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Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Mystery of Adrenochrome



In the free Tokyo English language ex-pat newspapers and magazines one finds, at least when I lived there, advertisements and notices which raise many questions in themselves. If you were to go there now and thumb through the classifieds and jobs sections, the chances are you will find offers of certain kinds of special employment available exclusively to Filipino women. One such advert I found said something along the lines of: “wanted, psychically gifted Filipinos for ethical work in Tokyo area...” This raises two main questions immediately. Firstly, are there various agencies which know that psychic powers exist and they can use them for some purpose? Secondly if it is necessary for them to make the distinction that the work offered is ‘ethical’ then what else is going on out there behind the scenes involving ‘psychically gifted Filipinos’ which is not ethical?

What these ‘psychically gifted’ women or ‘witches’ as I would classify the bunch I happened to be sharing a house with, seemed able to do: and a South African Shaman friend of mine later confirmed to me that it was something she could also do, was to be able to project their consciousness into the mind of another person.

In the book The Chasm of Fire, Irene Tweedie documents a woman’s experience in India studying under a Sufi shaman. In the account she details the occurrence of her mentor actually entering her mind at night time and projecting all sorts of unsettling and unpleasant images into her mind. Most of the images are of a sexual nature and Tweedie fails to understand the process and why her mentor is doing such a thing to her. Eventually she comes close to a nervous breakdown and becomes very lonely and depressed to such an extent that she abandons the training.

The process which Irene Tweedle had chosen to enrol herself in and later abandoned, was a deliberate attempt by her Sufi mentor to drive her insane through the relentless terror and shock of the visions he was implanting in her mind. To Tweedle this made no sense, but if she had known perhaps that schizophrenia is the key to the Sufi ‘enlightenment’ and indeed the key goal of all such secret society initiatory programmes, then this knowledge would have allowed her to make sense of what was happening to her, although perhaps knowing the method to the madness may actually impede that goal. It is harder to be scared of the unknown if the unknown becomes known and difficult to remain in a state of confusion about the purpose if one can see that confusion IS the purpose.

But madness or schizophrenia isn’t quite the mystery it appears, in fact there is a clear bio-chemical origin behind the transformation from sanity to what is generally termed ‘insanity’. Barbara O’Brien reveals in her book that she:

“…became very curious about the psychiatrists who suspected a relationship between schizophrenia and a dysfunction of the adrenal gland.”

Under conditions of mental or physical stress the body produces adrenalin. There’s no mystery here and this process is well understood by most people. What is slightly more arcane and what has caused a stir in the truth community is adrenochrome. Unfortunately, a lot of what the truth movement is saying about adrenochrome is unfortunately wrong. The elite do not drink it as some kind of elixir of eternal youth, this is all disinformation and nonsense.

Adrenochrome is oxidised adrenalin, that is adrenalin which has gone bad. It is a neurotoxin and free-radical and is not something you want in the body. Adrenalin is produced in the body as a result of stress and anxiety, and it naturally degrades to adrenochrome, however in a healthy body and with a small release of adrenalin, it is safely scavenged by anti-oxidants in the body and excreted. However, if the period of stress, anxiety or prolonged uncertainty, can be sustained over a long time, then the release of adrenalin becomes continuous and the body can no longer safely scavenge the adrenochrome toxin and it starts to build up in the body. 

Adrenochrome is a psychoactive compound; its effects are somewhat like LSD but whereas a bad LSD trip will eventually wear off, adrenochrome build up, in a suitably stressed or terrorised individual, will not wear off: leading to a potentially permanent condition of what is effectively intoxication by a powerful psychoactive compound running perpetually through the bloodstream. This condition is known as schizophrenia. Dr Abraham Hoffer’s work in identifying adrenochrome as the ‘schizophrenia’ toxin as well as the possibility of treatment with high doses of niacin also known as vitamin B3, would clear up some of the great mysteries of our times as well as almost instantly solving the world-wide mental illness epidemic; but there are powerful vested interests who perhaps would lose countless millions of dollars in such an event.

Adrenochrome is not an elixir of life, it does not have any positive effects on the body. Hoffer conducted experiments with the ingestion of Adrenochrome and reported his findings in his research paper entitled The Effect of Adrenochrome and Adrenolutin on the Behavior of Animals and the Psychology of Man.

Previously Hoffer had apparently administered adrenochrome to various creatures including spiders, fish, and pigeons to the mammals including rats, cats, dogs, monkeys.  One wonders how the spiders felt about being given adrenochrome, one suspects none of the animals had a particularly good trip.

To quote from the paper:

“Some of the changes produced by adrenochrome may persist several days, and in some cases, the effects lead to nearly disastrous results.

The changes in thinking induced by adrenochrome are similar to those observed in schizophrenia. Adrenochrome causes an elective inhibition of the process, which determines the content of associative thinking.”

The mind under a burden of adrenochrome enters a different state of consciousness. Schizophrenia is basically a form of consciousness and it is precisely this state which the UFO cults, the secret societies and Sufi mentors are trying to induce.

The scientific explanation for how it works is complex but basically adrenochrome is antagonistic to GABA fluid. GABA fluid is an electrical brain insulator which keeps the brain synapsis and neurons under control by reducing electrical charge. With adrenochrome the electromagnetic structure of the mind is totally changed. The usual natural dampening mechanisms of the brain’s physiology which control the mind, and one might even say, protect the soul from too much awareness in the physical realm, are bypassed leading to a break-down in the mechanism of control over the mental processes of the mind and that sense of estrangement from reality which so familiar to the schizophrenic.

Where things get really strange is that some of the experiences which go along with this altered state of consciousness are not necessarily unreal because they are taking place in altered consciousness. For instance, if you are sleeping you are in a different level of consciousness. What is happening in your dream to your unconsciousness mind is real for that level of consciousness. When you are awake you are in a different level of consciousness, and in effect, a different level of reality.

The adrenochrome experience, actually puts you in a different level of reality and this level of reality is shared by high level Illuminati people and other types who have had specific experiences which have put them in this same level of reality. While in this level of reality they can hear each other's thoughts and are able to perceive demonic and spiritual energies. The Illuminati consider this the peak of human development and call it ‘Illumination’. They deliberately induce this state because they find it allows them to have psychic and clairvoyant faculties because the brain is operating beyond its normal limits. We find this curious attitude even within the scientific community as attested by Barbara O’Brien:

“Consider the most extreme of the theories. ‘I am almost convinced,’ said one biologist, ‘that the schizophrenic is an attempt on the part of nature at forming a mutation.’

