Cain's Children: Victoria's Secret.

Victoria's Secret.

The royal families of Europe which issued from Queen Victoria’s bloodline were crippled with hereditary haemophilia and this spread throughout the whole royal line of three major European monarchies and led to the certain weakening of one and possibly the destruction of the remaining two. Haemophilia B single handedly decimated the royal thrones of Spain, Russia and Germany, and in the case of the Russian monarchy may have directly contributed to the final destruction of the Tsars and the subsequent Russian revolution; the Red Terror and the birth of Communism and the subsequent murder of countless millions of people world-wide under the power of International Communism.

Victoria's Secret, an ancient genetic blood disorder which has singlehandedly created so many of the horrors and myths of the world.

Some scholars hypothesize that haemophilia so weakened the royal standing of the Tsar’s family, who marrying Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Alix, inadvertently married into a haemophiliac bloodline carried by the females of the family, and giving issue to a sickly haemophiliac son Alexei Nikolaevich and four daughters, likely carriers of haemophilia, resulted in little hope of continuing the royal line in good health and long life. As a result the empress called upon the dubious abilities of Illuminati madman Rasputin, whose shenanigans and philandering in the royal house led to an even great loss of prestige of the royal house of the Romanovs, and eventually their destruction by the forces of chaos and widening entropy in the guise of the Illuminati agents of the Bolshevik revolution. 

No less than nine members of three European royal houses died prematurely within 50 years of the death of Queen Victoria as a result of her cursed blood while the haemophiliac prince Alexei the Tsar’s son, fell to Bolshevik assassins. The curse was compounded by the fact that her children Alice and Beatrice married into the family of European monarchs and the fact that while a female will not exhibit any signs of haemophilia, they are likely to pass the disease directly on to any male children they have. Fortunately and fortuitously for the crown of Great Britain Edward VII apparently won on the lottery of life and did not inherit haemophilia, presumably his German father Albert’s X chromosome dominated and spared the British monarchy a similar fate of premature death, weakness and eventual destruction which visited the principle European royal houses of Germany and Russia.

The first to die was Queen Victoria’s grandson and son of haemophilia carrier Princess Alice own Prince Friedrich of Hesse 1873 at the tender age of 2, followed some 10 years later by Queen Victoria’s youngest son Prince Leopold of Albany in 1884 at the age of 30. Prince Henry of Prussia (4 years old) in 1904 followed by Rupert Cambridge, Viscount Trematon great grandson of Queen Victoria 1907 who died aged 20. Next up was Maurice of Battenburg, fighting against Germany in the opening weeks of world war 1 and wounded by shrapnel in 1914 at the battle of Ypres, possibly died from his injuries as a result of blood loss. Next to die of the royal curse was Prince Leopold of Battenburg who died at age of blood loss during a hip operation in 1922 at the age of 32.

The heir apparent to the Spanish throne Alfonso, Prince of Asturias (21) 1938, living in Miami Florida when he died of internal bleeding in 1938 from a minor accident caused by crashing his car into a telephone booth. He like his brother Don Gonzalo who had died aged 19 in 1934 also from complications after a relatively minor car accident, wore special reinforced jackets to protect them from injuries. These failed to save them.

The final casualty of Queen Victoria’s legacy was Prince Waldemar of Prussia, ironically fighting for Germany in 1945 at the very final act of World War 2 and dying from war wounds at age of 56 due to a lack of blood transfusion facilities as the Americans had arrived and diverted all blood transfusion facilities to the German concentration camps.

That would appear to be that, the end of the story with the death on the German front-line at the very end of the World-War Two, a war which would have been most likely completely impossible without Queen Victoria, the events of World War Two were set in place by World War One and World War One was the result of German recalcitrance to British naval and Imperial domination. Kaiser Wilhelm, whose recalcitrance and apparent antagonism to the British empire was more apparently rooted in the heart of the British empire than any other player in the war since his mother Victoria was Queen Victoria’s own daughter. Somewhat unfortunate perhaps that capricious fate decreed that the last child of Queen Victoria should not happen to be a carrier of haemophilia and that Kaiser Wilhelm and that Germany’s bellicosity and ‘New Course’ was not sadly cut-short by the premature death of the warmongering Wilhelm the second who lived to a ripe old age of 82 and was alive to see the dawning of ultimate Germanic Illuminati insanity in the shape of Hitler and his ‘New Order’ a pagan new system built on the ruins of the old Christian Germanic empire.

Has one women ever been so utterly responsible for the deaths of so many millions of people? Even now we are living in a world on the knife-edge of more war and destruction built upon foundations laid and consequences of past German Illuminati evils, as the world trembles and teeters on the threshold of total war and the result of middle-eastern Zionist madness, which would simply not have been possible without the previous wars which seems to have served as scene-setting for a final binge of apocalypse and final total disintegration of the human race. 

