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Friday, 3 December 2021

The Strange and Terrible Truth....Can You Handle it?


More from coming book.


                                                      The journey into mystery.


I have had to observe the terrible sounding truth that there are people out there who are able to read people’s mind. It is a terrible truth because for many, one’s private thoughts are considered an inviolable personal sanctuary and represent the ultimate idea of personal privacy.

If one were to be exposed to people who demonstrated to you that they could read your mind then it is likely that a great fear might grow in you, perhaps you would wonder whether these people were really human, since they exhibited abilities long considered beyond humanity.

Fortunately, there are not many of them and most of them seem to acquire this ability as part of their initiations and training with the secret societies, and if some of the rumours about secret societies which have reached us over the years are correct, then part of the attraction of belonging to an occult secret society, and there really is no other kind, is the development of psychic powers and abilities.

In his book Freemasonry for Beginners, Freemason Robert Lomas writes:
"Your new skills may appear miraculous and uncanny to others. but it is a fact of our Masonic Science that new consciousness gives rise to new faculties."

According to the website:“The psychic-powers are awakened as part of a continuous initiatory process of progress through various levels, degrees and ‘kingdoms’ of which there are apparently five.” From Robert Lomas’ book:

“...every kingdom is self-contained. It is shut off, as though by closed bulkheads, and no leap from a lower to a higher kingdom is possible save on one condition - a previous death to the kingdom below.”

And an elucidatory description on the website:
“The process ostensibly involves uncompromising repression of one's ‘human’ faculties. The process, which masons call the Secret Science of Initiation or Secret Science of Mystical Death is symbolized as death and resurrection, i.e. death of the human level/kingdom and the emergence of the trans-human.”

I can give three immediate personal examples of experiencing people reading my mind, and there are actually others however these three are the clearest and most evident.
The first one was in Tokyo when I had apparently signed up to the Devil’s Bargain to become a famous writer with a skeletal ghoul like figure from Yorkshire who ran what appeared to be a small language school in Tokyo.

The strange recruitment system of the Illuminati Freemasons meant that I was never solicited directly to join the Freemasons, just hints and allusions in a constant stream. For example, the man, whom I call the Demon King of DK for short, would roll up the trouser on his left leg frequently for no apparent reason and ask me if I knew who I was. He would have these strange imaginary phone-calls in the classroom next to mine which I could hear quite clearly, where he would be talking to someone, rather strangely, about me. He would never explicitly talk about me but he would allude to things he must have somehow found out about me, but then de-contextualise them so it would appear random and more startling. In these phone calls he would loudly refer to himself as ‘Mr Mason’.

The odd thing about these Masonic people who have reached a certain level of initiation is that they seem able somehow to read minds or at least use some highly accurate system based on uncanny synchronicity. For example, in my mind I would wonder ‘what did he just say?’ and strangely in the next room he would repeat it. I found that if he said something which I didn’t catch he would repeat himself in his imaginary conversation next door.

This was the first time I noticed this and on subsequent occasions have observed that some people are very definitely capable of reading minds, but this is not strictly accurate, it would be more accurate to say that they are ‘told’ what you are thinking. This is one of the results of serving what Manly P Hall the Masonic philosopher termed: the ‘arcanum arcanorum’, the secret mystery. An invisible and all-encompassing awareness that knows all and communicates to its servants in Freemasonry and other walks of life.

One speaks and acts without understanding, but is fed information and instructions from this mysterious source, so that other people involved understand the words and actions and their significance. When one serves these ‘invisible masters’ one is little more than a marionette, acting for unknown purposes and without any concern for the consequences of their actions; service to the unknown ‘force’ is the ‘be all and end all’ to these advanced Freemasons. This force is what people generally know as spirits or demons.

The second occasion came in Egypt when I met a Nile delta farmer who provided tomatoes and various salad vegetables to Sainsbury’s supermarkets. He seemed very well off and wore a suit; to say he was a farmer is probably over-stretching his role in the whole affair of growing vegetables but the fact is he was the smooth faced affluent and fluent English speaker who made all the deals and got all the money. He owned the farms and since he said he was providing for Sainsbury’s his network must have been rather a large one. Without remembering the specifics about the particular conversation, I came to the startling discovery as we chatted that he always seemed to say exactly what I was thinking; it was unusual because our backgrounds had been vastly different: different countries and cultures, yet somehow, he would say exactly what was in my mind only a couple of seconds after I had thought it.

When I stilled my thoughts and literally had nothing going on inside my head, he suddenly fell quiet. Until this point, he had been carrying on a machine gun fire of conversation lifted directly from my thoughts, suddenly he was still. He kind of looked at me as if beaten and shrugged. He said nothing more and left shortly afterwards.

It seemed there had been no information in my mind to feed on and as such he had no instructions to follow. It was as if this was how he talked to people, by lifting ideas and thoughts from their own minds and when he encountered someone like me who can enter the Zen state and stop their thoughts at will, he had no material to work with. It seemed to me at that point that the man was wholly possessed by the ‘arcanum arcanorum’ his every thought and action being a mere series of ‘suggestions’ from this force; always a reaction to the thoughts of the person he was speaking to, he simply had nothing of himself in any of his conversation because he no longer existed as an individual, he had become nothing more than a human interface with the hidden power.

A third example is highly instructive as to what kind of condition these people who can read minds might be dealing with. Far from being able to read people’s minds making you a superman or some kind of God amongst men it is much more likely to have the opposite effect and reflects something which has gone very wrong with natural human brain-chemistry.

I was working as a teacher at a Pupil Referral Unit in West London which is where the kids who get excluded or suspended from school end up. In almost all of these cases these students exhibit a range of various psychological issues and it is often the use of violence and a lack of self-control which has resulted with them being removed from the schooling system and sent, as a temporary measure, to a Pupil Referral Unit, while their return to school is being negotiated.

One student, a young black boy of perhaps fourteen years old was throwing a tantrum and running around refusing to enter the classroom. I thought to myself how the boy seemed demon possessed. He then reported there and then that I had called him demon possessed. Obviously, I had not spoken those words but I had thought them, yet somehow, he had heard me. I was already at that stage, used to the possibility that some people might be able to read minds or somehow ‘hear’ what is being thought but for the first time I observed this phenomenon in someone who was clearly psychologically damaged and most likely schizophrenic.


Wednesday, 1 December 2021

The Rosicrucians and the UFO cult. From new upcoming book.




