all, these experiments would one day perhaps be carried out on human beings, but he shuddered as he thought about the military component which would no doubt make him rich, and pondered that they would most likely have fewer ethical scruples over the lives of their human test subjects than had over the lives of his three mice.

So the experiment ruined and Dr Stapleton full of caffeine and in no mood to sleep he started goofing around. He decreased the sensitivity of his EEG equipment and decided to look at his own brain patterns. What does a bored disillusioned scientist’s brain scan look like? What is the magnetic pattern of boredom. In under an hour he had attuned the equipment to measure his magnetic brain responses and sat staring at his computer while feigning a series of emotions ranging from lust to joy from anger to hysteria. He noticed predictable changes in certain areas, with increased electrical activity in certain emotional response centres. Looking at the clock it was 8:01am. Perhaps it was time to rest nevertheless. Just then a strange idea came to him.

He decided to connect the EM resonator to his electroencephalogram headset and see what might happen, if anything.

Stapleton again focussed on an emotion, he decided to think of love, specifically of the platonic kind. He watched the familiar centres of his brain being fired with electricity a shifting sea of blue neuron discharges in the temporal lobe but his focus was interrupted as something seemed to move swiftly in front of him. He jumped with shock. His heart beating wildly as if awakening suddenly from a dream of falling. He looked around, there was nothing of course, he was alone in the laboratory, except for the mice of course. Tiredness? Perhaps. He would run one more test on himself then pack it in.

He chose another emotion, anger, indeed he did feel a certain unfocussed anger at the disturbing hallucination he had just suffered from. He looked again at his computer screen and waited a few seconds to organise his sense of anger. As he did so something jumped out at him causing him to fall from his chair and be scattered in a heap on the floor. This something had filled his whole vision with a shocking suddenness and ferocity. Now he didn’t have to feign emotion: he was scared as a child is afraid of the dark on a late spooky night. His fear now swam in front of his eyes and he heard sounds, uncanny distant sounds which sounded almost animal but were also terrifying human and possessed with some kind of malicious intelligence. His fear rose in pitch in response to the input his senses were receiving and the vision increased in magnitude until he started to see the dark shapes possessed of distorted and terrible faces with glowing eyes. They were moving closer to him, or he was being dragged into them, he did not know which, but he seemed no longer aware of the mundane setting of the coffee cupped laboratory but was somehow involved in his own cheesy horror film. What was happening? It must be something to do with the resonator or course.He removed the brain scanning apparatus with a sudden desperate fear soaked jolt and the sound and vision promptly vanished.

He lay on the floor, his eyes searching the white ceiling for hidden terrors as someone searches for a midnight mosquito which is plaguing their sleep. Seeing nothing he relaxed and closed his eyes and pondered what had just taken place. Instinctively he knew that what had happened took place because he was using the EM resonator and focussing on his own thoughts, but clearly expected something to happen, or he wouldn’t have done it, but he hadn’t expected actual hallucinations and terrifying visions. When he focussed on love what had he seen? A shadowy figure passing his vision but it was a familiar figure, it seemed to be a composite figure of everyone he had ever loved, or rather, it was an embodiment of that idea of loving someone. Reassured by the thought that he would be able to control the visions from now on he decided to try one more experiment before sleeping it all off. He reattached the brain wave imaging equipment and mentally tested his hypothesis.

Stapleton never knew what hit him. There was a sudden flare of activity on the brain scan before him then there really was no more Stapleton.

In its place was something bigger. In its place was the infinite expanse of dormant potential, there wasn’t much room left for a struggling research scientist. The electromagnetic consciousness matrix that had once inhabited the white coat and glasses had become something else. Stapleton had been a rather gnarled but still vigorous old oak, its root was strong and its branches still keen, and pliant enough in a strong breeze, not to break but neither to bend. Now the consciousness inside the glasses and lab coat was a seed, an acorn, a dormant and unexpressed concentration of potential, all the raw power of nature compacted into a particle, like the big bang awaiting the touch of a hair trigger. Stapleton’s idea had been to observe himself thinking about consciousness and use the resonator to increase the signal. Stapleton’s machine had managed to isolate and contain the electromagnetic frequency of consciousness seeking to explain its own nature, but in so doing it had discovered something explosive, that consciousness, when it becomes aware of its own true nature, sees God, and in fact, becomes God because it realises that the mind does not create consciousness but rather, that consciousness created the mind.

Stapleton had become aware of what he was part of, and had thus merged instantly with the whole. Like an odourless gas, the spark of certainty that no longer had room for doubts because it knew absolutely, had set off a chain reaction and all was fire. The research scientist had been burnt off in the combustion and the personality was nothing but ashes. What looked about the room now, at the apparatus, at the now cowering mice, was no longer a man. It was the absolute. It was a clear window gazing upon the world. It stood up and pausing only to release the mice to scamper across the room where they soon found an obscure hole to wriggle into.

He walked out to explore this new world which he had just been reborn into. He lowered a hand to open the door but then remembered the other side of the door and he instantly materialised there without any of the physical effort or mundanity of the electro-chemical muscle movement.

He walked out into a gloomy early morning mist. His body shuddered against the cold and the stark contrast between the warmth and light of the laboratory. He visualised warmth and sunlight. Something stirred the upper atmosphere and the clouds started to melt away, he felt the sudden change as bright sunlight fell upon his face and warmed him with tender caresses. The earth was his now. There was nothing he could not do.