As to what kind of humanity may emerge after the radiation clears from the Zionist instigated clashes between American sponsored mercenaries committing atrocities in hitherto stable countries, and the various heavily armed nuclear powers playing their pantomime roles in the ensuing orgy of fire and radioactive isotopes one can only guess. But it is likely that the future of humanity belongs to the rich elites who have secured themselves places in deep underground bunkers while they no doubt gleefully analyse and assess the destruction which they and they alone have helped unleashed upon a green and hitherto, blameless Earth.

That one woman and her lack of genetic fitness can achieve so much, a woman who was the Queen of the largest empire the world has ever seen, and whose genetic legacy has lead the Earth to the edge of this abyss might make one wonder, and indeed, leads many to abdicate their belief in God, or indeed to accuse God of being either absent in his interest in human affairs or else, deliberately antagonistic to them. 

But what if there was another possibility? What if the legacy left by Queen Victoria and the wreckage strewn upon Europe these past hundred years, with the further threat of much great world wide wreckage on a level never before experienced in human history, what if this was all part of some strange malevolent design which transcends even the understanding of the foolish and vain Kings, Queen, presidents, pontiffs, and Fuhrers themselves? What if they are mere vessels being used in a long complicated game of hyper-dimensional, trans-temporal spiritual warfare between God and between a literal adversary. Between the race of Adam and the race of Cain.

When trying to discover the source of Queen Victoria’s haemophilia we encounter many mysteries. Since prince Albert had no trace of haemophilia, nor did her father Prince Edward the Duke of Kent, since the likelihood of surviving such a disease beyond adulthood in that era is more or less precisely zero. It can also be discounted that Queen Victoria’s children were sired by a haemophiliac father for the same reasons of the inevitable mortality of haemophiliacs. It can be observed that the Spanish heirs wore special protective suits and died young even in the last century. Therefore the only remaining conclusion is that Queen Victoria genetic material spontaneously mutated, possibly some time after the conception of her first son, the future King of England: Edward VII, and the mutation is hypothesised to have occurred at some point just prior to the conception of Princess Alice. 

But why? What is it about Queen Victoria’s DNA that makes it apparently prone to this kind of spontaneous mutation? Are there any other genetic factors which can be connected to the apparently spontaneous mutation of normal healthy female DNA into haemophilia recessive DNA?

Queen Victoria’s grand father was King George III, the famously mad monarch of Europe. A man who, during Christmas 1819 is reported to have jabbered nonsense for a full 58 hours. History has searched for the cause of his madness and his physicians at the time observed the unusual colour and thickness of his urine which was said to be blue and was reportedly the colour of Alicante wine.

Alicante wine, the colour of mad King George's urine as described by his physician.

We would probably consider the colour of his urine to have been more reddish but the whole issue of how red or blue purple really is seems even now to cause some confusion and no one really is quite sure what the difference between purple and violet really is.

The true colour known as Tyrian Purple cannot be accurately produced on a computer display due to its high chroma properties, in a similar way you never look quite as good in a digital camera photo as you do in the mirror, technology is presently not actually able to capture the essential natural colour, radiance, or chroma saturation levels which exist in real life, but the colour known as Tyrian Purple lies somewhere within the two colour ranges below.


Indeed the so called royal purple is more of a red colour and has less of the blue colour more commonly associated with it, but it certainly contains an element of 'blue' to it. Perhaps this is the origin of the phrase 'blue-blood'. Purple after all is a combination of red AND blue.

Porphyry stone: Known as The Royal Stone and quarried strictly under Imperial monopoly in ancient times.

Rare Roman porphyry urn. Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.

Above is the ancient royal stone Porphyry, regarded throughout history as a royal stone because of the associations of this colour with the royal Tyrian purple. But why and how did Tyrian purple become the colour of royalty? Indeed this so called royal purple is the very colour of  the Alicante wine which King George’s physician described when analysing his patient’s urine. Of course he was baffled as to the significance of this but recent research has discovered a link between King George’s madness and the colour of his urine. 

The disease which has been attributed to King George is rather appropriately called Porphyria, a name coined by Barend Joseph Stokvis who named it due to the distinctive purple pigment in the blood with carries the iron and oxygen.

This genetic disease has many complicated and unusual symptoms and implications, but in short it is a rare disease where the sufferer is unable to metabolise the blood pigment haemoglobin and as a result the distinctive porphyry, or royal purple coloured pigments are released into the urine.

Porphyria stems from a genetic mutation that makes the body under-produce the enzyme porphobilinogen deaminase. This enzyme is critical for hemoglobin production. The process of making heme - the pigment in red blood cells - starts out in the mitochondria, but takes a trip around the outer cell before being completed and delivered back to the mitochondria. The lack of the enzyme leaves the uncompleted heme in the cell. Heme is part of a group of molecules called porphyrins, and while it doesn't get back to the mitochondria, the production process doesn't stop. The heme, or porphyrin, builds up in the body.

