Insider info and illuminati analysis...

...from the man they just can't recruit.

Jankenpon Champion and the Magic Masonic Watch.

What made all of this somewhat less appealing, if middle-aged Japanese women asking you if you want to be a spy while another class asks you if you want to revere Hitler with them, after which the 15 year old Japanese girl makes her weekly attempt to seduce you, can be considered appealing, was the character of the people who seemed to be involved in all this.

I had largely forgotten that Mr B had offered to make me a famous writer, and it is probably just as well because there was very little inducing me to stay there. There was very little which met my eye, and still less about the people and their methods which I wanted any part of. I certainly didn't want to tie myself up with secret oaths to people like this, much less Mr B himself who was a tall skeletal and somewhat demonic looking guy, he almost seemed emaciated and despite his jaunty green Morgan and his love of trains the man seemed well neither inside or out.

Whatever he was part of was clearly making him into some kind of frantically over-animated ghost with a strange burning darkness in his eyes. And then he introduced me to a former teacher at the centre, a man I will call Martin. He was neither skeletal nor emaciated, however he gave off the very tangible air of someone who is somewhat resentful of the position he is in, and if I wasn't mistaken, would rather not have joined the Illuminati Freemasons had he known then what he knew now.

The next episode in this tale is one you will have never heard before and you will have to accept it on trust. Some of the information on the Illuminati is corroborable but very little of what I am detailing here is because, I would guess, everyone who has been through the same training process as I, either joined up, or were possibly intimidated into silence, or even failed to understand the experience and put it all behind them.

I do find it very odd though, that the only tales from behind Illuminati lines seem to be the stories of ritual abuse and child murder, which of course is part of it, but only for a small minority, there are far more members of the Illuminati who have not been involved in such things and I wonder why I am the only one who seems able to detail some of the methods they use to train adults who are not specifically interested in or involved in worshipping Satan and conducting blood rituals. These people still work for Satan of course, but in a far less overt manner and possibly completely unknowingly.

Much of the Illuminati training involves being guided on how to behave in public. This may seem trite but for the Illuminati ones public appearance and the way people perceive you, at least superficially, is of the utmost importance. I will explain how this training works. The mentor will take you out in public and proceed to behave in a way which is deliberately shocking and surprising, he will get riotously drunk, or will at least make a pretense of being drunk. He will do this in order to show you how not to behave.

The former teacher Martin was also called on to do this, in fact it made me wonder whether he were simultaneously being tortured for Mr B's amusement and also teaching me a lesson. I only met him a few times but each time I did I saw straight into the man and noticed the slightly resentful, abused air of a man who doesn't care what happens to him any more. He looked like a man who had sold his soul and realised too late that he had been grossly short-changed by the deal. And this I now know for a fact to be a key feeling amongst those in Illuminated consciousness. But this revelation came only after my adventures in Japan upon returning to London and finding myself still trapped inside Illuminati training.

We met for dinner, Mr B, Martin and I. The first thing I noticed about Martin is that his face was burnt bright red, this was the second time I had met Martin and the previous time he was not burnt. He said hello and there was that same resentful mien of man who is much abused. I sensed straight away something strange about this situation, I am not actually fully psychic, I wanted to be once and seemed to be well on my way to developing this ability, then I realised before too late that such an ability would be a curse, if not the cause of undue embarrassment and discomfort. I realised that I neither wanted to have an advantage over people nor be able to control them, but this is precisely what the Illuminati want to do, and are obligated to do, to anyone they meet who is considered worth their attention.

I am not psychic but I can easily detect people's feelings and whether what they are saying matches what they are thinking. I can usually tell what someone is thinking, not as specific words but more as a kind of empathy. Many people can do this but perhaps they are not quite aware of it, or they ignore their impressions. What I detected, or sensed with Martin was that he was not happy, what's more I knew exactly what it was that was making him unhappy, it was being an Illuminati Freemason.