He moved toward the main street to see what his new awareness would show him. He saw the showered and ironed human forms being drawn to work, why is it that people tend to speed up when they approach their place of work? The sudden sprint up steps and into the building itself. He caught the eye of one, then another worker. They seemed to snarl at him. Something resented him. He looked from face to face, the clear and open window saw them clearly. Saw their frustration, tiredness, unwillingness to go to work. Saw their anticipation of another day of petty frustrations and bit tongues. They saw that he saw this and they hated it, they tutted, they frowned, they muttered. Two of three office workers walking together all looked at him together and shared a moment of common hatred.

And the awareness that now inhabited the scientist’s body realised something, or rather, it remembered something for it knew everything. This shouldn’t be happening. This has happened before in earth’s history, several times in fact, an on each of these occasions there were no happy endings. It then occurred to Him that He wasn’t supposed to be here. Things had to run their own course. Error, pain, grief, suffering, although prolonged were never permanent. There would be a time when all confusion would cease.

It was then that the being which Stapleton had become, realised that he was a God trapped in Hell. He most ardent wish was that he had never opened this particular Pandora’s box. That he could go back to his simple sleep of a human life with the bracing suspense of its uncertainties and the continued scrabbling about in the unknown. There would be a time and a place to know everything. This wasn’t it. Suddenly there was a flash of light.

Looking at the clock it was 8:01am. Perhaps it was time to rest nevertheless. Just then a strange idea came to him but quickly he dismissed it. It was time to get some sleep. He took his coat and sleepily locked his laboratory. He would try something else tomorrow or later today, whichever came sooner, a fresh head and a good sleep is what is needed he decided. Or he might abandon it all together. It was a fanciful idea anyway. He turned out the lights and fed the two hungry mice. For a moment he thought of freeing them from their cages but then decided not to. ‘Pets’ he thought.

Monday 11 October 2010

World control through psychemotional manipulation.

Who’s in charge here?

This arm of the empire is essentially the empire’s own propaganda machine. We call it ‘the media’. The word ‘media’ is a collective noun for the word ‘medium’ which literally means, medium of communication. But a medium for whom? Who is talking to whom? It isn’t the media itself giving us these messages, by definition they are only ‘mediums’ for the information. Clearly WE are the ones being addressed but who or what is promoting certain programmes? Why is it normal for people to spend hours absorbing light and sound from an electrical box? There’s a wonderful Roald Dahl poem which epitomises the damage that television will do to a child’s mind and he had been proved right many times over, as will see later in this chapter:

They sit and stare and stare and sit
Until they’re hypnotised by it
Until they’re absolutely drunk
With all that shocking ghastly junk.

There can be few doubts that watching violent and disturbing scenes on television is very bad children. But one asks oneself, at what point does it start being good for adults? You see there are many things we all take for granted and questions we don’t ask ourselves any more. A person from just fifty years ago would be shocked and appalled by the levels of random violence and horror coming out from a television in this age compared to the tame black and white images from the 50’s. Somebody from even further back, say a Victorian family, would be not so astounded by the technology of the glowing box but more astonished by the type of images it would wantonly show. Yet all our scientists seem to infer, indeed the whole ‘empire’ infers constantly that we are going in the right direction, the march is relentless to some future utopia where the empire’s power becomes absolute and unshakable, what would be termed a ‘New World Order’.

But why do we need 33 new laws every month? This in the Government's example of reigning-in free will, if they can criminalise people then all the better, that way they’re easier to control, they can be fined and imprisoned, have their possessions stripped from them by court order, the degree of their slavery to the system is revealed, a revelation which sets the common man and woman working all the harder at not falling into the law’s hands by being an obedient unquestioning citizen and paying all their bills and taxes on time. It was no surprise that the newspapers revealed the magic number 33 and so the masons involvement in all this is exposed. One often finds the number 33 coming up in media news stories, the 7th of July tube blasts initially declared a death toll of 33 dead. Just one to watch out for.

So the media is the propaganda arm of the powers that be, but not what they call ‘her majesty’s government’, the media works beyond the knowledge and ability of the government and the government is frequently at its mercy. It has the power to make or break politicians by exposing them or applauding them, it can defeat political parties with a simple rallying call to its own agenda in its own paper.

It is the media which rules and directs the country, the government merely enacts the reality depicted in the media by reacting to it. Cameron has to cow-tow not only to Rupert Murdoch these days but also to X Factor. Politicians are fast being sidelined as the way the establishment wishes to communicate its wishes and suggestions to the public, it is now the media itself which has so completely been absorbed by the special interests of media barons, channel owners, and their owners, the men in the shadows, that it serves a kind of de facto emotional and psychic dictatorship. The television is constantly serving up a dreary materialist world view, punctuated with The News at various hours of the day like a veritable mortar strike on your inner light, your emotional self.

