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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Secret Initiations of the Gods of War. Part 2.

So is the anthropomorphic God of the Old Testament, the Angel Gabriel of the Quran, and also the angels of the Old Testament such as those who visited Abraham and those who went to warn Lot of the destruction of Sodom, all part of some super secret invisible group, which exist outside the official historical records, and are even unidentified by any myths? 

Abraham and the Three Angels (watercolor circa 1896–1902 by James Tissot)

Indeed, it is this group which writes history and whose elaborate mysteries and enactments have become recorded as myth themselves. No doubt these people have some extraordinary supernatural gifts, just like the Freemasons and witches I have encountered on my worldwide travels, and these gifts would be sufficient to make them appear to have the powers of Gods and angels.

They create rituals and tests for initiates which are of such an inexplicable nature that they are later recorded as myth. For instance it is highly unlikely that a real man-beast such as the Minotaur actually existed, but it is quite possible that some kind of initiatory ordeal took place involving a specially constructed labyrinth and some kind of simulated monster, possibly played by a member of this super secret brotherhood wearing an elaborately designed costume.

This was one of the key themes of the old initiatic rites, such as what scant testimony can recount, of the ancient world: that the initiate would be placed in a situation where Gods and monsters would enact a mystery in which the initiate held the central part, and the key to the success of the initiation was that the initiate be convinced of what they had experienced, was real.

Ancient Egyptian initiation/fancy-dress party

In fact these initiatory programmes still exist and are more common than ever, but are usually reserved for the highest cadre of professionals and those in key positions in society. Sometimes the functionality of these kind of programmes is actually explicitly depicted in the media in the form of Hollywood movies, where the viewer becomes a partial initiate into the programme of altering or subtly modifying or changing their preconceptions and previous patterns of thought.

For instance the 1997 Michael Douglas film The Game shows the unfolding of an initiatory ‘experience’ and is modelled upon a Saki story called The Unrest Cure. The story involved a bored man enrolling himself in a programme designed to 'revitalise' him but once he begins the game starts to become very dangerous and he no longer appears sure what is a game and what is real. Also Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf, both of which depict initiatory experiences, particularly in the case of Steppenwolf where the experience is explicitly described as mystical and transformative and seems to be orchestrated by a secret group operating above and beyond, and simultaneously, invisible, to the world at large.

The Game is directed by David Fincher who also directed the similarly Brotherhood themed movie: Fight Club, which also depicts a secret group, operating invisibly throughout society, united by initiatory conditioning and possible mental illness.

Losing your mind in The Game.

The main character is Nicholas Van Orton and it is his brother Conrad Van Orton who invites him to take part in a ‘Game’ for his birthday organised by a mysterious organisation called CRS. A pair of fellow members of his club are overheard by Douglas’ character Nicholas Van Orton, and when he approaches them asking about CRS they exchange conspiratorial looks with each other and one of them hastily leaves. The one who remains asks him: ‘You wanna know what it is? What it’s all about?: John chapter 9 verse 25 ‘Whereas once I was blind, now I can see’. This piques his interest, however he later receives a telephone call telling him that he has been rejected from the game.

So he returns home and suddenly he finds that his TV is talking to him and he is receiving instructions from a presenter on his TV set who responds to all his questions and remarks. It seems he IS in the ‘Game’ after all. 

As the film progresses Van Orton finds it increasingly hard to tell who and what is part of the game, and what is in fact real. His confusion reaches a peak when a man collapses dying in front of him and Van Orton says ‘how do we know if this is real?’

From my own experiences, this sort of lack of certainty about reality, is the aim of the Illuminati programming. And thus they render their trainees, malleable to their orders but unable to react to anything outside of the programme. A bit like 9-11 and other terrorist events which are made to coincide with ‘training simulations’ so no one really knows what’s real anymore. This is the greatest weapon one can deploy against a person to control them. Make them question their reality and eventually you have the perfect Illuminati slave. They can only respond to instructions and cues from outside, but cannot act on their own volition because their ability to judge what is real from simulation has been so badly impaired. This is the key to mind-control, and Hollywood just can’t resist rubbing our faces in their greatest secrets in plain-sight.