Historically, the ancient cults believed that there were ways to access altered states of consciousness and in these states, they could communicate with the unseen spirits, or ‘Gods’. Every culture in the world has a mythology that the Gods taught them the various crafts, arts and skills which enabled the human race to create the first civilisations within a time frame reaching back to the last 10,000 years, a period which coincides with the end of the last ice-age.

The oracles of the ancient world were usually people who through various methods, existed in a semi-permanent state of altered consciousness which allowed them to see the future and contact the unseen spirit world. Such abilities have always been lauded by the occult and secret-world which has always existed since the very dawn of human civilisation, after all, it would seem that these people were instrumental in gaining such knowledge using occult methods, if the ancient records which come up time and time again are to be believed and since the records all seem to say the same thing regardless of the geographical location, then there must be some truth behind these myths.

“According to the psychoanalyst who treated me, spontaneous recoveries are rare and weird events in advanced schizophrenia and when they occur they present a mysterious spectacle – that of a mind walking out of a fourth dimension into which it has been propelled”

For a schizophrenic to describe their condition as being propelled into the fourth dimension is quite apt, though for some they consider the feeling like being in hell, or even like being in a state of living death. One can see how such an enigmatic and mysterious state of reality might have become the interest and domain of a particular group of people a very long-long time ago in human history. There is even the possibility that the ‘curse of Cain’ refers to this condition but this is superstition and theorising and nothing more.

Perhaps a brief psychotic episode was also a feature of many of the ancient mystery school initiations: a figurative period in the underworld mired in despair and the fear of death only to pass beyond and out of this realm, back to the realm of life, but this time transformed and with the sure knowledge that there is a whole mysterious hidden realm behind the scenes or normal consciousness; this state being induced either through various trials and tribulations, or through fasting and the ingestion of psycho-active compounds.

Barbara O’Brien seems to see her experience in these terms, almost like a kind of journey through madness and return to normalcy:

“The guidance was clearer than the planning. I had been maneuvered into a hospital when I unconsciously suspected pneumonia; maneuvered into visiting a doctor when I unconsciously suspected a mastoid; maneuvered to a mountain cabin when I was exhausted from bus traveling; provided with a flashlight so that I wouldn’t fall on a dark road; rescued from a mountain lion; maneuvered out of the mountain cabin the morning after the mountain lion incident; reminded punctually of meal times and the necessity for eating; reminded punctually (during the last month) of the need for brushing my teeth and other grooming. Whatever mental level the guidance had come from, it was clearly some level other than the this-is-I dry beach, and it had made certain that the organism was kept in good physical condition while the dry beach was incapable of providing the car

The planning was almost as obvious. Even on the first day, the voices had sketched in the picture of things to come. This was an experiment the Operators had told me. My mind was going to be controlled by Operators and I should have to be cooperative for my own sake as well as for theirs. And Nicky had added, as if the success of the experiment were being weighed, I would have one chance in three hundred of escaping the Operators and I would have to be lucky in the bargain. I had been manoeuvred away from home, where publicity of my insanity would have made life difficult after sanity had been regained, and where also there existed a company for which I persisted in working and toward which I had developed long established, difficult-to-change attitudes. I had been induced into riding Greyhound buses, where I could sit in schizophrenic apathy while I lived in my mental world, a state of being almost identical on the surface with the usual bus passenger who stares at the landscape, his mind on inner reflections. I had been coaxed into writing letters that would keep the home folk happy, manoeuvred to California by the Lumberjacks, figures apparently created for that very purpose, and had been induced to stay in California for the final act. And when the fall of the final curtain was sense

It had occurred in an article by a psychiatrist who had cautiously avoided jumping into the lake of guesswork and who, instead, had stood on the center of a seesaw and observed carefully both sides of all the mysteries of schizophrenia. One of these observations was, “Whether the schizophrenic really creates a dream world intentionally and purposefully, or whether he finds himself in one is debatable.”

It is possible that she has rationalised it thus since she has the luxury of having sanity to put the experience into some kind of rational framework. Most people having such an experience of schizoid-psychosis of this kind are not so lucky and have to remain permanently in the underworld.








Saturday, 27 November 2021

Latest Excerpt from Latest Book.



                                                           The journey into mystery.



It’s quite possible and perhaps even likely that we are all at home to these spirits one way or another, but they are so well integrated into our consciousness that we think they are us. This reminds me of the powerful scene from the Guy Ritchie movie Revolver where Jake is seemingly enrolled on a path of self-discovery by two mysterious men who want him to break free from his greatest enemy and they do this by repeatedly robbing him and manipulating him to the extent that he is forced to abandon everything he holds dear including his ego, after which he discovers that this is not his authentic self but a parasite which only has its own protection and nourishment in mind, pun not intended. This is what is known throughout the story as Sam Gold: a mysterious enemy which is feared by everyone but has never been seen and in the words of one of the mysterious men from the film who seem able to read Jake’s mind:

“You’ve heard that voice for so long you believe it to be you; you believe it to be your best friend.”

He then asks:

“Where’s the best place an opponent should hide?”

“In the very last place you would ever look.”

“He’s all up here pretending to be you, you’re in a game Jake: you’re in THE game; everyone’s in his game and nobody knows it. And all of this, this is his world. He owns it. He controls it. He tells you what to and when to do it.”

“He’s behind all the pain there ever was, behind every crime ever committed. And right now, he’s telling you he doesn’t even exist.”

“We just put you to war with the only enemy that ever existed and you think he’s your best friend.”

More ominously, if we remember the fate of Joe Fisher “No one lives and displeases Gold.” Many have interpreted the character of Sam Gold to represent the ego, and within the context of the story this explanation fits, but could it not also be that Sam Gold represents one of the Operators, or one of the Tempters surreptitiously influencing us? The movie shows us that Sam Gold is not the authentic self so then what is the ego? Could it not be a convenient place for the discarnate entities to hide? As Avi, one of the two mysterious men from the film says:

“Where’s the best place an opponent should hide? In the very last place you’ve ever look, he’s hiding behind your pain Jake, you’re protecting him with your pain embrace your pain and you will win this game.”

“If you change the rules of what controls you, you will change the rules on what you can control.”

This is why the voices harassed Evelyn Waugh, playing on his insecurities: in his youth Waugh had homosexual experiences and much of his novel Brideshead Revisited seems based on the life he had at Oxford and frequenting a circle of members of the elite and aristocracy and this is one of the things the voices taunt him with. Once he seems to have ostensibly defeated the voices by failing to be cowed by them and not even being afraid of the bizarre prospect of being captured by the Spanish and drawing a virtue of noble self-sacrifice from the prospect and finally by abandoning the nonsense of Margaret’s phantasmagorical teasing and going to sleep, he emerges from his cabin to find that the voices have left the confines of his cabin and now appear to be amongst his fellow passengers:

“That’s Gilbert Pinfold, the writer.”

