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Tuesday 11 April 2017

The Adventures of Jesus Christ and the Sword of Conflict.

When Jesus said ‘I did not come to bring peace but a sword’ he was telling the world that conflict is the price of truth. That the world would take up arms against him, his people and his message. We see this culminating in the events of the last century and this century. The Earth has now become a battleground, and it is precisely because this world is not the abode of truth and the resultant turmoil we see is the battle between good and evil, between the truth and lies, which will never settle into each other to develop into harmony, ying can never resolve into yang in harmony, but only to conflict, continual and all consuming. Good and evil are mutually exclusive, ‘the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”

We are on the verge of a huge world war which has been carefully arranged, just as the previous two world wars were carefully tended and grown by the international bankers who ensured that Nazi Germany had all the funding she required to build up her colossal war machine. The same agents also funded the Soviet Union which was bankrupt and impoverished after her disastrous role in world war one and the 1917 revolution, and millions of dollars of funds were made available to ensure that Stalin’s radical five year plans of industrialization and mechanization, bore the fruit of creating a suitably armed belligerent to aid in the destruction of the Christian world.

And now we live in a world which is on the verge of being torn into pieces again. Yet this time who knows what will remain once the dust and bombs have settled. The first world war left shattered churches in broken towns in Northern France, churned up fields, and a mortal moral wound in the heart of the Christian world from which it has never recovered. The great unspoken thought was that if a Christian people could murder each other on an industrial scale with all the genius of their science turned to making machines and substances designed to rip up and ruin human bodies, then maybe the Christian programme hasn’t worked.

The second world war was merely the end of the long 1918 ceasefire and again all of the malicious genius of science after being given many long years of apparent peace to perfect the art of murder, used its genius to murder on a mass scale, culminating in the nuclear destruction of two Japanese cities. 

The Dominoes, Ready to Fall, All Lined-Up by the Hidden Hand.

And now, as of the time of writing and indeed, perhaps for about the past five years, we seem to have entered a final phase for the civilized world, a phase where all the dominoes are now in place, conveniently aligned, entwined and positioned so that the right pleasure applied to the right domino, will set all the pieces tumbling upon each other. While one group remains aloof from the cascading chaos: those who push the domino. They get to observe and watch their handiwork from a vantage point of perfect safety. They are not in amongst the dominoes, they will not fight, or be bombed, except those pawn sacrifices from their group they have decided to use for such a purpose to further their goals and they, like the banker, always win. 

But the true creators of war and conflict are above and beyond the chaos they create. They are the ones who have worked so hard to put all the dominoes in position in order that they might fall all the better, that the least pressure be enough to totally flatten the whole world.

This is because the group setting up the dominoes and preparing to push them all over is at war with Christ and has been trying to kill and persecute Christians and Christian civilisation from the first day of their appearance on Earth, just as they persecuted and had Jesus Christ himself murdered. It is the same people dragging the world to war as those who killed Christ.

We live in a world dominated by the sword. Christ brought the truth to the world for the first time. We now have the word of God and the choice to listen to his voice through the ministry of Jesus, or to ignore that message. 

Unfortunately even the existence of that choice and the presence of the truth of the presence of God, is too much for some people to bear, and they have made it their role, to do what they can to destroy the presence of God and all knowledge of God’s word, even if it means destroying the Earth and all its people.

In the next world there is the eternal turmoil of judgement, which means the transmutation of souls to the next dimension, either into the light, where ‘the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their father’ or ‘into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.’

It is perhaps for this reason, to tackle this potentially inconvenient truth about this world being a crossroads into the next world and our inclinations, inner desires and actions determining which path we take, that the scientific and media consensus is that the next world doesn’t exist and that this world is not in any sense a crossroads but a cul de sac.

If we can imagine that in the next world our physical body no longer exists, and all we are is the inner being, then all superficial charm and outward personality, have no value and no substance and all that would be left would be the inner desires and inclinations, whatever they may be.

It is often the case that people erect a façade and construct a ‘personality’ with which they negotiate with the physical world.
This personality often bears a vast difference between the inner reality of the person and the outward projection so carefully crafted.

Unfortunately superficial charm and the crafted personality façade are highly prized on this planet and in many fields are indispensable to success and the ability to rise to a position of controlling influence. 
Such people by their nature and ability to maintain a steady and reliable personality façade at any time, become highly successful in the media and entertainment and from there, they are able to directly exert a controlling cultural influence over other people.

These cultural figures become mental and cognitive leaders for the people under their influence and their beliefs and values soon become shared by the greater population who no longer think for themselves but absorb the ideas and suggestions of their cultural leaders, whose ideas and beliefs they adopt, under the influence of their superficial charm and their constructed personality.

One often finds the most vociferous voices in the media and science extolling atheism, are those very people who might have something to feel guilty about. For instance both Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins are atheists who seem to have a very ambiguous position on paedophilia. And so to negate any sense of judgement and to evade the idea that they may be responsible for some immorality they conveniently relegate all such ideas of morality, responsibility, judgement, and even of good and evil itself, to non-existence.

In this way, atheism is a new kind of deception and a very easy way for evil people, or at least, people who have committed some evil, to feel that they can elude any consequences. Of course, the consequences cannot be avoided because you may think you can rewrite the rules of reality, but no doubt such thinking is convenient for these people during their earthly lives, but such thinking often creates attendant problems such as depression, bi-polar disorder, drug abuse and alcoholism, because these people are not dealing with truth and are willfully evading it, the result is discord, depression and a life of confusion where they search for meaning which they have willfully obliterated.

Only Jesus can save such people, but they are so oppressed by their own guilt and that attendant guilt is used to construct the artifice of their atheism, that they have too much personally invested to abandon it to Jesus, besides, such people also, much to their detriment, have built up such a level of adulation, professional respect and kudos that they probably start to believe their own bullshit, since everyone else seems to. It must be a very difficult temptation to resist, to join the mass of the public and believe in the consensual illusion about the grandeur of your own public image.

These are the values stitched into the culture and the people exposed to that culture through the media. The only way to be mentally free from the conditioning is to leave the country and spend several years in an alternative culture, preferably one which has some value and appeal to you, in order to break the conditioning of ones native culture and learn to transcend such conceited television boobies as Stephen Fry. Once one has removed oneself to a suitable vantage point, perhaps just across the English Channel, or some thousands of miles away near the Saharan desert, such people reveal themselves to be nothing but paltry and conceited fools, and merely local phenomena, having nothing of the real wisdom of universality which one can only learn and acquire through extensive travel.

There are other ways to ensure one is not taken-in by the deadly nefarious combination of the TV alpha trance and the charming air of wit and authority which these media demagogues use to spread their own particular values, or lack of them, but they most certainly involve throwing away the television and disdaining any form of mainstream entertainment, but it is very difficult for anyone to truly live in a vacuum within a society, such people soon become seen as eccentrics, or they just don't seem to fit in with other people; not sharing cultural and social cues which people use to build and maintain friendships.

