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Saturday, 2 October 2021

Investigating Ignacio de Loyola and the Spiritual Exercises of the Jesuits.




                                                        The journey into mystery.


The Kabbalah emerged from 12th Century Spain with some possible origins in the 1st and 2nd century. Something else to emerge from Spain, another arguably transformative movement was that of the Jesuits. The Jesuits almost certainly emerged from the Alumbrados of Castile who were said to have been mostly conversos, that is Jewish converts to Christianity.  Of the Alumbrados states:

“While they counted some of the high aristocracy among their number, most of the Illuminists seem to have been conversos.”

In the Alumbrados we find a development of the broad themes of the Kabbalah and the beliefs of the Alumbrados are a good snapshot of the kind of spirit of sensuality and sexual license which would later entwine itself into Freemasonry and the various Hellfire clubs and the Bavarian Illuminati which all seemed to present themselves on the scene within a close time-frame and as we have seen, many of the members were intricately connected to each society.

The Alumbrados believed that it was possible to reach a state of union with God whereby one could freely indulge in sinful acts and express sexual desires freely. They too believed in a kind of direct revelation of God, whereby they could actually obtain direct communication with him. This is enough to give pause and make one question just what it was that these people thought they were actually contacting. What voices and delusions overthrew them and led them to believe it was God itself they were trafficking with? We cannot know how exactly the Alumbrados pursued this path to ‘contact’ but we can examine the work of Ignacio de Loyola for a clue since the Jesuits were the inheritors of this subversive heretical tradition which managed to find a home within the Catholic church and Loyola was even summoned to stand before an ecclesiastic commission while he was studying in Salamanca in 1527 on a charge of being in league with the Alumbrados.

The book The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews by Robert Aleksander Maryks goes into extensive detail exploring the particular ethno-religious conflicts of the period during the early years of the Jesuits and the ongoing attempts of various groups to wrest control of the direction of the order. It seemed largely to be a contest between Jews who had apparently converted to Christianity and non-Jewish Christians. It is revealed that most of the original directors of the organisation were Jews, although there are rumours and suspicions that Loyola himself was a Converso this is not made explicit in the book.

It is worth nothing that Philip II of Spain observed that “all the heresies in Germany, France, and Spain have been sown by descendants of Jews” and the Inquisition was formed precisely to root out the heretical corruptions of ‘converso’ Jews, or Jews who now professed to be Christian but who may secretly still have practised their former faith and who may indeed have a particular interest in attacking Christianity from within. 

Born in Azeiptia in the Kingdom of Castille, which in 15th Century Spain was the centre of Alumbrado activity, there can be no doubt that Loyola would have been familiar with Kabbalistic treatments and was an associate of the Alumbrados.

Ignacio de Loyola was born Inigo Lopez, Lopez, although a Spanish surname meaning ‘son of the wolf’ is also considered a Shephardic Jewish surname.  It is thought that Inigo Lopez changed his name to Ignacio de Loyola to allay any suspicions about possible Marrano origins and place him within the context of indigenous Spanish nobility. As a young man he became a servant of the Spanish nobleman Juan Velázquez de Cuéllar, who was treasurer to the Spanish King, King Ferdinand. He was said to have had a carousing and dissolute life of a knight until he suffered a bad leg wound fighting the French in the battle of Pamplona. The sudden reversal in his fortunes, the terrible pain of his shattered leg and the ongoing torture as the doctors continuously tried to set and reset it must have inspired some of the dark rhetoric which informs his Spiritual Exercises which are the mental conditioning manual for the infamous Jesuit Order.

Once when Inigo was preaching on the street, three women who had been investigated by the Inquisition for being members of the Alumbrados started experiencing suspicious ecstatic states:

"One fell senseless, another sometimes rolled about on the ground, another had been seen in the grip of convulsions or shuddering and sweating in anguish." Inigo himself had been imprisoned on being suspected of being Alumbrado but was eventually released without charge.

It’s suspicious since such activity has historically been considered to be a sign of demonic possession. That fact that Inigo was able to elicit a kind of resonant demonic possession in these three Alumbrado women indicates that he himself was probably himself, operating under the impulse and control of the demonic realm.

The Spiritual Exercises form the key element of preparing the mind for acceptance into the Jesuit mental framework though I would say that the key aim is the auto-induction into psychosis through the deliberate and continual contemplation, in the words of Loyola: “to see with the sight of the imagination”. The fifth exercise for example, is a mediation on Hell. The novitiate is required by stages, or degrees you might say, to visualise Hell, to place himself there with his mind.

“The first Point will be to see with the sight of the imagination the great fires, and the souls as in bodies of fire. Second Point. The second, to hear with the ears wailings, howlings, cries, blasphemies against Christ our Lord and against all His Saints.”

In general the system of the Jesuits is as I have stated, seems to be a fast track to auto-initiated psychosis. As we have heard the Rosicrucians have a psychic initiatory framework whereby degrees and information is revealed psychically to particular favoured people. It is my contention that the Jesuit system is the same and it does this by establishing contact with some kind of ‘astral agency’ which can only approach the human psyche once it is sufficiently weakened and unable to resist. Of course the Jesuits think this is God and since their system tells them that it is, and that they are suitably humbling themselves and wallowing in their sins, in order to apparently make them fully repentant enough to be worthy of God’s favour. Repeatedly the Jesuit Spiritual Exercise make plain their aim to invoke confusion and shame in the novitiate.

“The first Point will be to bring the memory on the First Sin, which was that of the Angels, and then to bring the intellect on the same, discussing it; then the will, wanting to recall and understand all this in order to make me more ashamed and confound me more, bringing into comparison with the one sin of the Angels my so many sins, and reflecting, while they for one sin were cast into Hell, how often I have deserved it for so many…”

“it will be to ask shame and confusion at myself, seeing how many have been damned for only one mortal sin, and how many times I deserved to be condemned forever for my so many sins.”

Thus he is specifically instructed to pray for pain, torment, shame and confusion and to see himself in the lowest terms:

“to see all my bodily corruption and foulness; to look at myself as a sore and ulcer, from which have sprung so many sins and so many iniquities and so very vile poison.”

It goes without saying that the most obvious fallacy here is that he is appealing to God, the presumed creator of humanity and all life on  Earth, either directly or indirectly, while presenting himself as an example of God’s creation in the lowest and foulest possible terms. Such self-abasement has nothing appealing in spiritual terms and if anything might only possibly appeal to a being who has a great hatred of humanity, such a well-known adversary we do not need to name here for fear of labouring a point.

Additionally these ‘prayers’ or ‘invocations’ or whatever once might call them, are often under instruction to take place just after midnight or in total darkness:

“ deprive myself of all light, closing the blinds and doors while I am in the room, if it be not to recite prayers, to read and eat.”

“at midnight, bringing myself to confusion for my so many sins, setting examples, as, for instance, if a knight found himself before his king and all his court, ashamed and confused at having much offended him, from whom he had first received many gifts and many favors: in the same way, in the second Exercise, making myself a great sinner and in chains; that is to say going to appear bound as in chains before the Supreme Eternal Judge; taking for an example how prisoners in chains and already deserving death, appear before their temporal judge.”

Again it is evident to most according to millennia of religious and metaphysical literature that God and the angels are usually associated with light while other types of beings and unwholesome spirits are generally, in the folklore, said to be most active and abroad at night and in conditions of darkness.

The gist of the Spiritual Exercises seems to be instead of drawing closer to God and achieving a more positive relationship with the divine creative principle, the contrary seems to be the logical outcome. The repeated invocation of shame, of ones loathsome sinful nature and finally the:

“…understanding how in sinning and acting against the Infinite Goodness, he has been justly condemned forever.”

