Earlier on we saw that one method of preventing people from finding the truth is to submerge it within a pool of deception. This pool is what we call modern life and the deception is what passes for modern spirituality, wisdom and art. Another way of diverting people from the reasonable truth is to set up flags at extreme ends of the spectrum, with the reasonable truth lying somewhere undistinguished in between. By offering up extremes they can also set people seeking the truth off against each other, and therefore trap them in dogma, diatribe and they soon forget that they were looking for the truth and instead focus on their feelings of anger that the people hanging around the other flag don’t share their views.

This way they can polarise people into this camp or that camp, while their agents insinuate themselves into both camps, thus controlling both factions and having the possibility of pitting them against each other when and as required. This has been the pattern of wars and politics for centuries. As the late great comedy philosopher Bill Hicks said of US politics:

“We’ll elect Clinton there’s hope in Clinton, There’s no fucking hope in that guy. I’ll show you politics in America, here it is, right here: ‘I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs,’ ‘I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.’ ‘Hey , wait a minute, there’s one guy holding both puppets!’ ‘Shut up! Go back to bed America, your government is in control!’”

Of course a certain amount of tribalism is only natural to humanity, but our so called governments know a good thing when they see it and see ample opportunities for social and emotional control by exploiting and encouraging any latent prejudices which we may have.

Leaders surely, especially leaders exhorting a global economy, should be among the first to dissuade people from their prejudices but they need them. They need them because these elite leaders themselves are very much beings of prejudice, namely that they and only they, the Freemasonic world brotherhood, know how to run the world. This means indigenous traditions and alternative cultures such as Islam, among others are not invited. And this is why we are effectively witnessing a genocide against the Muslims at this stage in history, I don’t know what your definition of genocide is but one million dead Iraqis[i] seems pretty close to me.

Few people remember now the wars the Conservative government fought against its own citizens all through the early 90’s. Culminating in the two criminal justice Bills, one drafted by the government of John Major and aimed squarely at stamping out any alternative way of life to that of the established economic system. The steady erosions of basic civil liberties which had remained unmolested for centuries continued apace under this Conservative government with new powers of stop and search for the police, the criminalisation of anti-hunt and ecological protesters, the loss of the public right to assemble in groups and listen to ‘repetitive beats’. A whole youth culture was suddenly destroyed and we realised that we as servants of the government no longer had the right to camp or walk and assemble in groups, on this land of our fathers.

As well as the colourful tribes of ravers and crusties, the new restrictions hit the travelling community particularly hard. How and why should a government tell people where and when they can’t meet? This wasn’t only an example of party pooping by government but it was also a strident example of our slave masters telling us that we have no right to freedom on our own terms. Many people rebelled and there were many protests and marches throughout London as the awareness that our masters had decided to tighten the leash began to sink home.

This was perhaps the government’s most blatant revelation of their ultimate intentions to oppose all alternative ways of life which seek to exist outside the system. A similar thing has happened in the metaphysical realm. We previously saw how the secret societies claim ownership of so called enlightenment and use this as a lure to bring in recruits under the promise of some profound spiritual wisdom and ultimately, due to the nature and results which come from their brand of Luciferian enlightenment, exerting total control over the person. If we look at the Rosicrucians for instance, who claim to be able to develop the psychic powers of their initiates, we will find clues as to what really might be going on behind their closed doors. The difficulty in many of these organisations is discovering their secrets and just what the nature of the secrets is that they claim to possess.

The following is an excerpt[ii] from the associate (1st) degree discourses, from the Martinist order, a group associated with the Rosicrucians. It is interesting in that it shows that they acknowledge the changes in brain chemistry which higher initiates undergo. What they dress up in colourful terms like ‘astral visions’ however I would term psychotic episodes.

"A very interesting point worth mentioning at this time is that the circulation of the nervous force within man puts him in communication with the universe. In highly evolved mystics, there occurs what in occultism is sometimes called the circulation of astral images. These astral images generally appear to be coming from the back of the head. This is not altogether exact, but it will give an idea as to the nature of this phenomenon. We must wait until another Degree for a fuller development of this thought, but at this point we shall say that the so-called eye of the plastic envelope is just level with the nape of the neck; that is, at the point where the back of the head and the neck meet. By concentrating and seeing in imagination this physical spot, one can bring into activity the functions of this center more quickly.  This will be important when we study the actions of the invisible world so important to every Martinist."

