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Report from an Illuminati High School Illinois.


Please find here information from what is claimed to be an Illuminati insider. This correspondence was sent to me and also posted over on my forum. This gentleman was attending what he called an Illuminati high school at the time of writing and his experiences relate to this specific environment. He appears to be talking about his experiences at University Laboratory High School Illinois.

I personally cannot vouch for the accuracy of this information and as the writer himself suspects, some of this is likely deliberately intended to mislead the Illuminati member, after all, you can’t mind control people with the truth. 

You as the reader must decide for yourself whether you think the following story is true, I merely print it here as a curiosity and something to consider. 

However there are parts of his story which shed a light on some of the mysteries of the Illuminati such as his reference to sexual activity as a way for members to fend off the development of schizophrenia. I can also confirm the use of trance audio techniques as this is what I experienced in France on a government residential training course which was a cover to join the French Illuminati.

Several sources have repeated that the Illuminati is limited to 6,000 members worldwide. This could be true but personally I do not believe it since I have met so many members of the Illuminati on my worldwide travels that statistically this would not have been possible if there were only 6,000 members, and also in my opinion a group having only 6,000 members would unlikely to be able to exert the power over the world which they current have. 

The actual number of Illuminati members is, in my opinion far far higher, reaching into the millions, since I would classify anyone having psychic connection to the Luciferian hive-mind as ‘Illuminati’ which I think is a far more useful definition since these are the most powerful agents of Lucifer in this world at the present time.

On a side note, I typed in 'Illuminati High school' to see if I could find anything to corroborate his story and found this link to the Unicef (United Nations children's charity organisation) website.
We aim to educate, advocate and fundraise on behalf of the world's children at Illuminati High School.

Here is the correspondence: 

There's a lot I could reveal, because I've been associated with the Illuminati.

Perhaps I shall start with what the Illuminati told me were the 3 words you should never say.

The Really Bad Words (according to the Illuminati):
1) Theocrat or the Theocrats
2) Pythagoras or Pythagoras Lucifer (the name of the Head of the Illuminati)
3) Illuminati (sort of the obvious word you're never supposed to say if you're in the Illuminati)

I must admit that I'm totally confused about the nature of reality. But---I do know for certain that the mainstream story of how reality works is utterly false and not merely false in good faith out of ignorance, but deliberately false due to manipulation by spiritual powers. So---please take everything I write with a grain of salt (with skepticism); and also note that the Illuminati tell all sorts of contradictory tales to their own members---so I may have been tricked by them. With that's my rough view of reality (or at least one version of history).

Around 2500 years ago, there was a Greek man named Pythagoras Lucifer (who is known to history only as Pythagoras), was exceptionally intelligent---reportedly with an IQ over 300, making him possibly the most intelligent man who ever lived. He went to Egypt and learned from the Egyptian priesthood about the nature of the spiritual realm. And he acquired wealth and he went around recruiting the finest minds of the ancient world, which became the Pythagorean Order, which would evolve into the Illuminati.

According to very weird people I've met (who claimed to be angels), the Illuminati were originally a very noble organization of genuine do-gooders. But somewhere along the way the Illuminati became Satanic. I will have much to say about Satanism---it's not what most people think, it's not just evil, it's monopolizing power---it's about full-spectrum power, monopolizing both the power of good and the power of evil.

Who are these "Theocrats" that are a bad word to say? My understanding is this: that in the spirit realm there are numerous exploitative wicked spirits who use religious imagery to trick and capture human souls in the afterlife. So, effectively, all religions on Earth are de facto evil---because the images of religious leaders, whether Jesus or Buddha or angels, are projected by evil spirits in order to gain power over humans in the afterlife. I was told that simply using the word "Theocrat" tends to attract the attention of evil spirits. So---perhaps this might be a word to use with caution.

Anyway, based on what I was told, Earth is in nearly the worst possible situation. And the majority of human souls are captured in the afterlife and end up having extremely unpleasant experiences---AKA Hell.