His red face was a very serious looking burn which could only have come as a result of being under a sunbed for an hour or more. Mr B asked him about it and he said he had fallen asleep in the sun. Immediately something didn't fit here, it was October and the sun in Tokyo was not powerful enough to do that to a man. Again I caught Martin's resentful look and I realised they had done this to him deliberately for some reason. I read the story some years later in Stars and Stripes online about a young GI who was found dead in mysterious circumstances, after getting so drunk prior to a Masonic initiation ceremony, to not feel the pain during the ceremony. After interviewing his friends and family it was revealed that the young man was badly beaten with paddles during the initiation into the first and second degrees.

Also, he told them about the paddlings he took when he became a first- and second-degree mason last fall: how he would lie in his bed at Spinelli Barracks in Mannheim, icing his body after the paddlings, his mother said.
“He talked about the beatings a lot … and he was very afraid of them,” Diane Wilder said from her home in Seal Rock, Ore. “Prior to the … ceremony, he was throwing up because he was so nervous, that’s what we were told.”

What struck me about the report was that
how being punished and tortured appeared to be part of the programme of advancement within Freemasonry. 

He said the beatings were to show the other Masons just how badly you want to be a member.

“ ‘If you can’t put up with a little discomfort for a little while in order to do some good for people, you don’t want it that much,’ he told us,” she said.

I read this sometime after my experiences in Japan and it made me consider whether Martin was in the midst of some strange series of punishments in order to show them how badly he wanted to advance in the organisation.

Of course the purpose of such punishments is to create a very strong sense of fear of the organisation, and to make the oaths sworn and their attendant penalties all the more tangible and the sense that if his fellow members could viciously beat a man, then no doubt they would also willingly enact the penalties required on anyone breaking their oaths.

His punishment continued as we ordered our meals Martin it seemed was allowed nothing but ice-cream and beer. The whole thing was very strange, he would eat bowl after bowl of ice cream and drink pint upon pint of beer, again, resentfully and seemingly under duress, and by the end he looked quite ill and about to explode in a cloud of gas and melted ice-cream.

I wasn't quite sure what the purpose of this was and what point they were trying to make, if any, it seems to me that it was just another demonstration of Masons putting each other through strange and silly trials to prove themselves worthy.

And so these strange people didn't really appeal to me and I left by mutual agreement before Christmas and moved out of the damp and dark Shitamachi apartment with the gas-lighting technician endlessly creeping and banging about upstairs, following me wherever I went, and moved to a fabulous sunny apartment on the top of an old house in Hiro, a jasmine scented high class idyll hidden between Roppongi and Shibuya.

I thought here I was finally free of the Freemasons but it turned out that I had apparently merely progressed to the next level of training. Here there were Filipino witches, a Yakuza gangster who was apparently becoming a Christian, and an Irish lady who would creep about outside my door and ask me when I was going to have my initiation.

I have written before about these Filipino witches and how they had the specific psychic ability of being able to project themselves, astrally, into my own consciousness

I was released from my contract by the strange Mr B at Christmas time, for being too mercurial. I celebrated my release from servitude to the demonic hierarchy by having a few drinks in a fairly sophisticated Japanese piano bar. After a few drinks, possibly Margaritas which I had recently acquired a taste for due to them being served at a cheap and pleasantly unpretentious Mexican restaurant just across the road and around the corner from Harajuku, enjoying the classical music, I think it was Chopin, which was performed by an accomplished and moderately renowned Japanese pianist.  There was, quite improbably, a competition organised to win an expensive watch at the culmination of the evening.

The competition was a mass game of paper scissors stone, or Jankenpun as it is known in Tokyo, usually in the UK this game is played in pairs but in Japan they can play this game with a limitless number of people.

I had very little understanding of what was happening around me, except that I seemed to keep choosing the right sign to qualify to the next round, each time I apparently progressed, until from a group of maybe 50 people, we were down to 16, then 8, then 4, then 2 then I won. It all seemed to move too fast for me to keep track, the Japanese being so habituated to these mass games of Jankenpun, calculating the winners each time posed no problems for them and I was rapidly and bewilderingly promoted through each round, until I apparently won.