“That common little man? It can’t be.”

“Have you read his books? He has a very peculiar sense of humour, you know.”

“He is very peculiar altogether. His hair is very long.”

“He’s wearing lipstick.”

“He’s painted up to the eyes.”

“But he’s so shabby. I thought people like that were always smart.”

“There are different types of homosexual, you know. What are called “poufs” and “nancies”—that is the dressy kind. Then there are the others they call “butch”. I read a book about it. Pinfold is a “butch”.”

“Oh, Pinfold lives in great style I can tell you. Footmen in livery.”

“I can guess what he does with the footmen.”

“Not any more. He’s been impotent for years, you know. That’s why he’s always thinking of death.”

“Is he always thinking of death?”

“Yes. He’ll commit suicide one of these days, you’ll see.”

“I thought he was a Catholic. They aren’t allowed to commit suicide, are they?”

“That wouldn’t stop Pinfold. He doesn’t really believe in his religion, you know. He just pretends

to because he thinks it aristocratic. It goes with being Lord of the Manor.”

“…There he is, drunk again.”

“He looks ghastly.”

“A dying man, if ever I saw one.”

“Why doesn’t he kill himself?”

“Give him time. He’s doing his best. Drink and drugs. He daren’t go to a doctor, of course, for fear he’d be put in a home.”

“Best place for him, I should have thought.”

Once the experience is over and he is safely returned to England he consults with Dr. Drake who tells him:

“Lots of people hear voices from time to time—nearly always offensive.”

If such a thing were the construction of one’s own consciousness, why would they generally be offensive? From a psychological perspective such a thing would make no sense. It would seem much more logical that these voices are NOT part of the psyche and are inimical to it and somehow, they benefit from attacking the person in question.

People as diverse as Philip K Dick, Mahatma Ghandi, Winston Churchill, Anthony Hopkins and Brian Wilson had all reportedly heard voices. Some relentlessly critical and offensive and some, ostensibly seeming to be helpful, but in the case of Ghandi before the end of his life a voice apparently told him:

“You are on the right track, move neither to your left, nor right, but keep to the straight and narrow.”

It might have been more useful if the voice had told him some crackpot was going to assassinate him. Ghandi also said, of the voice which he attributed to God itself:

“Charitable critics impute no fraud to me, but suggest that I am highly likely to be acting under some hallucination. The result for me, even then, will not be far different from what it would be if I was laying a false claim. A humble seeker that I claim to be has need to be most cautious and, to preserve the balance of mind, he has to reduce himself to zero before God will guide him. Let me not labour this point.”

“The hearing of the Voice was preceded by a terrific struggle within me. Suddenly the Voice came upon me. I listened, made certain it was the Voice, and the struggle ceased. I was calm. The determination was made accordingly, the date and the hour of the fast were fixed…”

There are two things which ought to stand out in Ghandi’s account, the fact that the hearing of the voice was ‘preceded by a terrific struggle within’ which we can perhaps assume was a kind of hormonal crisis, the kind we have seen with the story of Barbara O’Brien, we can therefore assume that Ghandi may have experienced a similar condition to Barbara O’Brien, namely Adrenochrome toxicity but also this seems to be a factor not only of secret occult groups but also UFO groups as is referenced in Jacques Vallee’s book Messengers of Deception:

“For every individual who is openly identified as a contactee, how many more have received what they regard as a ‘secret illumination’? It is apparent that the transformation they undergo can strike at any place and at any age. Is it purely random, then, or do the UFOs select their ‘victims’? Does it spread like an epidemic, or does it develop like a psychosis?”

Anthony Hopkins went on record in a 1993 News of the World interview:

“I’ve always had a little voice in my head, particularly when I was younger and less assured…While onstage, during classical theatre the voice would suddenly say, ‘Oh, you think you can do Shakespeare, do you?’ Recently, I was being interviewed on television and the voice inside my head said to me, ‘Who the hell do you think you are. You’re just an actor, what the hell do you know about anything’”.

Brian Wilson is one of the most high-profile people to go on record about hearing voices, his voice was typically threatening:

“Well, a voice is saying: ‘I’m going to hurt you, I’m going to kill you.’ And I’d say: ‘Please don’t kill me.’”

Like the Evelyn Waugh voices but seemingly more menacing, I wonder if the tenor of the voice changes depending on how you react to them; as we saw with Evelyn Waugh, he refused to be intimidated by the voices, even though he was under the delusion they were actual physical agents, it was only when he thought he was going mad that his defences seemed to crumble, but Waugh despite his somewhat dissolute student life and obese drugged form in later life, served in the Royal Marines and was given a position of command; he was prepared to fight or even if all odds were against him surrender, but on his own, noble terms. I suspect the voices see what they can get away with and if their victim proves to be made of stronger stuff then they adapt their tactics, though it would still appear that their final goal is either the destruction or complete possession of their victim. Furthermore, in his conversation with the doctor who has told him that they were part of his own subconscious Pinfold/Waugh is puzzled:

“What I can’t understand is this…if I wanted to draw up an indictment of myself, I could make a far blacker and more plausible case than they did. I can’t understand.”

Mr. Pinfold/Evelyn Waugh never understood this; nor has anyone been able to suggest a satisfactory explanation. I have an explanation. What Pinfold means is that although the voices were insulting to him, if the attacks were from his own mind, then he would have been able to draw up a far stronger line of personal attack on himself. The attacks were very general: attacking his excessive use of drugs and alcohol and his previous homosexuality, but nothing very specific or damning about him as a person and his decisions, just somewhat general comments about his lifestyle choices. The reason might be that possibly the ‘voices’ can only hear your thoughts in the present moment but do not have a deeper access to your memories and your past deeds. Since they do not have that level of access to information one might assume that they do not come from the self but are interlopers and opportunists which exist in a kind of mental astral realm and can pick up on people’s thoughts and in exceptional circumstances such as Waugh’s experiences with his unique combination of drugs and personal stress, can in turn be heard themselves, at which point presumably, knowing that they can be heard, they start to mentally abuse and torture that person for their own demonic pleasure.

