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Saturday 22 August 2015

Quantum physics and the Ultimate Reality.

‘The kingdom of God is within you’ Jesus.

Image courtesy of: Cristian Ilies Vasile and Martin Krzywinsk

The world is here to destroy your true nature and maintain your existence within a primitive materialistic frame of reference for as long as it can hold onto you. We are all physical captives to a system which runs our lives. It strips us of our sense of higher consciousness and the possibilities of 4d reality co-creation. The reason is, as we have learned from history, is that power bases can brook no opposition. The first thing any group holding power needs to do is to remove all opposition, and usually this is by massacres, interring people in camps, or just educating it out of the system.

The final example is one that is being used in the West these days and school ‘education’ is just a process of moulding the student to accept and subscribe to the ‘official reality’ which historians, scientists and the media all conspire to more or less create. In some cases some of things it says are largely true, particularly in science and maths, however science is taught as a substitute for and in opposition to spirituality and maths is taught as a explanation for the universe instead of what they really are: namely just a set of tools which mankind has invented to measure what he or she observes in the universe.  The following is exactly what they don’t really want you to know and it is what science has tried to obfuscate and deny for centuries in order to maintain their position of dominance on all questions relating to the material universe.

One of the first things to look at in questioning the scientific materialist paradigm is transcendental numbers  such as π. π is a number which measures the ratio between a circle’s circumference to its diameter. And that’s all it is. If anything π is a perfect symbol for how maths CANNOT actually accurately measure and fully quantify the universe. We can see in the fact that π is an endless number which can never be fully calculated out. It isn’t actually a number at all because a number is a symbol for a quantity, 1, 100, 18.75, but π is not a quantity, it is an incomplete calculation and the inability of maths to actual tell us what the ratio of a circle’s circumference really is.

We can only give the answer as an approximation to the real number.... so the circumference is 3.141592 something something something (forever) and a bit times larger than the diameter.  It is an endless series of numbers which is what our tools produce if we try to quantify the universe. We just can’t do it.  The difficulty in squaring the circle has been and still is one of the greatest puzzles of mathematics and shows how difficult it is for us to use our abstract tools to translate one two dimensional shape into another. Simply to construct a circle with the same area as that of a square. 

In fact in 1882 the task was declared impossible when π was discovered to be transcendental, therefore not an algebraic number and as such, not actually completely calculable. Other Transcendental numbers include all Real Numbers as opposed to integers or algebraic numbers (which are the sort used for counting, measuring and in equations).

π is actually a glimpse into infinity which is what secretly lurks behind the apparent material countable order of the universe. The universe at its heart is NOT countable, but is an engine which uses infinite and infinitesimal quantities to make its calculations. Something we cannot do, we can only approximate these quantities until at a certain point, accuracy is lost and our picture of reality totally breaks down. So maths can only measure the material world up to a certain level of detail.

When the universe and the ‘numbers’ or ‘ratios’ which dictate the shape of it go beyond a quantity or understanding which is measurable or repeatable; for instance no one in the world can ever possibly fully express π or actually use it to form a square with exactly the same volume of a circle. Or indeed a sphere can never be resolved into a cube. We can only produce an approximate ratio therefore for us there is a blind-spot, a loss of clarity or fuzziness around the edges of our vision of the universe. And so we are in the dark regarding the very smallest portion of reality, the tiny fractal logarithms which unfold and fill the tiniest edges of reality with form, and we cannot see them, we can see only a pixelated copy which loses detail the further you look into the image. And so here we have reached the limit of 3d. It seems that the ratios which in the creation of the forms of the natural world go beyond the limit of our ideas: duality, finitude and certainty.

The fourth dimension is where crude 3d based system of crude counting and manipulating quantities no longer work where nature is concerned. Nature doesn’t use a calculator or numbers. God is most assuredly NOT a mathematician. He uses something else. A kind of hypermaths, or 4d maths which uses something OTHER than numbers. Hypernumbers perhaps.  So therefore, maths and most certainly science, cannot accurately measure or even directly perceive, the absolute and real manner in which the universe is created and continually functions. They are elusive quantities. These logarithms which are the building blocks of the universe as we know it, trigonometry: the relationship behind 2 and 3d dimensional objects, and even the more familiar exponential functions such as squaring numbers or cubing them or raising them to any power.