As they arrive at the ‘hospital’ the car-park the lights go out and everyone disappears, Van Orton then realises it was all part of the game and clues his new ‘friend’ Christine in, who seems to have seen this all before and utters ‘Mother fucking frat-boys’. So clearly this is the same sort of thing engaged in by American university fraternities in their pranks and hazing, but obviously on a much smaller level.

Christine asks him ‘Who are you?’ He says his name to which she remarks: ‘What are you a Tsar or something?’. She is later revealed to be part of the programme, and since she already knew his name why does she make the remark about nobility? Is it a hint at the bloodline nature of the Illuminati in which he is being enrolled through the CPR proxy organisation. He returns home to find his home vandalised with special paint which can only be seen under fluorescent light and the Jefferson Airplane song The White Rabbit is playing. A very dark and vivid Illuminati flavoured song about loss of reality and the blurred distinction between the real and the unreal.


At one point he meets his panic-stricken brother who appears to be on the verge of psychosis as a result of involvement with ‘The Game’:

“They fuck you and they fuck you and they fuck you. And just when you think it’s all over and that’s when the real fucking starts.”

SPOILER ALERT At the end Nicholas attempts to kill himself in despair at being led to believe that he had killed his own brother, and in a scene reminiscent of Vanilla Sky, where the Jake Aumes character apparently throws himself off a high tower-block in order to awaken from the virtual reality game he is in, Nicholas also dives from a skyscraper, however the game had prepared for this eventuality and it is only when crashing through the a special safety glass window and landing safely on a special inflatable safety cushion, to the applause of all his friends and his own brother who is far from dead, that he realises that it was all part of the game and a very carefully managed series of tricks and illusions.

Another film which uses the same initiatory premise is Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, in the same manner as The Game an unwitting 'recipient' of a conditioning programme is driven to the edge of his sanity and personal security. Then it ends and it's all revealed to be an elaborate setup designed to change the person's way of thinking and their priorities.

This is the Illuminati conditioning programme and if you watch Anger Management then you will observe that a sort of Brotherhood forms around the programme with everyone apparently knowing the magic calming word: Goosefraba!

There are many of these films whose intent it is to make you question, not just reality, but if you're really 'alive' at all, but for some people these programmes genuinely exist and take place in real life, I have experienced such programmes a couple of times, obviously they are not quite on the same scale as that depicted in the movies but the means and methods are the same.

And there are traces of The Game which make it out into the media in the form of mysterious deaths, in particular, of young bankers, of which there is a website which attempts to keep track of the ever increasing score.

For instance: “Keiran Toman, 39, former banker who believed he was being stalked by a reality TV crew starved to death in a hotel room, after leaving the “do not disturb” sign on door for TWO weeks.” This is a very strange case and indicates some strange Illuminati group stalking bankers, or at least, enrolling them in ‘The Game’. Some it seems, don’t successfully graduate and end up as ‘suicides’ or involved in strange and unlikely ‘accidents’.

This may seem incredibly far out but consider that anything that can create uncertainty in your mind and a feeling of confusion, is disempowering you and removing your grasp on reality. Three other very potent recent examples would be Jacob's Ladder, a film which goes out of its way to cause confusion and shock the viewers, the main idea being 'how would you know if you were really alive?'. Similarly The 6th Sense echoes this theme. 'For all you know you could be dead!' and Vanilla Sky.

These films are little more than mass mini-initiations into the so called mysteries. Creating mental confusion, uncertainty which will eventually lead to certain suggestible people perhaps accepting a dangerous delusion as reality. I do believe however that there can be positive delusions but we live in a world where we have seen the fruit of the secret society network and it is indeed fairly rotten. I believe that their goal for mankind is that we all undergo a spiritual transformation, a Luciferic initiation experience or illumination into schizoid uncertainty "How do I know if this is real?"