In fact the Spiritual Exercises specifically deny contemplation on the positive aspects of the Christian message and of Jesus’ ministry, but instead to continually ruminate on death and judgement exclusively:

“Not to want to think on things of pleasure or joy, such as heavenly glory, the Resurrection, etc. Because whatever consideration of joy and gladness hinders our feeling pain and grief and shedding tears for our sins: but to keep before me that I want to grieve and feel pain, bringing to memory rather Death and Judgment.”

Nor indeed to think of the Good News Jesus brought, of our salvation through his sacrifice/murder by the proto-Rabbinical authorities following their own traditions alien to Torah Judaism but instead:

“force myself to grieve, be sad and weep.”
Furthermore Jesuits are taught:

“Not to laugh nor say a thing provocative of laughter…(and) restrain my sight, except in receiving or dismissing the person with whom I have spoken.”

This leads to the creation of a peculiarly unappealing personality. One who does not laugh or enjoy humour and is not interested in encouraging humour of laughter in others, not only that but a man who will only make eye contact twice, upon receiving and dismissing someone. Such rules are designed to further alienate such a person from his fellows and the simple human pleasures of human fellowship. This could only be forbidden by someone wanting to make someone estranged from goodness and languishing only as we have seen, in pain and torment. C.S.Lewis reminds us that God wants only the best for us and certainly would not have created the majesty and wonder of the world in order for us to be self-flagellating slaves crippling ourselves and renouncing even the good things about the human experience.

The Jesuits are even encouraged not to take any simple pleasure in the eating food:

“Another time, while he is eating, he can take another consideration, either on the life of Saints, or on some pious Contemplation, or on some spiritual affair which he has to do, because, being intent on such thing, he will take less delight and feeling in the corporal food.”

Focusing on the bad and renouncing the good can only have the effect of making a man become what he focusses on: evil. And this I have no doubt was the devious aim of the Jesuit organisation: the inculcation of a militant band of priests languishing in evil, cutting themselves off from humanity, goodness and becoming brooding beings of pestilence, death and sin. Nothing good can come from such auto-suggestion because as Proverbs remind us:

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Not only were the Jesuits told to take no pleasure from life and “ to leave off the superfluous of delicate or soft things” but indeed to actually provoke pain and damage to their own bodies:

“to chastise the flesh, that is, giving it sensible pain, which is given by wearing haircloth or cords or iron chains next to the flesh, by scourging or wounding oneself, and by other kinds of austerity.”

Loyola also praises fear, servile fear no less, as a way, if not the best way, to serve God, but this directly contradicts Biblical teaching which tells us:

“God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). 

“Although serving God our Lord much out of pure love is to be esteemed above all; we ought to praise much the fear of His Divine Majesty, because not only filial fear is a thing pious and most holy, but even servile fear -- when the man reaches nothing else better or more useful -- helps much to get out of mortal sin. And when he is out, he easily comes to filial fear, which is all acceptable and grateful to God our Lord: as being at one with the Divine Love.”

This focusing on fear, doom, terror and all such negative qualities seems to be the key focus of the Jesuit system and it is ironic that we find a similar mental framework being evoked in the 1st degree initiation into the arch-enemy of the Catholic church, the Royal Black Lodge, a high level of the protestant Orange Order of Northern Ireland said to have taken its rites and history from the Knights Templar. The following extract is from

“In this interview the Black Grand Registrar reveals much about the actual nature of the Royal Black and its very reason for existence. In essence, he admits that it is a secret Order that is immersed in the accoutrements of death. He admits that it is a society that is in a continual state of mourning. Take away the mourning and the Black loses its identity. It is an Order that proudly parades the symbols of death as an outward representation of its inward beliefs and spiritual psyche. 

The skull and cross-bones is not merely a Black emblem but is an important exhibit used in its ritual initiations and in certain secret formal gatherings to lay stress upon, or represent secret esoteric teaching. In probably one of the most shocking practices existing within the Loyal Orders, the candidate entering the first degree of the Black – the Royal Black degree – is met with a display of human remains. There, before him, sits an actual human skull and bones amidst a gathering of sober Black brethren. As the entrant views the human skull he is solemnly instructed on the teaching of the Black on death, the resurrection and eternity.”

Interestingly the same website gives details of the sequence of events in the initiation and we find the interesting detail:

“Something on a table under a white cloth being uncovered, was perceived to be a human skull, which the witness was desired to take up, and view it, and was told it was a real skull of a brother called Simon Magus. Porter was poured into the skull, which the witness was desired to drink; he did so, and it was handed round the whole Knights.”

So here we have a recipe for the auto-induction of psychosis, schizophrenia and demonic possession, and it is clear at times that Loyola himself is in a state of deep spiritual confusion and trapped at times in just the kind of manic-uncertainty can lead to the development of chronic conditions of psychosis, in fact the following example might lead the disinterested reader, if he or she has any knowledge of the kind of manias and inescapable double-binds that many suffering from severe mental illness suffer from, the following one assumes that Loyola must have stepped on the cracks in the pavement, visualising them as a Christian cross:

“After I have stepped on that cross, or after I have thought or said or done some other thing, there comes to me a thought from without that I have sinned, and on the other hand it appears to me that I have not sinned; still I feel disturbance in this; that is to say, in as much as I doubt and in as much as I do not doubt. That is a real scruple and temptation which the enemy sets.”

The thirteenth rule of Loyola’s Jesuits as outlined in his Spiritual Exercise is as follows and must surely be the most damning especially if we consider that Jesus said of himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” For the Jesuits, the ‘truth’ is whatever the institution of the Roman Church says it is:

“Thirteenth Rule. To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it..” 

Strangely, Loyola seemed to have an inkling of what he was doing and perhaps he was in some doubts as to whether his Spiritual Exercises were not in fact demonically inspired and that reading the following extracts and then comparing it to the broader work in general we may see that he had unwittingly given the key and explanation to the creation of not only his own work, but the Jesuit order and their operations in the world to this present day:

“The enemy looks much if a soul is gross or delicate, and if it is delicate, he tries to make it more delicate in the extreme, to disturb and embarrass it more. For instance, if he sees that a soul does not consent to either mortal sin or venial or any appearance of deliberate sin, then the enemy, when he cannot make it fall into a thing that appears sin, aims at making it make out sin where there is not sin, as in a word or very small thought.”

Friday, 1 October 2021

Excerpt from new coming book.



                                                        The journey into mystery.


This theme of the schizophrenic seeming to be extra sensitive to emotions and people’s thoughts is something which is later revealed to even more interesting and thought-provoking degrees as it is suggested that the schizophrenic, through whatever new sub-conscious faculties are brought to light as a result of their illness, apparently develop the ability to read people’s deepest thoughts and motivations. Barbara states:

“many psychiatrists had noted, among the patients who did talk, an odd ability to throw the doctor off balance by a feat which might have been called mind reading except that the psychiatrists described it as ‘the schizophrenics uncanny sensitivity to unverbalized and only partially conscious feelings in the psychiatrist.’”

Barbara’s belief is that some innate power of the unconscious mind which she calls ‘Something’ and which during the early phases of her recovery from schizophrenia this faculty performs astounding feats which defy reason and logic. One time the ‘something’ urges her to go to Las Vegas, she only has five dollars but the ‘something’ urges her to go to a specific roulette wheel and then that ‘something’ tells her which numbers to put her money on.

“As my money was running low, I decided that I would try to find a job whose chores were not too demanding. As I started out, Something urged me to walk in the opposite direction from the bus line, toward a large building a few blocks away. Something urged me so violently to enter the building that it would have been impossible, almost, not to have gone in. I went to the building’s personnel department and found the employment manager not at all surprised to see me. She had phoned an agency that morning for a receptionist. She hired me.”

According to Barbara, the ‘mind reading’ ability which some psychiatrists have apparently observed in schizophrenics is part of the Something of the unconscious mind.