                                                      The journey into mystery.

Vallee discovers a book written by a Frenchman called Raymond Bernard. Bernard was Grand Master of the Rosicrucians, the Templar Order and The Martinists, and during his life had done extensive work to spread the beliefs and tenets of the Rosicrucian order throughout all parts of the world, particularly in French speaking parts of Africa which most probably will be focussed on places like Morocco and Tunisia, as the countries with the strongest liberal current, not to mention a strong tradition of the occult, in the French speaking world.

The order claims to teach and preserve a genuine esoteric tradition, which is another word for pagan witchcraft and such occult practices which throughout the world usually involve the communication with and the possession by spirits. Vallee writes:

“True adepts of the Rosy Cross, it is said, are not of this Earth. They have transcended the bonds of time and space. They reach this exalted state, however, by a series of initiations that organizations such as AMORC claim to preserve as a body of "sacred knowledge." AMORC teaches it throughout the world, mailing its educational material from its lavish headquarters in San Jose, California.”

“…some techniques used by occult groups have indeed been preserved from the most ancient times. They include excellent operating knowledge of hypnosis, suggestion, the laws of forms, and their use for ritual and behavior control.”

According to Vallee, Raymond Bernard, using the initiatory techniques of transformation, had apparently made contact with a ‘superior being’ known as Maha who had the power to completely control him just with his eyes, apparently he was also able to communicate with Bernard solely using his eyes. Their first meeting seemingly took place in the somewhat prosaic venue of the Carlton Hotel in Amsterdam, and one hopes that the hotel’s conference facilities were up to the task of accommodating superior beings with psychic powers. In Jacques Vallee’s analysis, this ‘being’ is one of the ‘manipulators’ behind the UFO program and people like the Grand Master of the Rosicrucians are merely their servants.

The being goes on to state that the hotel is not a suitable place for their meeting and instead they made for a park full of flowers, so my suspicions that the conferencing facilities perhaps might be a disappointment were well-founded. Maha revealed he was a member of something called The High Council, also known as ‘A’ and perhaps this is a reference to the Arcanum Arcanorum.

His speech to Bernard was full of the typical new-age tropes that we all know by now, usually full of woolly, high-sounding nonsense but with a few ‘seeds’ thrown in, almost hidden amongst the generalities, perhaps all the better to hide the noxious things that might eventually grow from them. This is a form of subliminal neuro-linguistic-programming, say a lot of things that on the face of it, are completely reasonable, then on the tail of this cavalcade hide the real purpose of the programme like a furtive and fearful third world despot hides the car chauffeuring him amongst a dozen dummies.

The furtive president hiding himself from the public gaze in this case was: “the abolition of borders, and the death of nationalism,” without all of the New-Age embroidery presenting this, the message seems stark, radical and dangerous, and we are now living in the midst of this ‘dream’ and some of us are realising that it is a nightmare and what is more we have figured out ‘qui bono’. Which nations have to submit themselves to open borders and ‘the death of national identity’ and which nation does not? Which nation, or state, has been given a special dispensation to build walls and preserve its ethnic and religious identity at the barrel of a gun, while other nations have to obediently lay down the red carpet to welcome those who will dispossess them of their own lands.

What is interesting however is that Raymond Bernard, Grand Master and universal ‘Primo inter pares’ of the Rosicrucians seems to be only a small confused player in a much bigger game. In his book he relates how he went to Vienna in 1967 where he met a man with a car with the licence plates of the Diplomatic Corps who drove him to an isolated house near a forest:

“There was no outward sign of activity, but as they knocked on the door, it opened onto a circular room with a floor of black and white marble triangles, where twelve men were standing, dressed in white robes.

There, Bernard witnessed a ritual with several striking peculiarities. First, he suddenly failed to hear the words of the celebrants, although he saw their lips moving. Then he heard a mounting vibration - not quite the om sound used by Eastern meditators. He lost consciousness and was later puzzled by the whole experience. Reflecting upon it, Bernard came to the conclusion that he had been subjected to an examination. In fact, he has no proof that he had not been given posthypnotic suggestions or reinforcements of earlier suggestions, whose existence may be indicated by the frequent perceptual phenomena he experienced.”

Vallee observes that he does not question the experience nor appear suspicious that he apparently has no memory of what happened at the mysterious house during the ritual. One might fear the worst: that he was possessed by demons and even possibly took part in terrible acts of satanic worship. Who knows, but one would be right to be at least curious if not slightly fearful.

“After Bernard toured the entire house and was told its role in the function of the Order, the ‘master’ spoke a single word of two syllables: upon hearing this keyword, Bernard again lost consciousness. He assumed once more that he was reaching a level of cosmic ecstasy induced by the high meditative state of his hosts.”

Vallee observes rightly that the man is clearly under hypnotic control and his loss of consciousness indicates that he had been hypnotised.

“Is there really such an organization as the ‘High Council’? Probably not. The name may have been picked for Bernard's purpose. Could the owners of the houses he describes be found? That, indeed, would be most interesting…”

It seems clear then that the secret societies and even their apparent leaders, Grand Masters, and super dupers, are only serving some other, much more mysterious organisation which has mastered the art of hypnotic suggestion and has an agenda dedicated to open-borders and an end to national identity. According to Bernard these conditions will be necessary before the ‘celestial knights of the macrocosm’ can come down to Earth. It seems like a strange agenda for aliens to be so interested in open-borders doesn’t it?

The Martinist Order is an advanced ‘psychic’ society within the framework of Rosicrucianism. A great deal of material from the so called Traditional Martinist Order, based in San Jose California presumably part of AMORC, was leaked onto the internet some years ago. Interestingly the symbol for the Martinist organisation is two triangles, one black and one white, interlocked to form a what is commonly called the Seal of Solomon or Star of David.

The following extract from this leaked material is from Associate Discourse number 14 and is interesting in that it shows that they acknowledge the changes in brain chemistry which higher initiates undergo and one must try to resist being drawn-in by the colourful new-age language employed to make some of the changes undergone seem generally beneficial and positive. For instance, the phrase ‘astral images’ can be translated as ‘hallucinations’: seeing things which are not there, and a common symptom of advanced psychosis and schizoaffective disorders:

"A very interesting point worth mentioning at this time is that the circulation of the nervous force within man puts him in communication with the universe. In highly evolved mystics, there occurs what in occultism is sometimes called the circulation of astral images. These astral images generally appear to be coming from the back of the head. This is not altogether exact, but it will give an idea as to the nature of this phenomenon….This will be important when we study the actions of the invisible world so important to every Martinist."