Personally I have experienced these so called ‘astral images’ and am flattered that they would consider me to be a ‘highly evolved mystic’ but I can tell you that I felt like I was turning into a raving madman and I became increasingly aware that there was some odd invisible force which seemed to be making things happen around me. It wasn’t a good force. It was the force of people trapped in a madness they couldn’t make sense of. There were people around me who seemed to be part of my new consciousness, there was a sense somehow that we were sharing a reality continuum, instead of being separate individuals. I suspect I may have experienced the Theosophical doctrine of so called ‘Oneness’ which the new age constantly parrot and tell us is the ultimate goal.

I felt I was losing my individual will and somehow dissolving into the will of others. And again, as I had experienced in Tokyo, I noticed one or two people around me would talk about me, actually offering me deals and promises if I joined them. What I was experiencing was extreme, distilled coincidence, but with a slightly negative uneasy twinge. I believe that synchronicity as it is called, the odd timing of events which coincide together and seem to create mystical meaning at the oddness of the coincidence, is used by the hidden forces for both positive and negative purposes. With it they can bring people together from miles apart and involve certain people in teaching lessons or initiating someone, totally without the prior knowledge of the person thus targeted or even the person doing the targeting. This explains much of the recent ‘gang-stalking’ phenomenon. This I believe is a method used in various politically motivated assassinations such as those of Princess Diana and John F Kennedy. I won’t go into the unnerving and I would say: ritualistic coincidences involved because it has been done before. But for more information about who may have been behind these assassinations, at least on a temporal level, I will suggest that you try to track down a copy of Keith Allen’s film Unlawful Killing which is out there in internet land if you know where to look and the Oliver Stone film JFK which is very instructive and seeks to unravel the mystery while apparently leaving an even bigger mystery.

These ‘astral visions’ are waking hallucinations, and as the Martinists claim and as I also believe, they have their origins in the invisible spiritual power which is attempting to negatively control Earth. While I was personally under the spell of the Freemasons, and navigating the ‘underworld’ I remember looking at the title of the book someone was reading in front of me while on a train, I could only see it reflected in the window next to him and as I tried to decipher the inverted letters it appeared to read ‘Remote control humans‘ and I had an odd feeling of some extra terrestrial force which is seeming to use and control humans for their own entertainment. 

I also saw a shopping centre from the train which seemed to resemble a Wicca man effigy. It was pyramid shaped and seemed to have oddly stylised human features like a giant Lego man. I wondered at the time if perhaps one day there would be a deadly fire or bomb blast in this shopping centre, in which case its shape would be perfectly in keeping with the ideas of pagan human sacrifice such as have been described in ancient history and alluded to in modern times. I also saw a big red church which was designed to subtly resemble a dragon. It was fairly large and of red brick, but from a certain illuminated perspective it seemed to have been designed to project a certain image. 

These things I saw as clearly as if they were real and actually in front of me, but I accept that they may have been ‘astral images’ or visions, or frankly, hallucinations. What was odd is that for this period of three days during which I had these visions, they seemed to be trying to tell me a story and teach me something, but in a series of symbols. The red dragon which seemed to be hiding in the very architecture of the church for example, told me that the church was a vehicle for further corruption of the ‘Beast’, but what I also realised when I saw ‘the Beast’ was that even this was a beautiful creation of God. 

The red dragon church was beautiful, it was also harmless, perhaps it contained a threat, but in my state of mind I had already passed so far beyond terror in the early stages of this journey that there was nothing left to fear. The shopping centre which I saw from the train and which resembled a sacrificial Wicca man alter swallowing up shoppers, taught me about the blindness that most people suffer from and how completely unaware they are of the nature of the world around them and how they are almost literally being devoured by this world.

These visions were so real and I have since returned to these locations in the North West of England, although the buildings still contain the ‘hint’ of what I saw, they are far less obvious compared to how I perceived them at the time. It may seem far-fetched and unlikely that there could be messages and meanings hidden in buildings but I would ask you to look at the churches below which seem to project an image of a face in stone surveying the community, which I believe is the very intention these architects and stone masons wished to project into the mind of the town’s folk. One of not too subtle dominance and oppression.