The TV shows like Eastenders, Holby City and The Bill all echo this state of misery, these shows all work by inducing anxiety, suspense and distress in the viewer by evoking one of the many semi mythical, almost apocryphal ‘bad’ things that can happen to people. Fun fairs burning down and killing children at Christmas, someone you knew shooting someone else you knew, dead, and almost everyone is having an affair with someone. The actual reality is that Eastenders is worse, much worse than reality. But why would people spend time submerging their consciousness into such a swamp of despair and constant anxiety? Simply they are hypnotised by the screen. The television set induces low alpha waves in the human brain which is like a borderline trance, perhaps people don’t really know why they’re watching it. ‘I want to see what happens’ is what my mother always used to say. There can be little doubt that most television shows are a kind of addiction where one constantly needs to stay hooked up to the screen to ‘see what happens’. These addictions last years and in many cases are life-long, while the physical effects may include a lack of exercise the spiritual effects are profoundly disturbing. These include anxiety, nervous disorders, anger management issues and depression. A study by the British journal of psychiatry carried out by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2002 shows a clear link between prolonged exposure to television and the genesis of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. The study showed that eating disorders were non-existent in Fiji before the advent of adolescents watching television for long periods of time, and reaches the conclusion that western media imagery has a very negative impact and leads to a disordering of native societal norms.

In 1998 the idyllic Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan decided, for some reason, that it was missing out on something. After apparently being so taken by a communal viewing of the French World Cup final in 1998 in the Bhutan’s national square, King Jigme Singye Wangchuk decided to open the doors of Bhutan to the joys of television by starting the Bhutan Broadcasting service.

His words at the time were: ‘It is my sincere hope that the introduction of television will be beneficial; to our people and country’ but with the caveat that ‘not everything you will see will be good.’

Its original intentions were to inform the country about events taking place in the rest of the world and also to highlight their own culture and traditions. However, hot on the heels of the BBS was Rupert Murdoch’s Star TV which opened for business 6 months later and brought with it a diet of pornography, wrestling matches and toxic celebrity nonsense.

Bhutan had for hundreds of years maintained a peaceful Buddhist civilisation where people thought twice before even swatting a fly. Some three years after the introduction of television a crime wave swept the country, murders, beatings, thefts and drug offences suddenly appeared from nowhere. Each week people in Bhutan write to the national newspaper Kuenseleople expressing their concerns about the new turn their previously untroubled society has taken: "Dear Editor, TV is very bad for our country... it controls our minds... and makes [us] crazy. The enemy is right here with us in our own living room. People behave like the actors, and are now anxious, greedy and discontent." Their words are echoes by government minister Sangay Ngedup, one of the few willing to members of the government willing to voice their concerns, he says: ‘for the first time children are confiding in their teachers of feeling ,manic, envious and stressed’. The fact that that few members of the government are willing to question the destruction of their own noble culture shows that they have been bought off and possibly compromised along the way, and the new world order has one more victim slave country and its whole population to abuse and degrade. Business as usual for people like Rupert Murdoch.

There is even a new anti-TV lobby and regular calls for television to be censored or banned altogether. In a BBC news article from 2004 Bhutanese TV analyst Shockshan Peck was quoted as saying, as a result of the introduction of television into the Kingdom that: “Young people are now much more in tune with globalisation and what is happening around the world’. I assume that this was meant as a positive thing, but to those of us in the west who actually understand the full ramifications of globalism, the comments show with stunning clarity, that moral decay, crime violence and a general new found dissatisfaction with life, seem to be the cultural values of globalism.

Other in depth studies of the effects television has on the mind do not make for encouraging reading. In Dr Aric Sigman’s book ‘Remotely Controlled’ he states: “Across the United States, as different regions got their first television sets, there was a 10 to 15 year delay before violent crime suddenly escalated to double what it had been’. The reason for this demonstrable link between increased criminality and the arrival of television is that watching a flickering television set puts the viewer in a light trance. In Daniel Reid’s book The Toa of Health Sex and Longevity he writes:

“The stimulus is transferred directly into the brain via the optic nerve, which in turn irradiates the hypothalamus. In scientific experiments..rats exposed to colour TV for six hours a day became hyperactive and extremely aggressive for about a week. Thereafter they suddenly became totally lethargic and stopped breeding entirely.” In effect their endocrine systems had been ‘burnt out;’ equally significant was the fact that during the experiment the TV screens were kept covered in thick black paper so that only the invisible rays came through. Thus the damage was done, not by the visible rays, but by the invisible radiation.”

Not only does the actual content of images of the programme have a psychological effect on the viewer, clearly, making the viewer happy, sad, angry or promoting aggressive feelings, but also the actual electromagnetic radiation released by a television set has a direct detrimental physiological effect on the mind and body. Reid goes on to say:

‘When you watch TV, brain activity switches from left to the right hemisphere. In fact, experiments conducted by researcher Herbert Krugman showed that while viewers are watching television, the right hemisphere is twice as active as the left, a neurological anomaly.”

So the right brain, or what is commonly known as out subconscious mind is stimulated during television viewing. This is extremely worrying because it is in our subconscious mind that is the origin of all our thoughts actions and beliefs. It’s as if television is a form of hypnosis which works by flickering light signals at the retinas and creating a light trance, the television show is then overlaid, like a hypnotic suggestion. Is it therefore unsurprising that if the Bhutanese people are exposed to violent hypnotic suggestions through their television sets, that this information directly enters the subconscious mind and they suddenly become violent themselves?

Perhaps a film like David Lynch’s ‘Videodrome’ where specially contrived violent broadcast harbour a malicious carrier wave which is intended to corrupt and eventually kill off the ‘low life’ portions of North America. The sheer complexity of the plot of Videodrome and the fact that real life organisations like NATO are implicated in Lynch’s plot, tell us that perhaps his idea wasn’t en tirely fantasy, but based on reality.