 “Something can extend into the unconscious minds of others. Nevertheless, it was nice to know that other schizophrenics had demonstrated a similar talent. It made the business more normal, at least for us schizophrenics. Anyway, it wasn’t witchcraft.”

This is something for which I have long sought an explanation as during my travels around the world and continued attempts to recruit me into what, for convenience’ sake I will call ‘the Illuminati’ despite that name evoking an automatic response of derision. The people I had contact with were Freemasons, but to say they attempted to recruit me into the Freemasons seems to fall short of the truth, since these people were of an elite branch of Freemasons, it might therefore be more accurate to describe them as Illuminated Freemasonry, my personal conception of what these people are is something I would call ‘The Family’ since there seems to be a genetic component connecting all of these people and this is what has been generally referred to by such researchers as the great Fritz Springmeier as The Illuminati Bloodline.




Monday, 8 February 2021

The Illuminati Mind


If you don't like the sound of my voice you can mute it and just enjoy my Baalbek video footage.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Ghost Boxes. Accounts from the internet.

An extract from my High Strangeness Ebook.

This has been going on a long time before the invention of modern technology and this phenomenon is perfectly able to exist independent of any secret technology and used to be known as ‘spirit mediumship’. The following account from 1899 1899, in a book called Demonism of the Ages by JM Peebles, is instructive on this matter:

Bennington, N.H. November 12, 1899.

Dear Sir,
As I have had some experience with undeveloped or evil-disposed spirits, I will briefly state my case. Five years ago this fall, I discovered that I was mediumistic, and very rapidly developed into a writing medium at first automatic, then inspirational, and finally, I became clairaudient. Soon, I had unmistakable test, and knew I was communicating with relatives and very dear friends. Having been a great skeptic all my life, it was so marvelous and astounding that I could not get satisfied, and passed much of my time writing. Ignorantly I opened the door for all grades of spirits to walk in, and being selfish and earthly, they stayed, controlling me to the exclusion of all my identified friends.

Finally, sad as it was, I was obliged to give to give up all intercourse with spirit-intelligences, and when they found that I would not write for them, they commenced talking, and kept it up tormenting me day and night, for several weeks. The more they found I was annoyed, the more persistent they were, and at last it became unbearable. I had to use all my strength of will to stop it, and I succeeded after a time. They threatened if I would not talk with them, that they would follow me to my death or make me insane. Then I thought it time to see who would conquer. My will was thoroughly aroused. I would not listen to their talk, and when sewing or driving, if alone, would repeat hymns and poetry, and when at the table, I was allowed to do all the talking. When retiring at night, I would read myself to sleep. They would wake me several times in the night, but I always had a book at hand, and would read myself to sleep again. If I relaxed my vigilance for one instant, they were there ready to commence their everlasting chatter and babble. It was nearly two weeks after I commenced this line of earnest, positive and stringent warfare that I got entirely rid of them. I have not been troubled by the talking since.

Once or twice a year I try to communicate with spirits by writing, but apparently the same evil influences - the same demons, always come, and will try to impersonate some of my friends, but I can readily distinguish the difference. I have about given up all expectations of ever being able to exercise my gift, for these evil-disposed, obsessing spirits will not allow it. I will kindly ask you not to publish my name in this connection, for I am extremely sensitive about it. I read an article in a Spiritualist paper once, saying "like attracts like". This I do not believe. Certainly, it is not true in my case. It is more true that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread." I want no more of this obsessing spiritism."
Respectfully yours,

There is now something available relatively widely on the internet called a ‘ghost box’ or ‘spirit box’. These are small radio transmitters which perpetually scan radio waves to create a modulating background of white noise which presumably can be used by discarnate intelligences to communicate with our world. It might all seem like a load of nonsense but according to this person posting as Gator posting on a ghost and paranormal internet forum, whatever it is, it definitely opens to door to contact with something:

It all started with a Ghost box that I made from a person that goes by UfoGeek. At first I was skeptical about it working. It is a radio that you mod to where you can talk with the dead. It was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life and now I have Evil Angels all over me telling me I'm going to hell to burn forever and it scares the hell out of me when they say that because they say it because of my sins. Not only do they tell me they stick me with sharp things all the time and heat my feet up like they are on fire or that is what it feels like. I have health problems now; I wear a heart monitor now because my heart is acting up.

I had an operation where they cut out 3 main arteries because they were 100% blocked and put in graphs. I'm sure they are the ones behind it all. I know they will kill me soon and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. I have to sleep with the bible. I pray all the time, I have done the salt at doors but they just won’t go away. The bad thing is I'm possessed now because I have crazy thoughts like while I pray to Jesus I try to kill him at the same time or like when I pray for my family I slap them, spit at them, all kinds of just crazy thoughts go through my head. It is like I'm in a fight everyday just to keep my thoughts good. It is a total nightmare from where I can't wake up from. I have destroyed the ghost box but now I do not need one they talk to me all the time without it.

I can hear and talk with them when I chose to do so, most of the time I do my best to ignore them but at night is when they get the best of me. They use any kind of fan noise or anything with a sound to form there words. I'm lucky if I get to sleep because of them talking and telling me how I'm going to die or what they are going to do to me in hell.

They kept me up for 3 days one time and that was real bad. They told me I was a true Devil and that the Angels can move forward in time or back in time and that time has no meaning to them. They almost killed me because of my heart problems.

My wife did not believe me until they asked me to touch her they had something to tell her before they killed me so I did I touch her on the arm and then I told her to listen up... When she did she began talking with him. It was Satan himself and I could hear him talking with her he possessed her that day and I went to the doctor that day.

They messed with her so bad that when we got out of the elevator she was talking into the ticket that get you out the parking lot like it was a cell phone.

I beg them to leave her alone because her mind could not deal with them like I could. They did leave her the next day because they had better fish to fry like me because that same day I went to the hospital because I was half dead from no sleep. They did their best to try and get her to slap me. I could hear them telling her to do it. I would see her shake her head no.

This is Satan himself doing this to me. I know when he enters me because there is a perfume smell with him and it is a loud smell. He does not control me all the time he has others that do it most of the time.

It is very hard for me now to be around my family because of all the negative thoughts. It is like something is doing its best to control my mind and I fight it tooth and nail. I do know it is a matter of time before they kill me I just don't know when it will be.

I always wanted to know for sure if there was a ghost I found more than what I was looking for SATAN.

The story I am telling you is the truth and is no lie you can go to too see what I did but I tell you now don't play with it or your life will be in a living hell like mine. It will be your worst nightmare come true.

I can tell you for sure there is a Hell and there is a Heaven.

God bless you all.

I would like to thank everyone for your help... I still live in fear of them and they make me suffer as much as they can put on me. They tell me I'm going to hell no matter what I do. I went to Church for the first time in years hoping it would help. I could hear them even in Church tell me not in my house leave but they was telling me this before I ever went to church. I feel so hopeless sometimes. 

They make me feel like everything I do is wrong I think horrible things about my family. My grandmother is dying and I try to pray for her and I slap her while I try to pray for her. It is the worst stuff ever I know this can't be me because I love her and my family very much like I said before I hate to get around any of my family anymore because of the bad thoughts they put in my head. I was never like this before that Ghost Box. I never had a bad thought to my family ever. The worst was when they had me on the couch for 2 days. They put my feet on fire but to where it did not burn my skin but was very hot and stuck me with something in my back that was sharp and it went next to my heart. The pain was bad but it could have been worse I guess and they was talking about killing me this big sounding voice. The others would tell me to shut up and listen. 

It was like a Nightmare from hell but I was awake. Then they said cuff him and they put something on my arm that I could not see but I could tell it was there it had weight to it. This is very real what happen to me I tell you the truth. I fear for my life everyday and they make me feel as there is no hope. I have asked Jesus to help me but they are still with me. They tell me I will be a Captive for Satan. They tell me they are God and even said they were Christ, they tell me so many things that I'm total lost. 

