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Thursday 3 September 2015

The Occult Cult of Celebrity and the Erosion of the Self.

The cult of celebrity is no different from the multifarious ancient cults of Gods, goddesses and mortals mixed up, often with fatal results, in the general spiritual hierarchy of the ancient world.
Some Gods live forever (Paul McCartney) some are tragically poisoned (Amy Winehouse) and others are ensnared by their love for a woman (Kurt Kobain).

These people exist within our TV screens and the pages of the media as stars of the great cultural mystery play which we’re all presently spectators of. The media mystery play seems to be a gradual inculcation of the OTO lifestyle of sexuality being the only thing of importance and, so it would seem, the only thing worth singing about. What has happened to music? Why are songs on the radio seemingly being produced to sell more sex, and more sexual experience, and being ‘freaky’ and trying new things? ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ really? Or are you just trying to mess with little girls' heads Katy? Do we really need more sex, most of us get it and tend to keep that stuff personal and private, drunken banter with mates excepted.

The reason most of the celebrities are up on stage being millionaires and hugely successful and worshiped by half of the world are twofold. Firstly they are there because they need to be there. These are people who want to be loved and idolised to fill their inner emptiness. I remember hearing Russell Brand saying that the reason he has a sex addiction is because he has something missing inside, he lacks inner contentment with his own being and so needs to approval and sexual love of others to fill this emptiness and also Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls was heard on the radio talking about her new book and in an on-air conversation she said something along the lines of ‘it still doesn’t fill the emptiness’. And I think this emptiness is common with many of these stars.

Some musicians are great of course and make awesome music but even John Lennon himself was a member of the OTO and his death was likely a result of him becoming too much of a free agent and the OTO and Freemasons, exercise the power of life and death over their initiates and they can exercise this power using spiritual agencies which can possess human beings, rendering them dangerously mentally ill and capable of any evil against a person who is spiritually unprotected.

The problem is, these people are infecting the rest of the world with their egregious characters and setting themselves up as an object of envy for many people who  may start to feel de-localised from the self as they are more and more exposed to these media puppets and their dubious values: one wants to be like them and one envies them, so as is the case with children they start to absorb the moral values (or lack of them) associated with the content of the song and not to mention the video which is often chock full of Illuminati imagery and overt simulated sexual activity. Usually some under-dressed woman dry-humping something or someone while black dancing demons jump about in the background.

The second reason these people tend to be up there on TV is because they are  members of a secret society or other. Most sportspeople are freemasons and there is something hiding in the dark heart of the football world and it is child abuse and paedophilia and the recent suicide of former Chelsea striker Gary Speed  as a result of being abused as a child, leads one to wonder if there is perhaps a high price young boys have to pay in order to make it in professional sport. Some reports suggest something of a paedophile casting couch which the boys have to go through in order to make  progress in the game.

This extract from a Telegraph indicates that Gary Speed had a very special place in convicted paedophile Barry Bennell's (former football scout sentenced to 9 years for 23 counts of child abuse) esteem.

“There is no suggestion that he had been abused by Bennell. However, one of the six victims Bennell admitted to abusing suggested that the coach had referred to Speed, Davies and himself as “favourites”. He told the newspaper that Bennell used to refer to Speed as one of his “protégés”.

And in 2012 there was a special celebration of 150 years of the Football Association which show clearly the roots of professional football.

"It was on this very site 150 years ago that Ebenezer Cobb Morley and his friends met in what was then the Freemasons' Tavern, " said Bernstein. "They changed the world by producing the first laws of the game. Their original handwritten minute book is on display here today."

In America they had the Penn State child sex abuse scandal with former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, using his charity organisation The Second Mile as a cover. In fact in recent times there has been an explosion  in convictions of child molesting football coaches:

Women’s football coach: Anthony Chattell
Football coach: Roy Morris
Gateshead Football coach: Kane Hutchison
Chelsea’s children football coach Shane Hughes
Welsh paedo football coach:
In fact football coaching and scouting appears to be, on sheer number of newspaper reports and sentences, the favoured domain of paedophiles using a position of authority and influence to abuse boys and girls.

Hollywood is no doubt the same, there are paedophile talent scouts and all kinds of opportunities for paedophiles to access children in the film industry, and I suspect they are successfully keeping a very tight lid on this in the news. Indeed I have no doubt that America has the same infection by Freemasonic paedophiles as does the UK, except for whatever reason, the press are more tightly controlled and perhaps certain people less uncompromising when it comes to the issue of leaks. This is perhaps why there have been so many recent unexplained or suspicious deaths in the American entertainment industry courtesy of the Star-Whackers.