The Illuminati view themselves as the good guys, the heroes, who are trying to save the world from an evil organization that does rule the world---called variously the Archons or the Overlords. And the Archons are known by the number 333. Whereas the Illuminati are known by the number 666. Anyway, the Illuminati say that they have a "peace treaty" with the Archons, which limits the size of each organization to 6000 members.

But---here's the huge problem that I may be unique in discovering----the Illuminati seem to work hand-in-hand with their so-called enemies. One of the secret Illuminati dogmas (which I'm not sure that most Illuminati members consciously know about) is that God is Satan and Satan is God; and Good is Evil and Evil is Good----this is quite literally what I was taught. So---it seems to me that the world is ruled by a two-winged organization, which I call the Illuminati-Archons, where one side is directly evil (the 333 side) and the other side pretends to be good (the 666 side). And so we are trapped in perpetual duality---the essence of Satanism, forever war, forever suffering.

Perhaps I should add that---there are true angels (I would call members of the Illuminati as false angels or false-enlightened souls), and true angels are working to overthrow both the Illuminati and the Archons. And, all of this seems to be coming to a head rather soon---which is partially the reason you're reading this information now.

On Bloodlines and Reincarnation
On the bloodlines subject---I've wondered about the concept of bloodlines. While in the actual Illuminati (albeit quite briefly and without the standard training), I never heard the word "bloodline" or the idea of ancestry being of any importance.

Here's my skeptical thought: I've doubted the whole existence of Illuminati bloodlines. My thinking on this is: the concept of hereditary membership of the Illuminati seems like something that an outsider speculating on the Illuminati would think---that the Illuminati would be similar to hereditary wealth and power families.

Everyone in the Illuminati has reincarnated multiple times. The average age of the souls of Illuminati members is probably over 500 years old. Personally, I'm on my 5th incarnation, I was originally from the late 1700's. Reincarnation gives a person enormous cognitive advantages. When you hear about young children who speak 5 languages and play the violin and complete college textbooks at age 14.....this is likely a reincarnated person. Personally, I spoke German for a while as a young child, with no exposure to the German language, because in my previous life I was German.

Another interesting feature of reincarnation is that people who reincarnate tend to look quite different from their biological families---to the point where an outsider might ask whether the reincarnated person was adopted. So---there is some type of interplay between the soul and DNA expression.

About Hormones & Psychology
Here's another secret about the Illuminati---they inject adolescents with some type of substance, possibly a hormone or growth factors or something related to DNA or brain chemistry. At the Illuminati-run high school I went to, some of the freshmen boys (12 to 13 year olds....most skip a year), were given an injection of an unknown substance. I was one of the boys who got the injection. The cover story was that it was an immunization or something. It was injected by an Israeli female doctor, who flew from Israel to the USA just to give the injections. I heard a rumor that the injectable was extremely expensive at something like $100 000 per shot and that it had to be custom made for each person receiving it and that it was manufactured in Israel. This was back in the 1990's.

Another big big big secret that the Illuminati know about is that the age of the loss of virginity is crucially important to the development of a child's body and mind. Here's the key secret: the human body is intended to start having sex soon after puberty---as in age 11 or 12 or 13 for boys. And the first time a child has sex is crucial to a cascade of changes to the body and psychology.

I was told that studies had been done on what makes a person successful---and that the findings were that nearly all the great geniuses and super-successful people had lost their virginity at a very young age. And a related secret is---if a person loses their virginity much after puberty, say at age 16 or 18 years old, then that person cannot ever hope to be very successful in life.

Also related to age of virginity loss is: IQ, EQ (Energy Quotient), and height and build and appearance. If one loses his or her virginity younger, they tend to grow taller, have a better build, a higher IQ, and higher Energy (and libido) levels throughout life.

So---the Illuminati strive to make sure that adolescents lose their virginity as young as possible. Age 11 is considered a good age. Meanwhile, of course, society tells the masses---who could rightly be called slaves or drones or peons, the nonsense advice of "don't have sex until marriage." And this deliberately awful advice has the effect of rendering the majority of people too low in EQ and IQ to ever threaten the elites.