The symptoms of this disease are of a broad spectrum of complaints and include light sensitivity, blistering and lesions upon contact with sunlight, mental disturbances including psychosis, schizophrenic symptoms, hallucinations, hearing voices, nausea, vomiting and various pains.

Gollum. Exhibited many of the symptoms of the typical porphyria sufferer: extreme light sensitivity and psychosis.

Above is the character of Gollum from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring’s saga. Gollum becomes physically and mentally transformed as a result of murdering his friend Deagol and stealing the ring. He is wracked by guilt and shame and the corrupting power of the ring seems to be a metaphor for the personal and psychological changes which guilt and shame can affect upon a human mind. For me the tale is like a retelling of the story of Cain and Abel, and Tolkien as a confirmed Christian cannot have missed this parallel and in all likelihood, since he was a dabbler in the occult in prior to his confirmation in the Christian faith, he likely had a certain insight, just like his friend CS Lewis, as to the psycho-spiritual consequences that ones actions have in this life. The story of Gollum is a recreation of murder of Abel by Cain and the sudden change or curse which overtakes Cain and Gollum. 

A connection has been made to porphyria and the myth of the vampire, it is especially worth noting that Vlad the Impaler was said to have suffered from porphyria and may explain the apparent tales of him drinking human blood. The same may be true of the infamous countess Elizabeth Bathory, arguably one of history’s most prolific serial killers who killed and tortured hundreds of young women. She would apparently drink and bathe in their blood, and was from the royal house of Hungary. There is no direct evidence that Countess Bathory suffered from porphyria and the location of her body is presently unknown, therefore it is not presently possible to confirm or refute this hypothesis but it is quite probably, based on circumstantial evidence, that Countess Bathory did indeed carry the royal disease in her DNA which was activated and she used the fresh blood of young girls to treat her symptoms: since ingesting the iron in the blood of the victims would alleviate their physical and psychological symptoms. Bathing in the blood would alleviate the skin symptoms by normalising the skin's iron content and ingesting the blood of their victims would likely alleviate their psychosis and hallucinations as iron levels were normalised.

It was said that she assaulted a female maid and the blood from her nose apparently splashed on her face, and upon wiping the blood from her face she found her skin condition much improved and more radiant.

Elizabeth Bathory's blood bathing cleansing ritual.

I find it interesting that schizophrenia is also a stress activated illness, but at the same time it appears to have some of the characteristics of a hereditary disease, since a family history of schizophrenia makes development of this disease much more likely. 

So we can connect schizophrenia and porphyria as hereditary illnesses and quite possibly in some way the genetic marker is stress activated. Schizophrenia is a disease which is provoked by a specific adrenal imbalance. The Hoffer hypothesis suggests that stress provokes a release of adrenalin, and with prolonged stress the adrenalin release becomes sustained and starts to oxidise in the blood to form adrenochrome. This adrenochrome is a psychoactive compound which provokes the typical symptoms of schizophrenia including disorientation, hallucination and a general ‘other worldly sense’ which the sufferer interprets as being some kind of hell or punishment. Schizophrenia and psychosis develops specifically if the level of serotonin (a neural inhibitor which allows you to relax and feel at ease) is less than the amount of adrenochrome as serotonin seems to impede the psychoactive effects of adrenochrome. The excess adrenochrome can be scavenged and safely metabolised with high levels of niacin (vitamin B3) and this is why in periods of intense stress a cigarette can provide a temporary sense of alleviation since nicotine and niacin are related compounds. 

A Spanish study into porphyria revealed that certain natural steroids in the urine of porphyria patients were significantly reduced, and showed significant oxidisation. Thus establishing an adrenal link between porphyria and heme precursors.

Byzantine Roman Emperor Justinian I wearing the royal purple.

However this colour, the colour of the urine of the acute porphyria sufferer, has been known as Royal Purple for thousands of years and was intimately connected to the royal bloodline and anyone not of the royal bloodline was forbidden to wear it, and the famously  Roman Emperor Nero forbade anyone to wear purple under pain of death. Nero himself and indeed many of the Roman Emperors were also likely suffering from porphyria.

King George VI in royal purple. A King on the chessboard of history.

It seems that this particular colour throughout history has a special symbolic meaning and seems to clearly indicate belong to a royal bloodline which seems to connect from the earliest days of the ancient world, through to the classical era, to medieval Europe and even today's royals and the papacy.

Bishops of the purple bloodline. Church of the secret Roman Empire.