Indeed there was much work undertaken by the Conservative government of the early nineties to expressly ensure that no one had the opportunity to access any alternative lifestyle by the express use of law to shut down alternative ways of living such as that hitherto enjoyed by the travelling community. Such people were a direct threat to the cultural dominance now enjoyed by ‘their’ media and now we all obediently go to work and come home to switch on our TV sets to receive our evening dose of mind and thought control, and cultural conditioning. What’s more we pay a license fee for the privilege, it is all rather too absurd and such absurdities only become apparent once one has achieved the level of ‘perspective’ which travel, free thinking, and throwing away your TV, will bring.

Had Jesus never had his ministry and had his message never advanced like a righteous tempest through the Roman Empire the world would probably be at a kind of peace right now. The kind of peace where there is no conflict and no right and wrong. Where every child must submit to a sexual initiation in midnight wood with a strange man dressed up as a goat. The kind of world where a slave class made up of half of the world would exist, who would be literally owned by the local aristocracy and forced to wear chains around their feet. Conflict is a sign that there's still something left to fight for and the turmoil of this world shows us that they are still waging war on us because we are not yet completely under their control.

Conflict only comes because there is dispute but imagine a world, like that of the Greeks or Romans, were there was no such strongly sense of entrenched morality which Christianity has brought.

No idea of freedom, no idea of personal rights. Where a child for instance, can be sexually abused by an older man, not only with impunity but as a cultural expectation. Where madness and hysteria were part not only of the religious life and spiritual rites, but often also fully expressed in the most powerful rulers of the land, men who ruled a huge empire spanning thousands of miles and scores of languages and cultures, were completely mad.

Some writers have posited something called ‘Roman Emperor’ syndrome and explained the madness of several of the most famous Roman Emperors as a direct result of being emperor, that absolute power corrupts absolutely and that few men can remain sane given enough power. But what if somehow the Roman Emperors were offered the same deal that Jesus was offered, dominion over the kingdoms of the land if only he bowed to Satan, except that those who became Emperors were those who unlike Jesus, had accepted Satan's offer.

Perhaps Jesus too could have been something resembling a Roman Emperor, since one man is much like another, there seems to me to be little particularly remarkable about the type of men who rise to positions of great power, except for symptoms of madness and sometimes, something like a messianic zeal.

The Messiah who said YES to Satan.

Hitler himself, saw himself in Messianic terms, and he too was once nothing but a second rate painter (who seemed to have a problem mastering perspective), an occasional homosexual and later, injured army corporal. But someone or something singled him out for greatness and temporary dominion. Something made a deal with him which he accepted.

Hitler: A slight problem of perspective. 

What happened to Jesus is a perfect representation of the true nature of our world. It is a world which does not want to know or hear the truth. It is a world ruled by Satan and the easy self deception of people who will do the myriad small crimes required to maintain his dark kingdom on Earth, if only for a quiet comfortable life. But the world has been judged and found wanting and Jesus, the only righteous man to ever walk the Earth, was rejected by the Earth itself.

“Now is the judgement of this world, now shall the ruler of this world be cast out; and I, when I am lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men to myself.”

We as a species, in the majority, seem to have this fatal flaw in our psychological makeup. This is only to apparent by the fact that people still engage with modern democracy, still work their jobs, pay their taxes and have children, when it is a known fact that politicians lie to us. We vote for them again and again, as long as their lies are not too obvious and are relatively well dissimulated. The populace will vote for a liar, but not for an obvious one which would reflect badly on their own confidence in him or her.

But we love lies and deception, fraud and fakery, because it is easier to believe in a lie and know it’s a lie, than to face the truth and risk being exposed by its light.
And so humanity has learned to advance forward under the comforting shadow of reassuring lies they have learned to live with. The sure knowledge that whoever they vote into power will just continue the steady decline we all know has set-in, is preferable to being exposed to their own power and ability to take the reins of power and control their own destinies. 

Most people don’t want that because they just wouldn’t know where to begin. Being told what to do and how to exist on planet Earth, even under a million obvious contradictions and blatant injustices, allows most people to avoid the sight of total reality, because humanity has little to no knowledge of any kind of absolute reality or total truth and is in no means equipped to operate under these parameters. Some people however are and they attempt to do so. And as Bill Hicks pointed out, we tend to kill those people, not only because they threaten the institutions and power structures in place, but also because they make the general populace feel mentally uncomfortable, since dealing with the truth suddenly after being habituated to the comforting delusion of falsehood is tantamount to putting people in a forced stress position.

Few people will tolerate such discomfort for long and will rise up as one to remove the source of their torment. And so what happened to Jesus wasn’t a particular indictment against the Jewish people in particular, but an indictment perhaps, of any people, when faced with a truth which threatens their whole way of life and their continued ability to maintain that way of life. Jesus, despite being greeted and acclaimed by crowds sometimes numbering in the thousands, was still at the mercy of people’s general wish to follow the path of least resistance.

However the Jews it seems have taken it upon themselves to wage a two thousand year war on their own Messiah and the savior of humanity. The man who told the truth and for that, he had to die. Traditionally civilisations have always felt more comfortable creating their own Gods and when given a vision of God which doesn’t accord with the vision of their creation, they reject it. The Gods which human have created have tended to be brutal, jealous, destructive and capricious figures. Figures which judged humanity but which gave the comfort of exhibiting characteristics understandable to human nature. For thousands of years man created God in his own image, while writing holy books which deny the fact completely and pretend that God created man in his image.

The truth which arrived with Jesus’ ministry was not that God had created man in his image, but more that man had lost sight of God entirely, and what was worse was that the image of God man had created was almost entirely erroneous. Mankind had completely misunderstood the nature of God. It is mankind that feels the need to create rules and order and control other people, not God and this was why Jesus was at pains to say ‘that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.’

The God mankind had made celebrated war and massacre, of men, women and children alike. Whether the God or Gods of the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, The Germanic people, or the Jews. It is fair to say that none of these people had ever properly glimpsed the true nature of God, and if they did, then they scarcely publicized the fact.

The Buddha came close, but the impersonal nature of the universe from Buddha’s vision and his story of pain and suffering being the root of existence, seems to miss the flavor of the truth, and might be the kind of conclusions, a man who, once emerging from a strictly controlled environment of harmony and peace, and to leave that artificial illusory environment to see the real world for the first time and be suddenly struck with the brute force of those new impressions and the shattering of old lies and old illusions, which of course is precisely the story we are told about the Buddha. That he was a young prince, cossetted in his palace with the royal household in an artificial paradise beyond which he knew nothing else. Almost like the character from a Night Shyamalan film. The sudden loss of any sense of reality may indeed create the lasting impression that all is illusion indeed.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life and our suffering world of turmoil is because we are living in a spiritual war-zone. But the fact that they are still fighting to subjugate and control us, shows that we are still free and above all, we are free to find the truth of Jesus, but they have made the way very narrow indeed. Throwing away the TV might be the first step to accessing his Kingdom.

Friday 22 January 2016



  Meet the secret fathers of myth and history: Baal and Hercules. It's the same geezer!

The Kingdom of Baal: Bowie; Freemason's Grand Lodge of England; the Kingdom of Morocco founded by Phoenician Canaanites; Babylonian coin showing Baal.

Bowie singing songs and hymns to Baal.

Baal, otherwise known as: Melqart, was the name of the tutelary or protective spirit of the city of Tyre, the capital of Canaanite Phoenicia: the Land of Purple, and as is the case with many of the legendary Gods of the ancient world, is considered an ancestor of the royal family of Tyre. 