These people never reveal themselves except as people playing roles to initiate chosen people. So for instance, I would say that there is a possibility that Moses and Mohammed were initiated into the belief that they had been contacted by God or one of his agents, and given a sacred mission, chosen by God. 

Of course it may be more accurate to say that they were chosen to fulfill a strategic and political role, in the shaping of human civilisation, and their mission may not necessarily have anything to do with God, however for their mission to be successful and carried out with the required zeal and righteous self confidence which can achieve great things, they clearly have to be made to believe that their mission is a divine one.

The agenda was of ‘religion creation’ and the mobilisation of vast swathes of human resources which were then used to conquer selected locations, all believing they were inspired and guided by the righteous and infallible hand of God. Such an army of zealots is a force which is virtually impossible to oppose. So for instance, Moses was used to amass a human army and conquer and displace the Canaanites, in the name of Jahweh the living God.

Mohammed, and the vast and dangerous army of Muslims, was used, de-facto, to remove Christianity from the whole of the middle-east, North Africa and eventually Asia Minor when the Turks assumed the role of crusading army performing ethnic and cultural cleansing on an unprecedented level, indeed, it is no coincidence that these same Turkic people carried out the mass genocide of Armenian Christians under the rulership of the Young Turks who were a de-facto Masonic group operating in Turkey and controlled by Donmeh Muslims, that is Jews who adopt Islam for strategic reasons to further their own secret agenda.

Dönmeh (Turkish: Dönme) refers to a group of crypto-Jews in the Ottoman Empire who converted publicly to Islam, but were said to have retained their beliefs. The movement was historically centred in Salonica.[1] The group originated during and soon after the era of Sabbatai Zevi, a 17th-century Jewish kabbalist who claimed to be the Messiah and eventually converted to Islam in order to escape punishment by the Sultan Mehmed IV. After Zevi's conversion, a number of Jews followed him into Islam and became the Dönmeh.[2] Since the 20th century, assimilated Dönmeh might have intermarried with other groups and most have assimilated into Turkish society.

The destruction of Christianity by the Edomite-Judaic faction is nowhere more explicit than the acts of the Bolsheviks and in particular the destruction, in Moscow, of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the world at that time, blown-up on the direct orders of Edomite Jew Lazar Kaganovich, the right-hand man of Joseph Stalin. While standing in the rubble, he is reported to have said, "Mother Russia is cast down. We have ripped away her skirts."

The Arab armies even moved into Europe, occupying Spain for hundreds of years and only being prevented from possibly conquering Europe as a whole by Charles Martel at the battle of Tours in 732. This battle represented a clash of civilisations between two evenly matched armies, on the one hand a combined army of Arabs and Amazigh from occupied Spain, against a single European army composed of Mervoginian Franks from what would now be called the nations of France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Prior to Islam, Mohammed himself and his family were Arabs who followed the rites and rituals of Judaism, and it is for this reason that all of the prophets of Islam, except Mohammed and Jesus, are prophets of Judaism. In fact Islam claims to revere Jesus as a prophet, but he is really at the bottom of the list in terms of importance to Muslims, and few Muslims have much awareness of Jesus’ ministry and of what he actually taught. As a result it is near impossible for a Muslim to reach an awareness of God in this life and means they are so easy to ignite into full-on bloody civil war, such as that presently taking place in Syria, with the correct amount of stimulation and incitement. 

Those Muslims which do claim to have a mystical connection to God are known as Sufis but it is likely to be some other supernatural power they have discovered rather than God since the Sufis seem to be heavily implicated in the creation of Islamic terrorism since the 1930's in Palestine and the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt in 1928. Banna was a member of the al-Hassafiyya Sufi order and Sayyid Qutb who went on to further radicalise Islam under the Brotherhood in the 1950's, was also a Sufi.