Peaches Geldof is the most obvious recent victim of Star Whackers and it seems we have them in the UK too.

It is my belief that Peaches was murdered for spilling some of the beans and naming on Twitter the women who apparently let their children be abused by paedophile front-man Ian Watkins. Of course the media twisted it to turn the attention on Peaches and accused her of causing offence, but the women themselves were charged along with Watkins so why were they allowed to remain anonymous? Just to apparently protect their children’s anonymity but how does that help the rest of the UK help identify the dangerous perverts? It seems in this instance to be a convenient loop-hole for protecting the identity of someone guilty of being a menace to the public.

Why did the police close the investigation into find the drug dealer who apparently poisoned her with heroin?

"Detectives said they had "exhausted all lines of inquiry" trying to find out who supplied her with the Class A drug."

I find this very hard to believ
e, especially with someone with such an entourage of family and friends who would likely know something about who Peaches hung around with or who she got her drugs from.

It seems to me that Ian Watkins and the women who helped Watkins abuse their children, were all part of the OTO, and were engaging no doubt in some evil Crowley sex-magick. Peaches knew something and blew the whistle against her own people, because she had to do what she thought was right, and she paid for this with her life. This is the reason they make you take death oaths, it’s pretty stupid to sign your life away to these people like this, and any time they consider you have breached their oaths of secrecy and mutual protection then they will kill you. Hardly seems worth it does it? But this is the price many of the highest paid most over-promoted celebrities in the world, if not all, celebrities must pay for the doors of fame, riches and success to open to them.

Here for instance is a list of rumoured OTO members:

Jay-Z, John Lennon, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Rihanna, Sting, Russell Brand, Daryl Hall, Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, Beyoncé Knowles, Ozzy Osbourne, Jim Morrison, Adam Lambert, Timothy Leary,  Marilyn Manson , Stanley Kubrick, Chris Martin, James Franco, Behemoth, Mudvayne, Carcass, Ronnie James Dio, John Frusciante, Bruce Dickinson, George Lucas, Phil Anselmo, Alan Moore, Aleister Crowley , Grant Morrison, Peaches Geldof, John Carradine, Graham Bond, Murder City Devils, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andy Wachowski and  Lana Wachowski, Kenneth Anger, Stiv Bators,  Lon Milo Duquette.

I did wonder why Franco appears troubled these days in his movies and has lost the easy going goofy innocence of his older films, and I suppose someone like Brand who himself was sexually molested as a child and was taken by his father to visit prostitutes, indicates a not entirely healthy version of sexuality. And indeed so it is that sexual abuse tends to makes the child sexually aware at a young age and as result they have a different relationship to sexuality as the rest of us. Most homosexuals were abused as boys by men or even women. Freddie Mercury was famously sexually abused by his nanny, he even wrote a  verse about her in the song Fat Bottom Girls:

“Hey I was just a skinny lad
Never knew no good from bad
But I knew love before I left my nursery
Left alone with big fat Fanny
She was such a naughty nanny
Heap big woman, you made a bad boy out of me”

This talk of not knowing ‘good from bad’ is almost an evocation of the innocence of Adam before the fall. What does he mean by this? Did he eat the forbidden fruit of the snake Nakash (Hbr: The occult) and get involved in OTO Sex Magick at an early age along with people like Russell Brand, Amy Winehouse and Beyonce? Is it any wonder these people are so sexualised and indeed that their whole identity revolves around sexuality: all their songs, their whole performance, their very lives. Russell Brand is a perfect example of this, it’s very hard to take his attempt at politics seriously when he’s basically known as a guy with a serious sex addiction. Jeez, someone give Ol’ Russ a joint and get his mind off his dick. This also accounts for the overt sexualisation of young girls by these OTO popstars because sexuality defines their very being.