Similarly, the phrase ‘being put in communication with the universe’ sounds wonderfully exciting and like some jolly intergalactic adventure, but what it really implies is the hearing of voices and seeing beings which are not visible to other people: no different to the three ghostly forms at Barbara O’Brien’s bedside telling her she was now part of a secret experiment.

This psychic transformation is something which appears to be part of the UFO agenda: Vallee discover a group in Palo Alto California operating from the campus of Stanford University, which appeared to be a cross between new-age spirituality and UFO cult:

“They were seeking real truth. The text was signed by flying-saucer believers who called themselves H.I.M. or Human Individual Metamorphosis. The announcement continued: ‘...are attempting to completely rise above their human nature under the direction of individuals who are members of a kingdom above human who have come in at close range to the Earth to help.’ They compare this period of overcoming their human nature to the metamorphic process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.”

Vallee attends a talk by the group and a bearded man speaks in terms of personal psychic transformation much like the Rosicrucian groups and possibly the kind of ‘transformations’ undergone by Evelyn Waugh and Barbara O’Brien:

“They are now just finishing completing their own physical metamorphosis. Their bodies have almost completely changed over physically, chemically, biologically. They look just like you and I on the surface. Within a few months there will be a demonstration. When we have changed our bodies over through this process, we no longer have to endure disease or decay or death.”

Vallee reports that one person who joined the group in 1975 left the group after two months having some concerns:

“These two people are dangerous. It is not hypnosis. It is thought transplant."'

And when during one of the talks someone from the audience asked:

"How do you know that you're not being deceived by demonic forces?"

The unconvincing response which Vallee reports may lead one to rightly ask whether this is the reality behind much of the UFO phenomenon which cannot be explained by secret American post war technology.

Vallee asks one of his friends who had attended a meeting of the Order of Melchizedek some questions about the order and its aims. His friend reported on someone called Dr Grace from the Order of Melchizedek who delivered lectures:

"I asked her if she had ever seen a UFO. She had. She described to me what she had seen once in the eastern part of the United States, with her husband. It was a craft, only fifty feet or so away, and she felt that the beings on board were communicating directly to her, into her brain."

If Dr Grace was telling the truth, then it would appear that the people who were leading the UFO and New-Age cults of the 1970’s were doing so under the instructions of voices in their heads. We have seen how Barbara O’Brien’s voices and hallucinations managed to create an extremely cogent continuum of reality, and at times there were even things which the voices told her which she herself could not possibly have known and which potentially helped save her from danger on several occasions.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Latest Excerpt from Latest Book.



                                                           The journey into mystery.



It’s quite possible and perhaps even likely that we are all at home to these spirits one way or another, but they are so well integrated into our consciousness that we think they are us. This reminds me of the powerful scene from the Guy Ritchie movie Revolver where Jake is seemingly enrolled on a path of self-discovery by two mysterious men who want him to break free from his greatest enemy and they do this by repeatedly robbing him and manipulating him to the extent that he is forced to abandon everything he holds dear including his ego, after which he discovers that this is not his authentic self but a parasite which only has its own protection and nourishment in mind, pun not intended. This is what is known throughout the story as Sam Gold: a mysterious enemy which is feared by everyone but has never been seen and in the words of one of the mysterious men from the film who seem able to read Jake’s mind:

“You’ve heard that voice for so long you believe it to be you; you believe it to be your best friend.”

He then asks:

“Where’s the best place an opponent should hide?”

“In the very last place you would ever look.”

“He’s all up here pretending to be you, you’re in a game Jake: you’re in THE game; everyone’s in his game and nobody knows it. And all of this, this is his world. He owns it. He controls it. He tells you what to and when to do it.”

“He’s behind all the pain there ever was, behind every crime ever committed. And right now, he’s telling you he doesn’t even exist.”

“We just put you to war with the only enemy that ever existed and you think he’s your best friend.”

More ominously, if we remember the fate of Joe Fisher “No one lives and displeases Gold.” Many have interpreted the character of Sam Gold to represent the ego, and within the context of the story this explanation fits, but could it not also be that Sam Gold represents one of the Operators, or one of the Tempters surreptitiously influencing us? The movie shows us that Sam Gold is not the authentic self so then what is the ego? Could it not be a convenient place for the discarnate entities to hide? As Avi, one of the two mysterious men from the film says:

“Where’s the best place an opponent should hide? In the very last place you’ve ever look, he’s hiding behind your pain Jake, you’re protecting him with your pain embrace your pain and you will win this game.”

“If you change the rules of what controls you, you will change the rules on what you can control.”

This is why the voices harassed Evelyn Waugh, playing on his insecurities: in his youth Waugh had homosexual experiences and much of his novel Brideshead Revisited seems based on the life he had at Oxford and frequenting a circle of members of the elite and aristocracy and this is one of the things the voices taunt him with. Once he seems to have ostensibly defeated the voices by failing to be cowed by them and not even being afraid of the bizarre prospect of being captured by the Spanish and drawing a virtue of noble self-sacrifice from the prospect and finally by abandoning the nonsense of Margaret’s phantasmagorical teasing and going to sleep, he emerges from his cabin to find that the voices have left the confines of his cabin and now appear to be amongst his fellow passengers:

“That’s Gilbert Pinfold, the writer.”

“That common little man? It can’t be.”

“Have you read his books? He has a very peculiar sense of humour, you know.”

“He is very peculiar altogether. His hair is very long.”

“He’s wearing lipstick.”

“He’s painted up to the eyes.”

“But he’s so shabby. I thought people like that were always smart.”

“There are different types of homosexual, you know. What are called “poufs” and “nancies”—that is the dressy kind. Then there are the others they call “butch”. I read a book about it. Pinfold is a “butch”.”

“Oh, Pinfold lives in great style I can tell you. Footmen in livery.”

“I can guess what he does with the footmen.”

“Not any more. He’s been impotent for years, you know. That’s why he’s always thinking of death.”

“Is he always thinking of death?”

“Yes. He’ll commit suicide one of these days, you’ll see.”

“I thought he was a Catholic. They aren’t allowed to commit suicide, are they?”

“That wouldn’t stop Pinfold. He doesn’t really believe in his religion, you know. He just pretends

to because he thinks it aristocratic. It goes with being Lord of the Manor.”