There is another vision I had at this same time and this was arguably the most bizarre I had ever experienced. The train slowed down in a substantially rural area with small woodlands and large open pastures, suddenly into my vision came a crowd of golf players, they all seemed to swing their golf clubs at the train at the same time and they were only a couple of meters away from the train tracks. As they did this a thought and a word flashed into my mind with astonishing clarity, the word was ‘Retirement’ and at that I realised that in some odd way I was being offered some kind of deal. 

However I don’t negotiate with hallucinations and feel that bargains made on the basis of a psychotic episode are probably not safe deals. I also asked myself ‘retirement from what?’ and wondered if retirement could be some kind of loaded term which might mean any number of unpleasant things, like ‘retirement’ from life itself. You see I was totally locked into the schizo-Gnostic frame of mind at that time and yes, I was scared, not of any outside force, but of myself and the possibility of my making a wrong-move. Which is basically the only essential thing we should fear in life: Ourselves.

There was something odd going on and had been for years in my life, right now it was all coming to a head and it involved Freemasonry and the occult and I had heard very few good things of either of the two. The experience I had was a mixture of psychic and physical symptoms, for instance there was often a severe cramping pain in the back of the head concurrent with these visions, this is the part of the brain associated with vision, but what would ‘trigger’ this pain and the resultant visions? These experiences started in real earnest after submitting to initiation by the ‘hidden masters’. The hidden masters are not the figment of Madame Blavatsky’s imagination but they are quite real and the initiate is followed everywhere by a ghostly entourage who are continually whispering dangerous suggestions and indeed, prompting these ‘visions’ by some unseen influence on the person’s brain.

“A very interesting point worth mentioning at this time is that the circulation of the nervous force within man puts him in communication with the universe.”

Notice the phrase ‘being put in communication with the universe’. Doesn’t it all sound wonderfully exciting and like some jolly intergalactic adventure? The kind we all dreamed about as kids from watching the endless repeats of Star Wars, Star-Trek and all the other mystically inspired shenanigans designed no doubt for the very purpose of playing on this human desire to meet and communicate with our alien brothers from a galaxy far far away.

The Freemasonic Star-Trek Empire.

Well sometimes, in fact surprisingly often on this small lonely planet of ours, fact and fiction meet in a most disconcerting manner. Take for example the popular and long running TV show Star Trek. Gene Rodenberry was the genius behind this remarkable programme which seemed to seamlessly combine the prophecy of technological advances of a distant future, while always highlighting themes prevalent on the Earth of the present day along with characters from our history and the same endless moral conundrums which have plagued our greatest thinkers. With one crucial difference, the humans of the future always get it right. 

They are humble yet wise with human sagacity: often the crew of the Enterprise seem to foil even the demi-gods they meet, it is clear that this is a utopian vision of the future but it is not entirely based on fiction for Gene Rodenberry had a very interesting life and found himself eager to help humanity to live out the fictional reality he had created. He became involved in a strange cult known as the ‘Council of 9’, what appeared to be a race of aliens using human beings of great power, like Uri Geller (who later dismissed them as a ‘civilisation of clowns’[iii]) to announce their imminent return to Earth in a fleet of flying saucers, but what actually appeared to be, after a series of suspicious deaths, nothing more than an extraordinarily devious, complex and extremely unusual CIA mind control programme which seemed to harness elements of the supernatural and strange human psychic abilities[iv]. Some of the odd characters involved in this odd mixture of the occult and the secret services are still active in the alternative media today: people like Richard Hoagland and his fake ‘Face on Mars’ scam, along with Palden Jenkins (crop circle guru who advises his followers to allow themselves to be possessed by aliens when they enter a crop circle) who admitted to me in his hubris that he was presently advising the Bilderbergers. Even global-warming hot-airbag Al Gore is said to be influenced by ‘The Nine’. This CIA occult mind control is still very much active it seems, despite the noble efforts of one of its past protégées, Uri Geller[v], to help expose it as a fraud, albeit a very occluded and mysterious one.