Examining the wholesale corruption of the Kingdom of Bhutan by Rupert Murdoch’s Star TV network in this context seems eerily appropriate, with its broadcasting of violence and pornography, against the BBS’s more benign fare of documentaries and interviews with nuns. Dr Tanya Byron was commissioned in 2007 by the then British Prime Minister to investigate the possible harmful effect of the internet and video games on children. In her report entitled: Byron Review – Children and New Technology’. It is only a shame she entirely neglected to investigate the devastating effect of television on the behaviour of children, but then again ‘television’ is effectively another ‘government’ drug along with the likes of tobacco and alcohol which suits entirely the powers that be’s ongoing agenda for total social control.

Unfortunately people have no suspicion that the television shows they are watching are literally messing with their heads, and the television itself is unlikely to start broadcasting programmes advertising this fact, such a thing would not be in the best interests of the establishment so their science pawns would be unlikely to be deployed to investigate their own pawns in the media.

So if we examine the media in the context of being run by the establishment and showing a distorted, constant negatively biased image of the world, then we begin to see that we are dealing with more of the anti-truths and deceptions which strike against our own well being. The 2009 swine flu propaganda strike managed to earn the pharmaceutical companies millions and the vaccine actually gave people the disease rather than in any way protecting them from it, because in all likelihood, there was no wild swine flu virus that had not been conveniently placed there, either in the bodies of animals by local ‘research’ laboratories, or introduced into the public by some other means. This was the real reason for the huge focus on nurses taking the vaccine when the doctors themselves refused to be inoculated against it. This was a serious blow for the credibility in the vaccines’ efficacy and safety. Although it wasn’t a vaccine, it was the disease itself, it contained the live virus itself. And so they hoped that nurses in their thousands would harbour the disease and pass it on to their weaker patients thus helping in their, as yet, covert programme of eugenics, or population control, present in hospitals all over the land. For instance mentally disabled patients who find themselves in hospital have been known to have a ‘do not resuscitate’ notice on their beds, a clear example of eugenics, and an unconsulted euthanasia by neglect. I would actually call it murder. Another man I spoke to told me how his GP told him that many of the medicines prescribed for heart ailments actually exacerbate the symptoms rather than alleviate them, this same man was advised to stop taking the statin medicine for his cholesterol by a medical friend of his and as a result feels vastly better.

That the media promotes materialism in spite of the health and social detriment of the endless adverts for junk food, the sexualisation of children by trampy and immoral grown women singing to little girls about what sex feels like, to the over promotion of violence and death as a form of entertainment. One has to realise that this is not merely the promotion of materialism but of a needlessly excessive and corrupted form of materialism. One more concerned in protecting its own tangled financial self interests at the expense of the health and happiness of the population. One might ask oneself why promote such a needlessly corrupt and self destructive philosophy to the country? well first of all it is not the needs of the country which the establishment now protects but the needs of the empire which presently wants the UK subsumed into a greater Europe.

In order to achieve this they must first break the country’s independence down from within, demoralising its patriots, breaking the back of their communities and degrading its moral traditions and culture. This has been amply achieved so far but the programme has some way to go before the UK is ready to be federalised within the context of a greater Europe. It also helps them to degrade and pollute western morals while having millions of Moslems being brought into the country in order to create their Masih ad-dajjal scenario of the antichrist raising from the corrupt and decadent west, this creates a convenient side show for the establishment, on the one hand they need to demoralise and subvert British sovereignty, and at the same time they can have two groups and ferment religious tension.

What better way to take the sting out of the British people by having people live here who regard them as a degenerate and fallen people denying God. This can be kept on the boil for as long as they wish while they stoke up tensions in the middle east leading to the world war three, apparently prophesised by 33 degree ‘super-mason’ Albert Pike (and chief of ‘judiciary’ of the Ku Klux Klan), in his correspondence with head of Italian masonry Giuseppe Mazzini .

The result of all this ‘great work’ on the general public is to make them less likely to have strongly positive emotions and ideas, but to absorb and relay those emotions that pervade the world of the media, the result of the constantly grim stories which seem to make the world go around, is to make people distrust their fellows and fear other people and their intentions. One goes from being a happy member of the community to being suspicious of everyone else and to start to focus only on your own welfare at the expense of the wellbeing of others. This is the hidden mantra of the capitalist system going out of control and devouring itself as our financial institutions now seem to be doing.

All of these pressures are being exerted on the public simultaneously, no less than an all out attack on the human spirit designed to break down our own personal sense of our own value and this is being achieved every second of every day with more people becoming lost, confused falling out from society, their jobs, into poverty and despair. Still others have a worse fate, these are the one who join the system and become part of the enslaving empire. These people are frequently trained, often in a similar way to the method I point out in the first couple of chapters, these people will ultimately become involved in some secret society or other, or may find themselves one of the many new Common Purpose graduates which are presently extremely busy in all corners of society, from education, health, to media and in particular, local councils. This strange organisation runs on the standard pyramid model of hierarchy, with those at the bottom, and it has been suggested by researchers such as former naval officer Brian Gerrish, that at the bottom of the Common Purpose pyramid are all sorts of dubious characters including petty criminals and perverts.

This model is much more common in society than we are made aware of, and the fact that often, businessmen often have dealings with organised crime, Hollywood it is believed has links to the Mafia. Again the common link here is Freemasonry. A criminal underworld boss and chief inspector can both be members of freemasonry and in fact are. The freemasons simply wish to exert control and organised crime is just one of the methods they use to raise revenue, recruit members and exert control. This means that masons have access to many different groups of human resources, and they can obviously use their various pawns on each other in order to exert more control over the same pawns.