While shaving he hears the family of voices conversing about him which develops from the lines that he drinks too much and to his own suicide. The voices make no pretence at this stage that he is not a party to their dialogue and they directly address him

“‘I know you can hear me Gilbert, why don’t you kill yourself’ Then Goneril’s steely voice cut in: ‘I can tell you what he was doing on deck. He was screwing up his courage to jump overboard. He longs to kill himself, don’t you, Gilbert. All right, I know you’re listening down there. You can hear me, can’t you, Gilbert? You wish you were dead, don’t you, Gilbert? And a very good idea, too. Why don’t you do it, Gilbert? Why not? Perfectly easy. It would save us all—you too, Gilbert—a great deal of trouble.’”

He emerges from his cabin, believing the voices are a product of some old war-time inter-ship communication system which hasn’t been decommissioned properly, and emerges onto the boat deck to find everyone talking about him in an incessant dialogue.

They encouraged him to commit suicide but Waugh being a Catholic and a fairly successful man, wealthy and probably in his own way, quite pleased with himself, such an effort wouldn’t lead to their desired results so instead they settle for continual abuse, except one of them, a character called Margaret.

It seems that what the voices want from Gilbert is his attention and when the threat of violence fails to cow him and he reveals that he is prepared to physically fight, even in his infirm and bloated condition, then the voices try a different approach.

This leads to the development of the character: Margaret who reveals that she is impressed by how Gilbert bravely confronted the prospect of hooligans which he faced down outside his door and how he nobly chooses to offer himself as a sacrifice to preserve the security and safety of the secret agent which the Spanish authorities were trying to capture. She declares herself in love with him and ready to yield herself to him. This story becomes increasingly bizarre until at one point Margaret is all ready to enter Pinfold’s nocturnal bed chamber and yield herself to him utterly. Naturally she never materialises.

The voices of Margaret’s family are overheard coaching her and preparing her for her nuptials and things take a grossly comic turn:

 “That’s my beauty. Go and take what’s coming to you. Listen, my Peg, you know what you’re in for, don’t you?”

“Yes, Father, I think so.”

“It’s always a surprise. You may think you know it all on paper, but like everything else in life it’s never quite what you expect when it comes to action. There’s no going back now. Come and see me when it’s all over. I’ll be waiting up to hear the report. In you go, bless you.”

Pinfold then awaits her in the darkness, in his delirium, expecting a girl he’d never met before whom he can hear speaking with her family in her cabin and who can read his mind which is all somehow connected to some kind of radio technology left over from the war, to come into his cabin and have sex with him. There is some hesitancy however on her part in showing herself and her father the General is surprised that things have not developed to their natural conclusion.

“What the hell’s going on? You ought to be in position by now. Haven’t had a Sitrep. Isn’t the girl over the Start Line?”

It would seem that although Margaret and the hooligans’ approach is radically different, the hooligans attempt to instil fear in Pinfold while Margaret tries to instil love, in a manner of speaking they are both doing the same thing, that is getting ‘attention’ and in that way drawing a kind of energy from Pinfold.

Although Pinfold is unwell and heavily drugged it seems something in his mind is able to perfectly well articulate a highly complicated and serpentine plot, almost Dickensian in its colourful cast of characters and their high levels of melodrama, but the one common thread which runs through the whole experience is that of abuse, abuse and denigration of himself. Since the experience and the organisation and colourful characterisation of the voices are so similar to the voices which haunted Barbara O’Brien then we can collate these experiences within the same category.

So, we might therefore draw the conclusion that Barbara O’Brien’s analysis that the voices were from her own consciousness and were there to help her become sane again, was incorrect since nothing of this nature can be drawn from Evelyn Waugh’s similar experience.

So, if we can allow ourselves the belief that such a thing as God exists, then logically there must be an invisible world of the spirit which accommodates a varied flora and fauna of disembodied entities. Not all of these entities have our best interests at heart and perhaps for some unknown reason, they are directly opposed to us.

Monday, 29 February 2016

The Cain Takeover.

The Cain personality is now so rapidly progressing throughout the whole society that soon there will literally not be enough Abel people left to actually prevent the final destruction of the world to be wrought by Cain’s Children.

Cain lives in a realm of fear and psychologically there are generally only three responses to a mind in fear: paralysis, attack and retreat into delusion. We have seen the effect of the Cain effect paralysis at work on people in the public sector who have been subjected to the special training which, since the 1990’s and the great Marxist leveling which took place under John Major as the 'Classless society' and was broadly accelerated under his successor Tony Blair, in which the normal function of training middle class professionals and the upwardly mobile working class, was handed over to NGO's and training organisations which teach a fundamentally Marxist dialectic which destroyed the idea in British society of difference, excellence and ability, in order to level everyone to a broad and nebulous, but meaningless 'equality'.

We have seen this effect of this programme which was introduced in the United States at about the same time and the fruits of which are a vast series of industrial and environmental disasters, as 'actual ability' and 'fitness' to a particular work role, have been superceded by the belief that anyone can do anything, and as result, many sensitive roles are now being carried out by people scarcely able to perform them.

This particularly happens when Freemasons start to dominate an organisation or sector of activity, since they will favour hiring fellow masons regardless of their ability or fitness to the role and we often find disasters taking place where-ever a Mason is running things. Often these people are struck with inability to act and paralysis, and these are the very words which were used to describe the process which led to the unfolding of the Hillsborough stadium disaster which killed 96 people in 1989 when poor judgments of the police led to a fatal crush and wholly avoidable loss of human life prior to the start of a football match.

The Freemason police Chief superintendent David Duckenfield has recently been described in a BBC article as 'not best man for the job' and while Duckenfield was in charge “The control room [where Duckenfield was in command] seemed to have been hit by some sort of paralysis.”

What's more this has only just come out, since the Freemasons had covered up for Duckenfield for 25 years.

Hillsborough inquests hears David Duckenfield 'gave masonic handshake' and refused to go to planning meeting

Additionally this 'classless' society also means that the techniques of psychological modelling and mind control which had previously been the preserve of the rich upper classes at Public schools and within the elite, became broadly democratised thanks to organisations like Common Purpose and the Freemasons which entered an unprecedented period of recruitment within the professions and private sector, whose ouvertures to join the 'big boys' was hidden within the course and devoilement of the training programme.

Now borderline psychosis is no longer the preserve of the in-bred upper classes but can now be found in most areas of professional activity. In Europe this has been going on much longer and children were often moulded at an early age through various mentoring and youth associations. Some of which would use paedophilia and the apparently ambivalent attitude and prevalence of paedophilia in German society is not unknown.

