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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Alex Jones, Donald Trump and the rise of American Fascism.

And then a step to the right, let's do the Time-Warp again....
 The New Fuehrer drawing up plans for the new American Reich.

So here we go.....the shape of the New World Order which Alex Jones had warned us about for so long, is finally coming into view..... Just didn't quite expect Alex Jones himself would be the one helping to usher it in.

Donald Trump, appropriately named since he seems to be a foul smelling wind of change. From the deliberate engineered socialist chaos of Barrack Obama, which represented a  jump to the left for American politics, followed by a step to the right, are these clowns doing the moves from the Rocky Horror Picture show or something?

Two balls in the same bag.

Apparently so, and it seems we're heading back to 1933 and the dark days of Adolf Hitler scapegoating Communists, Jews and whoever else he could blame for the ills of the world.

There is no doubt that the Communists did represent a threat, so too did the bankers and they are still playing their same game, but they were engineered threats and so too was the 1933 collapse deliberately engineered precisely in order to reveal the final economic solution for Europe: the New Order. European Fascism.
Never go 'Full Fascist' everyone knows that...

And now we see history repeating itself with a sickening predictability. A painstakingly engineered social and economic collapse which has been underway for the past 20 years, in order that the New World Order be delivered into the world like a mewling antichrist resentful of anyone brown and religious, with much clapping and the fanfare of closet racists and people who are probably secretly sick of life on Earth and would like to see it all end with concentration camps for Muslims and a bloody great war where America can finally prove it is great again and handily sweep all its financial insolvency under the carpet of global mass- destruction.

When Trump is done there'll probably be no more Muslims in America, no more debt, no more carpet and no more world. So thank-you Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, we heeded your warning about the emergence of global fascism but we hardly thought you'd be the ones rolling out the red-carpet.

From Freedom to Fascism....brought to you by Alex Jones.

And suddenly the hitherto affable and amusingly satirical Northerner Paul Joseph Watson seems to have taken a sip of Doctor Jekyll's magic 'instant-fascist' formula. What happened Dr Watson? You seemed half way sane to me for a moment, now suddenly this foaming snarling Muslim hater has been revealed? Hang on guy, weren't you the chaps who spent so long telling us that 9-11 was an inside job carried out by a shadowy elite within the Neo-Con government? So what happened to that theory? Was it little brown people all along who somehow made Norad stand down? Do these same Muslims have the magic Abracadabra power to melt steel beams with aviation fuel? Did a Muslim whisper in Larry Silverstein's ear and convince him to 'pull building 7' for added shits and giggles? 

What happened to that narrative Jones? Is anyone out there keeping track of this stuff? Whatever is happening here and whatever comes out in the wash, it sure is a bad time to be an American, and also a pretty bad time to be a member of the Patriot movement......because it seems to be a movement towards total fascism and New World Order.

     Has Alex Jones fallen in Love? He looks like he's going to cry with emotion.

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? What happens to your show Jonesy when Trump farts away free speech and switches off the Internet? Or did Trump promise to make you minister of Propaganda? 

New information unearthed by Info-wars reveals that time-travelling Jihadi terrorists carried out this attack. 
Anyone with a passing interest in political agitation and manipulation might find it instructive to take a look at Facebook and in particular the tireless efforts of the extreme right-wing white power organisations who suddenly appear to have become massively politically enfranchised in the light of Donald Trump and the support of the Patriot movement.

I got into a bit of a spat with a white-power activist called Keith Huff who seemed to have multiple dummy accounts on Facebook and seemed to be creating the illusion of consensus by making multiple posts from different fake-accounts in support of Donald Trump. He took me on and I figured out his game and happy to say I busted him and got him shut-down..... he even admitted on my blog that he had multiple accounts, more fool him, that was the proof I needed to go on the attack and score a victory against the spooks and agitators:

Nothing but fake profiles huh?

I then posted the following messages on the 'The Anti-Media' Donald Trump thread:

Jaymz Edwards Folks. There are people using fake profiles here to post hatred against Muslims and to give a false impression of pro-Trump support and concensus.... so when you see another one of these ' done with The Anti-Media' bullshit posts be aware that's it's probably ONE GUY making all the posts using different profiles. One of the A-holes Keith Huff just admitted it to me over on my blog in his silly hubris. Typical dirty tricks from the Zio-spooks....
Jaymz Edwards Trump wants to shut off the internet.... Unfollow Antimedia? ....if he gets his way there'll be no internet at all.
Jaymz Edwards Extreme white-wing Nazis at large on this thread....... Trump has some rather unpleasant friends it seems...... We kicked your ass in WW2 now GTFO.

And suddenly there was no more Keith Huff on Facebook. Just a troll shaped blast crater:

Sorry, this page isn't available

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

Another troll sock puppet of the Zionazis spanked out of cyberspace.

So there is an organised info-war taking place out there and the extreme right have never been busier. It's Christmas time for the Neo-Nazi turkey necks. Go get em. We need to activate and kick ass. Do something fast before doing the Goosestep becomes mandatory.


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