Blackmail is a favoured tool and blackmail is everywhere in the freemasons. I personally was the victim of an attempted blackmail to join the masons, it was during a course which I was told I would fail but that ‘if I became more square I would pass’ this otherwise meaningless phrase is a Masonic code for becoming a mason: to be more ‘square’ mean, in their metaphorical language, to be a square block of stone, one they can shape and use it to build their empire.

Often the masons are referred to by others in the know euphemistically as ‘builders’. It is clear from their own terminology therefore that these guys are trying to construct something but what?

The Solomon’s temple imagery which the masons have recently adopted for their ends, their tales of the master builder of the temple of Solomon, killed by his apprentices, and apparently dying without revealing the ‘word’ which subsequently became the ‘lost word’, took the place of an earlier Masonic back-story, that of The Tower of Babel. The master builder this time was Nimrod, a God to whom has been attributed the sacrifice of children. God’s views on the Tower of Babel are pretty much known to everyone, and he decided to destroy the Tower reaching to the heavens, and scatter the inhabitants of the earth, ‘confounding their language’ meaning they would no longer be able to communicate and work together. With the recent appearance of the Burj tower in the Emirates, reaching to the heavens like a Tower of Babel, one has to ask oneself, what was the point? And would you feel entirely safe spending a night there.

Clearly the point was for the masons to immanentize the eschaton, or to externalise their reality and show their control to the world, in line with the apocalypse of Saint John which apparently is a precursor to the second coming of Christ. Well I have my doubts about that. What if it’s just another swindle? We get the anti-Christ and the war and famine and pestilence and all the rest of it, but instead of upping sticks and buggering off like a nice anti-Christ to let the kosher Christ take his place, what if he refuses to play ball? What if we get the anti-Christ and are stuck with him forever?

The masons are clearly playing on these myths and most people wouldn’t suspect that skyscrapers are actually Masonic architecture. If we look at many skyscrapers all over the world we see them being more and more symbolically and finely designed. In Austin Texas there is what Alex Jones describes as an Owl of Moloch overlooking the city, it certainly does look like a very sinister sort of owl.But to me more like some kind of weird pagan steel and glass wicker-man effigy:

Then there’s Canary Wharf which has a pyramid on its top with a constantly flashing, symbolic red capstone at its apex.

The Dubai tower has a form reminiscent to the traditional shape of the high ziggurat buildings in Babylon and the middle east, and the spread of skyscrapers across the world is a signal that these cities have business districts; so in a sense the skyscrapers represent commerce and capitalism and as we have seen the business world is an externalisation of the Masonic modus operandi and if we look deeper we find these same rules promoted in ancient Babylon whereas texts such as the Jewish Torah and Mishnah specifically warned against usury as an abominable sin:

‘He has lent on usury; he has taken interest; he shall surely not live, having done all these abominations.’

‘But if a man be just, and do what is lawful and right...and has not oppressed any, but has restored the debtor his pledge..He that has not given forth upon usury, neither taken any increases..’Ezekiel 18:5-9. At the time of writing this there are presently 110 home repossessions due to defaults on usury bills (mortgage .n from O.Fr. morgage (lit) death-pledge) so our banking system is sure to experience what the Jewish prophet Ezekiel called ‘the second death’ on the strength of at least two misdemeanours.

The Burj is also a way for the masons to kindle the Moslem Dajjal apocalyptic prophecy, which would be a handy tool to enable the masons to unroll their final world war and usher in their new world order empire. Like the true psychopaths they are, they will adopt any number of ruses or ideas and pit ancient adversaries against each other because they know that they can extract order from the chaos they create.

It also shows the nature of their origins and ideology and clearly they are Babylonian. The Moslems will be expecting the war and may be brought into it, of course they would gladly fight, believing God is on their side.

The end result of any worldwide holy war pitting Islam against the great Satan, would fulfil the UN Masonic creed of depopulation, create revenue for the satanic masonic military industrial complex. Billy Bragg never said a truer word when he said :"War, what is it good for? It’s good for business."

These buildings are also an external symbol to their members showing their level of activity and dominance in the relevant countries.

Unfortunately every country in the world has masons both in positions of political control and woven within the fabric of society as teachers, doctors, nurses, shop keepers, and to the lower levels of society such as criminal gang members and dangerous schizophrenics. They are literally everywhere and it is very hard not to end up joining them if you wish to practise particular trades, most pertinently in the legal and medical professions, or if you wish to open a business or advance in the particular post you hold.

The masons control everything and everyone and if you wish to succeed in must be on their terms, they cannot take the risk of having any loose cannons which might jeopardise their aims, and this is the reason why no matter how bad things become, a great many of our various rock and films stars refuse to comment about anything not related to themselves and their work. More often than not these people are also connected to masonry via various of the occult off shoot organisations, particularly in the case of Rock and pop stars, the Order of the Oriental Temple OTO.

So they control everything and everyone and they also control what they say. There have been rare instances in the past of people ‘speaking out’ but they are generally compromised by the system in some way and discredited, or threatened in some way, or even killed, so very few voices from the celebrity kingdom, make it out of the media. The media itself can also downplay certain emerging news stories which go against the establishment and they themselves will also attempt to discredit the whistleblower as they have done and continue to do with David Icke for example.

And now we have Common Purpose, a Masonic front organisation. The curious logo of Common Purpose is somewhat reminiscent of the characteristic 666 logo of the Cern ‘God particle’ laboratories in Geneva.