It should be stated here clearly that a paedophile is not someone who has a specific sexual orientation and there are some rather disturbing moves amongst certain factions within the Labour party and gay-rights movement, and also the Green party in Germany, which were, and maybe still are, covertly seeking to have paedophilia legally reclassified as a sexual orientation. 

It is not a sexual orientation but a psychotic compulsion. The purpose of this compulsion is to perpetuate the line of Cain.

We know that psychological changes can be manifested due to certain physical and psychological stresses, and this is fairly self evident and is one of the key secret of trauma based mind control such as that which has been perfected by the secret societies and satanic agencies for hundreds of years.

Could the mark of Cain, on his forehead been some kind of lesion caused by contact with light, such as what might occur with someone developing porphyria as a result of stress induced bio-chemical changes such as those which can trigger the development of both schizophrenia and the prophyria related haemophilia such as that which was apparently developed in Queen Victoria at some point before the birth of her second daughter Alice. Does this not make sense if we consider the passage from Genesis:

“Cain said to the LORD, "My punishment is too great to bear!14"Behold, You have driven me this day from the face of the ground; and from Your face I will be hidden, and I will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me." 15 So the LORD said to him, "Therefore whoever kills Cain, vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold." And the LORD appointed a sign for Cain, so that no one finding him would slay him.…”

This does seem to evoke some form of sudden transformation taking place in Cain, a restlessness, fear or paranoia, and the sense that he has become estranged from God. I have spoken to several schizophrenics including a close friend who shared with me some of the details of how he feels during an attack, and he feels above all, that he is being drawn into hell and estranged completely from God.

It is also the case that many sufferers from schizophrenia find it difficult, without appropriate care and support, to hold down any kind of job, relationship or even manage their daily affairs. Often schizophrenia sufferers can become vagrants and homeless, like Cain, wondering from place to place.

I believe the Freemasons have some understanding of the true nature of Cain’s curse. In the novel East of Eden written by the famous American Freemasonic writer John Steinbeck whose title alludes to the Biblical description for the location of the land of Nod which was where Cain was exiled to after he murdered his brother Abel. 

In the novel John Steinbeck follows the lives of a family of farmers living in the Salinas valley California. There is the sexually dissolute and dangerous Cathy Ames who marries protagonist good-guy Adam Trask. Cathy is a sociopath and is described as having a ‘malformed soul’. Additionally Adam’s own brother Charles is also a sociopath, a psychotically violent one if pushed, although he is what would be considered a functioning sociopath and his family and Adam himself have learned to adapt themselves to his violence, and Charles and Cathy seem to have a common understanding with each other, as if they are of the same Cain type, and wholly different from simple, innocent and ostensibly ‘good’ Abel people like his brother and her husband Adam who they both pity and despise for his goodness and naivety.

In an exact parallel to the story of Cain and Abel, Adam gives his father a puppy for his birthday, at which the father is overjoyed. Charles’ gift of a knife however is less well received and triggers another episode of psychotic violence in which he nearly kills his brother Adam. That Adam and Charles are parallels to Cain and Abel is obvious, and what Cain and Charles represent is the sociopathic personality, and Steinbeck’s inference is that it is something which is genetically transferred as the same struggle seems to continue through their children: Caleb and Aron.

Reflecting on this work, Steinbeck said “I believe that there is one story in the world, and only one . . . . Humans are caught—in their lives, in their thoughts, in their hungers and ambitions, and in their avarice and cruelty, and in their kindness and generosity too—in a net of good and evil... and it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue is immortal.”

The effect of paedophilia on a young child is like an extreme initiation into pure terror. It is 'evil' trying to respawn and unnaturally perpetuate itself. And this is the true purpose. The abuser is a puppet of this compulsion and is a paedophile because he is a child of Cain and he is driven to make more. 

Scouting for Naked Boys, with a Foreword by a Salivating Lord Baden Powel.

We have seen that in basic terms, schizophrenia develops when fear and anxiety chemicals outweigh personal peace and security chemicals, that is there is more adrenochrome than serotonin. And when one is in absolute fear and has no security then there is a sense that there is no inner refuge from terror itself and at that point a profound psycho-spiritual change takes place.

Ever noticed that the font for the Virgin logo resembles dripping red blood?

The effect of this is that the schizophrenic supposes that he or she is in hell, or Satan owns their soul and that all hope is gone. These people are therefore IN TOTAL FEAR and as we have seen the three classical psychological responses may be: catalepsy, irrational violence, and evasion into delusion.

Obviously sexual abuse is at the extreme end of the scale of behavioural modification and initiation into Cain consciousness but there are many degrees of this. Indeed secret societies such as the Freemasons and occult groups such as Wicca and the OTO all have different fear initiations taking them higher and higher into the organisation as the amount of fear and terror and sense of danger increases. The ultimate aim of these secret societies is the full transformation into the Cain consciousness, which we can also term psychosis or schizophrenia.

This is why the British public schools have traditionally been so rife with child abuse and homosexuality, not merely through the apparent sexual frustration of having no girls around. Children are not adult prisoners after all and are largely not yet dominated by hormonal urges as confined adult men may be. 

Instead in the school it seems that the homosexuality is all carried out as a kind of initiation by older boys to younger boys. Indeed, many homosexual celebrities, such as Stephen Fry, have been perfectly frank that they became homosexual after an act of what we may term sexual abuse or borderline rape, by an older boy while at school. As a result of this act there are no doubt many thoughts and feelings which may develop such as fear, shame and a feeling that something personal has been taken from them. 

This is why homosexual males and lesbian women can tend to become rather expulsive with their sexuality, and proudly let it all hang out, as we have seen from the vociferous public activism and various ‘pride marches’ of the gay community. There is a sense that there is no longer a private inner domain since such a domain cannot be protected and defended. That there is nowhere to hide. No secrets for them that cannot be casually taken from them and no one to protect them. Therefore sexuality is exposed to the public and has become a cultural and political talking point: lines between modesty and decency virtually disappear in this new need to be expulsive at all costs.

Often we find this same Cain mentality results almost always in atheism and I would wager that were a frank survey to be performed to determine a connection between atheism and childhood trauma or abuse, then one would certainly be found.

They feel that there was no one to protect them during a formative point in their early lives, and because someone was able to abuse them with apparent impunity that God, who should have protected them in some sense from it, cannot therefore exist. This is the Cain personality again, atheism as an expression of Cain personality.

In the sense that Cain was removed from God’s presence in the East of Eden the atheist is also removed from God, or at least, they have psychologically argued against God’s existence, whether through apparent misuse of logic, but their atheism is never based on logic but emotion as, despite what some apparently clever TV humanists might claim, one cannot logically prove the non existence of God.