A key theme in the all the royal houses of the ancient world is this continuity of the present to a legendary and near mythical past. As to how much reality lies behind the pantheon of gods of the ancient world we cannot know, clearly we have, at least on appearances moved far from their genealogies with the rise of Christianity, however it is my sincere conviction that despite this apparent rupture with the ancient world and the deposition of the old Gods of the old world, these genealogies of these Gods and figures from the ancient world are still very much alive, not only through the remaining royal families of the world but also through the Freemasons and the Illuminati. 

The family connections between the various politicians presidents and even popstars of the world is usually discovered and reported by the press as a quaint and interesting coincidence, but there is no doubt that it is not a coincidence, it is the same old ancient bloodline, the lineage of Cain, of sin endlessly trying to perpetuate itself through breeding and forming complicated genealogies which now straddle the entire world with this bloodlines and control our world on every conceivable level. From politicians to pop-stars, they are all part of the same family.
Cain's extended family.
In fact we don’t have to look far to find the speculation that there is a vampiric bloodline running through the course of history as the Telegraph in 2012 reported that Prince Charles is related to Vlad the Impaler. 

Apparently the Romanian tourist board was the first to highlight this connection and Prince Charles even makes an appearance in a promotional video for the Romanian Tourist Office.

The infamous Illuminati Nazi-helping Bush family too are related to Vlad, apparently 32 generations removed. If we start to realise that these people do not actually serve the interests of the various nations they find themselves governing, but actually the long term projects of the Cain bloodline, then we find an explanation behind Prescott Bush’s apparently treasonous act of trading with the Nazi enemy during World War 2. 

The Nazis were not enemies to the Bushes, they were cousins. It’s just family business, just as World War 1 was family business between different grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

It doesn’t take a particularly paranoid imagination to realise that the various morally degraded popstars of the world displaying their eroded morals, damaged brains and twerking backsides are trying to inculcate their immoral Cain values to a mass audience. 

It is like an asexual reproduction where the popstar’s behaviour becomes valued, and is replicated by her child audience. While most people of course will only create two or three children in their lifetime and will influence them and the idea is that they will go forth into the future when you have gone and take your values into the next generation, popstars, movies stars and any celebrity who has deliberately been given a platform in the media and is in the public eye is able to reproduce their values not just to two or three but to millions of people, and advance these values into the future and the next generation.

Sexualising children for the benefit of dirty Freemason uncle?

This is a form of political propaganda and if young children can somehow be raised to be as foolishly vapid and sensually oriented as possible, then they are far more likely not to be able to articulate or imagine any way to oppose government tyranny and political oppression in their lives. 

Indeed they probably are not even able to perceive it, since their needs are so limited. Having a good time, dancing, and having fun, that as long as they are able to follow this relatively easy to achieve lifestyle, then they are unlikely to even feel any inner moral dissatisfaction about the murder of millions in illegal wars in foreign countries, or economic mismanagement and moral corruption and the degradation of human civilisation because these things require a moral judgment and moral centre.

In the ultimate political correct world, there are no moral judgments and right and wrong anymore. Just vapid personal empowerment as long as that person is content with dancing, drinking having sex and isn’t interested in actual political engagement and actually having some control of the political machinery of the state.

Melcart has been equated with the Greek hero Heracles (or Latin Hercules) and the tale of the discovery of royal purple took place in what is now a town called Essaouira in southern Morocco. It was Heracles’ dog who apparently discovered the royal purple by eating a mouthful of a particular kind of shellfish called Murex Trunculus. 

Hercules/Baal/Melqart's dog discovering the Tyrian purple: the colour of bloodline madness. Painting by Rembrandt.

Morocco is now a Muslim country populated by Arabs, Amazigh and Jews, but formerly it was part of the expanded continuum of the ancient world and more particularly the overseas possessions of the Canaanite Phoenicians. There are many examples of a cultural association of Morocco, and the ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis near Meknes show clearly the strong associations of the legend of Hercules with that place:

Further associations of Hercules with Morocco abound with the Gardens of Hesperides from which Hercules was instructed to steal Zeus’s golden apples and also the mountain a few miles east of Tangier: Jebel Musa, known, along with the rock of Gibraltar as the twin pillars of Hercules.
The site of the mythical Garden of the Hesperides, in present day Morocco.

In the Greek tale the garden of immortality was not guarded by a cherubim with a fiery sword but by a many-headed dragon called Ladon, though in most depictions Ladon is portrayed as a Serpent entwined around the tree of immortality. 

Forbidden magic-apples and's the same story!

So in the Canaanite version of the story we have Hercules/Melqart, being instructed by Zeus to steal the apples of immortality from the enchanted garden, in this version however it is the serpent which guards and protects the tree. Hercules apparently kills the snake/hydra creature Ladon and returns with his golden apples of immortality.

Even stranger, if we look for further parallels between Baal/Hercules and the creation myth then they abound. Baal's mother was Asherah, named 'The Mother of All Living'. This strangely echoes the Biblical passage in Genesis 3:20 :

"And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living."

What's more, Eve or Havvah was first called 'Ishah' or WOMAN, which clearly has a phonetic similarity to the name ASHERAH. Additionally the Phoenician word for snake CHWT appears in a Phoenician inscription as one of the names of the Goddess ASHERAH. The Hebrew name for Eve is CHAWWAH, while the Hebrew word for snake is CHWWH, so there is an association with this name and the word 'to live' with the root of 'snake'. 

The key strategic and trading ports of the Phoenician Canaanites were located in North Africa and the coast of Southern Spain and when the Phoenicians lost their own lands and maritime trading empire after their destruction at the hands of Rome at Carthage, they likely dispersed throughout the Mediterranean, as a diaspora of the Canaanite bloodline only to reestablish their thalassocratic sea-empire with the fall of their rival Rome. 

In fact it is my belief that the Phoenician Canaanite empire is very much alive and well and, unlike Rome's which was dependent on garrisons of soldiers and occupying cities and vast tracts of land, the Phoenician empire needed only trading partners, gold and silver coins, and a fleet of ships to survive.

The Phoenician trading empire prior to Roman dominance.

It is unlikely that the Phoenician Canaanite bloodline was lost and there is some circumstantial evidence to suppose that this sea-faring people merely unfurled their sails and sailed North, they didn't even change their name, they became known as the Venetians, and their dominance of the Mediterranean trading routes continued throughout the greater part of the Medieval period from their settled city safe in the marshes of Venice and also the various Mediterranean Islands such a Cyprus, Rhodes and Malta.  

This map shows the modern prevalence of Phoenician DNA (PCS Phoenician Colonisation Signals). It is noteworthy that the area of Israel shows a very strong ongoing genetic component of the Phoenician Canaanite bloodline.

It is also likely that these same Phoenician Canaanite sea-farers were instrumental in setting up the various chivalrous orders of Knighthood such as the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Rhodes and the Order of Saint John which took root on the islands they inhabited and defended, with varying degrees of success, against the Arab invaders and pirates.

The great seething mass of humanity that we see around us, all came from somewhere and the multitudes and the nations can indeed be traced back to a relative handful of people who were walking the earth many thousands of years ago, and if we can accept the facts that these ancient nations of people themselves believed and were told, that for instance the Canaanites WERE the offspring of Cain. 