But it also evokes something else, a bullet hole in glass. Whether it’s a bullet hole or not there is still something discordant and negatively evocative in the logo. It also, as another researcher over at the David Icke forum pointed out, resembles the 33 degree medal of the Freemasons.

Common purpose’s intentions within British society have been likened to the Communist Party and it is no coincidence that they have the same initials. It has also been suggested that the word Common Purpose is really a Trojan horse hiding another word ‘compass’ in its first and last syllables.

The compass is another Masonic symbol and refers to the control of other people. The masons use a compass to inflict pain during their initiations, and the word compass has another meaning which the mason operatives themselves fulfill literally. We find it, like so many Masonic traditions, in the Old Testament, ‘But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every corner’. The meaning of ‘compass’ here is used as a verb and means to ‘surround’, because the arc drawn by a compass surrounds the point from which it originates. For the masons the compass is a crucial symbol because it reflect the ability of the brotherhood to completely dominate the life of another brother, literally enclosing him in an impenetrable wall, also by the same token, they can inflict pain on that person who seeks to escape the circle.

There is radio station serving the Lincolnshire area called Compass FM, a subsidiary of Links FM. Another local radio station Viking FM, is a confirmed Common Purpose infiltrated organisation (as seen in the list of Common Purpose clients bellow). Listening to Compass FM I have heard one of the deejays phrase the word common purpose and I have also heard this word mentioned on ITV Yorkshire region television. If you hear the phrase being mentioned by someone be alert that it may be that person trying to gain publicity or credit for something Common Purpose are involved in and a great many covert common purpose graduates in the most unlikely of places.

There are many organisations controlled by Common Purpose, a sample is printed below:

Partial list of Common Purpose UK clientele:

Aylesford Newsprint Ltd, Aylesford
BAE Systems, Rochester Bayer CropScience, Norwich
Begbroke Science Park, University of Oxford, Yarnton
British Petroleum, Grangemouth BSkyB, Dunfermline
Indian Muslim Welfare Society, Batley
The Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education, Grimsby
The Recovery Project, Brighton
University of St Andrews
Viking FM, Hull
West Midlands Fire Service, Coventry, Radford Road Community Fire Station West Midlands Police, Coventry, Little Park Street Police Station
West Yorkshire Police, Bradford South
Wintringham School, Grimsby
Yorkshire Bank PLC, Leeds
Yorkshire Water, Esholt Hall
Young's Bluecrest Seafood Limited, Ross House, Grimsby
Zurich Commercial, London and Swindon.

David Cameron himself was quoted using the phrase ‘common purpose’:

“This is a government that will last despite these differences because we are united by a common purpose for the job we want to do.”
The common purpose website also proudly trumpets:
“David Cameron visits Common Purpose in Bangalore.” While showing him in ‘deep and serious’ conversation with some Indian ‘do-gooders’/freemasons.

We see from the list that every corner of society has been infiltrated by this Common Purpose organisation. Education, media, food, banking, social work and healthcare. The advantage of creating this Masonic front group is that many people, while aware of the nefarious intentions of freemasonry, from media and other sources, many people will have their guard down when hearing

about a ‘training organisation’ called Common Purpose. There also seems to be no limit as to what kind of people can join this group, no gender or age preferences, no particular entry requirements,

men women and children of all race religion and creed can join. And in fact, so much the better for Common Purpose if they do, that way CP will have achieved what other Empire organisations always fail to achieve, infiltration into the heart of religious and ethnic groups. With such a spread their power will be absolute and omnipresent, reaching the empire into every single interaction between the people and society itself.

Common Purpose is a registered charity and as such received huge amount of public money and tax exemption status. But what does it do? Does it feed hungry dogs? Or does it send resources and set up water pumps in Africa? Charities as we understand them usually do something ‘charitable’, yet the charitable aim of CP cannot be ascertained. Why then is it a registered charity? Simple. It’s a loophole. It allows CP to act as an NGO, without restriction, shareholders or public accountability, it also allows it to operate in secret, and this again is typical of Masonic organisations: In 2008 there was a newspaper story in The Daily Mail entitled: Freemasons open a lodge at Buckingham Palace... but the Queen isn't amused. In particular the following excerpt which shows a thorough understanding if what freemasonry involved as a minimum: “A Palace insider said: “There's a lot of consternation and rightly so. People fear a lot of business will now be conducted behind closed doors so that those who don't sign up to Freemasonry can't have any effect on it. They are concerned that Masons will be preferred and those who aren't Masons will be written out of the script. Backstairs life is already complicated enough – there are all sorts of allegiances and cliques and cabals. People fall in and out of favour and there's a lot of whispering in ears. The last thing the household needs is a secret society, especially one with the reputation of Freemasonry.” “ There is another registered ‘charity’ based on the south coast which I am personally aware of as from having spoken to someone who was involved with it. She said this was a gateway into freemasonry for black men and women and as such she herself got initiated into freemasonry as a result of this charity.