What squaring and cubing really are, are mimics of growth cycles in nature, where for instance a bacteria culture doubles in size every 24 hours. However the bacteria don’t just magically all appear at the end of the 24 hour period, the growth is incremental, naturally, in the real world at least, mathematics has created this artificial perception that nature is just numbers and it isn’t. Numbers are added, subtracted or multiplied and a new number flies out. This isn’t how nature works at all and it is when trying to discover how nature REALLY grows and creates, that we run into transcendental numbers whose reality we can never truly access. Simply put, our numbers are insufficient tools to paint the reality of the engine of nature so the next time a smart-ass scientist or mathematician wanabee tries to tell you that everything can be reduced to maths or that mathematics is the meaning of the universe just put him or her in their place by asking them to give you an exact figure for π or for Euler’s number e. If he can’t (which is impossible using our methods) then you have demonstrated that mathematics cannot accurately measure the universe and therefore it is of limited utility when regarding these ultimate questions of life the universe and everything.   

Euler's transcendental number. The engine of change and growth in the the known universe.

These relationships are invisible to us except as a periodical set of numbers which appear, but as to why and how it is those numbers which appear in the sequence and a final ‘encapsulation of this logarithmic relationship’ we cannot find it, and so we will calculate and calculate long into deeper and darker depths of finitude without ever finding the light at the end of the tunnel: the ultimate answer.   

Big G.

No this isn’t the name of a new black rap-artist. This is a magic number that Newton had to stick into his gravity equations to make them work. Although it wasn’t directly measured until  71 years after Newton’s death by Henry Cavendish. The gravitational constant is approximately 6.674×10−11 N⋅m2/kg2 and is continually being revised questioned and recalculated. It even appears to vary at different locations, yet it is supposedly called the Universal Gravitational Constant. Some scientists have theorised that the fluctuations in the Universal Constant reflect the interference of possible higher dimensions distorting our reality. Indeed it is possible that even the existence of a base figure which needs to be implanted into our mathematical model of the universe perhaps hides some hidden force, distortion or ‘shape’ of the universe which we need to calculate around.

So our universe isn’t a linear 3d form with flat edges, straight lines and a smooth surface in which we all go about our business, which is how it appears to us, but it is knobbly and twisted to shape with strange recurring numbers and ratios woven into its very fabric. Numbers and ratios which we have a very difficult time determining.  The ratios and numbers are completely invisible and undetectable to all but the most determined physicist, but without them our whole universe would instantly fall apart. This mysterious gravitational constant is very very small indeed and is also related to the even smaller Planck constant is the ratio of a photon’s energy to its frequency and is around 6.626176 x 10-34 joule-seconds

Strange Matter

Bose Einstein Condensate is like a super cold plasma  a billionth of a degree Kelvin above Absolute Zero. At Absolute Zero there is no longer any energetic motion within the atom, in a sense it is no longer physically active and at a position of total rest. At this temperature atoms and molecules are no longer separated as they are in other states of matter whether it be gas or liquid, instead they are woven together in a  fluid unity. Daniel Keppner of the MIT Department of Physics describes this new state of matter as something which thinks it’s everywhere at once.

Stranger still is the fact that a single photon is able to give 3 dimensional information. Recent scientific investigations using light-radar or Lider (the kind seen at the side of the road during geo surveying) have discovered that single photons can be recorded and used to build up 3 dimensional images of the surrounding land. So when a photon bounces off a surface it is imprinted with information about that surface. 

We do not know ‘how’ they are imprinted, or in what way is information ‘transferred’ to a photon. The only analogy I can think of and it’s a bit gross, is imagine you had a piece of gum which you spat onto the pavement. If you picked that gum up you would find it had recorded information about the pavement, namely it would be covered in dust and dirt from the pavement, its might also have changed as a result of being momentarily on a hot summer pavement or a cold winter pavement. If you stepped on the gum it would record the surface of the pavement’s shape. This is a little how photons seem to record information. They seem to suck reality and information from everything and anything they come into contact with. So what are they really? Little splats of gum? We literally don’t know.