That Cain’s son Enoch built a city called Enoch and they became a multitude. That one of their Kings was called Baal, the same Baal that is mentioned in the Bible and is the origin of that appellation of the devil: Beelzebub, that these people then migrated around the Mediterranean, establishing trading ports, fighting Romans, losing, and having their nationhood destroyed, reduced to becoming merchants, becoming rich not on war and conquest by on trade. 

Then creating various kinds of trading guilds and brotherhoods, sponsoring the creation of orders of Knights to gain favour with Kings and Popes. Finding themselves sent to the holy land of Jerusalem, essentially going back to the lands where they had come from. And from there using their financial know-how and unscrupulous business methods to set-up the modern banking system and ultimately ruling the world.

This is The Illuminati. Meet The Family. Say HELLO to Cain's children.

Babylonian Baal coin with Lion and inverted pentagram.

Baal Lion of Great Britain.
See also: Phoenicians founded Genoa


DNA TESTING reveals Hitler has AshkeNAZI 'Jewish' and North African Phoenician (Berber/Amazigh) ancestry....Cain Family...

Adolf Hitler may have owed more to the 'subhuman' races he tried to exterminate than to his 'Aryan' compatriots, according to new finding published in Belgium this week.
In research for the Flemish-language magazine Knack, journalist Jean-Paul Mulders traced Hitler's living relatives in the Fuhrer's native Austria, as well as the United States. 

"The results of this study are surprising," said Ronny Decorte, a geneticist interviewed by Knack. "Hitler would not have been happy."

Geneticists identify groups of chromosomes called haplogroups, 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.

According to Mulders, Hitler's dominant haplogroup, E1b1b, is relatively rare in Western Europe - but strongest in some 25 percent of Greeks and Sicilians, who apparently acquired the genes from Africa: Between 50 percent and 80 percent of North Africans share Hitler's dominant group, which is especially prevalent among in the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and Somalis.

More surprising still, perhaps, is that Hitler's second most dominant haplogroup is the most common in Ashkenazi Jews.

"The findings are fascinating if you look at them in terms of the Nazi worldview, which ascribed such an extreme priority to notions of blood and race," Decorte said.

Knack said it would now petition Russian government archives to release a human jawbone wrapped in a blood-soaked cloth, retrieved from a Berlin bunker where Hitler is thought to have committed suicide and believed to have belonged to the Fuhrer, who dreamed of engineering a Nazi superman.

"For modern science, there are no more races, Decorte said." This pure type of 'superman' and the [Nazi] breeding programs to perfect 'purity' were sheer fabrication."

read more:

Wednesday 8 October 2014

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So what’s going on here? Well, there are two distinct and by no means mutually exclusive possibilities. The first possibility is that all of this was an elaborate swindle by the priesthood: the occult priesthood have since the dawn of history always had a highly privileged position and they successfully managed throughout the thousands of years from the earliest days of Dynastic Egypt through to the depraved Greek, Druid and Roman mysteries, to maintain an elaborate con trick and charade foisted on millions of people, placating and mystifying the population while they tuck into the treats offered up at God’s barbecue.

Spooky transvestite priest throws another goat's head on the barbie Yum. 
Does this seem likely? Are humans really so easily tricked with that a select band of spooky priests can totally dominate human culture history and spirituality for thousands of years? Personally I don’t think it’s the whole story. This brings us to the second hypothesis.

The second possibility is that there are indeed a whole host of spirit operatives of various kinds, which choose to involve themselves in our human environment and the priests have become their agents and representatives within the human population. Perhaps a sort of quid pro quo has been arranged whereby the priests are promised earthly power and satisfaction of various material desires in exchange for representing their invisible superiors to the people and convincing them by various pieces of dubious theology and myth, in addition to certain parlour tricks and mysteries which the priests had perfected over time, particularly in the mysteries of Eleusis and whereby for example we have acquired the word ‘Illusion’. At least, this hypothesis is more reasonable than the official etymology of the word ‘Illusion’ which is said to come from the latin word ‘iludere’ to mock, but I can’t see it myself. Not sure how they jumped from ‘Illudere’ to ‘Illusio’. However the Greek town Eleusis which was famous for its mysteries which typically depended on tricks ‘Illusions’ and hallucinations, makes more sense.

The mysteries of Eleusis recounted the rape of Persephone as we have seen, and involved the initiate, or ‘mystae’ actually entering the a temple of Hades, or hell itself, again, this mystery involved watching a play unfold, likely a sexual scene enacting the rape of Persephone (Kora), and the consumption of a heavily intoxicating preparation made from water, barley, mint, and a strongly psychoactive hallucinogen, likely ergot from the fungus infected barley[i]. Ergot is the natural substance from which LSD was later synthesized. Indeed, it is reported by history that rather irreverently the psychoactive brew: the ‘kykeon’, was stolen by the military general and orator Alkibiades[ii] in 415BC and apparently was the first recorded instance of the use of ‘recreational drugs’. In the terminology of the time Alkibiades was charged with profaning the mysteries and the story lends credence to the theories of famous entheogenic researchers such as Terrence Mckenna, that the kykeon did indeed have a strong narcotic effect on the human brain. This is further strengthened when one considers that in all of the mystery initiations of the ancient world, the candidate is instructed to fast prior to experiencing the mysteries. Anyone who’s ever dabbled with entheogenic substances will know that the experience is much more profound effect on an empty stomach.

Not only did the kykeon have a very profound effect on the mystae’s mental processes, but so too did the performance of the mystery play itself. Indeed, what we nowadays take for granted as television and movie entertainment, was considered to be a mystical and psycho-spiritual education thousands of years ago. Aristotle wrote of drama in his Poetics of the ‘catharsis’ or ‘purification’ experienced by experiencing tragedy in the context of a dramatic enactment and analysis the machinery of the psychological changes which take place in the spectator:

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means; but they may also result from the inner structure of the piece, which is the better way, and indicates a superior poet. For the plot ought to be so constructed that, even without the aid of the eye, he who hears the tale told will thrill with horror and melt to pity at what takes place. ’ [iii]

The mysteries of Eleusis depended on absolute secrecy. The participants were sworn to silence on pain of death not to reveal any ‘spoilers’ to anyone. In addition the priesthood were sworn to secrecy of course not to reveal to anyone the ‘secret’ of the ergot infected barley which was the key to the quasi-divine, ‘death experience’ which the mysteries were said to unlock. It is said that, “anyone who was `anyone', was an initiate of the Mysteries’ and today with Freemasonry just as then with the mystery cults, we see the importance of belonging to a secret society in order to guarantee success and renown in life. Crucially, it is the secret priesthood who had the full secret knowledge of the experience, and how to achieve it, and it is likely that the mystae took the it all at face-value, and would have no doubt believed that there was some divine-power causing his or her extraordinary experiences, while the priesthood would have known that it was merely the result of a special fungus. One can assume this because of the consistency and repeatability of the Eleusinian mysteries. The priests knew what they were looking for when they harvested or chose the barley and knew the results which this would provoke. One could say that while the initiate has a mystical understanding of the experience, the priesthood had the scientific understanding of the experience.