Now to return to this wonderfully empowering phrase ‘communication with the universe’, this is in the very best tradition of the wishes and prophecies of Gene Rodenberry and his Council of Nine friends. But does it really mean we will all become brave Captain Kirks flying around the galaxy banging green skinned alien chicks and saving worlds from their own folly with a little touch of human nous? No of course it doesn’t. What they really mean by contacting the universe is contacting spirits.

Straightaway it doesn’t sound quite as much fun does it? If you’re in any doubt at this stage that contacting spirits may not be fun then you need only look into the tragic but extremely instructive example of poor Joe Fisher in his book The Siren Call of the Hungry Ghosts[vi] in which he details being the victim of very complex and prolonged deception, not at the hands of spiritualists, who he says were just as much dupes as he, but in fact the architects of deception in this instance were the spirits themselves who for some reason, wanted at all costs to be involved in any way in the human realm, to the extent that they would invent personalities and tell people what they wanted to hear, in order to create an existence for themselves. I’ll say nothing more except to profoundly recommend that you read the book. Also be aware that the author became so intimidated by the spirits who apparently became angry at being exposed as being behind some kind of inter-dimensional con game, that he took his own life. So already those contacting the galaxy shenanigans don’t seem to be quite so much fun. Turn off the engines Scotty: I’m staying-in tonight.

I can testify to the experience of having spirits take rather an over active interest in one’s activities. This was all within the timeframe of my whacky three weeks of enlightened madness. I found myself becoming more and more psychically tuned to a higher frequency, I felt less need to eat, sleep and started feeling giddy and lightheaded. I had all the symptoms of the enlightenment or ascension, or Kundalini and you will be able to find this ‘symptom list’ in one of the thousand occult themed new-age websites out there in cyber-web land. As day turned to night I began to feel increasingly aware of a stronger and stronger feeling of fear. It was something invisible which seemed to be moving closer to me with the falling darkness.

At this time I became aware of their real agents of control for the first time. Prior to this I has encountered their street theatrics whereby themes prevalent in my life, such as my attachment to the ideals of Jesus and early Christianity would be externalised and I would emerge from the tube station to see someone ranting about Christians going to heavens and non believers being sent to hell, a kind of ridiculous pastiche of Christianity designed to turn me against ideas of religion. These people were easy to spot. Some people can smell a fake, a provocateur and a phoney from a mile off and I am one of those people. As I walked out the man winked at me. Such events happened several times during this period. There are many more Masons out there on the streets than most people ever dream of. They constantly patrol other people and watch their own members, they will only let you know if they want you to know and the only people they can afford to let into the secret are their own members who they police mercilessly.

I felt afraid that I was about to become a Freemason despite part of me knowing that perhaps their ethics and morals left a lot to be desired. They were actively trying to recruit me at the school where l I was training, indeed they had been trying to get me to join them for the past eight or so years from France to Japan. But I has always brushed off their hints and insinuations and moved on, now it seemed I was finally cornered and blackmailed that unless I joined I might fail the course, and I didn’t want to fail the course.

As for the policing aspect: for instance, they don’t much like their members to be seen running anywhere. I suppose because it draws attention to yourself and they avoid that at all costs. A few times I had been admonished by various of their agents for running in the street. Once indeed I ran across the road between cars, as you do, only to find a Mason on the other side move into my direction and attempt to push me back into the road. Fortunately I had enough will power to get through him but a weaker person would have found their earthly adventure terminated right there and then. And this is how they do it, so many so called accidents are often anything but, but are carefully concealed and orchestrated Masonic murders. 

This is such a new area of research that it is difficult to provide anything which may pass for proof. You can take my word, I feel enough of what I have written here has the ring of truth. If not you can disbelieve this as unlikely and implausible, I won’t hold it against you. Just watch out and be aware that things are not always as they seem and if you ever find yourself in a perilous situation and for some reason a total stranger seems to have it against you and is trying to end your life, don’t panic and don’t cry. Just stay strong and keep moving and into safety. Often in these cases the biggest paralysing factor is fear, surprise and confusion. Don’t go out like a punk to be an energy snack for a Masonic vampire who thought he could jump out at you can go ‘boo!’ and consign you to the ‘also rans’ of history! You’ll never be able to live with yourself as a ghost for stumbling like a sucker into the jaws of an untimely death. Just keep your will and focus intent on surviving and you ought to get through ok. I know I have. I can’t tell you what you know but I can tell you what you ought to know by telling you what I know, if you know what I mean.