It is far easier to demonstrate the existence of a creator by using the evidence of the creation itself, the fact the myriad uncountable miracles of creation are being explained away in subtle and semantic games which are being bolstered by apparent scientific authority shows how much of those in the establishment science and media are under the thrall of Cain consciousness and specifically perpetuating a Freemasonic agenda.

But what is taking place now, aside from the secret perversion of radical transformations which have long taken place in public schools, scout camps and desanctified churches is the spreading of Cain consciousness throughout society within corporate training, government training programmes and even in the workplace. 

This is something I know about because have spent years being hounded, tracked and moulded into this very consciousness which I will now attempt to recount in as much detail as I can recall. At this moment in time I will not give specific names of people and the establishments.

To be continued.

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Extract from new book coming soon: Cain's Children.

Victoria's Secret.

The royal families of Europe which issued from Queen Victoria’s bloodline were crippled with hereditary haemophilia and this spread throughout the whole royal line of three major European monarchies and led to the certain weakening of one and possibly the destruction of the remaining two. Haemophilia B single handedly decimated the royal thrones of Spain Russia and Germany and in the case of the Russian monarchy may have directly contributed to the final destruction of the Tsars and the subsequent Russian revolution, the Red Terror and the birth of Communism and the subsequent murder of countless millions of people world-wide under the power of International Communism.

Victoria's Secret, an ancient genetic blood disorder which has singlehandedly created so many of the horrors and myths of the world.

Some scholars hypothesize that haemophilia so weakened the royal standing of the Tsar’s family, who marrying Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Alix, inadvertently married into a haemophiliac bloodline carried by the females of the family, and giving issue to a sickly haemophiliac son Alexei Nikolaevich and four daughters, likely carriers of haemophilia, resulted in little hope of continuing the royal line in good health and long life. As a result the empress called upon the dubious abilities of Illuminati madman Rasputin, whose shenanigans and philandering in the royal house led to an even greater loss of prestige of the royal house of the Romanovs, and eventually their destruction by the forces of chaos and widening entropy in the guise of the Illuminati agents of the Bolshevik revolution. 

No less than nine members of three European royal houses died prematurely within 50 years of the death of Queen Victoria as a result of her cursed blood while the haemophiliac prince Alexei the Tsar’s son, fell to Bolshevik assassins. The curse was compounded by the fact that her children Alice and Beatrice married into the family of European monarchs and the fact that while a female will not exhibit any signs of haemophilia, they are likely to pass the disease directly on to any male children they have. Fortunately and fortuitously for the crown of Great Britain Edward VII apparently won on the lottery of life and did not inherit haemophilia, presumably his German father Albert’s X chromosome dominated and spared the British monarchy a similar fate of premature death, weakness and eventual destruction which visited the principal European royal houses of Germany and Russia.

The first to die was Queen Victoria’s grandson and son of haemophilia carrier Princess Alice own Prince Friedrich of Hesse 1873 at the tender age of 2, followed some 10 years later by Queen Victoria’s youngest son Prince Leopold of Albany in 1884 at the age of 30. Prince Henry of Prussia (4 years old) in 1904 followed by Rupert Cambridge, Viscount Trematon great grandson of Queen Victoria 1907 who died aged 20. Next up was Maurice of Battenburg, fighting against Germany in the opening weeks of world war 1 and wounded by shrapnel in 1914 at the battle of Ypres, possibly died from his injuries as a result of blood loss. Next to die of the royal curse was Prince Leopold of Battenburg who died at age of blood loss during a hip operation in 1922 at the age of 32.

The heir apparent to the Spanish throne Alfonso, Prince of Asturias (21) 1938, living in Miami Florida when he died of internal bleeding in 1938 from a minor accident caused by crashing his car into a telephone booth. He like his brother Don Gonzalo who had died aged 19 in 1934 also from complications after a relatively minor car accident, wore special reinforced jackets to protect them from injuries. These failed to save them.

The final casualty of Queen Victoria’s legacy was Prince Waldemar of Prussia, ironically fighting for Germany in 1945 at the very final act of World War 2 and dying from war wounds at age of 56 due to a lack of blood transfusion facilities as the Americans had arrived and diverted all blood transfusion facilities to the German concentration camps.

That would appear to be that, the end of the story with the death on the German front-line at the very end of the World-War Two, a war which would have been most likely completely impossible without Queen Victoria. The events of World War Two were set in place by World War One and World War One was the result of German recalcitrance to British naval and Imperial domination. Kaiser Wilhelm, whose recalcitrance and apparent antagonism to the British empire was more apparently rooted in the heart of the British empire than any other player in the war since his mother Victoria was Queen Victoria’s own daughter. Somewhat unfortunate perhaps that capricious fate decreed that the last child of Queen Victoria should not happen to be a carrier of haemophilia and that Kaiser Wilhelm and that Germany’s bellicosity and ‘New Course’ was not sadly cut-short by the premature death of the warmongering Wilhelm the second who lived to a ripe old age of 82 and was alive to see the dawning of ultimate Germanic Illuminati insanity in the shape of Hitler and his ‘New Order’ a pagan new system built on the ruins of the old Christian Germanic empire.

Has one women ever been so utterly responsible for the deaths of so many millions of people? Even now we are living in a world on the knife-edge of more war and destruction built upon foundations laid and consequences of past German Illuminati evils, as the world trembles and teeters on the threshold of total war and the result of middle-eastern Zionist madness, which would simply not have been possible without the previous wars which seems to have served as scene-setting for a final binge of apocalypse and final total disintegration of the human race. 

As to what kind of humanity may emerge after the radiation clears from the Zionist instigated clashes between American sponsored mercenaries committing atrocities in hitherto stable countries, and the various heavily armed nuclear powers playing their pantomime roles in the ensuing orgy of fire and radioactive isotopes one can only guess. But it is likely that the future of humanity belongs to the rich elites who have secured themselves places in deep underground bunkers while they no doubt gleefully analyse and assess the destruction which they and they alone have helped unleashed upon a green and hitherto, blameless Earth.

That one woman and her lack of genetic fitness can achieve so much, a woman who was the Queen of the largest empire the world has ever seen, and whose genetic legacy has lead the Earth to the edge of this abyss might make one wonder, and indeed, leads many to abdicate their belief in God, or indeed to accuse God of being either absent in his interest in human affairs or else, deliberately antagonistic to them. 