In fact a 'Qutb' is a mystical Sufi teacher with a connection to God. So the creator of the Muslim Brotherhood and the retrogressive philosophy of religious tyranny and violence, was developed by a man who was the 'chosen one' of a Sufi Illuminati bloodline. A friend of mine from Saudi Arabia, whose father was a doctor to the Saudi royal family, told me what she knew about Sufis and how they liked messing about with children, rather like our Catholic church I suppose. Though it is bitterly ironic that the philosophy behind ISIS Takfiri terrorism which is presently busy destroying Sufi shrines and the tombs of the prophets and attempting to wipe out Islam's archaeological history, should have come from within the order of mystical Sufis themselves. One is reminded of the Ouroboros, or the snake trying to eat itself.

When you try to talk to Muslims about God they are both afraid and protective. They are afraid to inquire about the nature and actual reality of God, and that it may even be possible to localise the existence of God, and identify god as a conscious electro-magnetic force; they maintain that God is unknowable and they really have no will or curiosity to discover any spiritual realities for themselves since their whole metaphysical reality is contained within the Quran. 

Additionally they are protective of their monopoly on God and sadly are not able to tolerate that someone of a different faith may have a valid awareness of God and a correct spiritual vision. I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken to Muslims, about religion and spirituality, whether directly or obliquely, and rather than seek to find commonality they immediately seek division, and are eager to point out why their views are ‘correct’.

Strangely I found Muslim women to excel in this regard, and even when I was trying to find a way we could share a common happiness in the existence of God, they always seemed to want to quarrel, and instead of showing any great awareness of God and being happy in a sort of common praise of him, I found instead walls and fences going up and a sort of, religious attack aimed at what they consider, the error of being a Christian. 
I am sadly not surprised that the Islamic world is such an easy prey to manipulation and the forces of war and slaughter since they seem very eager to practice intellectual and moral segregation at any opportunity.

Indeed, their beliefs of Jesus are that he was an impostor and a liar. That he was not in any sense the son of God, nor was he any more ‘enlightened’ than the other prophets, in fact his low regard in Islam indicates that he is deemed as significantly less evolved. Also that he did not die on the cross but had a substitute crucified on his behalf. This is a very strange belief and anyone who believed this would likely take a very dim view of Jesus who would willingly allow someone to die in a horrible manner on his behalf. Why would such a belief set be propagated and for what purpose?

Clearly it is an attack on Christianity and indicates the true Edomite Judaic origin of the Quran as the work of a Edomite Judaic secret society operating upon Mohammed in order to incite him to rid the world of Christianity, a job which historically the Edomite Jews had attempted with their persecution of Christians all throughout the ancient world. Indeed, before the rise of Islam, the Jewish King Dhu Nuwas burned down churches and massacred as many as 20,000 Arab Christians in what is today known as Yemen, he also encouraged other Kings to do the same.

The reason for the Edomite-Jews' hatred and intolerance of Christians goes beyond their feelings that Jesus was a blasphemer. They hated Jesus because he was an Israelite Jew, that is: a real and authentic Jew from the noble line of King David, while they, the Edomite fake Jewish authorities around the world, had been wholly hijacked by the Edomite bloodline of Essau, the ancient enemies of the line of Jacob and Israel.

And this is the war which is being carried out to this day. A war fomented by the Edomite Jews and using their Islamic puppets to destroy each other and murder Christians in the Middle-East. 

Whatever happens, it's another high score for the Zionists as the body-count of dead Christians and Muslims mounts.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Secret Initiations of the Gods of War. Part 1.

Cain Flees by William Blake.

What was the mark of Cain? Could it be that the guilt of killing his own brother Abel, triggered previously unknown physiological changes within Cain, creating a new genetic blueprint for all of his progeny, and thus transforming humanity from beings living in harmony with their environment and the creative energetic force known as God, into being estranged from it and seeking to transcend it or nullify it, by deifying themselves.