So street theatre is something to watch out for, avoid being a have-a-go hero, particularly when a black street gang of around twenty members (for example) suddenly rock up and single someone out for a beating. I was present at just such an event and it seemed to me that all again was not quite as it seemed.

My story was that I had just come from the cinema with my girlfriend at a late night showing of the then new Sweeney Todd film with Johnny Depp. During the film I had the most uncomfortable feeling of being party to some kind of ritualistic sacrifice film. The manner in which the blood was released from Todd’s victims evoked something of stylised symbolic blood sacrifice and I felt that the film was, to overuse one of my favourite phrases, not quite what it seemed. Upon leaving the cinema I had a heavy sense of foreboding, I felt that watching the film had deprived me of a certain amount of my spiritual energy and that I had been temporarily corrupted: I felt something coming, something bad, both from outside and from within myself, I was therefore in quite a hurry to get home, have a spliff and get to bed and sleep it off. However, despite my best attempts at getting both me and my girlfriend home safely, she decided she really wanted to roll a cigarette, despite the fact we were only about seven minutes walk from home.

As we ducked into an alley off the City Road and she took out her smoking paraphernalia, I tried to dissuade her as I had had an even stronger presentiment that something bad was about to happen but she would not be moved. Anyway at that point my fears materialised in the form a huge rampant black gang surging across the road and all bundling into the alley, a couple of them took a look at myself and my girlfriend, a white boy and a black girl, and said ‘they’re safe’, which apparently meant that we were not going to be the victim of any murdering that night. 

The situation inevitably developed and one person tried to snatch someone’s handbag, another guy stepped in to help get it back and ended up getting pummelled and his head stamped on. The odd thing is the guy who was attacked actually came from the gang itself so I had to ask what it was all about? In fact it seemed that the person they were beating actually originated in gang horde itself and it was made to look as if they were picking on an ‘innocent’ bystander. What was actually taking place was a gang initiation and the initiate was just as surprised himself as we hapless bystanders who had just had a few drinks in Islington and where walking either up or down the City road to home.

Where they some kind of provocateurs hoping to involve an outsider in the confrontation and therefore attack them? I wasn’t sure but I sensed set-up and street theatre and I refused to get involved. Fortunately the guy, despite the beating he received, ended up looking not too bad, he stood up and looked straight at me afterwards and I gave him a sort of pitying look, sure the guy would have some nasty bruises, but it can’t be that they had tried too hard to hurt him. I have noticed that these odd events materialise when I am in a certain spiritually depleted frame of mind, feeling a little fretful, fearful and negatively charged somehow. Something bad therefore happens at this point, as I suspect is the case with most people, only perhaps they haven’t joined the dots yet.

Another instance was on a tube journey one time, two odd bumbling sort of schizophrenics boarded the train, ostensibly friends, they started chatting to each other, and within minutes they were trying to knock the crap out of each other, however they didn’t seem to do too much damage to each other and unbelievably and rather tellingly, at the end as the train arrived at the next station, one of them bowed and said ‘I hope you enjoyed the performance.’ Very odd.

Another instance came during my illumination phase when I was properly flying into the astral world. If you’ve seen the remakes of classic 60’s show The Prisoner then you may be aware that the idea of the Prisoner is that he is trapped in a collective astral unconsciousness, like a waking group dream. Well folks, it’s all true. The inner village really exists. Of course its outside manifestation is Schizophrenia and we have already seen the uncanny similarities between schizophrenia and enlightenment. While I was ‘in the Village’ frame of mind, namely that to all intents and purposes the outside world is going on as usual and they feel part of it, but inside the person is an in elaborate and totally real fantasy world of implanted delusion, astral realities and bubbling ideas from the unconscious mind. While crossing from Covent Garden to Piccadilly, I discovered that my thoughts became instantly manifest in a most alarming manner. 