But what if there was another possibility? What if the legacy left by Queen Victoria and the wreckage strewn upon Europe these past hundred years, with the further threat of much great world wide wreckage on a level never before experienced in human history, what if this was all part of some strange malevolent design which transcends even the understanding of the foolish and vain Kings, Queen, presidents, pontiffs, and Fuhrers themselves? What if they are mere vessels being used in a long complicated game of hyper-dimensional, trans-temporal spiritual warfare between God and between a literal adversary. Between the race of Adam and the race of Cain.

When trying to discover the source of Queen Victoria’s haemophilia we encounter many mysteries. Since prince Albert had no trace of haemophilia, nor did her father Prince Edward the Duke of Kent, since the likelihood of surviving such a disease beyond adulthood in that era is more or less precisely zero. It can also be discounted that Queen Victoria’s children were sired by a haemophiliac father for the same reasons of the inevitable mortality of haemophiliacs. It can be observed that the Spanish heirs wore special protective suits and died young even in the last century. Therefore the only remaining conclusion is that Queen Victoria genetic material spontaneously mutated, possibly some time after the conception of her first son, the future King of England: Edward VII, and the mutation is hypothesised to have occurred at some point just prior to the conception of Princess Alice. 

But why? What is it about Queen Victoria’s DNA that makes it apparently prone to this kind of spontaneous mutation? Are there any other genetic factors which can be connected to the apparently spontaneous mutation of normal healthy female DNA into haemophilia recessive DNA?

Queen Victoria’s grand father was King George III, the famously mad monarch of Europe. A man who, during Christmas 1819 is reported to have jabbered nonsense for a full 58 hours. History has searched for the cause of his madness and his physicians at the time observed the unusual colour and thickness of his urine which was said to be blue and was reportedly the colour of Alicante wine.

Alicante wine, the colour of mad King George's urine as described by his physician.

We would probably consider the colour of his urine to have been more reddish but the whole issue of how red or blue purple really is seems even now to cause some confusion and no one really is quite sure what the difference between purple and violet really is.

The true colour known as Tyrian Purple cannot be accurately produced on a computer display due to its high chroma properties, in a similar way you never look quite as good in a digital camera photo as you do in the mirror, technology is presently not actually presently able to capture the essential natural colour, radiance, or chroma saturation levels which exist in real life, but the colour known as Tyrian Purple lies somewhere within the two colour ranges below.


Indeed the so called royal purple is more of a red colour and has less of the blue colour more commonly associated with it, but it certainly contains an element of 'blue' to it. Perhaps this is the origin of the phrase 'blue-blood'. Purple after all is a combination of red AND blue.

Porphyry stone: Known as The Royal Stone and quarried strictly under Imperial monopoly in ancient times.

Rare Roman porphyry urn. Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.

Above is the ancient royal stone porphyry, regarded throughout history as a royal stone because of the associations of this colour with the royal Tyrian purple. But why and how did Tyrian purple become the colour of royalty? Indeed this so called royal purple is the very colour of  the Alicante wine which King George’s physician described when analysing his patient’s urine. Of course he was baffled as to the significance of this but recent research has discovered a link between King George’s madness and the colour of his urine. 

The disease which has been attributed to King George is rather appropriately called Porphyria, a name coined by Barend Joseph Stokvis who named it due to the distinctive purple pigment in the blood with carries the iron and oxygen.

This genetic disease has many complicated and unusual symptoms and implications, but in short it is a rare disease where the sufferer is unable to metabolise the blood pigment haemoglobin and as a result the distinctive porphyry, or royal purple coloured pigments are released into the urine.

Porphyria stems from a genetic mutation that makes the body under-produce the enzyme porphobilinogen deaminase. This enzyme is critical for hemoglobin production. The process of making heme - the pigment in red blood cells - starts out in the mitochondria, but takes a trip around the outer cell before being completed and delivered back to the mitochondria. The lack of the enzyme leaves the uncompleted heme in the cell. Heme is part of a group of molecules called porphyrins, and while it doesn't get back to the mitochondria, the production process doesn't stop. The heme, or porphyrin, builds up in the body.

The symptoms of this disease are of a broad spectrum of complaints and include light sensitivity, blistering and lesions upon contact with sunlight, mental disturbances including psychosis, schizophrenic symptoms, hallucinations, hearing voices, nausea, vomiting and various pains.

Gollum. Exhibited many of the symptoms of the typical porphyria sufferer: extreme light sensitivity and psychosis.

Above is the character of Gollum from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring’s saga. Gollum becomes physically and mentally transformed as a result of murdering his friend Deagol and stealing the ring. He is wracked by guilt and shame and the corrupting power of the ring seems to be a metaphor for the personal and psychological changes which guilt and shame can affect upon a human mind. For me the tale is like a retelling of the story of Cain and Abel, and Tolkien as a confirmed Christian cannot have missed this parallel and in all likelihood, since he was a dabbler in the occult in prior to his confirmation in the Christian faith, he likely had a certain insight, just like his friend CS Lewis, as to the psycho-spiritual consequences that ones actions have in this life. The story of Gollum is a recreation of murder of Abel by Cain and the sudden change or curse which overtakes Cain and Gollum. 

A connection has been made to porphyria and the myth of the vampire, it is especially worth noting that Vlad the Impaler was said to have suffered from porphyria and may explain the apparent tales of him drinking human blood. The same may be true of the infamous countess Elizabeth Bathory, arguably one of history’s most prolific serial killers who killed and tortured hundreds of young women. She would apparently drink and bathe in their blood, and was from the royal house of Hungary. There is no direct evidence that Countess Bathory suffered from porphyria and the location of her body is presently unknown, therefore it is not presently possible to confirm or refute this hypothesis but it is quite probably, based on circumstantial evidence, that Countess Bathory did indeed carry the royal disease in her DNA which was activated and she used the fresh blood of young girls to treat her symptoms: since ingesting the iron in the blood of the victims would alleviate their physical and psychological symptoms. Bathing in the blood would alleviate the skin symptoms by normalising the skin's iron content and ingesting the blood of their victims would likely alleviate their psychosis and hallucinations as iron levels were normalised.

It was said that she assaulted a female maid and the blood from her nose apparently splashed on her face, and upon wiping the blood from her face she found her skin condition much improved and more radiant.

Elizabeth Bathory's blood bathing cleansing ritual.

I find it interesting that schizophrenia is also a stress activated illness, but at the same time it appears to have some of the characteristics of a hereditary disease, since a family history of schizophrenia makes development of this disease much more likely. 