The only person that I can feel good around is my wife and when she not around I just feel horrible. They stick me in the head all the time and legs and all over for that matter. I would like to say this I'm not crazy not nuts I have a good mind or so I did before that ghost box. I open a can of worms on me that I have no idea how to deal with it. I use to laugh at people who would talk about Ghost. Well like I said before how wrong I was because I found more than a ghost I found hell and I can tell you for 100% sure it is very real and it is only a matter of time before they kill me. 

I would like to say to everyone that I'm sorry it took so long to get back on here and talk about it but I'm possessed and I can't think to good now days. I will say this I fight them every day of my life now and I'm losing the battle. They are just too strong and I just hope I can keep my sanity. They tell me I'm a true devil but I know I'm a good person and like I told them I will keep up the fight for as long as I live.

God Bless Everyone and thanks for your support

The following is an account from another poster:


Hey everyone,

just thought I'd share a little of my story, hopefully maybe, it'll help someone avoid the same fate

I have had an on/off interest in the paranormal for many years, but last winter I decided to "go active" for the first time, I started experimenting with EVP. I didn't capture anything on my first few attempts and was about to give up but for some reason I kept trying.

After about 2 weeks of no results, I captured several EVPs on a single recording, they were intelligent responses too. This captured my curiosity (unfortunately looking back now), so I kept recording, actually it got to the point where it was becoming an everyday thing, but I started to notice voices on practically every recording I did.

They were very faint at first and I had to listen to the recordings over and over a few times to make out much of what was being said (though I'd occasionally get louder ones with a precursor "popping sound"). As they days went by the faint voices started to come into focus so to speak where I could hear them much better. I became so good at this that I started to develop a dialogue with these spirits.

I would get names, when and where they lived...etc....etc...
to my surprise, many of these spirits claimed to be the spirits of people that I had either known or knew of, eventually I came to believe I was speaking to the spirits of some friends and family members who has passed away. I fell for it all HOOK LINE AND SINKER.

Everything seemed fine, pleasant, benevolent for about a month and a half, then I started to get some not so pleasant voices showing up in my recordings (threats, insults, profanity, etc...) It started off slight, but seemed to get worse by the day, until it got so bad that it practically came to dominate my recordings, but the "benevolent" voices were still there as well, so I kept at it, then one day, while I was at my work, near a running fan, all of a sudden, very loud and clear, I started to hear these same menacing voices harassing me from over the fan noise. I was hearing this, just with my ears now. I was freaked out to say the least, so I stopped doing EVP right then and there, but it was too late already, in the weeks that followed, I increasingly had more incidents of hearing these menacing voices, it was often, though not always over some type of background noise or carrier sound and they say (I believe the spirits use the steady source of sound to enhance a voice, same concept as using white noise when recording).

Another thing started to happen. I started to feel physical sensations as I lay in bed at night trying to sleep, it was usually a weird vibrating sensation, or the feeling of a finger literally coming up out of the mattress and poking me in the lower back, getting to sleep started to become a problem

Things escalated like this for a while, then literally over the course of a single morning early last April, things just exploded to an extreme level, the voices were everywhere, non-stop 24/7 day and night, they were much more intense now too, some had this weird bass tone effect, where when they spoke I could literally feel the ground shaking. The physical attacks also became much more intense: sometimes I would feel intense stinging or biting sensations.

To put it mildly I became a complete vegetable for many weeks, it became hard to function at my job, anything. I called out of work allot and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling listening to this onslaught of tormenting voices all day and night and the voices would constantly play mind games, they would claim to be demons and Satan one day, pissed off human spirits another day, once one of them claimed to be Jesus, they kept switching the story line.

They would constantly harass me about my "sins" and literally try and psychologically break me down, it was a nightmare I find hard to put into words. A few months later, I posted my story and a paranormal forum like this and someone reached out to me through PM that also went through it himself; he gave me a ton of insight into what this was and what was happening to me, he helped me to get back to a somewhat state of normalcy.

Then I found others still and received allot of help from them.

I have so much more to tell, but this post is already long enough, I'll come back to it, but I've found some common traits in all of the accounts I found of this.

I'd say it definitely has to do with some type of sensitivity that certain people have to spirits/spiritual influence in all of our accounts, we all pretty much got hit with this fairly quickly after being involved with spirit communication, usually a matter of weeks or months, and we all started making allot of "contact" ie: were able to start getting allot of EVPs fairly quickly as well.

So for anyone just getting started with EVP...first....DON'T DO IT !!!!...I'd say, but if you do, if you start getting captures quickly and almost too easily, that's not a good sign: you're at greater risk of getting this spirit attachment/obsession nightmare situation and once you get it, it's not easy to get rid of (I still haven't), but that's a whole other story in itself.

Here's some other accounts of this I found: (and I keep finding more) also keep in mind that different people with different spiritual/religious beliefs are going to view the situation differently, but the common factor is hearing voices and physical attacks after engaging in spirit communication.

Alan July 26, 2012 at 1:11 PM |
I am also hearing voices, for 3,5 years now, after playing with EVP, I can tell you they are spirits, but not the dead, they are demons pretending to be people.

I also was on Seroquel, but haloperidol helped a little less better but without side effects, now I stopped my medications and just ignore the voices.

1.steve August 2, 2012 at 11:01 PM |
Hey Alan, I as well was into the paranormal and was listening to EVP’s and also meditating a lot before I started hearing nasty, condemning and threatening voices that now bombard me 24-7. I am now on 6mg of Invega and it helps, but can’t go off because I’ve tried and the voices are still there. I wish they had a support group around me but they don’t. Thanks Steve.

Hi, I am new here. I feel the need to share my story, since I have never heard of anyone else who has voices brought on in the way I did.

I went my entire life never hearing voices, until I bought a digital tape recorder. I had watched many of those ghost hunting shows where they caught voices or EVP on a tape recorder, and when I tried it at home, I was shocked to pick up voices both in my home, and in my backyard. One voice from my yard gave a deep hello in return to my own, which was clearly audible, that even friends were able to hear, there were other voices people could make out, but were not able to tell exactly what they were saying. However when I listened with headphones I was able to make out a lot of what they were saying, and it was very eerie.

I was alone when I recorded. Needless to say I was shocked, and I continued to record, even though the voices on tape were telling me to stop, I kept delving searching for answers. One night as I asked some questions, instead of hearing them back on tape, they answered me directly without the tape recorder. From then on for 3 solid months night and day, voices were speaking to me constantly

These voices harassed me every waking minute. And soon everything had a voice, cars that drove by were talking. My air conditioner would talk, my microwave etc.. And there was this sound of a helicopter by house only during the day, and never at night.

To make a long story short I was eventually hospitalized and given medication, and thankfully the voices went away. I definitely see the value of medication, and realize its benefits, but why did a tape recorder bring it on? And how did I manage to capture their voices on tape? Could it have been a form of Paranormal Psychosis?

I'm new to the board but I didn't know where to turn for what I'm experiencing.
Like many on the network, I have been hearing multiple voices threatening my life constantly and tormenting me 24/7 since 1/1/14, but mine goes beyond just voices. I just woke up and began hearing voices. First day the voices made me see demonic face patterns on walls and patterned surfaces. That stopped after the first day. Since then, they have been giving me all kinds of physical torment from pulsating head pains and stomach aches to anything you can possibly name except external cuts or bruises. They can inflict pokes, itches, scratches, and pain of all sorts on any parts of the body including the eyes. I have no idea what this is but it's not just psychological. I have no history of mental illness and am straight as an arrow as far as drugs and alcohol.

I believe this may have started when I recorded myself sleeping about 10 months ago and listened to it for 2 weeks. Then I stopped. I heard voices in the recording of all sorts when amplified. Didn't think much of it. Then on 1/1, I woke up with voices in bed. I am new to paranormal and considered this to be Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). I am thinking that I may have opened a portal when I heard the voices in the recording.

