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The Search for Beauty

The search for beauty is the preoccupation of every human and living creature in this material world. We search for beauty outside of ourselves for what is within we fail to appreciate and generally take for granted. It seems for most of us, that we must seek personal happiness and validation outside of ourselves. 

And so we venture further into materialism and further from the source of personal wisdom. We can never ‘know’ another person as we know ourselves. We can never achieve wisdom from another person because knowledge and awareness lies within our own consciousness. Some of us corrupt what is within, due to a lack of insight or personal damage of some kind, and what is within themselves appears rank and poisoned and the inner beauty is lost. 

So we project our love and desire outside of ourselves, like plants reaching their leaves to the sun, we hope to find sustenance and a purpose for living in someone else.

This makes no sense spiritually because the person in whom you are trying to find this beauty is also looking for the same thing in you, yet the fact that both of you are looking for something which you lack, in someone else, means neither of you possess what you are searching for, because if you did you wouldn’t have to look for it in others.

Superficially, women are attractive and men are handsome, yet this only appears to be the beauty they are searching for, but it is only a configuration of physicality, it is more materialism. It has no deeper meaning and is only a cipher for beauty but not the real thing. The attractiveness and charm which some see in others is often enough to make them love them, but rarely is it enough to make the person possessing these qualities love themselves to the point of self completion.

The person having the qualities of attractiveness or charm knows that these things are not the real person they are, yet they seem sufficient to make the other person love them. These things are merely tools to enable the person to obtain emotional, sensual, material or financial security. But love is the dream, but it comes from within the self. 

Why is another person needed to produce a feeling which originates within the self?

What is love?

Love is a form of attention. Love takes the attention from ones own personal inner problems and gives one something to focus on outside of the self.

But what happens when attention goes outward? The material world expands and grows as the all knowing inner being reaches out into the void.

The reality is short lived because true love requires timeless understanding and a still mind. Within a human relationship these things are unobtainable in this world which by definition is constantly in flux and full of a thousand distractions. There are financial pressures, communication failures, misunderstandings. It is easier to find love in yourself and keep it there than it is to search for it in someone by reaching across the void to another consciousness. 

Why reach across the void at all?

So we all reach out of ourselves because we feel dissatisfied with our own inner beings, and we seek to expand our inner light into the darkened void. The consequence of this is human reproduction, which is actually a form of entropy, or widening chaos. Materially, having children is natural, from a spiritual perspective however it is not.
Reproduction is the consequence of our failure to find God, it is a consequence of a spiritual hunger for completeness which we think the material world can solve for us. But it cannot, it can only offer the temporary excitement of desire followed by a slow loss of the self at the expense of assuming a role as head of a family.

We fracture and divide ourselves. And so from the original harmony we have ‘difference’, we have tribalism, peoples, nations, conflicts, wars which are inevitable when different universes occupy the same world. Reproduction is shattering the hologram into a thousand more holograms. Marriages are not easy and often fail because eventually we realise that we can never really find love outside of ourselves, except as a kind of dozing domesticity, but if we really look into ourselves we will realise that what we were looking for was inside us all along.


  1. But there is Only One who makes you feel complete. You know it when you find it. :)
    Then the void is closed, and you figure all had some sense and purpose.
    But it's usually a long way to there...

  2. I see the logic in what you express here, I however feel compelled to disagree with you about reproduction, and I fully admit I lack the personal development required to find true love within myself so I acknowledge my opinion is at least partially motivated out of merely attempting to justify my own beliefs.. Here goes my argument..

    I accept the premise that we should look within for beauty, and that this is the primary spiritual motivation for life. To me at least, the act of love and the raising of children is the perfect way to manifest this process. By taking responsibility for a family, is this not a beautiful training program for evolving as a person? The roles of father and mother are sacred paths designed by the creator as the vehicle by which creation itself perpetuates.

    The lack of ability to find peace with oneself is obviously an impediment to a healthy perspective and I would say without a healthy perspective your relationships with those closest to you will naturally suffer negative consequences. So I believe it to be vitally important to gain this perspective and to find true self-acceptance, but rather than this process making reproduction redundant surely a man and a woman at peace internally can form a healthy and beautiful relationship and family on this basis and raise brilliant well-adjusted purposeful children capable of bringing light into this world and doing great things for humanity?

    I personally hold this as a goal for my life, I believe that other people are important, I want to have a family not merely to fill emotional voids within me but because I believe if I can succeed on my path to becoming a better me than I would make a great husband and father and thus I could intimately support my prospective wife and children in their journeys with great success.

    1. You express yourself very well and very honestly. I will not disagree with you because since quantum physics tells us that we live in an observer centred universe, then if you can make your choices work out to your full satisfaction and feel yourself fully expressed then your choices are no doubt right for you.

      I just wonder about the true nature of this world however and more and more cannot help coming to the conclusion that perhaps we as spiritual beings shouldn't be here and instead should be whizzing around the cosmos on a beam of light.

      I feel on Earth we are stuck at a coach stop waiting for the ride out of here.... However we have been fooled into forgetting about the coming journey or how we got here, and are made to believe the bus terminal is all there is.


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