Essentially, Western Civilization is a pyramid, and part of that pyramid is due to the "bell curve" of EQ and IQ scores----which is, in part, deliberately maintained as a curve by the people at the very top of the social hierarchy.

On Psychological Trauma and Mind Control
So, here's where I'll reveal another major major major secret (good grammar be damned 3 majors are deserved here); at my Illuminati-run high school, all of the students are put through a form of mind control that involved extreme psychological trauma.

One of the main reasons why I quit the Illuminati (and yes, you should wonder at how I'm still alive---I'll explain later on), is that I remembered the mind control that I was put under at age 13 at my Illuminati high school.

....But 1st some background on trance
So....before I can explain mind control, I should mention the existence of psychological trance. It's possible to put a person into a state of psychological trance---in which the person seems sort of zombified, or sleeping while awake, passive, under the control of an outside voice. I suspect that psychological trance is actually used by the US government broadly on American middle school children---but I shall explain this later. The gist of trance is something like this: there are certain combinations of words, sounds, and pictures, that will put an exposed person into a trance state.

There are audios that, if you put headphones on a person, and make them listen to a 2 minute (roughly) trance-coded audio, then the person will go into a trance state and will become open to being controlled by another person. As an interesting aside, there are actually criminals who use trance in order to put victims into a trance state then command the victims to hand over financial information---I know this because I luckily (or synchronistically) met such a criminal, who told me about her scheme, and also told me that there's a secret law code dealing with crimes of magic (as trance induction is considered a form of magic) that deals an automatic death penalty to any criminal using magic. I was also told that there's a secret US Department of Magic that deals with trance and magic and so on. And yes---I know I'm into strange territory---but I'm just reporting what I've been told. 3 different unrelated people have told me that there's a US Department of Magic.

Satanic Mind Control on Subfreshmen's the nasty side of my revelations. I think it's good to cultivate a sense of humor about this world, because some aspects of the Illuminati are so very nightmarish---worse than any horror movie. And when you realize that these are the rulers of the can lead to depression, anger, and despair.

----On a nuisance note, just now, as I write these words, I just received an indicator that someone is watching me via remote viewing.....which is rather annoying, but as I'll explain later on, whenever you even talk about the Illuminati, or you're about to do something that annoys them, they somehow seem to find out about it. It seems we are in quite a prison-----

But---to continue my revelations anyway (you may want to save a copy of everything I write, and even make a hard copy the server might "mysteriously" delete all my messages).

At Illuminati High school, there's a 5th year called "subfreshmen" who are not quite freshmen and are considered sort of pre-students, a sort of evaluation year---where the Illuminati decide if they really want you or not. I should probably add that: nobody at the high school ever uses the word Illuminati---which is taboo, if you say "Illuminati" you'll get lectured. So the majority of the students have no idea that the Illuminati even exists. Around 10% or so of the students are in the actual Illuminati---and they tend to be very quiet and very serious and they don't reveal secrets to the regular students.

At Illuminati High, the mind control program is partially concealed by the PE, Physical Education program. There is a gymnasium where one of the PE teachers is actually an Illuminati mind controller, which is actually called a "Healer" in the Illuminati job-classification system. The Illuminati have just 3 archetypal job positions: Fighter, Thinker, or Healer. I was a fighter---which is partially why I'm still alive (as I'll eventually explain).

Anyway, here's what happens to the subfreshmen at Illuminati High school.
There are approximately 66 subfreshmen, and after the mind control there are approximately 60 remaining freshmen. I don't know what happens to the 10%---but I think they may well be dead (as the bodybags part of my story will suggest).