While in Japan my elderly Masonic mentor drove around in a deluxe four wheel drive with two ambassadorial flag poles above each of the front lights. I wondered at the time what they signified and had often seen expensive cars around London with perhaps a maximum of one of these flag poles. I wondered at that point while floating through the astral village of Covent Garden why I had never seen a car with two of these flag poles but since returning to the UK had only seen the odd car with one of these poles. At that point as I turned my head and a car pulled out onto the road with two of these odd ambassadorial poles. Furthermore as I was reflecting on these alarming instant manifestations, in my disordered state I thought in a naive and slightly silly way ‘I am a king of reality’ at that very point a shambling wandering street schizo came tramping along and shouting out as loud as he could, he pointed to me and said ‘he’s a king!’ I hurried on. Something radical had happened to reality and it was a bit scary.

What had set all this in motion was my own naivety. I had called out, just as Lady Macbeth did, to the unseen spirits, not to unsex me (although this does happen to be one of the side effects of Luciferian enlightenment) but to give me the psychic awareness I was missing out on, because during the University course it had been subtly revealed to me that there were many people who were part of this group with higher awareness and hidden psychic powers. I had encountered people who, one way or another, were able to report on exactly what I was thinking at any time. And so it occurred to me that, in the manner of The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton[vii] and The Sky People by Brinsley Poer Trench[viii] (a curious book which is ostensibly addressed to psychic people to warn them of the consequences of the rabble finding out about their abilities) that there was an elect group of people who were not like everyone else and that these people hid remarkable powers and ultimately ran the whole world.

So one night of ‘should I’s?’ and ‘what ifs?’ had finally allowed me to put all my doubts about joining the Masons behind me and I was ready to receive what they had to bestow on me. I opened myself to the spirits which had congregated around me and as I lay down in my bed it felt like a Jean Michelle Jarre light show was going off in my brain, with a final sudden flash I knew I was changed. It felt like I had suddenly swallowed a tab of acid.

Initially all this seemed a lot of fun, I felt exhilarated, supercharged and giddily happy, what slowed me down and put a curb on my enthusiasm was the discovery of all my brothers and sisters in London, particularly in the Square Mile of the city of London. Suddenly I was hyper aware and could see the truth of anything and everything instantly. I saw that there were many more people like me out there than I ever imagined and what’s more, they were not the wise and kindly chosen ones but instead grumpy surly and vicious. At the time I didn’t understand quite how this beautiful and remarkable enlightenment could turn people bad but it didn’t take long to realise that this psychic world was very strongly policed and by a force who had no qualms about doing anything in order to control you. This ranges from drafting doctors in to question you in the middle of the night while you’re on your way somewhere; he held a walkie-talkie and looked me ‘squarely’ in the eyes as he made a pretence of asking me for directions. 

It was clear to me that he was testing to see if I was mentally ill: I was terrified and at one point he almost seem to make a move to apprehend me but he thought better of it and his eyes told me that I had only just proved that I wasn’t a certifiable schizophrenic. As I say, this was a while back during my ‘enlightenment’ Kundalini crisis. Rest assured dear reader that your faithful narrator is sound as a pound and as bright as a button these days. Please don’t get the impression that you are reading the diaries of a madman or anything, but I daresay, some of what I am saying here does sound a bit mad. But anyway, it’s out there. You can choose whether to accept it or not.

As I said, the enlightenment allows you to ‘read’ the purpose in someone’s eyes and tell exactly what they are thinking, whether I had true psychic ability at that point or whether I could just sense something unusual and tell by the physical cues such as body movement and tone of voice, what someone was thinking, I cannot tell. I think to some extent one can read people’s intentions by looking at their eyes. Eyes are extremely expressive, not for nothing are they known as ‘the windows of the soul’.

I knew without question however that the process of psychic development was speeding up apace and before long I started to have the ‘astral images’ which the Martinists talk about. Of all these changes one of the most telling is the total disappearance of the sex drive. This led me to conclude that what I had experienced was the so called Kundalini enlightenment as this is commonly mentioned as one of the ‘symptoms’. Another possible side effect of Kundalini enlightenment is schizophrenia, indeed I personally think schizophrenia is actually the outcome of all of these odd sorts of experiences, just as Osiris was dismembered by Set, and re-membered by Isis, his psyche was fractured and put back together but his sexual potency, represented by the phallus, was never found. In the Hindu concept of Kundalini enlightenment it is said that the Kundalini energy originates in the sacral chakra, or the tail bone at the very base of the spine. This energy is also that which is apparently used for reproduction and to create the life and energy of sperm or ovum.