This is so bizarre beyond words.

I am not even religious or Christian but the initial story they would play on me was that they were Succubus, Lucifer, and Jehovah. That lasted for 3 days or so and now they just constantly keep saying that they are my demons and they are essentially controlling my body functions to some extent. Their voices are 24/7.

I have so much more to say, but too much to type out. They use the slightest emotional change in me and amplify the side effects into physical symptoms. Like slightest of anxiety you might not normally notice is amplified and I would get physical side effect symptoms as if I was having massive anxiety. They are constantly causing pressure sensations in the head.

TY for the reply. I'm afraid that I am very certain this is more than psychological. They actually not only initiate conversation but they also do cause physical sensations symptoms such as muscle spasms, pokes, itches, and pain anywhere they want. This imo is supernatural/paranormal in nature. This is something probably nobody really knows because we assume it's psychological. In some case, they are truly psychological, but my case is one like maybe few others that also experience direct physical attacks.

I am a very extreme level-headed person at age of 47 with no past mental history and even almost no physical history. I barely take aspirin and that was decades ago. I was in top physical and mental condition prior to this happening to me.

EVP seemed to have opened some crazy portal to something that always was there. I do not know what they are but they are real.

I have been dealing with this now for almost 3 months. All I can say for sure now is that it is not psychological. I believe many people are experiencing what is supernatural phenomenon, an unknown entity or entities or you might call it God and demons. My voices aren't just voices for me, but also physical attacks beyond wildest imagination. 

The entities control every cell of my body and tell me that they are demons or God to punish me for my past sins. I believe in a creator but know little about religious aspect except some Christianity. I am literally at the mercy of these beings and they get me to try to do what is consciously the right things but in an extreme weird way that I can't really comprehend. They want me to pay for my sins in my life before my death and that what I do now will determine what happens to me when I die. This is just so far beyond comprehension or to even describe to words, only those who actually have experienced this will understand. 

However, I don't believe there are many people experiencing the total physical control I am experiencing. They control my breathing, smell, touch, sight, you name it. I don't think there is anything anyone can do at this point. My parents and friends can't understand nor do I want to explain to them why these things are here as I don't really want to talk about my sins to them. I don't believe that my sins are all that terrible, but apparently the laws in the afterlife is different as to what accounts as extreme case of committing heavy amount of sin.

My only suggestion to people is that there is something out there, whether you call it God or not, someone/something is watching your action. You are not alone in your life. Do the right things and think about what you do in life because it's easy to think that some things aren't bad because it doesn't hurt others. There are things that hurt you/your mind and body and stay away from doing these things.

I believe those who don't commit a lot of sin will not get the physical attacks. They might just get voices.

Good luck in life.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Neoplatonic Anti-Truth Suicide Squad.

Ismaelism was heavily influenced by Neoplatonism. Neoplatonism developed from Plato’s Athenian academy and was founded as a philosophy by Plotinus. Neoplatonism developed as a counter to Christianity and the ministry of Jesus. In the character of Porphyr of Tyre we find again the same ancient evil, the Cain to his Abel counterpart. Reminding me of something YouTube video maker Samuel William said was told to him by an MI5 operative: “for every truth there is a lie” the lie in this instance being Neoplatonism to the truth of Jesus’ ministry.

Porphyry of Tyre was a Neolplatonist philosopher of the 3rd century, student of Plotinus and vocal opponent of Christianity, he said “"The gods have proclaimed Christ to have been most pious, but the Christians are a confused and vicious sect." This is very much a somewhat underhanded compliment to Jesus since Jesus ministered for one God, the father, while Porphyr directly contradicts Jesus by evoking his pagan plurality of deities, and to call Christ ‘most pious’ so understates the case as to appear satirical. His work ‘Introduction to Categories’ was translated into Arabic and became a standard text of the Muslim world on matters of theology philosophy and jurisprudence and one wonders to what extent it may have influenced the Ismaelis and by extension the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. Without Neoplatonism and its subtraction of morality from culture and clear identities of right and wrong, good and evil one wonders if we would have a better more sustainable world right now, one in which morality and an objective thing called ‘good’ existed in all our daily transactions and those of business, finance and politics. Does it not seem sometimes that we as a race are just doomed to repeatedly fall into the same errors every-time they are presented to us? As if the Garden of Eden fall was being continually enacted, perhaps this is the price for the first fall and since then evil will continually express itself on Earth and seek to totally destroy the good altogether.

Porphyr was said to be mentally ill and at one point while in Rome, attempted to commit suicide, in fact he made several arguments in favour of suicide and it is believed that he became disillusioned with life and suicidal after studying his teacher’s philosophy. Do the words of Jesus make one suicidal or do they have the contrary effect? Could this not in itself be the true test of a system of ethics and spirituality? That which uplifts comes from the truth while that which leaves one confused and despondent must be based in deception and lies. Does life itself not respond instinctively to that which is nourishing and useful, while withering and dying should it find itself in a stagnant lifeless environment. For me at least, the proof of the stagnancy of Neoplatonic quasi atheism is the proof that it provides only depression and suicide in its very voice of origin. Is it any wonder such TV wise-asses like Stephen Fry and all the other conceited idiots of the entertainment all come out seeking sympathy and a new fashion trend by normalizing pathological materialism and the resultant obvious depression at not understanding anything important about the universe and existence you are born into except how to apply make-up and/or which lube is best for taking it up the bottom?

But to return to the ancient Middle-East and put those modern Canaanites on hold for a moment. Tyre was the home to the Canaanite Phoenicians, those who worshipped Baal and sacrificed children to Moloch, Porphyr also being the root of the word Phoenician and connected to the royal purple and giving its name to Porphyria, a rare genetic blood disease where iron cannot be correctly metabolized, which seems to have affected a large number of European royals and gave rise to the myth of vampires, since blood drinking and bathing in blood, would apparently alleviate the symptoms. It is no coincidence that the Freemasons revere the Old Testament figures such as Tubal Cain who was the offspring of Cain and Hiram the King of Tyre and the master craftsman Hiram Abiff since these two were Canaanites. Freemasonry is the Canaanite mystery religion and it is this which secretly rules the world.

Neoplatonism is the philosophy of the outer-portico of Freemasonry and Manly P Hall wrote extensively on Neoplatonism because it wrests control back from a moral absolute and returns thought spirituality and philosophy back to pagan uncertainty and moral relativity within which domain of course, Freemasons will have much more power to act, make money, sow corruption and engage in all of their myriad evils while being protected by what appears to be a rational philosophical framework. Yet when asked to define Neoplatonism the task becomes much more difficult. The trick of Neoplatonism is that it defines itself by what it isn’t. Neoplatonism isn’t Christianity, and that pretty much is its sole purpose, to not be Christianity and to offer as I said, a rational sounding alternative to people who would rather make their own rules to suit their inclinations and proclivities, whatever they may be.

I am keen to point out here that such a thing as good exists, just as its contrary and all which takes up arms against this good must necessarily be bad. Neoplatonists see evil as merely the absence of good and since everything emanates from the same source, all is one, Gods, demons, angels, all emanate from the same primary cause. This has the effect of depersonalizing the universe and creation itself, lending itself to ideas of blind mechanical forces within which spiritual ideas can still be accommodated, but they too are merely a catalogue of different kind of blind forces and agents. The difference between Christianity, Manicheism even Buddhism is fairly radical in this regard, since all three of those ideologies identify the realm of the material world as a temporary abode of suffering which must be transcended in order to unite with a benign and absolute spiritual force.