I received the watch with great joy since it was rather and expensive watch and I was told it was worth about 500 pounds. It was a watch from the Ricoh corporation and it was powered by magnetic induction, and it came with a special charging base to connect it to for charging. At the time this was the very latest technology and was a kind of wireless energy transfer, possibly the kind of thing first developed by Nikola Tesla. The peculiarity of the watch was that it had three LED type lights which served as a low powered but useful torch, arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle.

I was amazed at my apparent luck at winning, while scarcely knowing what I was doing and was very happy with my fancy James Bond watch. It also had a crystal screen which made the watch very attractive.

Over the Christmas period, which they informally celebrate in Japan with some of the most attractive displays of Christmas lights I had even seen, particularly at Roppongi hills, and romantic walks between boyfriends and girlfriends where they exchange gifts.

I met Mr B at a restaurant during which he wanted to bid me a formal farewell and buy me dinner. At the end of the dinner I told him about the watch I had won, he seemed only half interested, however I made a point of flashing the lights at him to show him how awesome it was. When he saw the lights he seemed suddenly greatly interested and excited by the watch, and I sensed some kind of understanding form, about me and my purpose in Tokyo with him. The three lights in the form of an isosceles triangle are a Masonic mark of recognition and I am convinced that he thought either I was showing him a Masonic sign, or that I was an agent communicating the Masonic message to him. Whether it was my direct agency or the mysterious forces of the universe I do not know.

This watch subsequently became the focus of two subsequent recruitment attempts. Once in London and another in Egypt.

I left Tokyo because it became increasingly apparent that there was no way to avoid Freemasons and their acolytes either as work managers or as flat mates.

While in Japan however I had started learning and developing several metaphysical skills. I had bought myself a deck of cards and in the strange magical mystical atmosphere of Mr B’s Language Centre, I had started to try to see if I could guess the card by clairvoyance. I had started bringing these cards to work and in the free moments between the comings and goings of the strange people who masqueraded as language students, I had conducted short informal tests into my own latent psychic ability. I would simply take a card at random, face down, and endeavour to guess what the card was. The deck contained 52 cards and as such there was a one in 52 chance of my guessing the card correctly. Odds so improbable as to make the attempt statistically more or less impossible.

I would clear my mind, which was where my ongoing informal practice of Zen style meditation came in useful, which I had been practising on and off in 10 -20 minute bursts for the past couple of years, however it was only once I got to Japan that I started a serious and dedicated application of Zen meditation techniques. Despite Tokyo being one of the largest, busiest and most populous cities in the world, it was also infused with a strange serenity and calmness. Noone ever seemed impatient, angry or even particularly in a hurry. Everything seemed so meticulously planned and patiently and methodically undertaken, the only thing which didn’t function properly was the English Teaching industry. 

The Japanese TEFL industry was run, like all language schools around the world, by a combination of Freemasons and the intelligence agencies, in reality the two are interchangeable since a Freemason will readily divulge any and all information on another private individual which any fellow Freemason should happen to request. This I discovered in Japan where a female Freemason solicitor, furnished Mr B, my Freemason boss, with information about my family’s legal disputes. The International teaching English as a Foreign language, is a haven for Freemasons and sometimes, Freemason paedophiles.

In Japan it is deliberately mismanaged in order that the Japanese actually make no progress in the English language. Japan is a cultural and commercial colony of the United States and the Jesuits and Freemasons are in there fighting it out. The Freemasons seem to own language schools, while the Jesuits have the high schools and primary schools. On both levels the deliberate sabotaging of language learning taking place, but the methods are different.

In the language schools, the teachers are intimidated and treat so poorly that many of them leave within the first couple of months. Forced to be present for long hours and paid only for the lessons they teach, if they are paid at all. Most language teachers do not have work permits so neither do they have any employment rights. In children’s schools language learning is sabotaged by failing to employ teachers who actually speak English as teachers. Instead Japanese people who do not speak English are given the job of teaching it. There was a programme called the Jet Programme which hired some young native speakers to work in Japanese schools, but more as teaching assistants.

The reason Japan is to be kept ignorant of international languages is because they must not be allowed to gain access to the greater culture of English thought, ideas and awareness which is creating paradigm shifts and a reassessment of our priorities and the nature of the world we live in. English language creates a questioning culture, and this is not what the powers that be want for Japan.

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