In fact it’s not quite correct to state previously unknown psychological changes since something similar appears to have taken place in the mythical Garden of Eden. Despite the story of the Garden of Eden being considered a religious myth by mainstream scientists and historians they have to admit that the rough location stated in Genesis, namely at a point where the Euphrates river divides itself, corresponds exactly with the point at which historians and anthropologists agree that the first human civilisation appeared.

Located at the former junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers Qurna in Southern Iraq, contains a tree supposed to be the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The first civilisation known to history is that of the Sumerians and the first city is Eridu whose scant remains are visible to this day, 7,000 years later, in Nassriya in Southern Iraq. Despite the climate being inhospitable and the land being desert, the mighty rivers which flow from the Armenian highlands create a great paradise of green lush cool fertility, in fact it would be fair to say that ancient Sumeria was a series of gardens, which due to proper management and maintenance, allowed humanity to settle and build urban complexes, for possibly the first time in the history of humanity. 

It is scarcely beyond mere conjecture that such an apparently divine garden should be located here, full of myriad animals, along with a solitary human being known as Adam, who was employed as a gardener and farmer by the landowner. 

Eden found?

So when we hear the word ‘Our Lord’ in the book of Genesis, then we are literally hearing the report of a servant in spacious estate garden, and ‘the lord’ was not a not a literal god, but possibly another human, elevated in position so as to be considered a God, who just happened to have in his possession a largely ignorant slave called Adam.

Consider the simple fact if somewhere were able to raise a child, and exclude him unnaturally from all other society and any source of information and all other people, then one could literally tell that child anything, and they would have no choice but to believe it. You could tell them that you were the creator of the whole world, and that you even created his body with your own hands.

This is by no means an indication that I do not believe in God, in fact this analysis can only lead to a strengthening of a sensible person’s belief in God, since the human capriciousness and apparent cruelty of the Old Testament God, has always been one of the principle arguments in favour of atheism and has led many to question religion and spirituality as whole, because of the behaviour and cruelty of Jahweh.

So what if the God of the Old Testament and of Genesis was not God, but something else?

There are two distinct and radically different possibilities as to what Jahweh represented and what the reality of this being is.

The first hypothesis, as previously detailed, is that Jahweh was something which was extremely common in the ancient world and survived even until the late middle-ages in France and King Louis the 14th: represented the last manifestation of this archetype.

The divine solar King Louis 14th, on the gates of Versailles.

This is the God-King. Jahweh was possibly the manifestation of some kind of secret ‘God King’ of some secret priesthood who makes divine and miraculous appearances at certain times to certain people. The human beings involved would be different, but they could all claim to be the same ‘God’.

This is only a hypothesis and evidence for this is obviously by nature of the investigation, possibly non existent, and circumstantial at best. Such a hypothesis can only be inferred from the existence of other examples throughout history where certain humans and organised groups have worked hard to create the appearance of themselves as literal living Gods.

He appeared to Adam and Eve, to Cain, to Abraham, Isaac and Moses. It is strange that since this period no religious prophet of Judaism ever saw ‘God’ again. However this same system seems to come back into play in the story of Mohammed and the creation of the Quran:

"It is no less than inspiration sent down to him: He was taught by one Mighty in Power,
Endued with Wisdom: for he appeared (in stately form);
While he was in the highest part of the horizon:
Then he approached and came closer,
And was at a distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer;"[Quran 53:4–9]

So we have the idea that, although it wasn’t God himself who was sent to Mohammed, it was a messenger of God ‘in stately form.’ Of course it goes without saying that this could easily be a human being. There are no specific details of Gabriel having any supernatural ability, except the existence of the Quran itself is considered supernatural, since it is claimed that Mohammed was illiterate.

Mohammed was known for spending time in a cave just a few miles outside Mecca. The cave is known as the cave of Hira, which means darkness in Arabic, yet the mountain is called Jebel Nour, which means Mountain of Light. So here were are not talking about light in the darkness, but darkness in the light, almost a symbolic contradiction to John 1:5 "And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

In fact caves where considered to be gates of the underworld and there is a long tradition of pagan Gods being born in, or being fond of caves; among them: Pan, Mithra, Apollo, Cybele, Demeter and Persephone. Would a God of light be found in a dark cave? These Gods of caves all have bloody pagan rites associated with them and are the underpinning myths of the Satanic Illuminati cult which secretly rules the world.