Each year, during the Spring, each of the subfreshmen is told that they must come to a scheduled "physical evaluation" at the gymnasium. And the gymnasium is mostly empty, strangely empty, when they do these "evaluations" which are actually mind control. The gymnasium itself at Illuminati High school has a large oval-shaped indoor running track which sits above a lower-level gymnastics area. And the "healer"---which I'll just call Ms.Programmer from now on, conducts the mind control sessions at a table set up on the running track.

Before you go to the "evaluation" sessions, you're told to evacuate your bowels. You're led up to the running track....and then my story gets horrible. The first thing that happens is---you are stripped totally naked. And there are two burly thugs---who are actually Archon (Illuminati) fighters, they are present to force you to comply. This won't make sense to most people---but the two fighters present were probably 333 Archon fighters, and not 666 Illuminati fighters, because their auras were extremely dark. 333 fighters (which is, as I've discovered a wing of the Illuminati) have black auras, as evil murderers do. 666 fighters have bright auras. So, this is part of why I realized that the Illuminati 666 is actually extremely evil---because they work with 333 fighters (who the 666 Illuminati claim are the "real bad guys" who rule the world that the "good" 666 Illuminati are fighting against). Sorry if this is confusing---it would take a lot of background knowledge to begin to explain the Illuminati.

Anyway---during the mind control session, Ms.Programmer puts you into a trance, and makes you extremely frightened. All sorts of mysterious psychology. She reads something like nonsense poems that have some sort of psychological effect. Stuff like "imagine a butterfly on the wind, imagine how graceful the wind feels, imagine a beautiful baby with the butterfly landing on his nose, now imagine a tree being sawn with a sharp metal saw, now imagine the baby being sawn in half, now imagine how the baby's blood spreads in a pool...." weird stuff like that. I specifically remember the cutting a baby in half part---the rest is my impression of the gist of it. There were all sorts of just random words in the "mind control poetry" reading, like "cherry tree, number 529, godzilla stomping, a lightswitch" just random-seeming word combinations.

Anyway....Ms.Programmer put me in a trance. And I remember one of the tests she did on me was to ask me to hold my hand up---and to my horror my hand seemed to be under her perfect control. I had no volitional ability to not do what she told me. If she said "put both hands up" my hands shot up---without my moving them. It felt as if I had become a prisoner in my own body. And I was completely terrified.

Anyway---on with the horror. Ms. Programmer wielded a very scary looking dagger. And she said that she enjoyed cutting off penises and that she had a jar at home of boy's penises in formaldehyde. And she said that she would love to add my penis to her collection if I failed the test that I was about to be given. She held the knife to my genitals and also to my throat. She also said that she and her two fighters had just mopped up all the blood with towels of the last person to fail the test. And she showed me a bloody towel.

Ms.Programmer pointed at several body bags that were stacked off to the side. I believe there were 3 body bags, that looked like they contained presumably bodies. She also told me that there were demons present in the room that would carry me straight to Hell if Ms.Programmer killed me.

I was mostly utterly terrified, and just trying to survive. I remember trying not to wet the chair because I was trembling and spasming in terror.

Anyway---the "test" part is a bit blurry. But here are the basics. Ms.Programmer said that she had been through this horror herself many times, and that she had been through far worse than what I was being put through. She said that Satan was God and the sooner you acknowledge that Satan is all powerful the better off you'll be.

Ms. Programmer said that Satan was watching in the room at that very moment, and that Satan personally watched all of the test sessions given to the subfreshmen. Part of the "test" was that I was forced to say various very-evil feeling statements. Here's some of what I remember being forced to say: "God is Satan and Satan is God"
"Good is evil and evil is good"
"I accept Satan as my father"
"[Ms.Programmer] is my mother"
And Ms.Programmer said that I had been successfully castrated. And she said that "Satan has all the penises." [As an aside....I know this is bizarre---it must have something to do with psychology and symbolism that I don't understand at all].
During the "test" I was told that I had better put all of my might into saying and believing everything I was told to recite. And that if she didn't think I was putting my whole self into the test that she would castrate me and then cut my throat. I don't remember all of the phrases---I was terrified, but it was all sorts of nightmarish garbage.

