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Friday, 15 April 2016

Act 3 Scene 4

Hype Aid secret children's warm-up gig for children held at a de-sanctified church in Hackney. Only young people under the age of 16 who had family members in the OTO or the Freemasons were able to obtain tickets which were distributed by the grand Master at the local lodge.

The bill has three of the acts due to appear at the Hype Aid concert in two week's time.

Demon Chile, Smiley Mindless, and the special X-Factor competition winners, the boy band Underage.

Demon Chile is performing her final song and most famous song, I wanna be naughty.

Demon Chile:

Y'all see me strutting up at tha super bowl with my crazy burnin' eyes 
Pumped up muscles cos I eat too many spinach pies
My dirty ol' minge is peeking out of my Deckers
And for shits and giggles I'm gonna do myself with a Snickers
But what can I say?
Cos when I'm hitting forty,
And I wanna be naughty...
Ooooh Yeaaah I wanna be naughty.
I'm gonna be naughty.

The audience of little girls sing frantically along, who despite their tender years, show an ardent desire to be naughty too, and a few of them will no doubt find themselves going backstage later to spend some quality time with the latest boy band Underage who have a predilection for this kind of thing since they were all sexually abused by their Freemason uncles before they turned teenagers who also encouraged them to join the local Naturist camp where they made special kinds of videos with other young naturists

After Demon Chile's Smiley Mindless comes on stage accompanied by Joey Fringe from the group Underage.

Smiley Mindless: Hello special children of London. My little English friend here Joey Fringe has something important to say.

There are screams and some girls promptly faint, but they are secretly pretending, for some reason the more zeal they exhibit in support of these gormless tassel haired paedophiles the higher their social currency rises, and this is the only thing of interest to most young girls, being part of the herd, no matter how harmful, stupid and sexually immoral, the content they are blindly cheering in their pursuit for peer acceptance. It's on TV and in the papers so it must be the correct herd to be in. Such is the ease with which it is possible to emotionally and mentally subvert and entire generation. Human psychology is just far too easily hacked.

Joey Fringe: He waves Hello children. This is a very special concert for the most special children in the whole of England he hears something in his ear-piece, he coughs, and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All you little girls and a few of you little boys are all here today because we're all part of one big special family. Our special family rules this world and this world is our stage and we have a lot of fun singing and dancing and having a good time with our special friends and meeting lovely young people like you. There are wild delirious cheers and screams.

Smiley Mindless then momentarily leaves the stage and returns carrying a giant Paedobear which she gyrates and grinds her stupid pale body against in a simulated sex act.

Smiley Mindless: I love you baby paedo bear. Take me to Bohemian Grove and rape me daddy.

Joey Fringe: Everybody get you hands in the air. Starts clapping Me and Smiley gonna lay it down the way we like it. Repeat after me. One, two, three.

Smiley Mindless: Ooooh Daddy.

The audience of mostly young girls repeat the refrain of 'Ooooh Daddy'.

Smiley Mindless: Oooh naughty Daddy.

The audience repeat and the phrase 'Oooh naughty Daddy' echoes around the old church.

Joey Fringe: starts lowering his trousers and strutting around the stage with his trousers just above his knees Turn up the heat.

Smiley Mindless: Daddy gonna rape me.

The simple minded silly audience repeat the refrain 'Daddy gonna rape me'. Smiley Mindless repeats the refrain and so do the audience.

Joey Fringe: cutting in Oooooh feels so good.

Smiley Mindless: Bad daddy did me
                          Three mid nights at the grove
                          With the trees and the Bushes
                          And all the big swingers
                          All lined up to rape me.

A strobe light is activated and everything in the church suddenly starts to become a little more unreal and dislocated from reality.

Smiley Mindless: I'm a slut with a broken soul,
                         Always empowered 
                         A woman in control, 
                         I wear big boots to kick you in the balls 
                         Because I'm Lilith before the fall.
                         No man can break a woman, 
                         Who breaks herself,
                         There's nothing to take, 
                         If I give it all away for the Goddess' sake.
                         I swing with all the bosses, 
                         Rothschild on my all-seeing I-phone, 
                         I've been to their parties, 
                         I've slept with all the Skull n'Bones. 

As soon as Smiley says 'Skulls n' Bones' a pink lazer light appears which projects a skull and crossbones onto the back wall of the stage. Dry ice is then pumped into the church and the skull and bones pink lazer light then moves across the floor of the church and superimposes itself over the whole audience.

Joey Fringe: The pink lazer light strikes Joey and he enters a channeling trance My children, we have travelled so far to see you. Across the vast emptiness of space for so many million miles we travelled in frozen starvation, the living dead moving through deep space hungering for the taste of a living soul. And now we are here at last. To taste humanity.

Smiley Mindless: Now we will come into you. She raises her arms suddenly and there is a sudden change in the audience, they quickly fall into total silence as they are hypnotised by the pink lazer light which falls over them.

Joey Fringe: Yes. Here we come.... out from the eternal frozen night and into the flesh!

At that, all of the people in the audience react as one body. 

The Audience: Now, we are here, in the flesh.

Joey Fringe: We have arrived at last, father of the night, we are here at last, fully embodied. 

The Audience: We have arrived. This is our world now.

The audience of now possessed children leave the church and go out into the world.

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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