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War? Is it Good for Something?

War! What is it good for? Well it might be good for everybody. As long as you can survive you are likely to awaken to a wonderful new world of limitless opportunity. Few people can deny that world War 3 is coming and rather than be fearful and get bogged down by the reputation for death and destruction which war is traditionally tarnished with, instead we should look to what positive outcomes will come with the coming war and how it represents a fantastic opportunity for the very poorest members of society.

In the first instance, it will be a great opportunity for instance for first time buyers trying get on the property ladder. Some cities such as London have been experiencing a crisis in the housing market which has led to a profound shortage of essential professionals such as nurses and teachers. This has led to a variety of poorly conceived solutions including the construction of government subsidized housing with special, poorly designed, environmentally friendly carbon neutral, tiny little flats with small windows in undesirable areas of the capital.

But a far more lasting and total solution exists, and appears to be on the horizon, one immediate dynamic event which will bring hundreds of thousand, and ideally, millions of empty homes, immediately into the housing market.

Journals such as the UK Guardian and the New York Times have been extremely vociferous in their support for the Hilary Clinton campaign, and continue to support Clinton and her campaign despite the fact that she lost the election and Trump is now president. Many commentators have been confused by the apparently hawkish stance of the traditional more ethically and socially aware press and its abandoning of heroes of the left Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, but in fact the covert media push for conflict with Russia and escalation to full Nuclear war is based solely in the purest socialist ideals of protecting the interests of the working people.

After world war 3, whether we win or lose, all of those of who survive the immediate conflagration, the breakdown of supply infrastructure, the radioactive mutant gangs and the fallout, will find themselves winners in a whole new world of total investment opportunity.

The failed right wing policies of the past and the spectre of capitalism will all be cleansed from the Earth in righteous fire orchestrated covertly by deeply compassionate liberals who realise that war is the key to the fulfillment of social utopia.
It is likely that once the smoke and bodies are cleared, homes, business and all sorts of opportunities will likely be available at rock bottom rates, or even free. Free housing for all! Might have been one of the glorious fruits of the much maligned Communist regimes but what if we could have these wonderful perks right at home?

No less a personage as the Prince William has recently made the royal decree at a charity evening at the London Roundhouse that there are too many people in the world and that a large population of humans will inevitably push social and economic infrastructure to its breaking point. Again, there is the emergence of a theme of charitably organizations such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, pushing an agenda of Earth depopulation. World War 3 therefore will be the culmination of the work of many of these charitable endeavors and the tireless work for social reform and will also open up the employment market to levels of accessibility not seen since the Black Death, when, once the plague had died down and the bodies cleared, there was work enough for everybody.

Any social commentator, politician or press agency who specifically agitate for peace are working directly contrary to the interests of the working man and the human race as a whole. These oppressive peace-keepers are in fact the tyrants of the present day and the root and branch of small C conservative  reactionary politics. We advise anyone in a position of influence, whether politicians, journalists, doctors, nurses and school teachers, to press home at every opportunity, the sure and certain benefits of the coming war, with this idea fixed firmly in the public awareness, the road to a future post nuclear utopia will become a dream fulfilled. The ideal nuclear family, living in peace with low interest rates, an affordable mortgage repayment, a wide open job market, in a perfect post nuclear world.

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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