“…There he is, drunk again.”

“He looks ghastly.”

“A dying man, if ever I saw one.”

“Why doesn’t he kill himself?”

“Give him time. He’s doing his best. Drink and drugs. He daren’t go to a doctor, of course, for fear he’d be put in a home.”

“Best place for him, I should have thought.”

Once the experience is over and he is safely returned to England he consults with Dr. Drake who tells him:

“Lots of people hear voices from time to time—nearly always offensive.”

If such a thing were the construction of one’s own consciousness, why would they generally be offensive? From a psychological perspective such a thing would make no sense. It would seem much more logical that these voices are NOT part of the psyche and are inimical to it and somehow, they benefit from attacking the person in question.

People as diverse as Philip K Dick, Mahatma Ghandi, Winston Churchill, Anthony Hopkins and Brian Wilson had all reportedly heard voices. Some relentlessly critical and offensive and some, ostensibly seeming to be helpful, but in the case of Ghandi before the end of his life a voice apparently told him:

“You are on the right track, move neither to your left, nor right, but keep to the straight and narrow.”

It might have been more useful if the voice had told him some crackpot was going to assassinate him. Ghandi also said, of the voice which he attributed to God itself:

“Charitable critics impute no fraud to me, but suggest that I am highly likely to be acting under some hallucination. The result for me, even then, will not be far different from what it would be if I was laying a false claim. A humble seeker that I claim to be has need to be most cautious and, to preserve the balance of mind, he has to reduce himself to zero before God will guide him. Let me not labour this point.”

“The hearing of the Voice was preceded by a terrific struggle within me. Suddenly the Voice came upon me. I listened, made certain it was the Voice, and the struggle ceased. I was calm. The determination was made accordingly, the date and the hour of the fast were fixed…”

There are two things which ought to stand out in Ghandi’s account, the fact that the hearing of the voice was ‘preceded by a terrific struggle within’ which we can perhaps assume was a kind of hormonal crisis, the kind we have seen with the story of Barbara O’Brien, we can therefore assume that Ghandi may have experienced a similar condition to Barbara O’Brien, namely Adrenochrome toxicity but also this seems to be a factor not only of secret occult groups but also UFO groups as is referenced in Jacques Vallee’s book Messengers of Deception:

“For every individual who is openly identified as a contactee, how many more have received what they regard as a ‘secret illumination’? It is apparent that the transformation they undergo can strike at any place and at any age. Is it purely random, then, or do the UFOs select their ‘victims’? Does it spread like an epidemic, or does it develop like a psychosis?”

Anthony Hopkins went on record in a 1993 News of the World interview:

“I’ve always had a little voice in my head, particularly when I was younger and less assured…While onstage, during classical theatre the voice would suddenly say, ‘Oh, you think you can do Shakespeare, do you?’ Recently, I was being interviewed on television and the voice inside my head said to me, ‘Who the hell do you think you are. You’re just an actor, what the hell do you know about anything’”.

Brian Wilson is one of the most high-profile people to go on record about hearing voices, his voice was typically threatening:

“Well, a voice is saying: ‘I’m going to hurt you, I’m going to kill you.’ And I’d say: ‘Please don’t kill me.’”

Like the Evelyn Waugh voices but seemingly more menacing, I wonder if the tenor of the voice changes depending on how you react to them; as we saw with Evelyn Waugh, he refused to be intimidated by the voices, even though he was under the delusion they were actual physical agents, it was only when he thought he was going mad that his defences seemed to crumble, but Waugh despite his somewhat dissolute student life and obese drugged form in later life, served in the Royal Marines and was given a position of command; he was prepared to fight or even if all odds were against him surrender, but on his own, noble terms. I suspect the voices see what they can get away with and if their victim proves to be made of stronger stuff then they adapt their tactics, though it would still appear that their final goal is either the destruction or complete possession of their victim. Furthermore, in his conversation with the doctor who has told him that they were part of his own subconscious Pinfold/Waugh is puzzled:

“What I can’t understand is this…if I wanted to draw up an indictment of myself, I could make a far blacker and more plausible case than they did. I can’t understand.”

Mr. Pinfold/Evelyn Waugh never understood this; nor has anyone been able to suggest a satisfactory explanation. I have an explanation. What Pinfold means is that although the voices were insulting to him, if the attacks were from his own mind, then he would have been able to draw up a far stronger line of personal attack on himself. The attacks were very general: attacking his excessive use of drugs and alcohol and his previous homosexuality, but nothing very specific or damning about him as a person and his decisions, just somewhat general comments about his lifestyle choices. The reason might be that possibly the ‘voices’ can only hear your thoughts in the present moment but do not have a deeper access to your memories and your past deeds. Since they do not have that level of access to information one might assume that they do not come from the self but are interlopers and opportunists which exist in a kind of mental astral realm and can pick up on people’s thoughts and in exceptional circumstances such as Waugh’s experiences with his unique combination of drugs and personal stress, can in turn be heard themselves, at which point presumably, knowing that they can be heard, they start to mentally abuse and torture that person for their own demonic pleasure.

While shaving he hears the family of voices conversing about him which develops from the lines that he drinks too much and to his own suicide. The voices make no pretence at this stage that he is not a party to their dialogue and they directly address him

“‘I know you can hear me Gilbert, why don’t you kill yourself’ Then Goneril’s steely voice cut in: ‘I can tell you what he was doing on deck. He was screwing up his courage to jump overboard. He longs to kill himself, don’t you, Gilbert. All right, I know you’re listening down there. You can hear me, can’t you, Gilbert? You wish you were dead, don’t you, Gilbert? And a very good idea, too. Why don’t you do it, Gilbert? Why not? Perfectly easy. It would save us all—you too, Gilbert—a great deal of trouble.’”

He emerges from his cabin, believing the voices are a product of some old war-time inter-ship communication system which hasn’t been decommissioned properly, and emerges onto the boat deck to find everyone talking about him in an incessant dialogue.

They encouraged him to commit suicide but Waugh being a Catholic and a fairly successful man, wealthy and probably in his own way, quite pleased with himself, such an effort wouldn’t lead to their desired results so instead they settle for continual abuse, except one of them, a character called Margaret.

It seems that what the voices want from Gilbert is his attention and when the threat of violence fails to cow him and he reveals that he is prepared to physically fight, even in his infirm and bloated condition, then the voices try a different approach.