Not only were there at least two levels of understanding between the mystae and the priest, but also amongst the alumni of the mysteries. In the inferior degrees of the mysteries of Eleusis, the conventional understanding was that the pomegranate seeds referred to the seasons and the division of the year into lighter and darker months. The highest degree of understanding in the mysteries however, as surmised by Manly P Hall in his book ‘The Secret Teachings of all Ages’[iv], reveals that the half a year spent in captivity with Pluto, or Hades, was allegorical for the equal division of day and night, and the time spent here in the material world ‘awake’, was the ‘captivity’ to the human physical body and the lower realms of Pluto, while the other half being spent, asleep, in the liberated spirit-form, where our soul is released and we can gain the higher realms.

So where does leave the second view? Do we have any proof to support the view that invisible beings are communicating with certain people and prompting them to perform certain deeds and misdeeds. Is there any evidence? Or is it all clever tricks and magic-mushrooms? Well, there’s plenty and it never ends. It comes thick and fast at us from the news, but because of the dogma of our materialistic society we ignore it as the ravings of madmen. But those whose minds are slightly opened and whose horizons extend that little bit further beyond the narrow confines of our zoo-cage modern life, may detect other subtle possibilities which may explain, for once, a heck of a lot about what’s wrong with our world.

“The devil told me to do it!”; “God told me to do it!” and most recently: “Jesus told me to do it!”

These are all phrases spoken by perpetrators of the most inexplicably savage, shocking and undoubtedly evil acts which confuse confound and dismay our spirits on an almost daily basis. Again and again we ask what drove the killer to do what he did? How can humans act in such an inhumane way? And on and on, leading us all to suspect that there might be something intrinsically wrong with ‘us’ as a race because of the actions of some of our fellows. And on and on for thousands of years we have had to attempt to field and explain and answer for these terrible blots on the copy book of human culture, and we can’t, because somehow we discount the testimony of the perpetrator himself. 

This relatively recent pyscho-nugget blames Jesus for his multiple murders: one time, aspiring ‘horror-core’ rapper Syko Sam otherwise known as Richard McCroskey, who in 20th September 2010, pleaded guilty to four counts of murder.[v]

McCroskey murdered his girlfriend, her parents (pastor Mark Niederbrock, university professor Debra Kelly and Emma's 18 year old friend Melanie Well). Apparently McCroskey got into an argument after attending a horror-core concert on the 14th of September and murdered all four victims as they slept the following morning.

In McCroskey's 'song' My Dark Side, this satanically possessed simpletons intones:

"You're not the first, just to let you know. I've killed many people and I kill them real slow. It's the best feeling, watching their last breath. Stabbing and stabbing till there's nothing left,"

Interestingly McCroskey is a Scottish Clan name of the once ruling nobility of Ireland and Scotland and the name was originally Mac an Chrosain and has been conventionally translated as 'the son of the cross', interesting given the murderer's own comments about his apparent, perhaps only half-joking, inspiration for murdering the four people. But a deeper and more enlightening analysis of this strange surname is given in Tadhg MacCrossan's 1993 book[vi] about paganism and witchcraft: The Truth about Druids. In this book, MacCrossan explains that the name Mac an Chrosain, MacCrossan and indeed McCroskey, are all actually the same druidic name. In her book, Tadhg explains that Mac an Chrosain means 'son of the satirist'. Where the Gallic and druidic word 'Chrosain' meant, not cross but 'satirist’.

Is it possible then that Richard McCroskey murdered these four people and claimed 'Jesus told me to do it' is a dark act of satanic satire? Clearly Richard could not be aware of his part in this game, of the history of his name and the druidic connection. The man is clearly a ginger haired simpleton of the worst kind, however, if this 'tool' were used in a pan dimensional game of planetary politics by hidden and nefarious forces then the pieces start to fit and these insane and seemingly senseless crimes start to almost make a kind of sense.

The actions of have Adolf Hitler irrevocably shaped the destiny of the world and it is my contention that Hitler was a dupe of internationalist finance, a thesis detailed in Anthony Sutton's book:Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.   But what motivated him and drove him? As children we hear stories about his mother dying due to the medical intervention of a Jewish doctor or more we hear from ‘serious’ TV humanists that Hitler was motivated by the murder of Jesus by the Jews.

From Hitler’s own words we find a clue to the real reason, and there is a suspicion that it has more to do with following orders from invisible and mysterious superiors. If we examine Hitler’s own statements as reported by Hermann Rauschning in his book of apparently recorded private conversations, called Hitler Speaks[vii], we will be in a better position to understand the nature of the man's motivations and indeed, his particular success at inspiring and harnessing the attention of the mass of German people.

“One cannot help thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time, mediums are ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seem to be supernatural powers which set them apart from the rest of humanity. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is passed, they fall back again into mediocrity. It was in this way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself – almost demoniacal forces of which the individual man Hitler was only the temporary vehicle. The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of which one was conscious in his presence... It was like looking at a bizarre face whose expression seemed to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting impression of hidden powers.”

“What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak... but of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now! He is here. Isn’t that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.”

We also discover in John Toland’s biography of Hitler[viii] that Hitler was also a disciple of the Norse chaos god Wotan, the following poem was written by Hitler in 1915 while he served as a corporal on the Western Front.

I often go on bitter nights
To Wotan's oak in the quiet glade
With dark powers to weave a union -
The runic letter the moon makes with its magic spell
And all who are full of impudence during the day
Are made small by the magic formula!

In his essay entitled Revolting Julius Evola and the Blood Axis Fascists[ix], William H Kennedy explores the fascist legacy of Evola and indicates that certain terrorist events of the twentieth century were directly inspired by his thinking, including the acts of various fascist and neo-Nazi organisations throughout the world, and how a whole new horde of devotees have become motivated as a result of Evolian thinking. Michael Moynihan, musician of the band Blood Axis, high priest in Anton’s Le Vey’s Church of Satan and writer of the book Lords of Chaos: The bloody rise of Satanic metal underground (1999) is analysed in the following terms by Kennedy:

"In Lords of Chaos the authors contend that avatism has a spiritual and psychological component, namely, the emergence of unruly old Norse gods into the minds and bodies of Black Metalists. In their reckoning such recently reported occurrences of Black Metalists
committing acts of destruction and violence can be attributed to the integration of Norse deities into individual Nazi-Satanists (aka evil spirit possession). This metaphysical process is catalyzed by a combination of ritual Satanism, neo-Nazi indoctrination and the harsh rhythms of Black Metal music... Moynihan further states that the entire Third Reich was a manifestation of the ancient Norse god Wotan in the German masses."

However unlikely such a thing may appear to the Times reading and tea drinking general public the fact that certain of the chief operators within Black Metal and Satanism themselves believe this should be warning enough that even if such talk is delusion and hyperbole, that certain people are advocating that violence and various other outrages be performed, without the usual restraints of guilt and morality, because somehow it fits into a ancient Nordic theology.