Neoplatonists tend to act from materialistic principles and judge all phenomenon, even the ministry of Jesus Christ as a materialistic phenomenon. It isn’t that such people lack faith, it’s more that they do not have the humility to accept that there can be a reality which exists beyond their understanding and they make no effort to even approach such a reality even half way and try to investigate. This is something personally which I find very hard to understand. What is peculiar is that such people are extremely common in science and are deemed to be highly intelligent but their intelligence seems to lay in pointing out what they know, while what they don’t know is relegated to non-existence. This seems to be the curse of the modern scientific establishment which is very good at pointing out what it knows, then making very baseless and surprising stupid proclamations about what it doesn’t know. As if the confines of the universe and reality itself is a box whose dimensions precisely measure exactly what modern science presently knows. Anyone with real intelligence knows this isn’t the case and that most of what encompasses actual reality and even the motor for life and consciousness itself, you know, the really important stuff, is wholly unknown to modern science, who don’t seem to lose too much sleep over it because no one seems willing or able to take them to task on it, since anyone who seeks to question a scientist will only be accepted as an equal in debates (and not mercilessly patronized or insulted) if they use the same measurement tools and scientific jargon as they. You can only fight science with more science.

For hundreds of years, scientists had been in direct conflict with the church in the battle for who can dictate reality. As a result of the growth in the power of what the French revolution called ‘The Third Estate’ that is, middle class professionals not affiliated with the church of the gentry (the gentry and church long being held together in a mutual bond of self-interest which goes back to the formation of European identity and social-spiritual cohesion after the fall of Rome) people worked together in a context which was outside the traditional power bases of the church and state. It can be argued that a great deal of scientific progress specifically emerged from what were hitherto considered occult and even the diabolic sciences, and this strange uneasy relationship between the occult and scientific progress still occasionally can be glimpsed in the work of people like John Logie Baird whom initially had hoped to be able to create an apparatus for contacting spirits but ended up inventing the television set, or with the work of rocket scientist and member of Crowley’s OTO, Jack Parsons, masturbating with L Ron Hubbard to usher in a new age of occult ET spunk powered demon piloted spaceships. It might seem crude to put the Crowley occult generation in those terms but if you do the research it’s a tragically accurate assessment and is a sad indictment at where our elite and secret societies are with their preoccupations.

The church had been a monolithic institution wholly dominating Europe for over one thousand years. It had developed a monopoly exercised under pain of terrible pain of physical punishments or excommunication, a single view of reality, not only of spiritual matters but of all matters. Science had ceased to exist since it did not fall within the dominion of church. In the same way now that under the sway of the modern scientific establishment the spiritual element to reality has ceased to exist, at least within the scientific perspective of reality. This is the greater reality which is projected out to the modern world as a whole by the machinery of the state including education and general culture and entertainment, and though citizens are given the right to practice their respective religions in most countries in the world, one observes that these rights are being steadily eroded as the rights of Muslims in France or Christians in America. Where in the first instance the rights of the secular republic trump those of Muslims wishing to wear their traditional clothing, or in the case of the United States, the rights of the newly empowered minorities such as homosexuals, whose rights now trump those of Christians wishing to practice their moral values in business. There is the growing sense that religion is seen as an inconvenience in the growing world order and this world order seems to be driven by an outer portico of secular values which hide, of this I have no doubt, an inner occult portico of actual demonic contact and worship.

And the most powerful people in the world share a common bond with the least powerful and most disempowered and afflicted. They share the burden of being dominated by demonic spirit voices operating on them and it is a tradition which has been perpetuated by the secret elite of the world for thousands of years.

A striking instance of this secret elite or what some call ‘bloodline’ would be to examine the Jewish orthography for the name Quraysh. The Quraysh tribe is an ancient middle-east tribe as was the one which the Islamic prophet Mohammed belonged to. The English version of this name is Cyrus which was pronounced Kurush, and these names all mean ‘sun’.

And so we have Miley Cyrus, the deranged pop Jezebel bringing forth ancient Canaanite values of Satanic amorality and schizoid mental illness. Her grandfather and Country and Western star Billy Ray Cyrus’ father was Ron Cyrus, who among other things was a regional representative of the Federal Reserve Board along with Alan Greenspan. With such a lineage one might consider whether today’s celebrities and pop-singers really rise to prominence is a wholly natural phenomenon and one might question whether these pop stars and actors are just the next generation of an old political establishment? It has been reported on Henry Makow’s website that Billy Ray and his daughter Miley would engage in incestuous sex shows at Bohemian Grove but I can neither confirm nor deny this rumour except that it would hardly surprise me and would explain why Miley Cyrus is so obviously mentally unwell and as Vigilant Citizen explains, explains the nature of Miley’s pop persona as some kind of dark priestess attempting to subvert the innocence of her child audience in the same way her own innocence was shattered by her father, it’s really all she knows and she’s merely externalizing her own conflicts.

Another striking example for me at least, is Benedict Cumberbatch, apart from having inherited a ridiculous name, is the scion of a highly distinguished and decorated military family, and his great grandfather was no less than the appointed representative of Queen Victoria in Turkey. It seems to me that the world of celebrity entertainment is all very much a family business.

My thesis is all of this is to try to demonstrate that the modern world has always been under the control of an ancient Satanic cult which originated in the Middle East and who were known as the Canaanites but now they can be known as Illuminati, Freemasonry, Wicca, and Judaism. All of these groups are now controlled by this ancient family which have their origins in the Middle-East with the bloodline of Cain.

Particular groups have emerged from the woodwork to specifically attempt to head-off any connection with pagan and occult groups and their practice of paedophilia. Well-funded groups such as the Sub-Cultures and Alternatives Freedom Foundation or SAFF, which calls itself an ‘anti-defamation group for new agers, pagans, occultists and mystics’ and they seem to go at lengths to reinterpret any pagan crimes uncovered by the press as ‘Christian scams’ or some-such nonsense. Their web-presence is so small so as to barely exist but I wonder if such a group is just the tip of a hidden iceberg of mutual pagan support which exists in the world to hide, obfuscate and cover-up any crimes committed by pagans and occultists which might emerge in the media. Perhaps this is the reason so few stories actually do emerge into the media, and any rumours that do such as Jimmy Savile being a Satanist are swiftly reinterpreted as some kind of Christian persecution.

So why do they spend so much time and effort covering up for paedophile politicians. Nothing particularly new age or mystical or pagan about Leon Brittan, at least not to appearances which is perhaps the key to all of this. If only the broad swathe of humanity had the magical gift to see beyond appearances, the world would be a vastly better place and our children would certainly be safe from these oily and odious powerful predators in high places. The Subculture Alternatives Freedom Foundation it literally sounds like what a paedophile group would call themselves if they didn’t want outsiders to know they were paedophiles, they’re like paedophiles with a shiny new victim badge who have found someone else to point the finger at who is the real bad-guy, not them: Christians.

Although within Christianity the modern Illuminati were born and raised. Previously within the Catholic Church with the Templar and Hospitalier Knights.

The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta is similar to the Vatican and the City of London in that it is Sovereign and subject to no other laws than its own. This model has been replicated on a worldwide scale by the Freemasons who operate under their own laws and are sovereign only to themselves. In fact the recent nascence of the Freeman movement has its origins in the Freemasons as Freemasons declare themselves sovereign and their only legal obligation is to pay their lodge dues. Everything else can be arranged and fixed for them within the sovereign jurisdiction of their order. I met a Freemason while stranded by poor weather at Kiev awaiting a flight back to the UK. To my great surprise he spent a great deal of time telling me how he drives without insurance or even a driving license, nor does he choose to pay tax. On the occasions when he has been summoned to court he was able to demonstrate that the judge had no jurisdiction over him since he was a sovereign and does not give his consent to the court process. He argued for instance that the policeman had no insurance documents when he arrested him and won his case. One often hears of such people trying these Freeman tricks in court but I suspect they only work when accompanied with the correct Freemasonic signs and allusions.