Anyway, I was told that I had failed the test. And then Ms.Programmer went with all-white eyes (the mark of 3rd eye trance), and she returned and said that I had been barely been granted as passing the test, on the authority of some powerful figure (possibly Pythagoras---the head of the Illuminati), and that normally I would be sent to Hell, but I had squeaked by.

The last part of the mind-control session was about some sort of command words. I don't clearly remember any of them. But there was another reading of random-sounding words. And, interestingly, there was what she called "subaudibles." I don't remember clearly if she had some sort of audio playback device or not. But part of it  had her saying something like this "you're going to freeze whenever you hear this"....and "now I'm going to play the subaudible, you won't hear anything." So---my takeaway from this part was that there's something called a "subaudible" command word. And apparently it may be a command word that is played at a decibel level that's below the threshold for conscious hearing. And---the other very interesting (and sinister) part I remember is (and granted I'm sort of foggy on this), but I think there was some sort of command where I was supposed to die if I heard it. There may have been a command for "commit suicide right now" as well.

Anyway---here's the big important part:
I believe that I am the only graduate of Illuminati High school who remembers the mind control session.
The reason this is important is---everyone in the Illuminati thinks that they worship the "True God" (not Satan). And they all think they are the good guys. They think they are fighting against evil.

And---I know many people who study the Illuminati think the Illuminati is just evil. Well---another revelation for Illuminati Studies is that there are actually 2 quasi-independent organizations, both of which people call Illuminati. The 666 Illuminati has 6000 members and follows Pythagoras. The 333 "Illuminati" or Archons or Overlords (whatever you wish to call them) also has 6000 members, and they are obviously horrifically evil, worshippers of Satan, torture people for amusement, monsters.

So---this has been a long post. But I hope you might realize that:
I'm possibly a major historical figure in exposing the Illuminati
If I could prove to my ex-fellow Illuminati members that they are all under mind control, and that the 333 Archons are actually the masters of the 666 Illuminati---then it's possible that there might be a lot more Illuminati defections.

I would also add that I believe that most Illuminati members are under much heavier forms of mind control than the "general mind control" that I just described that's done to (I believe) all of the subfreshmen at Illuminati High.

The bona-fida Illuminati members are under round-the-clock surveillance. Being in the Illuminati is essentially like being a prisoner who thinks he's a hero fighting for God against the forces of evil (the 333 side) that actually rule the world.

I also received this email from him:

There's a lot I could tell you about the Illuminati.
And---what you said about kids experiencing "missing time" (as I call it) is something familiar to me.

Basically---Uni High in Urbana Illinois is run by the Illuminati. And I was briefly recruited into the
lluminati proper.

About the missing-time phenomena----I witnessed students at Uni who would sometimes be pulled out of class, and I remember seeing one girl -name removed- who was pulled out of class and she was acting quite strangely, sort of giddy and unlike herself. And the next day she was back in class, and she seemed very confused about not remembering the previous day. And there was something about her getting a homework assignment back and saying something like "that's not something I would write, yet it's in my handwriting."

What causes missing time? Well---mind control is the short answer.

There's a lot about psychology that's kept secret---and much of it relates to spirituality, to sex, to libido, to trance states. I certainly haven't got it all figured out, but if it would interest you, I can offer significant clues.

Have you ever heard of something called a "trance doctor" in the UK? This is one of those big weird secrets that will likely sound very conspiratorial.

Honestly, I wouldn't blame you if you think I'm a nut. But---I hope I seem at least like a somewhat intelligent nut. You might note that Uni High has all sorts of famous intellectuals---it nearly always has the highest test scores in the whole USA, and 3 Nobel winners, ambassadors, professors and so on.

Well, on trace states---I believe (/suspect because I cannot totally verify this) that there is a system of medical doctors in the USA who are trained in how to put people into psychological trances. And the main reason why I believe so is that I've encountered them multiple times, and I've also met people who have talked of their existence.