This leads to the development of the character: Margaret who reveals that she is impressed by how Gilbert bravely confronted the prospect of hooligans which he faced down outside his door and how he nobly chooses to offer himself as a sacrifice to preserve the security and safety of the secret agent which the Spanish authorities were trying to capture. She declares herself in love with him and ready to yield herself to him. This story becomes increasingly bizarre until at one point Margaret is all ready to enter Pinfold’s nocturnal bed chamber and yield herself to him utterly. Naturally she never materialises.

The voices of Margaret’s family are overheard coaching her and preparing her for her nuptials and things take a grossly comic turn:

 “That’s my beauty. Go and take what’s coming to you. Listen, my Peg, you know what you’re in for, don’t you?”

“Yes, Father, I think so.”

“It’s always a surprise. You may think you know it all on paper, but like everything else in life it’s never quite what you expect when it comes to action. There’s no going back now. Come and see me when it’s all over. I’ll be waiting up to hear the report. In you go, bless you.”

Pinfold then awaits her in the darkness, in his delirium, expecting a girl he’d never met before whom he can hear speaking with her family in her cabin and who can read his mind which is all somehow connected to some kind of radio technology left over from the war, to come into his cabin and have sex with him. There is some hesitancy however on her part in showing herself and her father the General is surprised that things have not developed to their natural conclusion.

“What the hell’s going on? You ought to be in position by now. Haven’t had a Sitrep. Isn’t the girl over the Start Line?”

It would seem that although Margaret and the hooligans’ approach is radically different, the hooligans attempt to instil fear in Pinfold while Margaret tries to instil love, in a manner of speaking they are both doing the same thing, that is getting ‘attention’ and in that way drawing a kind of energy from Pinfold.

Although Pinfold is unwell and heavily drugged it seems something in his mind is able to perfectly well articulate a highly complicated and serpentine plot, almost Dickensian in its colourful cast of characters and their high levels of melodrama, but the one common thread which runs through the whole experience is that of abuse, abuse and denigration of himself. Since the experience and the organisation and colourful characterisation of the voices are so similar to the voices which haunted Barbara O’Brien then we can collate these experiences within the same category.

So, we might therefore draw the conclusion that Barbara O’Brien’s analysis that the voices were from her own consciousness and were there to help her become sane again, was incorrect since nothing of this nature can be drawn from Evelyn Waugh’s similar experience.

So, if we can allow ourselves the belief that such a thing as God exists, then logically there must be an invisible world of the spirit which accommodates a varied flora and fauna of disembodied entities. Not all of these entities have our best interests at heart and perhaps for some unknown reason, they are directly opposed to us.

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Fake UFO's and secret-society shenanigans.



                                                           The journey into mystery.

Excerpt from coming new e-book:

“In the sixties, according to conversations I had in the Soviet Union, a leading plasma physicist was pushed under a Moscow subway train by an ‘indirect contactee’ who had been instructed by a ‘voice from space’ to kill that particular man. In 1975, a French contactee was arrested by the police as he was entering the headquarters of the French television network, carrying a carbine and fifty shells: a similar voice from space had instructed him to kill a newsman who had written several books on UFOs.” Jacques Vallee.


“In 1968 a man named Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles. Sirhan was a member of AMORC Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. He had used the Order's technique for self-hypnosis while preparing his role in this tragedy.”

While on the subject of unsavoury members of the Rosicrucians not quite living up to their reputation of an enlightened and advanced brotherhood, expert on all things Hermetic Mark Stavish writes on his website how:

“’Baby Doc Duvalier,’ former dictator of Haiti, has been photographed sporting an AMORC ring, said to have been given to him by Bernard the elder.”

As well as:

“Several central African heads of state are also on the list of well-known associates – and from a different line, Manuel Noriega, former head of military intelligence and eventual de facto ruler of Panama from 1983-1989 whose desk sported an array of AMORC paraphernalia after his capture by United States forces.”

Vallee mentions the case of Gregory in order to clarify the point that people with an interest in this domain are not necessarily rudderless-crackpots but can be highly intelligent young professionals. Gregory was a systems programmer and is described as working for one of France’s leading Think Tanks. 

“He quit his job to form a psychic center. He is now publishing a newsletter devoted to his experiences with higher entities; he believes that, in so doing, he follows the telepathic instructions of a superior force.”

The psychic communication he received was of the following tenor:

“On the eastern shore of the Peaceful Sea, God brought forth the American Republic ... For the purpose of assembling the high consciousness required to conceive and establish this new Union, God sent His son Melchizedek, one time Lord of Salem, unto Christopher Columbus…”

Tied to the alien contact groups are various occult groups, one in particular The Order of Melchizedek attracts Vallee’s particular interest and he even finds himself strangely drawn into a disconcerting web of synchronicity when, after investigating and actually being made an offer to become a member, he returns to New-York and hailing a taxi cab, discovers that the driver’s name is Melchizedek. This leads him to hypothesis an interesting new approach to the nature of reality itself.

The leader of another saucer group told Vallee:

“The Earth is the property of one group of saucers that controls this end of the universe, and they call themselves the Brothers, and they are the ones who brought the Christ on Earth 2000 years ago ... If we get a little out of control, and maybe Russia would start to throw some missiles at us, from Cuba ... well, they might step in, if it got too bad, and help us out. They told us they would.”

Vallee met an enigmatic and mysterious man whom he calls Major Murphy and appears to have been a high-level insider of military intelligence during World War 2.

"‘In 1943,’ he said, as we sat in his study, ‘we already had evidence that several countries were working on circular aircraft that they hoped to develop into secret weapons. The Germans were also doing advanced research on controlled electrical discharges and 'controlled lightning,' and tried to combine these things together.

When we invaded Germany, a lot of hardware fell into our hands, but the Russians had gotten most of the good stuff. Then people started seeing the modern UFOs in Sweden in 1946….General James Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the United States in 1946, apparently under cover of the Shell Corporation. In fact, he was to investigate the 'ghost rockets' with the Swedish authorities. Whatever came of that?’

Ghost rockets was the name given to some two thousand reports of rocket shaped UFO’s appearing in the skies of Sweden between May and December 1946. Radar tracked some of the objects as they fell to Earth and fragments were discovered where they had impacted the ground. It seems likely that the sightings were the result of Soviet testing of rockets taken from the Nazi V2 construction base at Peenemunde.