So we can connect schizophrenia and porphyria as hereditary illnesses and quite possibly in some way the genetic marker is stress activated. Schizophrenia is a disease which is provoked by a specific adrenal imbalance. The Hoffer hypothesis suggests that stress provoke a release of adrenalin, and with prolonged stress the adrenalin release becomes sustained and starts to oxidise in the blood to form adrenochrome. This adrenochrome is a psychoactive compound which provokes the typical symptoms of schizophrenia including disorientation, hallucination and a general ‘other worldly sense’ which the sufferer interprets as being some kind of hell or punishment. Schizophrenia and psychosis develops specifically if the level of serotonin (a neural inhibitor which allows you to relax and feel at ease) is less than the amount of adrenochrome as serotonin seems to impede the psychoactive effects of adrenochrome. The excess adrenochrome can be scavenged and safely metabolised with high levels of niacin (vitamin B3) and this is why in periods of intense stress a cigarette can provide a temporary sense of alleviation since nicotine and niacin are related compounds. 

A Spanish study into porphyria revealed that certain natural steroids in the urine of porphyria patients were significantly reduced, and showed significant oxidisation. Thus establishing an adrenal link between porphyria and heme precursors.

Byzantine Roman Emperor Justinian I wearing the royal purple.

However this colour, the colour of the urine of the acute porphyria sufferer, has been known as Royal Purple for thousands of years and was intimately connected to the royal bloodline and anyone not of the royal bloodline was forbidden to wear it, and the famously  mad Roman Emperor Nero forbade anyone to wear purple under pain of death. Nero himself and indeed many of the Roman Emperors were also likely suffering from porphyria.

King George VI in royal purple. A King on the chessboard of history.

It seems that this particular colour throughout history has a special symbolic meaning and seems to clearly indicate belong to a royal bloodline which seems to connect from the earliest days of the ancient world, through to the classical era, to medieval Europe and even today's royals and the papacy.

Bishops of the purple bloodline. Church of the secret Roman Empire.

As to the real reason why this colour became associated with royalty unknown to mainstream history, but the conventional explanation is that the method of production of this dye was so expensive that it was reserved for royalty. It is worth noting however that even some royal houses could not afford the expensive and labour intensive Tyrian purple and in fact, these house had to content themselves with the closest cheap alternative which is indigo and many people now even confuse indigo for purple.

Cut-price option: The colour indigo, not actually purple, a cheaper alternative to Tyrian purple.

Tyrian purple and indigo have become somewhat confused and interchangeable and because indigo was a cheaper alternative to Tyrian purple it became a colour associated with magic and is used by witches, wizards and occultists. Is there a connection between porphyria, purple and the occult.

Pervert in royal purple #1

Pervert in royal purple #2

Tyrian purple was first produced by an ancient race of people about whom little is known except the names they went by: whether it be Phoenicians, Carthaginians or Canaanites. It was they who throughout history, traded this rare and precious ‘purple’ dye throughout the ancient world. It was known as Tyrian purple, named after the ancient Canaanite city of Tyre. 

The King of Tyre was a man named Hiram, a name shared by the legendary Master Mason and supposed originator of Freemasonry Hiram Abiff. The identity of Hiram Abiff has puzzled Masons and non Masons alike for generations and many now consider him a mythical and allegorical figure since a personage of that name cannot be ascertained to have really existed in history. However what is supposed to be a surname ‘Abiff’ is likely not to be a surname at all but instead a title of respect since the word Abi (from which the Hebrew word Rabbi is derived) means father, and in Arabic a terminating consonant is added to floating consonant terminations to facilitate word liaison.

The word ‘Hiram’ in itself means ‘high born’ or noble, so whoever Father Hiram was, then it is likely he was of the royal bloodline. It is interesting that Hiram of Tyre, despite being a Baal worshiping Canaanite, allied himself with King David.

From Wikipedia:
Tyrian purple may first have been used by the ancient Phoenicians as early as 1570 BC.[2] The dye was greatly prized in antiquity because the colour did not easily fade, but instead became brighter with weathering and sunlight. Its significance is such that the name Phoenicia means 'land of purple.'[3][4] It came in various shades, the most prized being that of "blackish clotted blood".

Could it be that the myth of vampires, Satanic blood drinking rituals, royal blood and even the madness of King George are all part of the same Royal curse connected to specific genetically transmitted DNA. The DNA of Cain himself which has secretly coursed through the veins of all the world rulers for thousands of years. 

Is the Illuminati the bloodline of Cain himself? And can all acts of grotesque historical evil and insanity be traced to members of this mentally deranged bloodline whose madness is the result of a serious chemical imbalance? 

But one more question...why do these people rule our world?


A list from Wikipedia of a list of mad monarchs and rulers from history. Did they all suffer from Porphyria and share the same cursed royal blood of Cain?

Ancient world[edit]
  • Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon (now Babylon, Iraq) (reigned c. 605 BC-562 BC), allegedly became insane for a period of seven years.[1][2][3]
Roman Emperors[edit]
  • Caligula, nephew of Tiberius, suffered from paranoia and narcissism, believing that he was a god and that the god of the sea was plotting against him. Was an alcoholic, made his horse a senator, ordered political prisoners decapitated over dinner, married his sister and ordered political assassinations. (12–41; ruled 37–41)[citation needed]According to multiple classical sources, his mental health deteriorated suddenly after a severe fever that nearly killed him. This suggests that organic brain damage from high body temperature or encephalitis (possibly malarial) may have played a causative role instead of or alongside a preexisting mental illness.
  • Nero, nephew of Caligula, suffered from the same disorders as his uncle along with Histrionic personality disorder. Ordered the deaths of his mother and step-brother, had Christians crucified and burned, declared himself a god, allegedly played the lyre during the Fire of Rome.
  • Commodus, suffered from narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders, respectively, renamed Rome, the Empire, the Praetorian Guard and various streets after himself, believed himself to be the reincarnation of Hercules and had a servant burned to death for making his bath too cold.
  • Elagabalus catapulted venomous snakes at the people of Rome, invited guests to dinner only to give them inedible bread and leave lions in their bedrooms, used children's entrails for Divination, held lotteries for which the prizes consisted of wooden boxes containing bees, dead dogs and flies.[citation needed] Turned the Royal Palace into a public brothel.
Islamic Caliphs[edit]
  • Ottoman Caliph Murad V (1840-1904; ruled from 30 May to 31 August 1876)
European monarchs[edit]
  • King Eric XIV of Sweden (1533–1577; ruled 1560–1568), he suffered from alcoholism, explosive rage attacks, serious mental instability and paranoia. Ordered mass executions and murdered his own son. His madness was likely the result of mercury poisoning[citation needed]
Chinese monarchs[edit] 

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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