Once you start researching these strands of insanity and violent extremism of various kinds, one soon starts to find the threads merge and an overall picture emerges. Typing in the band name 'Blood Axis' in the hunt for interesting images to accompany this rather long bit of un-illustrated text I came across the preceding picture, representing what I suspect is a stylised representation of a Teutonic knight. I found the image on the blog of one Brad Miller[x], which has since had all references to Satanic metal apparently expunged. One wonders if my publishing of this article on the web had brought him unwelcome publicity. Along with the Teutonic knight were the following images for a performer known as ‘Sleepchamber’.

Sleep chamber seems to allude to the Canadian Mind control centre which was centred around the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal Canada and depicted in the 1998 film The Sleep Room. Apparently it was here that forms of treatment for certain types of mental illness was researched, but in reality it was likely a cover for government mind-control. Is it possible that these performers of satanic metal were recipients of this type of treatment and are alluding to it?

It emerged that the CIA experimented on Canadian citizens: Ed Broadbant MP raised questions in the house to the prime minister Brian Mulroney Canadian about the practices of Dr Ewen Cameron[xi] and was eventually granted an interview with CIA liaison John Hadlan. The Cooper report exonerated Dr Ewen Cameron for his use of electroshock and the surreptitious administering of LSD and lobotomies. The surreptitious administering or LSD? Haven’t we suddenly returned to ancient Eleusis and the surreptitious administering of Ergot? Plus ca change.. Cameron was funded by the CIA and it seems more likely that perhaps his methods were more related to perfecting and practising techniques of torture, interrogation and ultimately, the neutralisation of suspected threats to national security. One wonders how many ‘enemies’ of the state may have found their way into the Allan institute and whose servants were conveniently allowed full reign of techniques learned, as we will see later, from the Nazis (as well as the ancient priests of Eleusis) for modifying psychological behaviour and mind control.

Funnily enough, the blog on which I found the Blood-Axis image was entitled: 'Because God told me to do it'. Is this blogger aware that he is signpost and a pawn in the same spiritual war which McCrossan and as we will soon see, another relatively well know horror-core performer are also involved in?

It gets even better, at least from a researcher's perspective as this was the blogger's profile message before he expunged all references to Satanic culture:

"I was born in Great Falls, Montana to a British Jewish father and Thai mother. While I was quite young, my mother moved back to Thailand to live permanently, and my father, sister and I moved to San Francisco, California. Once in San Francisco my father raised my sister and I with out assistance. It was in San Francisco that my father became obsessed with the Freemasons. My father, who was named Chaim, had made enough connections within the Masonic order to obtain a position on the Trilateral Commission by the mid 1970's. This position took my dysfunctional family to the East coast where I attended school. I worked during the early 90's as a dancer at several go-go bars in the state of New Jersey. My look and personality were obviously very special by Jersey go-go bar standards... Now days I am realizing I need to decide what I want to be when I grow up before I am dead. Although I am usually a fraud, I am honest about it. I am generally happily medicated. I believe everything that I am told, let me live vicariously through you."

Quite a goldmine of connections waiting to be made don't you agree? Obviously I’ll take the ‘go-go-dancer’ bit with a pinch of salt however.

His website contained all the usual hints about Nazi ideology, Aleister Crowley, promos for the Institute of Thelemic culture and waffle about the apparent holiness of sacrificial stones. There seemed to be allusions to blood and connections with European pagan folk groups who also share a stage with far right metal bands and advocate a strange and nebulous blood loving magical paganism.

Who’s this creepy character? More random pagan oddness.

When commenting about the cover art for a lecture by the Institute of Thelemic culture in Oregon in 1984 the blogger had mentioned the significance of the wolf of Wotan in Nazi mythology, my own blog is now the sole recorder of these comments:

"The Psychick Cross also incorporates the 23 mythology. The number 23 is total neither-neither territory (Austin Osman Spare's mindfuck technique - comparing opposites separate, together, then absent). Adding the Wolf in a crucifixion is probably an extension of that.

As far as the wolf's symbolism... it depends on what type of magick Genesis was projecting. Many Pagans believe the wolf signifies a teacher. Many who follow old Norse traditions believe that the wolf is what Odin will ride in on to victory...”

There are other possible interpretations too. The Nordic angle ties into Nazi Germany's use of the werewolf and even the inverted sun. Once one starts to investigate the frequent inexplicable and horrible satanic crimes which appear on our TV and in our newspapers, and if we can find the time and inclination to tie up the loose ends, then a general, satanic plan of action seems to be revealed, and its atrocities are stimulated and incubated, in what we call entertainment media.

For instance, the group Insane Clown Posse have the following entry written in the internet based user encyclopaedia Wikepedia:[xii]

“The themes of Insane Clown Posse and other acts on Psychopathic Records centre on the mythology of the Dark Carnival, which the duo claim is a spiritual force that has revealed a series of stories known as Joker's Cards. These stories each offer a specific lesson designed to change the "evil ways" of listeners before ‘the end consumes us all.’ Insane Clown Posse has a dedicated following, often referred to by the group as Juggalos and Juggalettes.”

So far so weird, but surely this is just little more than spooky hyperbole and harmless fanaticism from what is essentially a form of entertainment. But why would the band adopt the strangely moralistic tone? What do they mean by changing the ‘evil ways’ of their listeners? Well, the following news stories may help demonstrate that there is something far from harmless about the activities of its followers, and that the music itself seems to be sowing a particularly destructive type of seed in the minds of young people. In the news for instance there are frequent news stories detailing the violence and mayhem which seems to follow the band’s fans around wherever they go.

“Local police turn a wary eye to controversial band's followers[xiii]
Insane Clown Posse fans have been classified as a gang in Monroe County. Group will play in Allentown on Dec. 5.

September 20, 2009|By Matt Birkbeck and Manuel Gamiz Jr. OF THE MORNING CALL

Police throughout the country are becoming increasingly familiar with the violent lyrics of rap metal duo Insane Clown Posse, which is booked to play at an Allentown club in December.
In Monroe County, where authorities have identified up to 1,000 fans, the district attorney's office has joined police in Arizona and Utah in listing band followers as a gang. And the Wisconsin Justice Department has labelled the band a security threat.
The controversy surrounding Insane Clown Posse, a Detroit duo, hit Schuylkill County last week when four band followers were charged with killing a friend and follower who may have broken an ICP code.

Police said Anthony Locascio, 21, of Hazleton, was lured into the woods and struck with metal baseball bats 60 to 80 times for ratting on a fellow follower of a hip-hop group that police would not identify. A source close to the investigation said all five were devoted fans of Insane Clown Posse.
Locascio's killing is eerily similar to lyrics in "Imma Kill U," a recently released ICP song:
First, I smack your head with a bat
The bloody splat, crack with impact

While most fans simply listen to the music, which speaks of murder, rape and other violent acts, Monroe County Detective Emmanuel Varkanis said followers -- known as Juggalos and Juggalettes after an ICP song --have been arrested there for burglary, assault, and homicide.
The increased criminal activity led Monroe to be the first county in Pennsylvania to validate the Juggalos as a gang, putting them in the same category as the Bloods and Crips.

The band, whose two members wear black-and-white clownish makeup and go by the aliases Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, could not be reached for comment. A call and e-mail placed to one of its promoters was not returned.
Schuylkill County District Attorney James Goodman said until last week's arrests, the county had not seen a link between Juggalos and crime.