However, some of the sightings apparently reported objects which moved without leaving any exhaust trail while others moved horizontally and a hissing sound was sometimes heard accompanying the moving object.  

Major Murphy believes that the UFO’s might be ‘psychotronic devices’ and goes on to say:

"‘Research had already been done in great secrecy by 1946 concerned mind control and the effects of electromagnetic radiation (what we now call ELF, or Extremely Low Frequency) on the human body… suppose somebody had obtained a device by the end of the war, which perhaps wasn't a very effective weapon. Perhaps it couldn't fly very effectively, couldn't carry guns and bombs, but had other properties. For instance, it could emit radiation that caused paralysis and hallucinations as it flew over an area, so that witnesses exposed to it would think they saw the phantasms of their own imagination. Did somebody test that kind of a device in Sweden in 1946, and in the States in 1947, and find it to be ineffective as a flying machine, but very useful as a means of propaganda? Has such a group already understood what UFOs were, and are they confusing the issue by simulating UFO waves? Or is the entire phenomenon under their control?’

‘I can only tell you that silent, disk-shaped flying machines can be built. If they are equipped with the right devices, they can create astonishing effects and be reported as flying saucers. I wish I still had my files on the German experiments.’

‘You have V2s in 1944, and you have the Atlas rocket in the '60s. You have foo-fighters in '43, and the green fireballs of New Mexico nine years later. A lot of people got involved. Industrial concerns. Laboratories engaged in psychotronic research. The Nazi research on microwaves was child's play compared to the sophistication of modern experiments. If someone is using this technology, we can assume they have also mastered pharmacology, the use of drugs to distort the memories of witnesses, the use of mind control to suggest stories, to plant fake observations. Don't you think people should try to get some information about that before believing in friendly space visitors?’

‘It's hard to believe that these techniques would already be applied on this kind of scale,’ I said."

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The Secret Manipulators who Pull the Strings.....

 An extract from my coming book.


                                                           The journey into mystery.

In a biography of Swedenborg, I discovered a hint about what may have been one of the ‘Manipulators’ of his time. Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk was an 18th Century Kabbalist who narrowly avoided being burned at the stake in Westphalia after being charged with sorcery.  

In her research paper entitled: Dr. Samuel Jacob Falk: A Sabbatian Adventurer in the Masonic Underground, Marsha Schuchard provides us with some interesting information:

“Falk spent his early years in Podhayce and Fürth, centers of secret Sabbatianism, where he had access to the antinomian Kabbalism of Baruchia Russo, who advocated ‘holy sinning’--especially in sexual and ritual matters--in order to bring about a millenarial reversal of reality. Falk was said to be gifted in: “practical magic, hypnotic techniques, alchemical metallurgy, and folk medicine.” Furthermore:

“Falk boldly defended the Chewish religion, predicted a universal war, and an approaching messianic consummation.”

The online Blake Quarterly describes Falk as:

 “a Chewish alchemist and Cabalist, who became revered and feared as one of the “Unknown Superiors” of illuminist Masonry. Falk instructed Swedenborg in Cabalistic trance techniques and sexual magic, which they believed would usher in a spiritual and political millennium.”

The following incident involving, reported in Nesta Webster’s book, involving Falk and a hypnotised Swedenborg recalls the strange events of the Rosicrucian Grand Master Raymond Bernard and mysteriously falling into hypnotised unconsciousness in the company of the twelve men in white robes:

“According to a later Swedenborgian freemason, Swedenborg was in the company of some unnamed Chews when he went into a trance or ecstasis, and they allegedly stole his watch….Swedenborg defended 'these good Israelites', and he developed messianic fantasies of preaching in their synagogue about the return of regenerated Chews and Christians to Jerusalem.”

The latter is something we are now having to deal with and the messianic fantasies and fancies of people such as Swedenborg in their high-minded meddling have unleashed on our present age and we have seen that none of this seems in any way beneficial to anybody except the Chews who presently appear to be the very masters of the Earth: dictating American foreign policy, given a free-hand in Israel and using British and American armies to dispatch their enemies and also dictating an agenda of mass-immigration, censorship and demonisation of white identity.

In an article entitled: “Kabbalist or Charlatan? The Life and Times of Dr Samuel Falk The ‘Baal Shem of London’ on the Chewishhomela website Rabbi Pini Dunner gives us some insight into the mysterious Dr Falk which may explain his apparently mysterious rise to eminence:

“For a few years he struggled, and his faithful assistant records that his personal life was fraught with difficulties as he and his wife constantly argued about finances. Eventually things began to change for the better. People were surprised at his sudden change of fortune. How was it possible that someone who had been so insolvent that he was forced to pawn all his belongings had suddenly achieved such incredible material success? Rumors began to spread that he possessed mystical powers that he used to attain wealth. The truth was more mundane. Falk was an exceptionally charismatic individual and particularly attractive to the type of people who are drawn to enigmatic personalities. Two of those people were the affluent Chewish banker Aaron Goldsmid, and his son George.”

So it would appear that Falk, who went on to become one of the secret masters of Freemasonry, was bankrolled by Chewish bankers, according to Marsha Schuchard “He also met the bankers Tobias and Simon Boas who were both Scottish Rite Freemasons.”

There is oblique reference to some ‘peculiar rituals’ and such activity appeared to be common knowledge amongst the Chewish community in which Falk operated, also from Rabbi Dunner’s article:

“Remarkably, although he was not considered a scholar, this in no way detracted from his reputation as a Kabbalist, nor did the fact that he performed extremely peculiar rituals prevent senior community leaders – including Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff – from considering him their friend.”

One of these peculiar rituals is referenced in Nesta Webster’s classic book:  Secret Societies and Subversive Movements and refers to a letter published in the September 1762 edition of The Gentleman. The editor relates that they are publishing the letter just as they received it, noting that several peculiarities of style indicate that the letter was written by a foreigner. What is fascinating indeed about this letter is that it gives us a first-hand account of somebody who was enthralled by a character we can strongly presume to be Samuel Falk, as the particular description of the man recently arriving from Germany align with the events in the life of Falk. Here we may see some of the mysteries of the Kabbalist and his practices exposed and seen clearly for what they really are.

The letter begins with a man going to a tavern where he encountered several people discussing the existence of witchcraft and whether it exists or not. One of the men, a man of reputation asserts that Cabbala and magic are ‘pretended arts’ and ‘contrivances of tricks and frauds, which pick the pockets of fools..and always end in bankruptcies’.