As to the real reason why this colour became associated with royalty unknown to mainstream history, but the conventional explanation is that the method of production of this dye was so expensive that it was reserved for royalty. It is worth noting however that even some royal houses could not afford the expensive and labour intensive Tyrian purple and in fact, these houses had to content themselves with the closest cheap alternative which is indigo and many people now even confuse indigo for purple.

Cut-price option: The colour indigo, not actually purple, a cheaper alternative to Tyrian purple.

Tyrian purple and indigo have become somewhat confused and interchangeable and because indigo was a cheaper alternative to Tyrian purple it became a colour associated with magic and is used by witches, wizards and occultists. Is there a connection between porphyria, purple and the occult?

Pervert in royal purple #1

Pervert in royal purple #2

Tyrian purple was first produced by an ancient race of people about whom little is known except the names they went by: whether it be Phoenicians, Carthaginians or Canaanites. It was they who throughout history, traded this rare and precious ‘purple’ dye throughout the ancient world. It was known as Tyrian purple, named after the ancient Canaanite city of Tyre. 

The King of Tyre was a man named Hiram, a name shared by the legendary Master Mason and supposed originator of Freemasonry Hiram Abiff. The identity of Hiram Abiff has puzzled Masons and non Masons alike for generations and many now consider him a mythical and allegorical figure since a personage of that name cannot be ascertained to have really existed in history. However what is supposed to be a surname ‘Abiff’ is likely not to be a surname at all but instead a title of respect since the word Abi (from which the Hebrew word Rabbi is derived) means father, and in Arabic a terminating consonant is added to floating consonant terminations to facilitate word liaison.

The word ‘Hiram’ in itself means ‘high born’ or noble, so whoever Father Hiram was, then it is likely he was of the royal bloodline. It is interesting that Hiram of Tyre, despite being a Baal worshiping Canaanite, allied himself with King David.

From Wikipedia:
Tyrian purple may first have been used by the ancient Phoenicians as early as 1570 BC.[2] The dye was greatly prized in antiquity because the colour did not easily fade, but instead became brighter with weathering and sunlight. Its significance is such that the name Phoenicia means 'land of purple.'[3][4] It came in various shades, the most prized being that of "blackish clotted blood".

Could it be that the myth of vampires, Satanic blood drinking rituals, royal blood and even the madness of King George are all part of the same Royal curse connected to specific genetically transmitted DNA? The DNA of Cain himself which has secretly coursed through the veins of all the world rulers for thousands of years. 

Is the Illuminati the bloodline of Cain himself? And can all acts of grotesque historical evil and insanity be traced to members of this mentally deranged bloodline whose madness is the result of a serious chemical imbalance? 

But one more question...why do these people rule our world?


A list from Wikipedia of a list of mad monarchs and rulers from history. Did they all suffer from Porphyria and share the same cursed royal blood of Cain?

Ancient world[edit]
  • Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon (now Babylon, Iraq) (reigned c. 605 BC-562 BC), allegedly became insane for a period of seven years.[1][2][3]
Roman Emperors[edit]
  • Caligula, nephew of Tiberius, suffered from paranoia and narcissism, believing that he was a god and that the god of the sea was plotting against him. Was an alcoholic, made his horse a senator, ordered political prisoners decapitated over dinner, married his sister and ordered political assassinations. (12–41; ruled 37–41)[citation needed]According to multiple classical sources, his mental health deteriorated suddenly after a severe fever that nearly killed him. This suggests that organic brain damage from high body temperature or encephalitis (possibly malarial) may have played a causative role instead of or alongside a preexisting mental illness.
  • Nero, nephew of Caligula, suffered from the same disorders as his uncle along with Histrionic personality disorder. Ordered the deaths of his mother and step-brother, had Christians crucified and burned, declared himself a god, allegedly played the lyre during the Fire of Rome.
  • Commodus, suffered from narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders, respectively, renamed Rome, the Empire, the Praetorian Guard and various streets after himself, believed himself to be the reincarnation of Hercules and had a servant burned to death for making his bath too cold.
  • Elagabalus catapulted venomous snakes at the people of Rome, invited guests to dinner only to give them inedible bread and leave lions in their bedrooms, used children's entrails for Divination, held lotteries for which the prizes consisted of wooden boxes containing bees, dead dogs and flies.[citation needed] Turned the Royal Palace into a public brothel.
Islamic Caliphs[edit]
  • Ottoman Caliph Murad V (1840-1904; ruled from 30 May to 31 August 1876)
European monarchs[edit]
  • King Eric XIV of Sweden (1533–1577; ruled 1560–1568), he suffered from alcoholism, explosive rage attacks, serious mental instability and paranoia. Ordered mass executions and murdered his own son. His madness was likely the result of mercury poisoning[citation needed]
Chinese monarchs[edit] 

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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.