It was here on one occasion while sleeping that Mohammed was awakened by the angel Gabriel and apparently told to read, he was then apparently physically abused by this 'angel' by being heavily embraced twice. 

Muslims claim that Mohammed was illiterate, and he is referred to as an ‘unlettered prophet’, the Arabic word used is ‘Ummi’, but there is some doubt as to whether this means that he couldn’t read or write, or whether it means, in a more academic sense, that Mohammed was unschooled and undistinguished as a scholar, which fits far more with his role as a simple travelling merchant working for his uncle on practical matters of trade and business.

Since Mohammed was a merchant working for and raised by his uncle Abu Talib, who was the leader of the Banu Hashim clan, and as such part of the elite of Mecca, Mohammed being illiterate seems unlikely. For Mohammed to be raised as an illiterate makes no sense. Indeed his uncle was a celebrated poet, and held a very important position in Meccan society as being responsible for feeding the Hajj pilgrims. Such a man was a figure of the Meccan elite and it would be a great shame to him to raise a child as an illiterate.

Clearly something doesn’t quite fit here, yet it has been accepted for fact by Muslims, and is the sole miracle they claim for Islam, apart possibly from what is claimed as the divine visitation of the Angel Gabriel. In fact, in some Hadiths Mohammed is said to have written letters and also the marriage contract with Aisha.

So we can safely discount this cognitive block of an illiterate prophet apparently being able to record the Quran, which perhaps was intended to move the story of a man in a cave talking to another man, more into the realm of the supernatural as opposed to what it really is, just one man reading to another man, both of whom are hanging out in a cave.

In fact it seems to recall the same method of instruction or being schooled which happened to Moses in his supposed encounter with ‘God’. In fact Islamic tradition claims that following this event, Mohammed’s wife Khadijah took him to her cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal who told him that the visitor was the same angel that God sent to Moses, and there is some commonality to the story, despite of course both events being separated by nearly two thousand years.

Despite the claims that this angel was the same Jahweh which schooled Moses, one could probably do a forensic investigation of both the Moses texts and the Quran and find so many differences in style, content and context that would make it clear that these two texts were created by different writers. Yet it is interesting that there is the attempt to include Mohammed’s experience within the context of the Judaic world, as opposed clearly to the Christian view.

The Christian view is clearly outlined by the words of Jesus, and the ministry of Mohammed almost directly contradicts Jesus’ message of peace and forgiveness consistently and repeatedly. There is scarcely anything in common between Mohammed’s ministry and Jesus’ ministry, so why do they claim him as a prophet? 

Could it have been nothing more than a means of converting Arab Christians to Islam by claiming that Mohammed is maintaining the same tradition, when clearly he is not. Islam was clearly a political and military movement less than a spiritual one, since it provides no new spiritual insights or revelations, and in terms of metaphysical content is almost totally lacking.

It, like Judaism, is obsessed with ritual, law and rules, and repeatedly the message is made clear, if you do not follow these precepts, you will be punished in hell.

Some conspiracy researchers and former insiders such as Alberto Rivera have stated that the Catholic church created Islam, and while the binary thinking and mind control element of Catholic church, is common to both the Quran and the Catholic church, it seems unlikely that the Catholic church would be so concerned with Muslims following Judaic dietary customs and refraining from alcohol, when wine was so central to the Catholic mass. Additionally, Islam is strongly iconoclastic, a completely alien position in the Catholic church with its lively history of illustrating the lives of the saints in various mediums. Iconoclasm surfaced in the Eastern church in Constantinople in the 11th century, but only as an import from the Muslim world.