Light is timeless light is spaceless, there is no separation between events as they are recorded by light. The speed of light is the speed limit of the universe and the universe ceases to exist in its present form at the speed of light. Therefore since photons travel at the speed of light they must exist in a state which is outside or apart from our present universe. The speed of light is the escape velocity of the universe. The  Lorentz contraction means that the closer an object were able to travel to the speed of light, the more it’s length would contract, namely it would get smaller and smaller. This effect is only noticeable from velocities of around 30 million mph, and then only at infinitesimal degrees, but the closer the object were to move to the speed of light 670 million miles per hour the more the object appears to get smaller and smaller until at the speed of light the length goes down to zero and the object disappears, at least to an observer. Anyone who could somehow record or perceive reality from the point of view of the object travelling at the speed of light would find that it wasn’t the object which became infinitely compact, but the universe itself.

The corollary of the object disappearing from the point of view of an observer would be that the object no longer existed in space and indeed that space itself no longer exists. We also know from Einstein’s theory of special relativity that time slows to zero at the speed of light, therefore we would no longer be in time and no longer ‘in space’. But let’s get this clear, this doesn’t mean the object no longer exists in some real way. Merely because it is no longer ‘in space’ doesn’t mean it has gone anywhere. Instead it is everywhere at once. Being ‘in space’ literally means to be contained within a boundary and to be located at some point within those boundaries. At the speed of light there is no longer any containment within space. The light IS the space. All of it. And a thing cannot be contained within itself. 

When  the Lorentz contraction effect on the speed of light reduces the object to a zero point in space it has effectively ‘tunnelled’ out of real space and is now free to be anywhere it likes and at any time.  This is perhaps a similar effect to that of quantum tunnelling which is a mathematically impossible process by which stars release photons from the fusion collisions at the heart of the sun. It is not actually hot enough in the centre of the sun, at a mere 15 million degrees Kelvin to power nuclear fusion, Earth based experiments to create nuclear fusion require temperatures 10 times this which are produced in a plasma Torus, however because of the quantum probability that a protons ‘field of action’ can interfere with another protons field of action, then despite there not being enough energy for this to take place, it takes place all the same. Physicists are far from certain of the mechanics behind this process but in all likelihood it probably involves the ability of a proton travelling at the speed of light to transcend time and space and to merge with the energy of another proton and therefore prompt nuclear fusion.     

Infinity does not exist in science but in maths is easily producible but it will probably cause you calculator some confusion. I haven’t used a pocket calculator for a while but in my day putting 10 divided by zero would make the calculator have a break-down and produce either the word ‘error’ or ‘c’ and this meant you had to turn it off an on again. It may seem weird for there to be an infinite number of ‘0’s’ in a number but it is easily demonstrable. Divide 10 by 10 and you get 1, divide 10 by five and you get 2, how about dividing 10 by a small number, say 0.01, well this is the same number as pennies in 10 pounds and the answer is 1000. If you make the number smaller and smaller then the answer will get bigger and bigger, this inverse ratio is limitless therefore in theory this calculation can continue towards an infinitely large number. So 10 divided by 0.000000001 would be 10000000000 so the assumption is that since the number gets bigger and bigger the closer one gets to zero, then at zero the number must be of infinite bigness. It’s slightly conceptual and perhaps may well be complete nonsense, but it is one of the assumptions mathematicians exploring infinity will work from, though your pocket calculator may not be quite in agreement.

Light itself is invisible until there is something which causes it to scatter into a direction where it can be detected by the eye. So the universe is in fact full of light and because light is both particle and a wave then it can exist and manifest as a point or region in 3d reality, for instance in your bedroom with the light on, but it also exists as part of the universal light wave which as we know transcends time and space. There is an infinite and eternal field of omnipresence which as we know, can record all of the 3d information in the 3d universe. It’s almost as if the material universe of matter and objects exist in shadow until brought into reality by the light. 

This light in reality is present inside the atoms of every molecule in the universe. Except that light energy which is still locked up inside the nuclear forces of the atom, exists contained in the 4th dimension, this energy is released through a chemical or nuclear reaction and joins the 3d light field, the light however still exists within the 4th dimension which transcends 3d time and space but now instead of remaining locked in the microcosm is free to explore and fill the 3d universe. There are photons filling every corner of the universe and some of them even end up in our eyes and it is these which light our world.  These photons and then absorbed and join the photons which make up the electromagnetic field of our own consciousness.

So when Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas  says: 

"I am the light which is on them all. 
I am the All, and the All has gone out from me 
and the All has come back to me. 
Cleave the wood: I am there; 
lift the stone and thou shalt find me there!" 

I think it is clear what the secret Gnostic message of Christianity and Jesus’ ministry is, and it is exactly what I have just distilled from the current explorations in Quantum Physics.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.