With the use of certain techniques, such as prolonged periods of stress, uncertainty and sleep deprivation, it is possible for this energy to rise from the sexual centre and, as chi, to energise the higher chakras or glandular centres of the body, making them work harder to produce physical and mental characteristics not normally encountered. This is the Kundalini enlightenment and in itself has the potential to be a force of good. Unfortunately there are a great deal of very bad people around who have hijacked this knowledge for their own use and have taken measures which mean that anyone undergoing enlightenment will, one way or another, fall under their control.

The enlightenment is policed! Whether they can get them on ‘mental health’ grounds, and I suggest that our mental hospitals are full of shamans who see too much and might be in danger of revealing their insights, were they not handily dismissed as ‘nut-jobs’ and locked up for our ‘protection’. However there are schizophrenics who do represent a genuine danger to the public, yet these people are often released back into the community to kill/stab again[ix]. They themselves are part of an unofficial occult police force and it is for this reason that we often find schizophrenics involved in murders and attempted murders where either ‘the devil told me to do it’, ‘God told me to do it’ or ‘a voice told me to do it’. I also noticed a 2010 press release in a tabloid paper (I think the now defunct News of the World which explains the lack of available source) which detailed the case of a newly released schizophrenic who murdered an elderly man in an apparently unmotivated attack. The one puzzling fact about the case is that the murderer said to his victim ‘I know you’ before he brutally murdered him.

‘I know you!’, like ‘how’s your mother?’ and ‘how old are you?’ not to mention ‘Are you Mark?’, are all typically cryptic forms of Masonic greeting and identification. Like secret-agent passwords and counter signs, but these phrases are designed to blend into normal conversation and appear completely innocuous, or at most, like a case of mistaken identity. I suggest therefore that the schizophrenic murdered the elderly gentleman as part of a targeted occult murder. I mentioned this to a family member who also knows a great deal about the Freemasons and he told me that this sheds light on the recent death of a very prominent local Freemason’s son out in China. 

It appears that the Mason in question, despite being the grand Poobah of the region was also universally unpopular with other Masons. Therefore it was hypothesised that his son’s mysterious death abroad could be attributed to some kind of Masonic vengeance. Whatever the truth, it is clear that signing the Devil’s bargain has seriously unpleasant consequences for those rash enough to sign it. If you want a long and happy life then don’t join the Masons, if however you long for a life of pain and uncertainty, confusion, degradation and slavery then the Masons will make your every dream come true.

But is it all bad news? Where are the good guys in this rather sorry tale of tricks traps and cons? Well unfortunately the good guys don’t have the same level of organisation and unscrupulousness as the bad guys and therefore it may appear that the bad guys are all there is, or worse, that the bad guys may appear to some people to be the good . Frankly if you have become aware of this information and the work of the bad guys and you want at all costs to stop it and you will do all in your power to save us all from the shenanigans and evil plots of the baddies then you are one of the good guys. There is no group to join, no oaths or passwords or secrets to keep. All you need to do is follow the truth and tell as much of it as you can to others. Be an advocate and apostle of the truth. There really isn’t much more to it than that: if we had enough people prepared to tell the truth then the lies would have nowhere to hide and suddenly we would find ourselves in a radically more pleasant world.

Pretty much the only rule you need to follow if you are prepared to join the good guys is ‘don’t be afraid’. It is very simple. If you are fearless you are indestructible. Fear is the key to your own destruction. This is one of the oldest truths known to man but it, like so many others, has been covered up by a growing wave of terror, through movies, TV shows and news releases which seek ardently to scare the shit out of the public rendering them feeble and insecure. 

The tale of Horus and Set, aside from being evidence of the nature of a subtle hidden code in the English language which we will examine in the next chapter (Horus representing the ‘hours’ of the day and Set the end of the day when the sun sets), is also a powerful message revealing the nature and possibilities of reality control. 