Memory is sort of a critical puzzle in all this. We tend to have a naive view of our memories as freely available---as if you may remember everything that ever happened. I'm not sure how memory actually works---but I suspect it relates to some unknown property of physics and to unknown properties of psychology---perhaps involving some sort of collective-consciousness based memory. I say this because I have encountered the repeated phenomena where people who once knew things, who once had certain memories, later seem to lose those memories---specifically on taboo topics.

It seems as if there were some sort of spiritual memory-destruction system. Or, more radically---it may even be that "our" individual memories are not primarily stored in our physical brains---but are dispersed in some sort of society-wide collective memory system, which might explain how human memory could somehow be altered or erased.

Anyway---I could probably write a 300 page book about my experiences with Uni High and the Illuminati. I'm in a rather awkward situation now---in that I've basically told the Illuminati to go to hell....and afterwards my life just utterly fell apart. Very negative coincidences (like I got rammed by a truck that didn't even seem to brake---and had a 333 car plate, which is a mark of one wing of the "Illuminati"---there's a lot to explain). So---I'm not overly sure what to do. Also an unknown fighter, who I believe was Illuminati, tried to kill me (in a way that would also require a lot more explanation---there's a way to kill people using 3rd eye trance combined with projecting energy---it would take a lot of explaining).

So---if you're interested, I could tell you a ton of stuff. One problem I've found is that most people, if you say "Illuminati" they will just dismiss everything. Humanity seems tragically closed minded.

There's a lot of libido-related stuff in the Illuminati. And---this is something I don't fully understand. Do you know about energy? About libido energy?

At Uni High, we had a ritual, just the boys, for the Freshmen, in which there was a darkened hallway, and there was a torch. And we were told that "this represents the torch of the Enlightenment and we are carrying the torch to the next generation" sort of ritualistic claptrap. And the gist of the message was the following: all boys needed to lose their virginity as soon as possible and this was priority 1, and that lack of sex would cause schizophrenia, and that this was called Oral History because it was forbidden to write this knowledge down, and then we were forced to swear an oath to say something like "I swear to keep this information secret and I swear that I shall kill anyone who dares reveal it."

My understanding is: that each person has an "energy level" which could also be called libido level (as energy is primarily expressed as libido---which is the sex drive, but also the general power source for motivation and intellectual pursuits). And that this libido level is crucial to a person's success in life. We were told that all the world's most successful people lost their virginity at a very young age--like 13 or so. Sort of as an aside---I actually had sex at my high school at age 13 in this weird basement room (which perhaps I'll ramble more about later).

Anyway---we were also shown, during one class, these graphs which showed distributions of IQ, Intelligence Quotient, alongside EQ, which means Energy Quotient (not---I might add Emotional Intelligence---which is also sometimes called EQ), the measure of libido energy potential. And it was shown to us that there is a correlation between IQ and EQ---which effectively means that the younger a person loses their virginity, combined with whatever natural energy aptitude, influences their intelligence. And we were told that Success in Life = IQ x EQ
In other words: a person must be very intelligent and also have a very strong libido to accomplish very much.

I was also taught that partnered sexual intercourse replenishes energy. Whereas non-partnered masturbation would decrease energy. And that if you avoided sex for too long, and your energy level dropped too far---you would then end up with what's classified by society as a form of schizophrenia. And that society classifies low-energy as schizophrenia because society could not possibly admit that some people have "psychological problems" that are simply based on sexual energy problems---because 1) this would force society to admit the existence of libido energy---which has spiritual qualities. and 2) society couldn't possibly cure people's problems by giving out "medical" sex---because prescribing sex to a patient would upend the whole secret game of sexual competition.

Also---interestingly enough, I once met a woman from the former Soviet Union and she had very interesting things to say about sex. For one she said that the Soviet Union had a system of "sexual reward officers" and that she was one of them---and that they basically were only Peter Folk of Urbana Illinois
Nasri Hajj of Washington DC
Matthew Bandy---Illinois?
Jeff Thorn--at Boeing Co....