At which point the author of the letter recalls a story told to him three months ago, over a bottle of wine, by someone who experienced the same thing. The narrator recounts how, four years ago a gentlemen came from Germany with his numerous family, and claimed to be the greatest physician and cabalist. The man he said, was a Christened Chew and ‘the biggest rogue and villain in the world’ who has been imprisoned everywhere and banished out of Germany and at some time publicly whipped ‘that his back lost all the old skin and became new again’.

The rogue attempted to become acquainted with the man who describes himself as ‘enchanted’ and was no more master of his senses. The Cabalist told him that he had spent 16 months with three adepts and has learned all the mysteries and secrets of nature. He had sworn an oath to the adepts not to reveal any of the secrets for a certain length of time, but that time apparently was soon coming to an end. Naturally this made the man very curious as he says, and he forgot all precautions and fell in with all his proposals to the extent that he ended up buying several secrets from the Cabalist which amounted to more than a 1000 pounds, which in the 18th century was an extraordinary sum, and he declares that all the ‘said secrets were nothing but cheats and deceits’. The man grew angry at being cheated whereupon the Cabalist offered to teach him the secrets he had been taught by the adepts and of which the period of secrecy was soon coming to an end. The condition was that he must avoid all churches and public worship as ‘unclean’ for half a year, and the Cabalist said that for this reason he and his family had never once attended church since their arrival in England, in order that he always be ready to begin the so called ‘Godly mysteries’.

He also told the man to tell everyone in his house to swear an oath that they will speak nothing of what they witness. He then told the man that he must procure a Hebrew Bible stolen from a zealous protestant, whom the man duly robbed, the Cabalist then asked for a Bible in English, it happened that the man he robbed had a Bible in English and one in Hebrew and so he robbed him of all his personal effects by some kind of cunning ruse, leaving him destitute which the Cabalist demanded of him. He then asked the man to procure one pound of the blood of an honest protestant. He was in some consternation at this for he had the suspicion that the Cabalist was trying to incite him to murder. He then reasoned that he himself was an honest Protestant and so he bled himself and once he had roughly three quarters of a pound he gave this to the Cabalist. The Cabalist then demanded another 400 pounds which the man had to borrow, once he had procured the sum he paid it into his hands. The Cabalist then sent everyone out of the house except for themselves.

The next night at 11pm they went out into the man’s garden and the Cabalist then put a cross tainted with the man’s own blood at each corner of the house, and in the middle of the garden the Cabalist put a threefold circle made of paper, about three yards in diameter. In the first circle all the names of God in Hebrew; in the second all the names of the angels; and in the third the first chapter of the holy gospel of Saint John, again all written in blood.

The Cabalist laid both Bibles in the circle which created a protection which the devil could not enter. The Magician then brought a billy goat which he had prepared and led him backwards through the circles. The man noticed that the belly of the goat was extremely big and looked as if it would burst open, but the man reasoned that the Cabalist must have somehow filled the beast’s belly full of wind with some kind of blow pipe. He then covered the goat in crosses drawn in blood and tied his legs together and at that the wind came out of his belly in strange murmuring tunes. Then the Cabalist began to speak strange words and conjured the devil to appear and satisfy their desires and demands. Then the man began to hear strange sounds and voices coming from the region of the crosses in the corner of the garden, which he afterwards reasoned was performed by the conjurer’s children who had hidden themselves without his knowledge, but at that time he was feeling his hairs standing on end. The night was cloudy and suddenly lightning flashed and thunder roared and he lost his senses. Then the ground under his feet started to shake and his body trembled violently and he thought it was the last minute of his life and the devil would come and take him, the goat and the cabalist and break all their necks at once.

It was impossible for him to stay there any longer and he ran out of the garden and into his house and shut the door behind him. A short while later the Cabbalist came in too and the man asked him if he had been successful. The Cabalist answered no, but that he had seen the demon and it had a beautiful look, shining like glittering gold and diamonds, and the spirit told him that he had done everything correctly except that the blood was not of an honest protestant but of a rogue and a villain. At this the man lost his temper and he beat the magician and drove him out of his house. Therefore, the man was defrauded and he dared not prosecute the Cabalist because then everything would become known, so he had to remain silent and hide everything and not quarrel with that damned rogue. The man was utterly ruined and had to cheat his creditors.

The following description about Falk comes from the Chewishhomela website and one cannot help but notice the description of men in white robes, could these be of the same cult which Raymond Bernard would encounter 200 years later?

“On one occasion he withdrew into his home for six weeks, and allowed it to be known that he was not eating or sleeping for the entire period. After six weeks had passed, he sent for a group of ten men to join him – but only after they had immersed themselves in a mikvah. The men arrived at midnight and were asked to clothe themselves in white robes, and also to remove their shoes. With that they were invited into a large room lit only by flickering candlelight.

One of the ten men later wrote in a letter to his son that upon entering the room, “the saintly man was seated on his throne arrayed like an angel of heaven, diademed with a golden miter, a golden chain round his neck reaching to his waist, from which hung a great star, and holy names were engraved on the star. His face was covered with a star-shaped veil, and his headgear was marvellously fashioned out of parchment, with holy names written on it. A star of pure gold was fastened on each corner of his turban, and names were engraved on them. Who could possibly describe the beauty of the painting on the tapestries that were hung on the walls, with sacred figures, as on the heavenly throne in Ezekiel’s vision….

The letter describes the strange ‘throne room’ as having been divided into an inner section and an outer section delineated by silver chains. Falk instructed five men to sit within the chains, and the other five to sit outside of them, following which he took out an engraved shofar and an engraved trumpet, and presumably blew on them. The letter writer and his nine companions were overwhelmed by this melodramatic scene, and became Falk’s avid devotees.”

The description of being ‘overwhelmed’ and becoming ‘avid devotees’ suggests something of the techniques of cult mind control and a form of hypnosis. The whole performance was staged within the context of the Judaic rite of purification by taking a mikvah bath and also the blowing of the Shofar horn which is traditionally only blown at the start of the Chewish new-year, at the end of the holiest day of the Chewish year Yom Kippur. The ritual significance of the Shofar cannot be understated and goes back the Exodus of the Chews and was heard coming from the thick clouds on Mount Sinai and kept the Israelites rapt in awe.