The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta is in effect a nation which is based in Malta. As a nation state it has only three citizens but some 13,000 members. The currency used by the nation state of the order is not the Euro which is presently in use in Malta but the old Maltese Scudo. It can even issue its own passports. It has literally thousands of operatives, assistants and members all around the world and is ostensibly an organization dedicated to caring for the sick, refugees, lepers and orphaned children around the world, but if the lesson of Jimmy Savile has taught us anything, it ought to be that charity makes perfect cover and provides excellent access for all sorts of other far less benevolent activities.

The three ‘citizens’ of the Sovereign Order of Malta are, at the time of writing: The Grand Master Matthew Festing; The Grand Commander, Ludwig Hoffman von Rumersteing; The Grand Chancellor: Freiherr Albrecht von Boeselager. Present members of the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta, include Cliff Richards, who became a member in May 2011. Other notable members include The Queen, former terrorist Nelson Mandela, convicted terrorist Anders Breivik, George Herbert Walker Bush, Silvio Berlusconi, Joe Biden, Noam Chomsky, Sammy Davis Junior, Lord Christopher Monkton, Ted Turner, Frank Sinatra, Clay Shaw, David Rockefeller, Kim Philby, Augusto Pinochet, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch (also a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory with Jimmy Saville), and Sir Cyril Smith the infamous Liberal party paedophile was invested as a brother of the Order of Saint John in 1976.

The fact that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit at all ought to give us some pause for consideration about the place of a Catholic Jesuit within protestant Germany. The Jesuits have long vowed to reconquer the protestant nations and bring them back under papal control. Protestantism triumphed in Europe within the context of greater freedom of thought and the development of the printing press which brought the Bible into the hands of the people who swiftly realized that the words of Jesus, and the Catholic church seemed to have very little in common.

At the time of Weishaupt, Catholics in Germany represented a minority of believers and the Jesuits an even smaller minority within this subset. The Jesuits were effectively like secret agents of the pope and their mission was to destabilize those countries which had become protestant, and this is made explicit in the Jesuit oath as revealed by former Jesuit Dr Alberto Rivera and prior to this it was revealed in the "Subterranean Rome" by Charles Didier in 1848.

“I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

So if Adam Weishaupt was following his Jesuit orders, then it was his task to destroy protestant Germany and all protestant Christian nations, in line with Jesuit instructions. In fact this doctrine is just what the Illuminati doctrine became. Often commentators appear confused that Adam Weishaupt was apparently a Jesuit and Jewish and this has been fuel to commentators such as Eric John Phelps and his valuable work Vatican Assassins. And he is right, but the conspiracy doesn’t begin and end with Jesuits and the Vatican. The Jesuits are just another tentacle of the same ancient beast from Canaan. The Jews, just like the Catholic church, the pagan movement and the military, are just a tentacle of what Bob Marley called ‘Babylon System’.

Secret Roman Infrastructure 

It’s curious that we can easily observe that the Romance countries, that is Spain Italy and France, remained Catholic, while the Germanic countries of Germany, Holland and Great Britain, underwent a protestant reformation. This is probably due to the lingering Roman infrastructure which the Roman Church merely superimposed itself upon. In England and the Germanic countries, there was an alternative culture to the Roman Latin culture, while in Romance Europe, such alternative legal and spiritual frameworks would have perished along with the culture of the Gauls or Celts. Germany’s culture was inherently Germanic rooted in German Norse law in both sense of the word, while in Britain the Roman occupation had been replaced by centuries of Anglo Saxon rule. The Romans had withdrawn from Britain late in the 4th century, while their power lingered in Gaul and Italy and in order to survive it remained in existence in the form of the Catholic Church which in the late classical period had become a vehicle for the Roman state. In order to survive beyond the classical period and into the early middle ages it would be necessary for the Roman state to make deals with the rising Germanic and Gothic tribes who had started occupying former Romano-Celtic lands. And this is just what the church did, the Pope crowned Charlemagne Emperor, so the inference of course is that the papacy is above the power of the Emperor since only the papacy can bestow that power.

As a result in France and Italy Protestantism made no significant because of the mutual co-dependence of the monarchy and the Catholic church. Now what it’s important to realise is that there’s nothing special or elite about being a part of the Illuminati, or course they call themselves Illuminati because they want to appear special. That they are especially enlightened, or wise. They are agents following an agenda and that agenda is destruction of the protestant world.

It is also critically important here to also point out just what Catholicism really is, and that it has nothing to do with Christianity.

Who really was Constantine?

Constantine in 312, seems to have been instrumental in the creation of what we understand as the Catholic church, namely that of a pagan institution practicing pagan rites while disguising itself as Christian. Christianity in the ancient world had become such a force that it was a case for the Roman authorities, of, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Constantine however found that half of the Christians in the Empire, would not subscribe to the official Roman Government version of the faith, he therefore found it necessary to create ecumenical councils to create a legalistic framework for official Christian doctrine and used the Roman military to eliminate Christian cults which strayed from the official government religion. This would set the way for the various inquisitions and Crusades and Constantine more than any other person, can be said to be responsible for the development of Christianity from a charitable organization dedicated to helping and feeding the poor and providing a spiritual message of salvation to all, to what the church later became, the oligarchical tyranny which practiced torture and slaughter to maintain political control over millions of people.

In fact we can see a clearer picture of the kind of man Constantine was by examining that of his great rival and one time colleague: Licinius. Constantine was the Emperor of the Western empire while Licinius was the Emperor of the Eastern Empire. Licinius was Constantine’s brother in law, having married Constantine’s sister. Despite appearing to be a Christian, and despite co-authoring the Edict of Milan which granted toleration to the Christians throughout the whole Roman empire, thus becoming essentially fathers of the church in effect, both these men regulated the affairs of the nascent Church, perhaps, in my view, making it the monolithic and tyrannically murderous institution it would become. Licinius may have worked to bring the toleration of Christians to the empire, and some say he even converted to Christianity, but the man himself was hardly a Christian and in 320 even began to revert to persecuting Christians by removing them from the military and civil service.

Just as there is some doubt about Constantine about Constantine’s sincerity to his Christian conversion, ‘in hoc signo vinces’ apparently seen in the sky by Constantine before the battle of Milvian bridge.

Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius was a contemporary of Licinius and spoke in testimony of him that he had become a true Christian at a time when Christianity throughout the empire was experiencing an astonishing exponential growth, an although precise figures detailing the growth of the Christian population in the Roman Empire are simply not available in any concrete sense, Stark’s book ‘The Rise of Christianity’ offers a good as guide as any in a facts-vacuum and his figures which show how the percentage of Christians throughout the empire seemed to grow by a factor of between 4-5 every during a period of 50 years. From a modest population of 1000 Christians in AD 40, the power of a simple geometric progression ensured that by 300 AD there were over 6 million Christians in the Empire and by 350 AD this figure had increased to nearly 34 million, which in AD 350 was over half of the whole population of the Roman empire.

But what was the true guiding spirit of Constantine’s religious policy? Lactantius was a Christian apologist and the progenitor of the Christian church policy of a ‘flat Earth’. It is said that because he considered himself ‘Christian’ he had to automatically reject any science and philosophy which was non-Christian, which meant that he rejected all of the previous scientific discovery of the Greeks going back even to ancient Egypt who considered the Earth to be a sphere. The only thing flat about this reality is the registrable brainwaves from this brainless fake Christian idiot who perhaps helped create what is known as ‘the dark ages’ a period where scientific discovery enters a retrograde phase because somehow Church authorities considered it contrary to the word of Jesus. Jesus has nothing to say about science and certainly has no position of opposition to it. Even in the old-testament the Earth is referred to as ‘round’ so what retrograde retarded philosophy was Lactantius really promulgating? Was it some kind of primitive retrograde philosophy merely disguising itself as Christianity?