To avenge his father’s death Horus pursues Set and despite having his right eye damaged (his left eye was the sun, his right eye the moon) Horus does not want to kill his uncle Set entirely, he is family after all, thus allegorically showing that the power of evil and illogical chaos will remain on earth purely on account of the nature of goodness itself which spares its enemy and is always prepared to give mercy. However he does manage to castrate him, thereby rendering evil a force without strength or potency of its own. 

In order for evil to be effective, the victim is drawn into a trap or trick of some kind, perhaps compromised, perhaps given to fears, either rational or otherwise, or drawn into a situation beyond the victim’s control. But there is no need to be afraid as long as we have enough knowledge and inner strength to protect ourselves. It is possible that bad things may happen to us for reasons we cannot understand, in these instances it is vital that we do not give way to the evil and allow it to pollute us either through excessive anger, rage, fear or excessive grief. These things will only bring the victim deeper into the thrall of an evil fortune.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to the forces of good is simple materialism. Materialism creates the perfect conditions for the dominance of unscrupulous, money oriented human beings who are prepared to let no evil remain undone for the sake of higher profits. Yet ultimately all of the evil things of the world are done in the name of fear. Fear for the welfare of one’s family will lead people to do pretty much anything at the expense of their conscience. In my opinion that is quite a high price to pay for having kids. Once one’s conscience is damaged then a slow decent into depression, despair and even madness may follow. The conscience is our own inner voice of God and once we silence this we silence God in ourselves. As Jesus said, ‘whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven...’[x]

Even worse, once someone has silenced their conscience they are even more dangerous. Their own soul is now lost and there is now nothing they won’t do. These are the corrupters of the world, the high level Freemasons and Illuminati themselves. Totally insane, totally corrupt and wholly in the thrall of the powers of evil. However they may still have the power to convince other people and even themselves, that they have only the good of others at heart. My mother would always blame the troubles of the world on the ‘do-gooders’, a phrase I initially ascribed to her being a reactionary unreconstructed Conservative, but which I later realised signified the meddlers in society who tell themselves and others they are doing good but in reality are doing anything but . In short I realised she was talking about the Masonic ‘do-gooders’.

That’s why people fall again and again for the promises of governments and it is governments who are the biggest gang of mass murders throughout history, yet it is government which constantly seems to legislate against its citizens as if WE were the dangerous ones. If government was concerned with public safety then it would outlaw itself and make government a seditious and illegal activity. Just recall that the Nazi party were a government; the Khymer Rouge were a government; the US Republicans who bombed two Japanese cities with nuclear weapons and murdered 200,000 people were a government. The Labour party killed at least one million people in its new middle east Templar crusade in Iraq and now it seems the Conservatives are trying to sacrifice more souls for Satan in Iran. They were foiled on the question of authorising direct Syria-intervention by a rare instance of British democracy,[xi] but that won’t hold them off for long.

The Geller Effect Paperback – 11 Feb 1988 by Uri Geller (Author), Guy Lyon Playfair (Author) Grafton (11 Feb 1988
[iv] Stargate Conspiracy: Revealing the truth behind extraterrestrial contact, military intelligence and the mysteries of ancient Egypt Paperback – 7 Dec 2000 by Lynn Picknett (Author), Clive Prince (Author) Sphere; New Ed edition
[vi] The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts: A Riveting Investigation Into Channeling and Spirit Guides Paperback – 20 Jan 2001 by Colin Wilson Paraview Press; 1st U.S. Ed edition
[vii] The Coming Race [Paperback] Edward Bulwer-Lytton Publisher: Aziloth Books (7 Sep 2010)
[viii] Sky People Paperback – 17 Mar 1971 by Brinsley Le Poer Trench Publisher: Tandem; n.e. edition (17 Mar 1971)
[x] Mark 3:29 King James Bible

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I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.

I'm on FIRE with dat TROOF.
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For a Few Dollops More....of cat food.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Get back she's gonna blow.

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz

Madonna rolling down the stairs forever....lulz
Thanks to Long lost soul, wherever you are.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.

Poptard of the Apocalypse meets Leo.
Ewwww..... it touched me.