These are real Illuminati members....and I could probably list a lot more.

None are "rich and powerful" because the Illuminati work through spiritual means----there's a lot more to explain, but basically magic is real and it's enormously politically important. barely like escorts. She told me that calling her an escort was a gross insult, but that there was really no English translation of her social position---that these Soviet "sex officers" (I forget their name) were well respected, sort of like police officers. And that she was to have sex with certain men as a reward for good service to the Soviet Union---but to perform sex as a representative of the Soviet system---not as an individual. And---she also noted that there was a system of sexual socialism in the Soviet Union and that the rate of so-called schizophrenia in the Soviet system was much lower than in the USA. I add this because it jives with the other information.

One of the things at Uni High that was done, was partnering students together to exchange sexual energy. And the stated purpose was that: if you exchanged sexual energy with someone who was particularly talented in some area, that it would increase your future ability in that area. So as a specific example, there was one young man, named -name removed- --who is now some sort of PhD of chemistry---who was extremely talented at mathematics. And he would sometimes pair up (in private I only heard about these things) with other students, male and female, and they would exchange sexual energy by masturbating together in close physical proximity. (and yes, it sounds very awkward---I was told that boys would masturbate standing back-to-back).

So---the interesting thing about this secret is that it implies that the exchange of sexual energy does something to the mind---perhaps it creates a lasting subconscious connection? Perhaps there's some sort of "imprinting" of memory?

Anyway---I've had two different people in the US military tell me nearly the same thing----that the US army, back in Vietnam, had what they called the "buddy system" in which men---who were away from sexual partners for a long time, out on duty in the field---would be instructed to partner up with another male, go off somewhere in private, and masturbate together in order to replenish their energy levels. And---another man in the US navy told me nearly the same thing about the so-called "buddy system" of partnered male masturbation.

Maybe I should mention the basics of the Illuminati.
There are 6000 members of the Illuminati 666. And---when I was recruited into the Illuminati I was told that the Illuminati are the freedom fighters trying to save the world from an evil organization variously called the Overlords or the Archons (I call them the Overlords), which rules half the world and also has 6000 members. I was told that there was a treaty between the Illuminati 666 and the Overlords 333. I use those numbers, because those triple digit numbers show up on everything connected with them.

As an aside---one way I've thought of "proving" some of this is by taking photographs of car license plates of people from Uni High---a very large number of which contain the number 666 (and until I resigned from the Illuminati, I had 4 different cars, each of which "randomly" contained a number 666 in the plate). When you see a parking lot photo, in which half the cars have 666 plates---it should make even a skeptic about synchronicity and numerology wonder at the long-odds of that being a random coincidence.

Anyway---the reason I resigned from the Illuminati is that I remembered something major that I went through that I don't think most Illuminati members even remember----namely being put under mind control by an extremely evil trio of people----who seemed to be part of the 333 Overlords organization. And plus there was other evidence pointing towards my conclusion: that the "enemies" of the Illuminati---the "overlords" are in fact a wing of the Illuminati.

If you've read the novel 1984---in which there's an evil government that sets up the very resistance movement against itself---that's roughly my understanding of the Illuminati-Overlords. To make it a little weirder----to get slightly Biblical---I note that the Book of Revelation talks of a two-part organization---the Beast of the Land and Beast of the Sea.....with the number 666......which seems plausibly connected to my experience.

So----I'm not really sure what to think----there's a lot more to explain. But I left the Illuminati after.....roughly 6 months---so I never got the proper Illuminati training. I know much less than a typical Illuminati member.

If you want some names:
George Gruschow, of Chicago

So----sorry if this email is rather rambling, but I hope you find it somewhat interesting. You might read about Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans---who became the Illuminati----they basically skyrocketed in knowledge. I was told that humanity took the materialism route, and the Illuminati learned astral projection and took the spiritual route---and the spiritual route leads to vastly increased knowledge and intelligence (there are beings with 300+ IQ scores), and this allowed the Illuminati such enormous power that they focused on defeating the Overlords---a rival spiritual order---and gave up on communicating with humanity. Although now---I suspect that's all a lie.