There seems to be nothing behind them except aggressive sado-masochistic sexual activity and the need to sing and dance about it. This is also similar of the gay rights movement in the West which is a very aggressive and all permeating campaign to oppress normality and make sexually damaged people feel perfectly normal, and woe to anyone who would say that being gay is ‘not’ normal. There’s a reason they represent than less than 10 percent of a population and it usually has to do with the presence of paedophiles who managed to access this 10 percent when they were still children. If there were no paedophiles then I suspect there would be very few homosexuals in the world. This isn’t a dig at gays. This is just a scientific fact which no one really wants to talk about, namely the connection between child abuse and a later abnormally developing sexuality. Whether this becomes homosexuality, lesbianism or just a heterosexual sex addiction which is what most of these stars seem to be presenting in their media.

"Given her own dabbling in heroin and casual sex, particularly during a rootless period when she lived in Los Angeles a few years ago, it is perhaps natural that the troubled offspring of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates should be attracted to such a liberal school of thought. And if Peaches’ own interest is so shallow, heaven knows what her impressionable — and mostly very young — fans will take from it."

A former FBI agent, Ted Gundersen, who investigated Satanic circles in LA, found that Crowley’s teachings about 'raising demons to do one’s bidding' suggested human sacrifice, preferably of 'an intelligent young boy'.”

Instead of loving some cult celebrity figure people need to remember to love themselves. Loving yourself basically means being happy and satisfied with who you are. It is very difficult to do that when we are daily exposed to the life of luxury and excess which these celebs lead and which guy out there hasn’t at one point wanted to be a famous footballer or rock musician? Children are the biggest victims of these cults.They start to feel that their own reality is not good enough. Such was the effect of the film Avatar where children were reportedly crying after the film that they couldn’t stay in the Avatar 3d world. And this is their greatest weapon, this is why they have Celebs. They are here to steal your reality and that of your children and also give you the faint sense of unease that you aren’t as rich and successful as they are. Often these ‘stars’ are very rarely what they seem to be, and no clearer depiction of the sordid cult of celebrity was the evil goat-man Jimmy Savile. That such a man was apparently the first to introduce disco culture instead of watching live acts. Savile, according to himself managed to get young people to come to his nightclub and listen to a record player and public-address system instead of actually watching a real musical performance. Also it was Savile who was probably the biggest celebrity during a great part of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s.

An unprecedented period of reign for this OTO demon to run amok, with the full support of the British media, the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and even Prince Charles. Savile called Prince Philip ‘The Boss’ and spoke almost with awe and fear when he spoke of him, much in contrast with the way he talks about his conversations with the Queen or Prince Charles. One wonders what role in this story is held by a man who Jimmy Savile himself described as :”The Boss” : the quasi German Prince Philip.

This personality cult is so destructive because it gave people like Savile unfettered access apparently to the UK children’s homes where he abused children. This acquiescence to the appearance of things and to the owner of ‘celebrity’ to indeed transcend the normal laws of the land and float God like and benevolent like a noxious mediatised vapour. The current crop of mediatised vapours to my eye include Man-Hunter Emma Watson and ‘kicking in tight pants’ woman Angelina Jolie Reborn in Rise of the UN Earth Goddess (It’s a bit like Tomb Raider but with more meetings about population reduction).

And so all our children see these artificial  images being presented to them and they pick and choose which cult they wish to follow. Many young girls followed the One Direction cult for a long time. Leading them nowhere. Others want to be wizards so they start looking into Ouija boards and Aleister Crowley. But all the while they’re also being exposed to a deliberately overtly sexualised and valueless music culture. Insane songs which value subservience and abuse “Hit me baby one more time.” But are all of an overtly sexual nature with allusions to fellatio and anal sex, all being contained within the paltry selection of metaphors the songs choose. For instance it should be common knowledge that ‘getting freaky’ and ‘I’m a freak’ are all black culture euphemisms for anal sex. Of course I don’t include Thom Yorke’s song ‘Freak’ as part of the anal-sex agenda. It’s a good song. Precisely the kind of powerful and lyrically meaningful songs which have lately all been replaced by music from the 24 hour OTO Sexatron.

You’d better watch what you choose to watch and just how much of their culture and values do you want to assimilate from sex-culty people like  Russell Brand or Jenifer Lopez. 

Recently I found myself in a little OTO nest in Camden Town, a well known pub called The Monarch. The following is verbatim the odd conversation I ended up having after a night of virtually stumbling into a black gang initiation involving a rubber glove which was left draped over a urinal and also offers of cocaine and a couple of strangely underage girls who seemed to be tagging around some of the people and a nasty strange sort of ‘cult’ atmosphere along with an unexpected confrontation with a strange 'Jewish' Zionist who seemed to be somehow mixed up in it all:

“When I went back to the bar I noticed that a few people including the bar-staff were sniffing and touching their noses and looking a big spacey. I went outside for a cigarette and remarked that most of the people here including seemed to be using these guys’ coke.