It seems the whole performance was designed precisely to create the transformative effect and so instil the idea that Falk was more than just a man and the religious trappings were clearly intended to convey the idea that Falk was something like part of the line of Patriarchs and perhaps the latest incarnation of a leading figurehead for Chews in the world.

However the opinion that Falk was just a charlatan and a conman was one that was even held by certain Chewish Rabbis themselves. In a letter to a colleague, leading German Rabbi, Rabbi Yakov Emden who extolled Orthodox Judaism and was critical of the growing Sabbatean movement wrote of Falk:

“Some rich non-Chews also believed in him, thinking that he could discover treasure for them. Using trickery he succeeded in entrapping one wealthy non-Chewish captain, who spent his entire fortune on him and has now been reduced to poverty, and he is only able to survive as a result of Falk’s charity. Incredibly this captain continues to praise him among wealthy Christians, so that they give him a lot of money. In this way the Baal Shem is enabled to live as a man of wealth, and he uses his money to bribe his close followers so that they continue to spread his fame.”

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The Source of the Flying Saucers..


                                                           The journey into mystery.

Henry Stevens' highly informative book Hitler’s Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War, is a thorough and systematic documentation of various Nazi secret aeronautical projects of the final stages of the Second World War. However, there are some parts of the book which deal with some of the more ‘hypothetical’ elements of the possible propulsion systems for some of these saucers and while some theories are quite plausible and convincing, others such as the ‘free energy’ Schappeller Device, are probably stretching credulity and it would have been better perhaps in this instance to have stuck to what is demonstrably known and documented rather than delving into more arcane and fringe areas of so called pseudo-science; if only to put Hitler’s flying saucer programme on a more historically sound and documented basis and remove it from the classification of ‘conspiracy theories’ which it seems relegated to, to this day.


In his book he refers to several documented newspaper reports marking the first reference in the press to the term: ‘flying saucers’. The first report referring to ‘flying saucers’ appeared in 1947 in the November 9th edition of the Denver Post, some months after several documented UFO sighting across America.


The article is entitled ‘Spies Bid for Franco’s Weapons’ with a subtitle which reads ‘Agents Ascribe ‘Flying Saucers’ the New Rocket’ and reports a potentially fascinating story about an unnamed ‘European spy organisation’ successfully smuggling blueprints for advanced weapons out of Spain which had been designed by three unnamed German scientists. One of the weapons is described as ‘an electromagnetic rocket’ which, it is claimed, is “responsible for the ‘flying saucers’ seen over the North American continent last summer..”


Another article he refers to is an edition of the Los Angeles newspaper The Mirror dated March 24 1950 quoting Italian engineer, Professor Guiseppe Belluzzo who makes a matter-of-fact report about the development of flying discs. Belluzzo who was formerly Minister of National Economy and later, Education Minister in Mussolini’s government was quoted after a spate of sightings in the continental United States:

“There is nothing supernatural or Martian about flying discs…but they are simply rational application of recent technique.” He also said:

“Some great power is launching discs to study them.”


At this time there was growing curiosity following the Roswell and Aztec retrievals of crashed saucers and the release in 1950 of the first American feature film to feature flying saucers. What is interesting is that film does not try to make out that the saucers come from space but that the saucer is an invention of an American scientist. The plot revolves around a race against the Russians to be able to gain this technology while a communist turn-coat attempts to sell the saucer to the Soviets.


It is interesting that at the earliest stage in the UFO controversy there were independent attempts to get the truth out, however one can assume that, as the arms-race against the Russians heated up it became necessary to be more guarded about the nature of the development of American aeronautical technology and for this reason the cover of ‘aliens from space’ what created by various sponsored science fiction writers and Hollywood producers who were deployed in this propaganda effort to sell the possibility of visitors from space to the American public.


The article, apparently quoting Belluzo from an article from Italy’s Giornale d’Italia, whom the article credits with the building of the first steam turbine in Italy in 1905, states quite plainly:


“..types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942.”

He was also interviewed for the March 30 edition of Der Spiegel in 1950 where he said that in the early 1940’s, flying saucers were produced in the BMW factory Prague where scientists such as Klaus Habermohl, himself and Walter Miete, who was also part of the V2 project, worked on flying disc projects following Schriever’s work.

"… Rudolph Schriever, who says engineers throughout the world experimented in the early 1940s with flying saucers, is willing to build one for the United States in six to nine months. The 40-year-old Prague University graduate said he made blueprints for such a machine, which he calls a flying top, before Germany’s collapse and that the blueprints were stolen from his laboratory. He says the machine would be capable of 2,600mph with a radius of 4,000 miles, Schriever is a US Army driver at Bremerhaven."


According to the Henry Steven’s book the earliest designs for flying saucers in World War 2 are by aeronautical engineer Rudolf Schriever who was mentioned in the 1950 Der Speigel article, and these designs were dated to 1941 and first flown and tested in 1942. Schriever developed a flying saucer which used a jet-engine, a technology which had been in existence since Frank Whittle built the first jet-engine in England in April 1937.  Two years later in Germany Erich Warstiz piloted the world’s first jet aircraft the Heinkel He 178, which was limited to speeds of 372 miles per hour, somewhat slower than the Messerschmitt 109, and had a combat time of little more than 10 minutes. For these reasons it was not a success, however in 1944 the Germans built the Messerschmitt Me 262 which was effectively the world’s first jet-fighter.


A few years later, on page 148 of an edition of Popular Science magazine from October 1955 in an article entitled: “Giant Pie Cooked Up by Frenchman is Latest Flying Saucer” French aircraft engineer Rene Couzinet is shown standing aside the Couzinet RC-360: a flying saucer shaped aircraft 27 feet in diameter, resting on three landing stuts. The article describes him as ‘making a bid for the flying saucer trade’ which is an interesting thing to say and seems to infer that there might be a commercial interest in designing saucers, presumably for secret government and covert military programmes.


The article quotes Couzinet on the method of propulsion: “The engines will spin the upper and lower discs in opposite directions and whirl the craft on its way.” Perhaps it was a secret which he was supposed to have kept because tragically, on 16th December 1956, he and his wife Gilberte apparently committed suicide in Paris barely a year later.


What is noteworthy here, apart from the fact that Couzinet was apparently trying to break into the potentially lucrative ‘saucer business’ as inferred in the article, or the suspicious double suicide not long after the publication of this article, is the spinning element of the flying saucer Couzinet designed. This is something which had been observed and reported in many UFO phenomena subsequently.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.

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Oman man!

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