Anyway---the interesting thing about me is: I may be one of the very few people who was in the Illuminati who is free-enough of their control to actually talk about them. I don't think I mentioned enough that everyone in the Illuminati is under all sorts of mind-control, and they are watched 24/'s like a prison---it's surely not caviar and luxury and the nonsense most people think it is---it's pretty much a horrific job.

Well---perhaps I should write that 300 page book:)

I hope that something I've written will resonate with you, and perhaps you might share any thoughts you have, or any weird secrets you know (I'm trying to solve the mystery myself).
And yes, there are people who can read minds. I don't know how. People in the Illuminati described something called influencing---as a psychic skill. It was said to be something like "reading the cartoon thought balloons" above a person's head, and popping the unwanted balloons---as a way to influence what a person would say and think.

When I joined the Illuminati, they gave me a couple code-names. Everyone gets multiple code names. And the weird thing is: they also gave me a website to download videos and music and audios.

I'll give you one of the websites related to them....

Which seems like just some random person's site. The odd things is---this person's voice is very much similar to was rather creepy to first listen to some of the audios.
I was told that each one of us in the Illuminati is given multiple avatars---and that an avatar was something like a clone of your soul.

So----I know this is very odd territory---I don't pretend to understand it. I guess I should just work on my book---I've written a lot, it's just not edited and well-written.

I'm in the odd position that I was only in the Illuminati effectively very briefly---as in, I never received the standard training that they get---they can do all sorts of amazing things, they can watch anyone anywhere somehow. But---I think I also missed out on whatever mind control that new Illuminati members get put through.

I did get put through mind control---when I was 13 at Uni High, just like everyone else at that school. But---I only recently got "re-recruited" in 2012...but after around 6 months I told them I wanted nothing more to do with them, partially because I remembered the mind-control I was put through at age 13---which is something that I don't think anyone else remembers. But I assume that, had I been given training in 2012 or 2013 that it's very plausible that they would've put me through whatever enhanced mind-control that I assume they are all under.

Anyway---maybe I've rambled enough. I should say that Illuminati members seem like the nicest people you would ever meet--they don't seem evil. They say that they worship the "True God." But---one of the things I remember from my 13 year old mind-control experience (which was nasty), was that "God means Satan" and I was forced to say "I accept Satan as my father," and also accept the mind-control woman as my mother---who knows the psychology of it all.

So---I've got a lot to write about.

One thing you could verify is that Uni High has 333 in the phone numbers....and.....if you wanted to bother with researching the alumni of Uni High, nearly all of their home addresses have multiple 6's in them, such as 1616 Somewhere Road, or 626 Niceview Drive....and so on. I add this because it's something verifiable---hopefully proof of odd numerological synchronicities.

This was the last email I received and it's been nearly a year since I heard from him. I hope he's ok.


  1. yep i been through something alot of what you report resonates with me as well.

  2. also thanks for sharing im glad i found this site. to confirm some things and also feel less alone... omg ive been cursed for nearly 20 years now, clearly i was chosen to suffer. when i try and explain my experiences, well i only build the case for appearing completely mad haha..

    1. That's why I started this blog and write ebooks, to make a full and complete note of my experiences within the wider context of Illuminati activity in the world. Once you write these things down and can record everything logically and systematically, then the weight of evidence and the experience speak for themselves. All the best to you.

  3. How many people are gang stalked

    1. Depends what you mean by gang-stalked. If you mean, like I do, people knowingly or unknowingly acting upon demonic impulses and suggestions to harass and upset other people for their own pleasure. Possibly a couple of million in the UK alone. Unfortunately there are that many bad people around who will go out of their way to mess with other people's heads. The most dangerous aspect is when these people come together and do real gang-stalking but those people are usually involved in criminal gangs and Freemasonry.


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