In front of me stood a short fat hairy man with a red face. He greeted me and asked me if I knew who I was. The strange thing was that as soon as he said this all of the thirty odd people outside suddenly scattered in all directions, like a kind of dissolved flash-mob. 

And I couldn’t get over the strong impression that him addressing me was a signal for everyone around who presumably were part of this thing with black gangs and coke or whatever it was. 

I asked him for a cigarette and he gave me a one willingly and asked me where I was from. I told him. He then told me that he was from Israel. 

I told him I lived in Morocco and he seemed surprised and said:
“Aren’t you scared?”  he seemed scared for me and I just smiled in disbelief.
“Why would I be scared?” and I immediately dismissed him as a lunatic of some kind. But he got excited and told me that he was from Morocco.
“Were you born there?”
“No, I was born in Israel but my parents are from Morocco.”

It seemed strange to see a man like him here, I didn’t quite understand what a man like this was doing here at all. His presence, like the presence of the black drug gangsters initiating each other in pub toilets, was somehow an imposition. 

Then he leapt into a strange sort of sales-pitch for the state of Israel, and I wondered if this could be connected to the spooky events of the evening. Was the free cocaine part of it too? If I had been coked up I wonder if I would be more receptive to this hairy red faced short little Israeli man. He told me all about the Hebrew patriarchs and I told him my man was Jesus.

He then went into an incredible spiel blending mathematics with religion, going on about the generations of man and asking me to make daft little calculations about how many generations ago Jesus lived. I think part of it was an attempt to bamboozle me with numbers and  getting me to give answers and also affirm his calculations, in a sort of rhetoric of acquiescence to  make me more receptive to his ultimate message whatever that turned out to be. Maybe this is what religious mind control looks like.

“So now, you like Jesus, so how many generations from now to Jesus? 1 generation is 25 years.”
“So 60 generations?”
“Yes, so 60 generations, so how many to Abraham, 120, 60 more than Jesus. Right?” I nodded.
“And  how many to Noah. Ten more generations, seventy generations before Jesus am I right?” I shrugged.

He continued: “And now, how many from Abraham to Adam. Remember they lived longer in those days because they were closer to God but we can call it 20 more generations! And Adam was the perfect man, and Noah was almost as perfect and was spared by God  and Abraham was next in perfection and chosen by God, and then a long time later comes Jesus.” His idea was as clear as it was ridiculous, that because Abraham was older than Jesus that he was better.  

Because he was closer to Adam who was according to this man ‘more perfect’ than Jesus despite the story of the fall from paradise. It was certainly a strange kind of theology.

“Do you know the story of Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah!” I said I did.
“That Abraham made  a deal with God that God would not destroy the city if 50 good men could be found in it. Then he gradually convinced God to accept a smaller and smaller number of good men to be found because he knew there were so few. Until God accepted not to destroy Sodom if 10 good men were to be found there.” I wondered to myself if he was trying to tell me something about the nature of Zionist terror, that they first corrupt the culture in order to find as few righteous just people within it giving them the excuse they need to act for ‘God’ and destroy it. Rather like the League of Shadows from Batman Begins.

“We are animals” He said suddenly “We have to protect our family” I didn’t know quite where he was going with this but suddenly he had become quite bellicose and seemed to be rousing himself to some new religiously inspired madness.

“If I attacked you you would need protection wouldn’t you? He seemed to jeer at me.
“In ancient times I would fight you.” He said and I stopped him short:
“Hang on I there, I’d give you a pretty good run for your money. I can go nuts if I need to.” 
He backed off and stopped trying to physically intimidate me:
 “We need a big war to sort everything out in the middle east. We need to be safe from our enemies.”
“Your enemies?”
“The Muslims! We need answers.”
“I have the answers.” I said, because I did, I was drunk. Anything's possible when you're drunk.

I smiled at him in his angry bellicose fluster and in my drunken messianic righteous King guise I disarmed his diatribe and showed him I wouldn’t be joining his strange little club.

He looked at me and walked off.  He either didn’t understand or had to admit that he had totally failed to convince me that Israel should be allowed to instigate a huge world war to kill all its Muslim neighbours.  

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.