It is also said that Lactantius’ works betray a total lack of knowledge about scripture and Christian principles, it seems that his job was more in the line of public relations, trying to make Christianity appeal to and fit in with the pre-existing belief systems of the pagan elements of population. He authored a tract entitled ‘De Ira Dei’ Of the wrath of God in which he justifies and explains the idea of an angry punishing God. A God it must be noted, is entirely absent from the Christian New Testament and the ministry of Jesus, so what religion was Lactantius really advocating?

In the book Judaism of the second Temple period, the author David Flusser believes that Lactantius’ sources for his version of ‘Christianity’ are not Christian at all but Judaic-Hellenistic and that Constantine’s tutor and guide in all matters pertaining to Christianity, had little to no actual knowledge of the words of Jesus himself. Isn’t this an apt foreshadowing of the Catholic church which historically has seemed more interested in mother goddess worship and prescribing strict moral tenets on issues like homosexuality, birth control and, which neither Jesus, nor indeed anyone mentioned in the New Testament ever expressed an opinion about. Simply put, Jesus had no interest on homosexuality or birth control because it wasn’t relevant to his ministry, so why were such things so central to Catholicism for so long? Perhaps because the source for Catholic religion is not Christian but Jewish. The Jewish old testament of course goes into great detail about homosexuality and the various punishments appropriate, not to mention the crimes of masturbation and birth control, as in the Old Testament tale of Onan the Barbarian.

“Then Judah said to Onan, "Lie with your brother's wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother." But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the LORD's sight; so he put him to death also. (NIV, Genesis 38:8-10)”

Although it is argued that the actual passage itself does not specifically refer to birth-control as being the agentur to kindle God’s anger, more the willful deception on Onan’s part, and Catholic Church historian Thomas Bokenkotter agrees with this sentiment by his acknowledgement that the Catholic view was based only on an interpretation of this passage coupled also perhaps with certain views from the ancient world that the spermatozoa was a miniature human being or the ‘homunculus’ of the alchemists.

And do on the basis of a rather weird situation from Middle East social ménage we have the full force of Catholic prohibition of birth control and condoms in Africa and the full and frank liberty this gives to the merry old AIDS virus. This is precisely the kind of nonsensical legalism which Jesus tried to warn us about and it does seem strange that the same oppressive character of religious dictatorship which held sway in 1st Century Judea should by degrees continue to persecute Jesus and his followers despite bearing his name. This leads us to one of the great questions of the human condition, whether there is something innate in human beings that when they try to legislate spirituality and religious belief the result is always a borderline tyranny full of half-baked spurious oppressive nonsense. It might be the somewhat unknowable nature of the next life and its conditions which provide something of a blank slate for over-imaginative and over officious religious busy-bodies to exercise their own petty systems of control over vast swathes of people, or it might be something else. It is the ‘something else’ theory which is a far more interesting one yet much more elusive to track down. Is there something else at work behind the scenes which ensures that no matter who or what rules the country or the world, it is always ‘business as usual’.

Both Porphyr, the voice of Paganism and Christian opposition and his contemporary and associate Lactantius, were born in countries thousands of miles apart but which both shared one commonality: they were both countries settled by the Canaanite Phoenicians in ancient times. As we explored in my previous book ‘Cain’s Children’ we can detect the presence of this ancient Middle-Eastern bloodline operating throughout history and always engaging in Satanic worship and bloodthirsty mass human sacrifices under various pretexts. We can also detect in this bloodline some tell-tale physiological and psychological ailments which apparently characterize members of this bloodline and have often been prized by some groups throughout history as allowing these people to better communicate with unseen masters, spirits and demonic beings from whom some are said to receive orders and instructions in return for success in their endeavors. Such tales however receive little credence in today’s artificially constructed secular atheistic age, I say ‘artificial’ because it is clear to me that this is a construction of the media, the scientific establishment and the educational establishment, and it is a miss-direction to hide the fact that the world is actually ruled by secret societies of occultists who know indeed that spiritual powers and spiritual beings are very much a tangible reality, yet it is convenient to them to construct an outer-portico in the world of broad scientific secular atheism to better dissimulate the true nature of the secret control mechanism operating on planet Earth.

Additionally two of the principal Church Fathers, founders of the so called Christian church, Tertullian and Cyprian were both from Carthage, the great city of the Phoenicians. Tertullian was a great proponent of the Trinity, a concept taken straight from the Zohar. Cyprian, like Augustine of Hippo received a pagan education and later apparently converted to Christianity. Augustine introduced the concepts of Original Sin and Just War. Augustine too was born in Phoenician North Africa. Aren’t we starting to notice a preponderance of North African influence in the creation of the early church? Also the theme of educated and enthusiastic pagans ‘converting’ to Christianity and apparently bringing all of their pagan baggage with them when formulating the new religion they called Christianity but which had very little to do with the words or acts of Jesus. 

The majority of the Church Fathers in fact came from distinguished and wealthy families, and more often than not, these people often spent a youth completely contrary to Christian values: engaging in homosexuality and libidinous sexual affairs. Again and again one notices the theme of apparent ‘sudden conversion’ at around the age of 30 to Christianity. In fact in the example of Augustine of Hippo it is believed that he abandoned Manichaeism because he could not rise to a position of power within its hierarchy.

The curious thing about all of the strict tenets of the Catholic Church is that they can be found in the Old Testament, but by no means, in the ministry of Jesus. It was precisely the divinely guided effort to re-imagine Jewish spirituality and rid it of empty ritual and meaningless stricture which was embodied by Jesus’ ministry on Earth, that the religion created in his name should so wholly fail in this regard and perpetuate on a massively increased global scale, the very same rigid systems of control and dogmatism which Jesus’ attempted to subvert, strikes of either some bizarre and tragic human satire or else a concerted diabolically orchestrated effort by the very same forces of control to exert themselves all the more. Perhaps indeed, this second is the case, and perhaps it is enough to be informed by a series of ideas originating in the original corrupt source, for those ideas to fertilize and bloom into the fullest tyranny of the original source. Perhaps these ideas are those which lie in the Kabbalah and it is this secret teaching which has always been present on Earth ready to manifest from occult theocracy into the machine of concrete human spiritual despotism.

So is it possible that the formation of the Roman Catholic Church was a Jewish sponsored creation, possibly even for the purpose of specifically expunging Christianity from the face of the Earth and replacing it with ‘their’ tyrannical version. Why else would the Catholic church for so many years actually prohibit personal ownership of a Bible and its translation into native languages under the pain of death? Pope Innocent III stated in 1199:

“... to be reproved are those who translate into French the Gospels, the letters of Paul, the psalter, etc. They are moved by a certain love of Scripture in order to explain them clandestinely and to preach them to one another. The mysteries of the faith are not to explained rashly to anyone. Usually in fact, they cannot be understood by everyone but only by those who are qualified to understand them with informed intelligence. The depth of the divine Scriptures is such that not only the illiterate and uninitiated have difficulty understanding them, but also the educated and the gifted.”

This became codified into church law in 1229 by the Church Council of Toulouse, and in 1234 AD the Church Council of Tarragona even ordered that anyone possessing books of the Old and New Testaments “must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days, so that they may be burned…”

The Council of Tolouse was called by Bishop Folquet de Marselha, a fierce opponent of the Cathars he was born into a noble Genoese trading family. Immediately this makes me think of the old Phoenician trading networks which were referenced in Cain’s Children and the resultant growth of the mediaeval banking network. This link between the church authoritarianism and the old Canaanite trading ports and networks may be coincidental or it may not, but in this mystery every lead and trail, no matter how tenuous or circumstantial needs to be considered and one may find that these threads do indeed lead to the discovery of a great tapestry of revelation and one may find that many of the mysteries which have plagued humanity for so long may thus be discovered at last.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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