If the dogma of materialism is not a sufficient deterrent for people who wish to find enlightenment in this world, then there is a final line of defence for the establishment. And this is what all these secret groups and secretive groups have in common. Their tool is:

The fake enlightenment, Illumination (commonly termed Luciferian). This step usually ends in absolute obedience to the establishment, in particular to the secret group which practiced this ancient piece of witch craft. The aim of Illumination is to break down the ego and create a change of brain chemistry in the member of their cult or an inductee. This is effected by creating great waves of stress, fear and uncertainty in the mind of the person targeted by this technique, what follows is a chemical reaction, as uncertainty grows fears become irrational and a panic starts to rise, a flight or fight paradigm, chemicals are released by the brain to supercharge the body to get out of the perceived dangerous situation, adrenalin is released for the duration of the panic and if the panic can be sustained and a sudden shock comes into play, then a permanent chemical imbalance takes place, the adrenalin in the blood breaks down and is converted into adrenochrome which if you remember, Hunter S Thompson actually ingested in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. His attorney rather illicitly obtained some which he hoped to use as a psychedelic:

“The adrenaline glands from a living human body,” “I know, but the guy didn’t have any cash. He’s one of these Satanism freaks. He offered me human blood-said it would make me higher than I’d ever been in my life...They nailed this guy for child molesting...” In this sentence we have an exposure of Satanists involvement in child abuse, blood drinking and human sacrifice, much like the kind of thing Bill Schnoebelen talks about in his extraordinary Interview with an ex-vampire DVD’s which I advise you to purchase and watch as soon an possible.

The effects of Illumination are very similar indeed to LSD consumption except LSD eventually wears off and you can go to sleep and break the spell. However the Illumination is not designed to wear off and is the reason why masonry and witchcraft has degrees, it is a continuous process, mind control must be reapplied, the narrative of the person in questions psyche must continue to be moulded by the secret society and its agents.

I reached these conclusions myself but during some research for a post I was making on the David Icke forum I found details of scientific study dating from the 1950’s outlining and substantiating the link between adrenochrome and schizophrenia. The research carried out by Dr. Michael Friedman and Humphrey Osmond however has been largely ignored by the establishment as many doctors and pharmaceutical companies feel the search for an elusive ‘schizophrenia toxin’ to be either an unprofitable venture, or a road less travelled. They discovered that the symptoms of schizophrenia were so similar to mescalin or LSD use, that they theorised that the schizophrenia toxin must be some forum of hallucinogen substance. They concluded that because mescalin (as a methylated derivative of phenylethylamine) was similar in molecular structure to adrenalin, and therefore that possibly adrenalin was the source material for this as yet unknown hallucinogenic ‘schizophrenia toxin'.

This theory was further strengthened by one of their test subjects who suffered from asthma, reporting that deteriorated adrenalin which he had inhaled, prompted a psychoactive episode similar to mescalin. Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter, a chemical which allows electrical impulses to pass from one nerve cell to the next a chemical produced by the pineal gland, it regulates sleep patterns, makes us feel happy, comfortable or sleepy. It is this neuro-transmitter which anti-depressants try to stimulate the production of, in a more extreme instance, MDMA (methylenediozymethamphetamine), or ‘ecstasy’ increases the release of three neuro-transmitters, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. At university I knew a person who was an habitual user of ecstasy, often taking it two or three times a week and often taking five or more pills each time. With time this person started exhibiting the symptoms of full-psychosis, such as insomnia and extreme paranoia. Suffice it to say, I expect many people of my age (34) know or remember someone who took WAY too many pills, way too often, during the halcyon days of the UK rave and techno scene, and will remember these few friends who seemed to be having more and more trouble functioning without the pills and seemed to need more and more each time to release their meagre supplies of serotonin. Fortunately time heals all but psychosis is a habit it’s hard to break and one can only hope that most of these hardcore ravers got through their trouble and are now to be found sipping cups of teas and living perfectly banal lives but with always with a fondness for the glory days at places like the Bluenote and the Complex, and with a slightly hazier memory when it comes to the come-downs.

Rather disturbingly, phenylalanine, which is being added to a wide range of soft drinks, children’s sweets and gums, in large doses, interferes with serotonin production and becomes a neuro-toxin, which means the electrical signals of consciousness are not being sufficiently transmitted through the brain, and this leads, in the same way as the pill head on a comedown with raging paranoia, to psychosis. Some commentators say this is why there is an inexplicable increase in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) among children, and combining the serotonin depleting aspartame/phenylalanine soft drink and candy diet along with the alpha trance inducing tv hypnotising kids and implanting violence and death directly into the core of their subconscious mind, is it any wonder our kids are going nuts?

What we have here is a precise chemical formulation of schizophrenia, according to Friedman:

“When the concentration of serotonin is lower than the concentration of adrenalin, adrenochrome formation is accelerated. When the ratio is reversed, oxidisation is inhibited.. When too little serotonin is present the formation of adrenochrome is accelerated’

Furthermore Friedman reports that :’if the body lacks antioxidants (free radical scavengers) more adrenochrome will be formed’. This is the first indication that the unpleasantly psychotropic effects of schizophrenia can be reduced and mitigated by the use of dietary supplements! A connection is also made by Dr Friedman into the relationship between the amount of the B vitamin Niacin present in brain synapses and the rate of adrenalin which oxidises to adrenochrome.

Dr Abram Hoffer further develops this relationship and in his 1998 book Vitamin B-3 entitled Schizophrenia: Discovery, Recovery, Controversy, he related how in 1952 he effectively proved in double-blind, placebo controlled tests, that niacin (vitamin B3) could cure schizophrenia. But of course, such a simple and cost effective solution to one of the modern day plagues of society would never be popular among the profession itself, especially when the almost limitless possibilities of revenue to be gained from a wide range of counter chemical compositions designed to hide or mask the symptoms of schizophrenia rather than cure it, provide a limitless well of revenue for the economically motivated pharma companies, not to mention the psychiatric institutions, the counsellors, psychiatrists and a whole raft of professionals of one grade or another, who would be somewhat lost if their very raison d’etre were suddenly replaced by a handful of cheap and natural vitamins.