The origins of Iconoclasm lie in the Jewish world in which it is equally forbidden to attempt to depict God in any way, and by extension the prophets, and the virtual non-existence of Jewish art except of the worst modern examples of the abstract kind, are a symptom of this. Additionally Khadija, despite a recent Orwellian attempt at memory holing reality, was a Jewish woman from a Jewish family in Arabia. Arabia was actually ruled by a Jewish King at the time of Mohammed, and since Mohammed and his wife practiced Jewish, not Christian religious rites, then, despite them being Arabs, they were in effect, Jews.

In fact the following website makes a strong case that Mohammed originally presented himself as a Jewish messiah and I believe that this was the intention of the secret organisation which initiated him in the cave. Mohammed originally had his followers pray in the direction of Jerusalem and follow specifically Jewish rituals and holidays such as Yom Kippur, however the Jewish priesthood rejected his claim to be the Jewish messiah and as result, he turned against Judaism and the new religion was radically altered as a result of this.

While Mohammed’s ‘God’ would have us kill infidels and chop off their heads and fingers, Jesus’ would beg us to love them, and turn the other cheek. It is clear that Islam was devised as a way to destroy Christians countries and kingdoms, for the benefit of Edomite Jews, and it has hugely succeeded, although it is rather ironic how Edomite Rabbinical Judaism has so cruelly betrayed the Muslims, after they allowed world Rabbinical Jewry to live in Muslim lands for over a thousand years in peace and prosperity, only to have them turn on world Muslims by committing ethnic cleansing in Palestine and using American foreign policy to drive Muslim countries to total destruction.

Moroccan coin from the 1860's.
This strange partnership between Islam and Judaism still exists in two ostensibly Muslim countries: Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

No Arab-Spring for Arab countries controlled by the Edomite Jews. Senior royal advisor Andre Azoulay, a Jew born at the old Phoenician settlement of Essaouira, notable as the place where Hercules discovered Tyrian purple, seen here with King Mohammed VI.

That Morocco is a peaceful and stable Muslim country in the midst of chaos and instability in North Africa is likely because it is covertly controlled by an Edomite Jewish banker called Andre Azoulay, yet despite this Mossad are still highly active, attempting to cause division and conflict within the kingdom, according to French-Moroccan journalist Jacob Cohen.

Cohen’s comments are interesting because they indicate that Mossad are attempting to encourage the Amazigh or Berber to radicalise in order to destabilise Morocco for their own as yet, unknown ends, using the bait of emigration to Israel under the pretext that they may have Jewish ancestry. In fact as we have seen previously, the Amazigh people do indeed have a common ancestry to many of those presently living in Israel and calling themselves Jews, through the Canaanite Phoenicians, we also saw how Hitler had an Amazigh genetic inheritance and this ties together with the comments by John Haggee outlined in my book “The Illuminati’s War on You” that Hitler was a ‘half Jew’ from the seed of Esau and hence an Edomite Canaanite.

“...Cohen stated that the Mossad is “very active” in Morocco. He adds that “there is something that is happening at the moment, which is not very known, but it’s starting […] the Mossad is actively operating in Amazigh regions.” 
Cohen proceeded to explain how the Israeli Intelligence Service maneuvers in the Amazigh areas. He claims that the Mossad attempts to attract Amazigh individuals by persuading them that they can trace their origins from Jewish families, or that they can continue their studies in Israel. He also noted that the Israeli intelligence services seek to mobilize young Berbers to “create tension between the Amazigh and others.”
“The Mossad goes even further and strives to create a state of tension within Moroccan society.”
As to the reaction of Moroccans, the Moroccan-French intellectual said that either they are not aware of this, or they avoid talking about such topics, adding that he is inclined to the latter explanation.
Cohen believes that it is unlikely that the Mossad will “leave Morocco alone,” for it is an important country that enjoys a “strategic location and huge influence in the region.”
“The Mossad goes even further and strives to create a state of tension within Moroccan society.”

To be continued.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
Kundalini refugee doing a bit of landscaping.