"I've heard of the group, but we've never had any problems with anyone associated with this group," Goodman said Friday.
The four charged there with homicide, conspiracy and aggravated assault are: Jeffrey A. Gombert, 19, and Curtis T. Foose, 25, both of Hazleton; Andrew A Tutko II, 19, of McAdoo, and Shane D. Roof, 20, formerly of Palmerton.
Two of the four, Gombert and Foose, and Locascio referred on their MySpace pages to ICP.

Perhaps the most shocking and unpleasant news story of 2008 was the murder by decapitation and apparent eating of a young Canadian called, Tim McLean, another old Druid/Scots name, on July 30th 2008, by a schizophrenic Chinese migrant who may have been programmed by his church group, or perhaps before he arrived in Canada.[xiv]

What struck me about the murder was that this wasn’t any ordinary murder which may perhaps have been motivated by some genuine and uncontrollable feeling of resentment or revenge, but that it was a totally motiveless attack and, by its extremely barbarous nature, something told me there was more to this than met the eye. For me, to behead Mclean who was initially sleeping on a bus, then start to cut off parts of his body and eat them, informed me that this was some kind of ritual.

I looked into this poor guy McLean and found his Myspace page and various links which suggested the poor young man was completely enfolded in satanic imagery; listened to violent satanic music and visited a satanically themes nightclub called Ozzy’s in Winnipeg. The following images were on his now defunct Myspace page, of course they are only images, but they are certainly suggestive of this young man’s unknowing involvement in a satanic industry one way or another. In particular I noticed his favourite band was Insane Clown Posse and found the following promotional material for the band:

Can it be a mere coincidence that McClean himself was decapitated during the same period and that this was found on his MySpace page?

“The Insane Clown Posse claim that they were visited by the spirit of the Dark Carnival and were shown six revelations in the form of Jokers Cards; the first Jokers Card being unleashed on the world in 1991. Each Jokers Card is more than an album... each has a specific message telling the world to change their evil ways before "the end consumes us all". Will this be the end of the Jokers Cards, of ICP, or "the crumbling of time itself"? No one can be sure. 2004 marked the unveiling of the last of the Jokers Cards, the culmination of the Six. A Calm has settled on Humanity, but they have little time to prepare for what is next in store for them from the Insane Clown Posse!"

McLean even tagged himself: JoKAwiLd. Was HE one of the Insane Clown Posse’s joker cards?

What’s more the murder took place during the pagan festival of sacrifice known as Lammas and there are historical precedents for the practice of human sacrifice during this apparently religiously significantly period, again connected to the seasons and the harvesting of crops. One example it is said, at least by well known witch and Egyptologist Margaret Murray, was that William the Conqueror’s son King William the Red, otherwise known as William Rufus, who was murdered in the new forest as part of a ritual murder[xv]. During this time pagans make gingerbread men and corn dollies, and this is the period which is famous for the ‘wicker man’ and story of John Barleycorn:

There was three men come out o' the west their fortunes for to try,
And these three men made a solemn vow, John Barleycorn must die,
They ploughed, they sowed, they harrowed him in, throwed clods upon his head,
And these three men made a solemn vow, John Barleycorn was dead.

John Barleycorn was an archetype of death and rebirth and also the fertility of the land, however he was also played by real people during the pagan rites which I argue continue to this day and the rituals are relayed to an unsuspected public, through the mainstream media. It was necessary for the person playing John Barleycorn to be subjected to torture and eventually killed. It was said that his blood was then drunk. It is no coincidence that small dough effigies of Barleycorn were made and eaten after Barleycorn’s death. Could this be the ritual re-enacted by Vince Weiguang Li?

Shortly after the murder, on the 2nd of August 2008, and during the weekend of the Lammas sacrifice festival, rather coincidentally, in Thailand, a satanic metal concert known as a ‘God Beheading ritual’ took place, rather strangely by a group known as ICP666 which seems to refer to Insane Clown Posse again, but apparently instead is a group called InCoffin Productions, all rather charming I’m sure:

During the few days after his murder a very strange group started to crawl out of the woodwork. The following story details a US church which has some very strange ideas about the death of Tim McLean. Much stranger than mine. My idea is that he was killed by a satanic power using a hapless and confused Chinese migrant as its vessel, this Church goes one further and claims that God itself had a hand in the murder of Tim Mclean! Well I sure didn’t read that in the Gospels.

“The church group, described in a British documentary as ‘the most hated family in America,’ told earlier Thursday that it planned to protest at the funeral of 22-year-old Tim Mclean on Saturday.[xvi]

The daughter of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, based in Topeka, Ka., told she and several other church members will go to Winnipeg on Saturday to demonstrate against what she described as McLean's "filthy way of life." Shirley Phelps-Roper said his life was emblematic of Canada's moral decay.

‘(His death was) supremely unemotional. You got God shaking in rage. There is no emotional component ... He was a rebel against God. He was taught to be a rebel by his parents. He came from a rebel country ... They brought this wrath upon his head. And it sucks to be him and it sucks to be them,’ Phelps-Roper said. She said his brutal murder was a sign from God.
"You gotta connect the dots, people ... from your idols to your filthy way of life," she said.

"Here's what I know. He is dead and God does not do that to people that serve in his truth."
Phelps-Roper described McLean -- who she had never met -- in an insulting, insensitive and graphic manner. Her crudest descriptions of the 22-year-old are not printed.

"I haven't met him personally, but he has nothing going on," she said dismissively.

"(His life) was all about him. Blah, blah, blah ... He was a rebel ... I don't need to know anything else ... I don't need to know the minutia. Everything you need to know is right there."

If we take the rather heartless and ill-thought out words of Phelps-Roger from the previous item:

"You gotta connect the dots, people ... from your idols to your filthy way of life,"

And we compare his use of words with the words used in promotional material by the Insane Clown Posse we start to realise in some way that Phelps-Roger seems to be singing from the same hymn sheet as the infamous horror-core rappers:

“each has a specific message telling the world to change their evil ways before "the end consumes us all"

Then the singer of ICP waxes strangely moralistic at times and offers a totally contradictory message to the message in his songs:

"In my definition, it doesn’t matter what creed, religion, or group you belong to. If you’re doing what’s right and are a good person, then you're right with God."

Does he see himself as some kind of 'tester' of humanity? This is a well known Illuminati paradigm, where they sin themselves and promulgate sins of all kinds in order to test humanity, while they themselves know all along what is right and wrong but somehow, because they are damned (at least they are mind-controlled into believing this) then they see no purpose in their life except to try to act as moral testers by using immoral means, since these immoral means is the only course of action available to immoral people. If you remember in the Biblical book of Job this was the role of Satan, whether you believe the Old Testament has any relevance to your life is moot, because the crackpots who run the world most certainly do.