Adrenochrome in the blood has many effects on the human body, these include: inability to sleep, hallucinations and heightened senses. The brain works much faster as the adrenochrome has an amphetamine type effect on the brain, so thoughts come very quickly and there often different thought paths occurring at one time, the result of this is to make connections and be more aware of things that most people wouldn’t notice or perceive.

The person becomes much more able to read a person by looking at their gestures, movements, even their sweat reveals information that the quickened mind can detect. The senses eventually become overcome with the onslaught of information and the associating thought patterns continually being drawn, suddenly a veil is lifted and the sight that the ego protected you from, namely all the boundless fear and pain in the world, is seemingly absorbed into them, the world becomes a nightmare and a permanent bad trip, the broken ego cannot rally its forces and create sense of the chaos of ideas associations and hallucinations, madness follows. They are then put to work.

These Illuminated people are extremely useful in an empire. They will pledge themselves to any group which will protect them from the uncertainty and perceived dangers of the outside world and the associated fears they have. If they work hard they will be richly rewarded when they retire and will be able to pass their madness in relative luxury and ease.

Many world leaders have been said to have heard ‘voices’ including Winston Churchill who was told where to sit by this voice at important meetings of world leader, ‘sit here’ or ‘sit there’ it would command him. More recently, and rather more alarmingly, during the 2003 Israeli-Palestinian summit which took place at Sharm el-Sheikh, George W Bush informed a senior Palestinian politician that: ‘I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me “George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan” And I did. And then God would tell me “George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq” And I did.’

But dear 'Saint'George and Winston are not alone, other notable members of the God’s coffee morning club are a wide range of infamous serial killers, all strangely, parroting a similar ‘divine mission’, and that their undoubted evil deeds, are somehow twisted so as to appear to be something approaching difficult but essentially moral work.

Herbert Mullin was caught shortly after he killed his thirteenth victim. He had been resident in mental hospitals since 1969 for burning himself after hearing voices. Apparently he had ceased taking his anti-psychotic medicine and heard a voice inciting him to kill. Extraordinarily his murder spree was justified as the highest possible good in that he believed, or was probably ‘told’ by these voices, that if enough people weren’t killed according to a required ‘death rate’ then the earth would have to take things into her own hands by triggering a huge earthquake which would restore the population balance. As with the homeless schizophrenic street gang called The Arthurs we encountered in chapter 3, later, Mullin believed that his victims psychically conveyed to him that they must be killed. Similarly Peter Sutcliff, the ‘Yorkshire ripper’ heard God’s voice apparently emanating from a grave he was digging (he was a mortuary worker) which commanded him to take part in a ‘divine mission’ to murder prostitutes.

Albert Fish, arguably one of the most evil serial killers to have ever lived, and often known as ‘the real Hannibal Lector’ was the son of 32nd degree freemason Captain Randall Fish. Fish came from a family which was said to have a long history of mental illness. Fish began his career in New York in 1890 and began raping children and committing bizarre sexual acts. Apparently Fish junior got a taste for human flesh while staying in China in 1894 where there was a famine of such proportions that young children were regularly bought and sold for meat in butchers. Fish seemed to be obsessed with cooking and eating the ‘sweet ass’ of a child. Fish believed he was a reincarnation of Abraham, and reasoned that if what he was doing was ‘wrong’ then an angel would have stopped him just as one had supposedly prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. He also reported hearing the voice of John the apostle when his wife left him instructing him to wrap himself up in a carpet and claims that no less a personality than God instructed commanded him to torture and castrate little boys.
Apparently just before he was electrocuted in the electric chair he was reported to have said :’I don’t even know why I am here’. One can almost imagine that the possessing demon had finally abandoned Albert Fish’s after a lifetime of using it to perform evil outrages, and left the indigenous consciousness to finally wake up and wonder what it was doing sat in an electric chair. Who knows?

Ignatius Loyola, Socrates, Joan of Ark, Ghandi and modern day celebrities such a Brian Wilson and Anthony Hopkins all report hearing voices, often voices which are extremely critical, as in Hopkins’ case as he relates hearing during a television interview the voice saying: ‘Who the hell do you think you are. You’re just an actor, what the hell do you know about anything?’ John Forbes Nash, the mathematician who devised ‘Game Theory’ and whose life was dramatised by Silvia Nassar in her book A Beautiful Mind, explains relative to his condition as a schizophrenic that could: ‘no longer sort and interpret sensations or reason or feel the full range of emotions’.

Mark Chapman, the murderer of John Lennon, was an Illuminated assassin, doubtless ‘trained’ by the very groups we have been discussing. Before he shot Lennon he reportedly heard a voice in his head saying ‘Do it! Do it! Do it!” over and over again. But all of his life Chapman had been speaking to what he termed ‘little people’ and that he saw himself as their God.

It is the origin of these voices which must pique our interest now. Where do they come from and what are they? Do these voices originate in the person’s subconscious? Or do they come from elsewhere. And what is a subconscious? What is meant by the term ‘unconscious?’ and why such derogatory terms for our non waking states? Are these not further examples misleading anti-truths designed to further root us into a solely material existence?

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.