And the LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered My servant Job? For there is no one like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, fearing God and turning away from evil."
Then Satan answered the LORD, "Does Job fear God for nothing?
"Hast Thou not made a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.
"But put forth Thy hand now and touch all that he has; he will surely curse Thee to Thy face."
Then the LORD said to Satan, "Behold, all that he has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him." So Satan departed from the presence of the LORD.[xvii]

As for the murderer, it is my belief, and one that perhaps most people will share, that he was severely mentally ill. Clearly he was under some kind of delusion as is evidenced by when he was approached by police officers he said ‘I have to stay on this bus forever’.[xviii] This seems to be some kind of programming, perhaps by actual human agents, or by the forces of delusion operating in his own mind. Schizophrenics often harbour various delusions and they suffer from a suspension of the belief in what you and I would call everyday reality and may believe in any number of incredible things. Whether they are Gods, monsters, living in hell for their crimes or anything imaginable under the sun. For instance I met a man in Poland who was a Freemason who believed he was a ghost walking the earth and he tried to convince me I was one too. Odd I know. But something the gentleman had done in his life and the consequences of it, troubled him so much that he seemed a broken man and believed from now on that his new life was a kind of twilight half- life in the shadows, far from love and happiness. I know it sounds odd but if you’ve never visited this strange state of perception then it will seem odd, but the human mind can convince itself of any number of strange realities, given enough reason to do so, much like in films like ‘The Matrix’ where people live in a virtual world which is not real and have to break out into a higher and more valid reality. Schizophrenics have in a sense totally broken out of the matrix, but they realise too late, that their bodies are still trapped in the matrix there even if their minds are not. This results in them feeling trapped and ‘in hell’. A common delusion of the schizophrenic mind.

Illumination is schizophrenia. It's all to do with portals of perception. The Illuminati by which I mean high level Freemasons, metaphorically die many times in one lifetime and are reborn into the same life many times. Sounds weird to the uninitiated I'm sure. But then what is reality? The core theme is this: How do I know this world is real and that YOU really exist? The only thing which can be proven to be real is your own perception of the world, nothing else can be experienced directly. So if enough clues and cues are provided to you to make you reach a different conclusion based on your experiences of this world, ie: that you are in a purgatory and are being punished, or that you are a ghost which only lives in an illusionary recreation of the world, or perhaps a more modern delusion such as your whole life is an artificial construct of a giant super computer, then you will follow the directions of this suggestion and lead your life accordingly. If a certain group can dictate your reality to you, and believe me they try, then your soul and life is theirs. And this is what the ancient mystery schools discovered thousands of years ago.

As we have saw in Chapter 6, many schizophrenics and world-leaders have reported hearing voices of one kind or another issuing instructions to them. At the end of that chapter it was concluded that we need to find the origin of these voices and decide what they are, whether figments of the victim’s imagination of something more. I believe that the phenomenon of Satanism is very real and a very great danger to us in these times and we are in need of modern day writers like Dennis Wheatley who took great care to expose the crimes and methods of satanic covens. They certainly exist and they certainly inspire and provoke various crimes and murders under the term: ‘blood ritual’. As to whether you believe Satan exists I leave this to your discretion. But something unnatural, evil and intent on corrupting the whole human race DOES exist. For some people it may be more plausible for them if they consider this influence as an alien, or extra-terrestrial force. However, I am personally undecided whether this force comes from another planet or comes from our own. What is certain is that for millennia there have been strange tales and the appearances of Gods, spirits, demons, fairies, and all manner of spiritual beings. Perhaps one day this mystery as to the origin of these creatures will be clarified. The one mistake we mustn’t make is merely because we cannot identify them is to pretend they don’t exist, they certainly do exist and they are after us in a big way. Or at least, ‘something’ is out there, bringing all these strange diverse strands together to utterly control the human race. In my opinion the level of omniscience, organisation and malevolence, presently at work here on Earth, is simply beyond us humans.

It is my contention that Tim Mclean perhaps attracted this character to him by listening to what I would term 'evil' and 'violent' music. Where attention goes energy flows as they say.

Here are some examples of the satanic and occult themes of Insane Clown Posse's songs, these songs also depict the schizophrenic mindset and we see evidence for many different delusions throughout the songs, more interestingly there is even a specific reference to witchcraft and Satanism.

“How many times you gonna say I need help
Who gives a f**k if i murder myself
I’m thinkin’ suicidal thoughts I shot a gay preacher
I didn’t do my homework so I shot my teacher

What’s really happenin’ reality is pretend
You can blow my f**kin head off I’ll just grow another
My brain and my self we don’t even know each other
Someone’s in the darkness crawling out of my closet door
That’s what the nines in the mattress is for

Warlocks and witches come and learn from the master
The walls of my home feature bodies in the plaster
The dead butt sticking out like Han Solo when he flows
With my favourite weapons hanging off their fingers and toes

But wait why do I have all this blood on my hands
Blood on my clothes blood on my shoes
I’m on the 10 o’clock news for steady
Murdering crews and their point of views

I once met a hooker and she did it for free
On the west first bus number 73
All the way in the back she was humping on me
Until I strangled the bitch and stuffed her under my seat
I got off on my stop without as much as a drop of blood
But then I remember I forgot to wear gloves
Now I’m chasing the bus my finger prints are on her neck

I was one of those monsters in the video thriller
Known to the world as the pop star killer
I’m the stink on your toes I’m the weed to your rose
Not one of your friends but one of your foes
And spittin’ the wicked shit is the life I chose
Do a spin grab my nuts then b boy pose”

"The Witch
The witch told me my girlfriend was a demon, and all this fallin' in love shit, I'm dreamin' and it's pain to the angels if I don't deliver, I sealed her off in a barrel and rolled her in the river the witch told me my left arm is possessed, so I broke it at first and then I went to confess but they put me in a home my arm still wouldn't leave me alone, finally had to chew it off at the bone. The witch told me to crawl under my house and just wait... don't panic if I suffocate. I bit the tail off a possum down there at one point, it's so boring and it's dark but the witch is my light

Something is standing between me and my sanity they say my witch is just a dream, morbid fantasy
I say wake the dead, wake the dead, wake 'em! Wake the dead, wake the dead wake 'em! I say wake the dead, wake the dead, wake 'em! Wake the dead, wake the dead wake 'em!

The witch taught me how to cut up a body, it's nasty and wretched and hella bloody but it's gotta get done and somebody's gotta do it, I kick the fuckin' face in and put my knife through it. The witch jumped on me again here we go, laying in my bed I can't breathe any more laying in my bed I can't move anymore, there's a demon floating in my face clamping my jaw the witch told me I gotta murder this one kid... K well maybe the witch didn't then but I did with the ninja suit, crept through like a black widow with the crossbow , stuck him in the neck? Like ditto. the witch told me about blood that rains outta the neck and what particular veins and about murder, witnessing death settin' in and it ain't no heaven that's lettin me in.”

The power of Satan is so far woven into the strands of our society that once we start to investigate this conspiracy the results are startling, and for some people, so unsettling that they give up and return to the automated TV Alpha trance lifestyle which makes them a virtual emotional and mental slave but at least they feel they won’t have to deal with the terrifying reality that their world is not what they thought it was. Like a child who lifts up the big old stone in their garden and is shocked and horrified to see all the creeping grey creatures scurrying around underneath, he drops the rock with a scream and runs indoors to the comfort of the familiar. For an example of the depth of Satan’s (whatever ultimately Satan is) involvement in the affairs of planet earth consider the following. Black and red, the colours of roulette, the colours too of the Nazi flag, are also according to reports, the colours used inside a Satanic temple. Even stranger, if you add up all the numbers of the roulette wheel the total comes to six hundred and sixty six


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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.


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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.